Andrew W.K. - Ready To Die Lyrics

This is your time to pay,
This is your judgment day,
We made a sacrifice,
And now we get to take your life.

We shoot without a gun,
We'll take on anyone,
It's really nothing new,
It's just a thing we like to do.

You better get ready to die
(get ready to die)!
You better get ready to kill
(get ready to kill)!
You better get ready to run,
'Cause here we come.
You better get ready to die
(get ready to die)!

Your life is over now,
Your life is running out,
When your time is at an end,
Then it's time to kill again,
We cut without a knife,
We live in black and white,
You're just a parasite,
Now close your eyes and say good-night.

You better get ready to die
(get ready to die)!
You better get ready to kill
(get ready to kill)!
You better get ready to run,
'Cause here we come.
You better get ready to die!
Get ready to die!
Get ready to die!

Been a long time coming,
Now you better get running,
And you better get ready to die!

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Andrew W.K. Ready To Die Comments
  1. Swag Feather

    I’m in the mood for some cupcakes.

  2. MoltenIron

    i am here to leave a mean coment

  3. A mechanical pencil

    When Animal Crossing and DOOM release new games on the same day.

  4. Kent Rail

    Me when the coronavirus starts to kill people in other countries & looks to be mutating.

  5. stupid person

    This is very edgy AND I LOVE IT

  6. Frkan 5523

    Hello from anti anything and fuck Tunguska

  7. Cass

    Reminder that Cartoon Network looked at this man and thought, "We should let him host a kids show involving power tools and minimal adult supervision."

  8. Halo King

    I remember this when I was have um *thoughts*

  9. TomiCherao XD

    tiempos que me cagaba del miedo esta musica a los 8 años por ver cupcakes me traume mas pero iguall me daba recuerdos cuando me traume pero ahora ya no me traumo solo paso mas adelante para aguantar el miedo que recuerdos miedosos

  10. the human Temmie 2

    Ai when I play shooters on easy mode:

  11. XxFridayFriesFredxX RBLX

    *My little pony!*

    Rainbowdash + Pinkie = Friendship

    Rainbowdash + Pinkie + While baking cupcakes = Chaos

  12. Jacob Locklear

    I like cupcakes

  13. Ivory Mantis

    *The Purge is real*

  14. Colonel Sarge

    Time to go for a walk.

  15. Brian Hebert

    And now, the theme song of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic.

  16. FMZ101

    Riffs and lyrics remind me of Misfits, thats a good thing.

  17. Okuyasus Last Braincell

    im here from cupcakes-

  18. Aynishard

    Came here when China quarantined 400 million people to control the corona virus.

  19. Imperial Guardsman

    This comment section got invaded by hellsing abriged harder than london by nazis

  20. Richard Joyce

    When the revolution reaches full swing and we finaly drag the 1% into the streets and string them up from the nearest lamp posts, i do hope someone is playing this through a verry loud speaker so the elitists can hear it, that would be especially pleasing.

  21. latergee

    Destroy build destroy

  22. BubblyMarble

    When I play Sister Location

  23. WesleyTRV // Wesley Vianen

    Who came here for MLP:FiM Cupcakes video and *RAGE 2* game?

  24. Minesaster Gameing

    2020: 0:00

    me: *coughs in 2020*
    my brain: 0:00

  25. tdw395

    It sounds like a children's song mashed with a metal song

  26. Matt Ramirez

    The theme song for doing dabs

  27. Thor's Hammer

    Anybody who sees Jeanne D'Arc dating a emotionless homunculus who isn't human and zero character development or connection to form with.
    That's my reaction to Sieg.

  28. mayhim Davis

    Your cute ❤️ Andrew

  29. Cryptic Synth97

    *Alucard approves

  30. Smiley

    best part 2:13

  31. Richard Metclaf

    Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, markets are failing world wide, the UK is leaving the EU, the president is being impeached, missiles are going off in the Middle East. The only question to ask is, are ya ready to party?



  33. monkey D Luffy

    when coronovirus come to other country


    France and UK: *Treaty of Versailles*
    Germany: 0:30

  35. STG 44

    When your favorite team scores

  36. Sir Kibble

    Me: falls off of Oresfall Every freshie in a 2000 mile radius:

  37. TriBop

    oh boy lads, Coronavirus really be hittin different

  38. Aaron Mato Grande


  39. Emily the Emerald Engine

    And thus, psycho Pinkie was born.

  40. Danycan

    Human revolution in a nutshell

  41. anonymous zoeiro


  42. {artist dj bop UwU}

    *C U P C A K E H D*

  43. Robloxisbetterthanminecraft4real

    destroy build destroy

  44. Jordan Foulds

    When all hope is gone,
    Undo this lock,
    And send me forth,
    For a moonlit walk.

    Release restrction art....0.


    @Jordan Foulds then you must be deaf or somethinf


    @Jordan Foulds and I also fucked up, it's not restriction, but restraint. Release restraint level zero.


    @Jordan Foulds

    4 minutes 56 seconds

    Jordan Foulds

    Pvshka ok first off it doesn’t matter. Second off wtf? Why be rude over something so small, your calling me deaf for forgetting something. So what if I forgot what it was, you don’t have to call me deaf just because I heard something different.


    @Jordan Foulds I'm not trying to be rude, but you said you commented right after watching so...



  46. Eastern Titan

    Guess who.

  47. arx24

    So this is the song Konami listened to while making the new banlist, huh?

  48. Plebdominus Rex

    Looks like COPPA and YouTube needs to be...”Corrected”

  49. Freddie Mercury

    Google: it’s just a cold.


  50. Scourge Bae

    Came here from cupcakes hd

  51. Drakkar Snow

    All these Hellsing Abridged comments on here. It's like DESTROY BUILD DESTROY wasn't even a thing


    Tbh, it wasn't that popular with adults, it was just a kids show. A good show, but still just a kids show. Meanwhile TFS's brilliant use of this song, combined with the amount of views they get...

  52. LunchTrey Games

    When the people of Blaviken refuse to pay Geralt and he gets caught up in a feud between a former princess and a mage

  53. kayla perez 2

    Mom: its fake
    Dad: its fake
    Sis: its fake
    Bro: its fake
    Cousin: its fake
    Aunt: its fake
    Uncle: its fake
    Grandma: its fake
    Grampa: its fake

    Google: deletes AndrewWK Ready To Die

  54. Supreme Autist

    Playing this in the tank during WW3

  55. 1000 subs before youtube removes me [Dec 10]

    When you join 16/24 player server:

  56. Zombie KevB

    I played this while playing Left4dead

    Awesome choice

  57. Gideon Horst

    Is this that destroy build destroy guy?

  58. FLSHBCK™

    I miss Foozogz's mlp creation with this song...

  59. Callum Kent

    Is it OK that the first thing that enters my head when listening to this song is Cupcakes. Also, who else is listening to this in 2020?

    VillyTillyCato :}

    Me, because the video was just marked for kids lmao. Those poor, poor kids.

    nerdgeekman of YouTube

    Hellsing Abridged is where i first heard it.

    Top 10 Dylan

    @VillyTillyCato :} I don't see what's so bad about kids seeing it. I saw cupcakes when I was little and it's what got me into mlp.

  60. Lisa Bailey oz baby

    When world war 3 starts

  61. Firelink's Shrine

    Ima play this in the tank when I get drafted for ww3

  62. John Slender

    Cupcakes is apparently kid friendly according to YouTube.

    Doggo with a stick

    i can't wait for coppa being even worst because of this.
    Soon you'll have to be 18 to watch youtube

    Amateur Productions

    Doggo with a stick same. I just want it to get so bad that they just take it off of YouTube. COPPA is dumb as hell, YouTube kids exists for a damn reason

    toga himiko

    O h
    N o

    Zoe Tremain-Woodcock

    oh my god **laughs like woody from the buzz look an alien scene**

  63. Matthew Tanedo

    That riff is so fun to play

  64. PastelRiverzz



    Veery sad cato D: they also marked DHMIS 1 for kids 🤭

    William Wilson

    @PastelRiverzz What's DHMIS 1?


    William Wilson Don’t hug me I’m scared

    VillyTillyCato :}

    @PastelRiverzz lol oh no.

  65. Benjamin Mansilla Pino

    This should be playing during the WWIII

  66. CJ Destruction

    World War 3 anyone? 🤣🤣

  67. Rainbowveins79

    Are you ready to rage?

  68. Evan Dinosaur

    Such beautiful eyes!

  69. Clay Honeycutt

    Here before this becomes WWIII anthem

  70. CrimsonCrown

    Me getting drafted for WW3.

  71. Papa Rosko

    WWIII anthem

  72. Nicholas Lograsso

    When WWIII is trending

  73. Shibe.Doggo

    Someone is trying to kidnap me:
    Google: Look for help, call the cops.
    Bing: 0:31

    A Random Channel That Has No Videos

    I.E. Chan ref?

  74. I’M A TACO!!!!!!!

    What a great way to start off the New Year! :D

  75. Greg Hanson

    I’ve always heard this as a bullied middle schooler composing a musical!

  76. Ya Boi Lil Groot

    Btfw i loved... LOVED your "this is not happening" stand up. Hell fucking YEEEEEW

  77. The Dragonborne

    Fuck it. Going for a walk.

  78. Greg Frohwein

    Me getting ready to play dark souls



    *help me*

  80. Tea-Stomach-Cycle

    Rip 3 star bros

  81. [Redacted]

    When the Grim Reaper arrives but it's also your birthday party

  82. Bug Eyed Skeleton

    cupcake hd....

  83. Rapstar Superstar

    i am apparently

  84. Pinkamena

    Beautiful song

  85. Pinkamena

    Cupcakes HD music right here

  86. Leavee

    Man, I really want some cupcakes for some reason...

  87. BadClip Studios

    "So YOU have a problem with people using others for their own ends what should i be giving you credit for the idea?"

  88. Iyammarrok 'Rok'

    TFS Hellsing FTW.

  89. ScalyToxickBond

    Cupcakes HD

  90. alfredo mamani

    Your music is epic!!

  91. Maxiepou

    back in 2015 i used to be into the edgy fandom of MLP (but i never liked watching the show) and i found a gory animated video that was based off of the fanfic Cupcakes (i read it before watching the vid) and that's when my love for metal/rock/indie rock sparked haha

  92. Lps Alpha tv

    Finally I found the song that use for cupcakes (the my Little pony one)

  93. amxrantine

    Can I get this Played on my funreal please

  94. Michel

    Who’s ready to make some cupcakes

  95. Evan Dinosaur

    Wandelen: **Wakes up in basement**

    Huck: Good mornin', sunshine! >:)

    Wandelen: Mmpphpmmpp... **Realizes he has tape on his mouth**

    Huck: Now that I've got you right where I want you, I BETTER START RESEARCHING!!
    Huck: Y'know, I've always wondered how your anatomy works.

    Wandelen: **Shakes head nervously**

    Huck: **Nods head excitedly**
    Huck: **Turns on chainsaw**

    Wandelen: D:>

    Huck: >:3

    Timothy: NEIN!!
    Timothy: **Stabs Huck**

    Huck: ...ow... **Flops to the ground**

    Timothy: Vell, zat vas crazy.
    Timothy: At least you are alright, ja?

    Wandelen: **Faints**

    Timothy: Oh my...vell, better leave und take you home...
    Timothy: You must be traumatized about all zis!
    Timothy: Oh, und to zose who are still reading zis.
    Timothy: Yes, I am German.

  96. DerpyPoizen

    Just found out this is the same guy from destroy build destroy

  97. Keltic_445

    Listening to the song while playing doom 2016

  98. NoHomo

    throwback to when i saw that cupcakes shit when i was like 10
    im 15 now but this song is still a bop

  99. aliensabalien

    not to be one of those people but


  100. EvAn Ze Geek VA

    Cupcakes anyone?