Andrew W.K. - The Devil's On Your Side Lyrics

You thought it'd be an easy trip
But I took you for a ride
Woah, the devil's on your side

You first refused to take me in
But I made you open wide
Woah, the devil's on your side

I'm in the back of your mind
I'm in the front of your head
I'm in the meaning behind
I'm in the gold and the lead

I'm there when you're whirling the wheel
I'm there when you're facing the fire
I'm there when you're doing the deal
I'm there in the lower and higher

The slime of life had stained your heart
But I kept you purified
Woah, the devil's on your side

The kings of earth tried to lend a hand
I made sure their hands were tied
Woah, the devil's on your side

I'm at the top of the stairs
I'm at the foot of the cross
I'm at the death of your cares
I'm at the moment of loss

I'm there when you're breaking the bone
I'm there when you're daring to dream
I'm there when you go it alone
I'm there when you're one of the team

When all your thoughts become as one
I'll reveal a new divide
Woah, the devil's on your side

You can try your best to block me out
But I just won't be denied
Woah, the devil's on your side

No matter where you try to go
You can never hide
The devil is inside

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Andrew W.K. The Devil's On Your Side Comments
  1. MrGrimlocke

    best song on the album

  2. Aryn Fatt

    If Meat Loaf and Bill and Ted had a glorious threesome, the product of their lovemaking would produce an Andrew WK.

  3. LazyPurple

    This song is so underrated... one of the most important messages we have to learn if we want to grow


    This wasn't somewhere I expected to find you but it makes me happy I did, any WK fan is a friend of mine.

  4. Nemósine AV Ocio

    Hail Satan!!


    If anyone here wants to lecture me on how I'm going to suffer endless torment for all eternity because of whatever stupid shit I believed during my shockingly brief stay on a hopelessly befuddled planet... this comment section seems like a good place for it

  6. Der Schnitter 616

    If Andrew wk is the devil I am going to start sacrificing pizza to hell

  7. Warpath1337

    Satan means: Enemy. The Devil is not on your side, and if you are on His you will sadly suffer the same fate. He is the enemy of the universe and he will burn with this universe. But a new one will be created for the faithful. I choose to be on the side of better angels and follow Messiah. Christ is still King.

  8. Roger Romero


  9. Coalescing Tormentum

    Good GOD, AWK, you never cease to inspire!

  10. BlueMoon114

    The buildup starting at 2:45 is 😩

  11. Oscar Poscar

    Thanks satan

  12. A Guy

    We're all half devil. The important thing is to recognize it and quarantine it.

  13. Trance Bodega

    im trying to see anthony fantano's audience discovering awk as a good thing but a lot of them just really dont get it. but again, im trying.

  14. PepperPhoenix

    Anyone else find this to be really Steinman-esque? Amazing song beautifully written.

  15. Jerry Webber

    The reason why the wise man doesn't use substances is that they feed the dark force. They can make a good man like you, whose efforts have indeed saved the lives and the souls of many, begin to doubt themselves and their abilities. They can bombard your delicate psyche with confusion confound your positive energies and cloak them in utter darkness. You have used your human strength to achieve godlike qualities, but you must now protect, nurture, and focus on preserving what you have attained or everything will be at risk. You need to meditate. Focus your attention on love, feel the love you inspire in others, feel the love of your own inner spirit and connect with the all-pervading love of God Almighty.

  16. Jerry Webber

    I discovered Andrew W.K., by reading his Village Voice section, after becoming a solid fan, I saw that he was a hunk as well. After seeing him in some dumb movie I looked him up and discovered he is primarily this hunky musician. My question to him, is that, knowing how fragile is the human psyche, how responsible is it to write such a song without giving some explanation about just what is meant? Your Voice comments support mankind in every way and nurture their psyche to give them strength and stability in trying times. I was writing a book on meditation, that specified connecting with the divine spirit within, but when telling a story of my past, I realized that the Devil, is also within us, and will protect us with its savagery in dire times. But, this force is so volatile that if given the focus of attention that feeds it, there could be millions of Hitlers running around hurting others for their own pleasure. I continued writing, hoping that people realized that if they place their attention on the divine spirit they will reach oneness with their inner spirit as well as the Holy Spirit that created all things. But, the difference is, that the Dark force is there with you now, as you are, and the Divine force requires transformation, letting go of the ego, the mind and intellect, the emotions and body consciousness through years of meditation, to become one with the Divine Spirit within, consciously and utilize its' spiritual powers of vibratory awareness through your central nervous system. Too complex to mention in song or even this text. But, I for one would like to discuss this more with someone who cares. Andrew W.K., do you really care?

  17. Frank Joseph

    What the fuck man AWK has been positive vibes all the way but now the God damn devils on my side Fuck you Andrew

    Paul O.

    Think a little more on what he's trying to get across here.....

  18. cxpunx666

    the devil is not on 11 people's side.

  19. Franticfox

    Andrew, your first album was the one and only Audio CD what I have ever bought. Now I'm gonna buy this too. I am coming. :)
    I edit this comment to say this - however I am sure you know it - be assured that I am at your side too.

  20. Justin Lane

    Selling for the Illuminati eh? Your earlier songs were better.

  21. Amontis cantu

    lamest shit ive heard in a long time

    Lords of Media

    fuck you

  22. Knochensplitter

    Hide in your true self , to be the thruth, unseen,

  23. Samuel Stalcup

    The album cover looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting


    Samuel Stalcup Boris Vallejo painted the album cover. He did those scantily clad barbarians during 80s.

    Eric Young

    AWK actually has a video on how the cover was made.

  24. V J

    how it feels to be slytherin

  25. Guess Whocifer

    Of course I am.

  26. cody stickradt

    Hail Satan

  27. senfgurke147

    THANK YOUUU!: ')

  28. Roland Micheal

    melon has gone spolied

  29. spiderwebster

    Watched Andrew W.K live last night and i have never seen a crowd go so fucking mental for the entire show. People getting thrown all over the place through every song. Some bloody shirts and a LOT of sweat there. if you get the chance to see him , GO !!

  30. walls w

    This instrumental reminds me of "bomb it" soundtrack

  31. Bad Wario

    This is good stuff.

  32. Paul Flores

    Im surprised more people arent reading the lyrics and thinking about the amazing power of this song. Shows how reactive people are nowadays i suppose

  33. Henry Oliver

    Channelling the Meat Loaf

  34. Tah LenRi

    This song really helps put things into perspective. It reminds me of the Jewish idea of what the devil is--a test of character, not a monster out to destroy you. Something to help you grow in the ways you need to grow in.


    And don't forget "opposition" and "enlightener"

    Debbi Lennon

    We have to remember that Satan himself is an angel.


    Jesus condemned Jews as the synagogue of satan.

    Thorium Guy

    Interesting perspective


    M.C. Ultra maybe inadvertently, but God knew that they would betray one of their own, so it wasnt out of faith or virtue

  35. Cole Slaw

    It's good

  36. Thorium Guy

    This is campier than Ghost which is impressive

  37. Connor Peralta

    This is hilarious! Is this supposed to be funny?

  38. Kirk Cuts

    if you listen to this song the whole way through. You will understand.

  39. Shabazzi

    Has Anthony lost his mind?

    Me Man

    Shabazziii Bam IKR!!!! Positive, energetic and HAPPY music!!!! Fuck this REEEEEEEE!

    Alex Metcalf

    In the best possible way.


    It's well written, honest and non-saccharine motivational music. In 2018 that deserves an 8.

    Joe Habana

    Literally the previous track talks how hardship and difficulties on life are out demons, that they are are not there to torment us but to make the journey called life more enjoyable, they are part of life and all that.

    Is not taking about the devil itself but the he warships on life that are there to make us a better person.

    But go if, I guess

  40. Chris Meier

    what the fuck melon

  41. musicalman1995

    This is garbage Anthony.


    musicalman1995 Melón has a hard on for Andrew

    Thorium Guy

    It's campier than Ghost


    you misspelled glorious

    The boi

    Shows how much you can use AWK's message if you're posting sucha negative comment on a track like this

    The boi

    Go comment that on fantano's video not here

  42. simpletown323

    Melon God recommended

    Cameron Hopewell

    simpletown323 feels like I'm part of a cult

  43. Cokedup Normies

    Thank you melon

  44. Kevyn Comstock

    This whole album makes me feel awesome! Please don't wait so long for the next one !

  45. lgr

    Miss me with that satanic shit

  46. GradyIsEpic


    Justin Lane

    GradyIsEpic if you don't change you can respell hail to hell. Hold your arm to a flame for one minute straight and send me some pics. If you can handle that then u might could handle an eternity in hell

  47. Eric Young

    This gave me chills! The piano riffs are sooooooo Flipping awesome!

  48. Tony Lupori

    Is this a Bud Light commercial?

    Shayne Buchanan

    Tony Lupori TIDE


    Tony Lupori I fucking wished 😂😂😂


    Underrated comment

  49. Josh Hubbard

    Andrew w.k your awesome! So glad your back!

  50. Bobby Clayton

    I love it!!!