Andrew W.K. - Not Going To Bed Lyrics

Are You Ready To Go To Sleep?
Then Show Me What You're Made Of
Move Them Bodies
All Around!

I'm Not Going To Bed (You're Going To Bed)
I'm Not Going To Bed
I'm Never Going To Sleep Again

Who's Going To Bed? (You're Going To Bed)
No, I'm Not Going To Bed
I'm Never Going To Go To Bed Again

When I Think About The Stuff I Could Do
In All The Hours Of The White Full Moon
(Everybody Go Crazy)
I Get Excited When The Number Is Late
But I Get Angry When It Ends So Soon
(I Want You To Dance)
Tell Me What You Did
Tell Me What You Said
Tell Me Every Thought You Got Up In Your Head
(I Said:)
"I'll Go To Sleep When I'm Old Or I'm Dead"

I'm Not Going To Bed (You're Going To Bed)
I'm Not Going To Bed
I'm Never Going To Sleep Again

Who's Going To Bed? (You're Going To Bed)
No I'm Not!
I Won't, I Won't, I Won't Ever Go To Bed Again

Come On! Show Me More Sights!
Ooo Yes, That's Right!
Ooo Yes, That's Right!

(We're Not Going To Bed)
No You're Not
(We're Not Going To Bed)
Sit Up! Sit Up!
(We're Not Going To Bed)
Hold It Down! Stand Down!
(We're Not Going To Bed)
Now Move It All Around!

If I Can Use My Freedom
To Go Against My Will
(Do It Faster)
Then I Will Use My Freedom
And You Can Bet I Will
(Really Get It Now)
Tell Me What You Did
Tell Me What You Said
Tell Me Every Thought That You Got Up In Your Head
(I Said:)
"I'll Go To Sleep When I'm Old Or I'm Dead"

I'm Not Going To Bed (You're Going To Bed)
I'm Not Going To Bed
I'm Never Going To Sleep Again

Who's Going To Bed (You're Going To Bed)
No I'm Not
I Won't, I Won't, I Won't Ever Go To Bed Again

Really Move It Now!
Good God!

Are You Going To Fall Asleep At The Table?
(I'm Not)
Are You Going To Fall Asleep Watching Cable?
(I'm Not)
Are You Going To Let Your Body Do A Number On You
And Give You Shivers Til You Can't Stand Down?
Or Are You Going To Hit The Pavement
Smoking Every Joint In Town?

I'm Not

I'm Not Going To Bed (You're Going To Bed)
I'm Not Going To Bed
I'm Never Going To Sleep Again

Who's Going To Bed (You're Going To Bed)
No I'm Not
I Won't, I Won't, I Won't Ever Go To Bed Again

I'm Not Going
I'm Not Going To Bed (Going To Bed)
I'm Not Going To Bed Again

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Andrew W.K. Not Going To Bed Comments
  1. Zambini845

    It's almost 2020 and I'm still not going to bed


    Zambini845 jeez can’t believe 2007 was 12 years ago

  2. Станислав Дапиро

    sweet, I like that chaos but unharmful magic here

  3. csmack86

    Andrew W.K. is one of a kind. One man that rivals Trans-Siberian Orchestra for uplifting rock is a god. Thank you Andrew for everything you've given me!

  4. xxPyragon

    Me after watching a horror movie at night

  5. SLN! Media Group

    Fun Fact: This song would be Retooled in 2009 for Hearing What I said for Cartoon Network's CN Real

  6. Mr Skunk

    beast mode on the mattress

  7. Andreas Landgren

    Then again every song is the best w andrew.

  8. Andreas Landgren

    Best song ever:))

  9. checkurbrainfly

    It's 3 a.m and I'm not going to bed any time soon after listening to this song ,and I have to work in a few hrs. or I should say 1st day at work ,kinda worried though :P, #lifeisfunny


    wow, thats pretty terrible

  10. Zoro-juro

    i love how he is dancing on the house XD and i love this fucking dance :D totally cazy :P

  11. Moist Wazowski

    Does he make music about ANYTHING ELSE other than partying?


    i think he had some ballads about stuff

    Tourettes Orc

    Moist Wazowski — why do you need anything else

  12. Harry Sachs

    Andrew WK seems to have life all figured out. He might be the coolest person ever.

  13. boberking

    Nice try but Andrew is a vagabond, he has no neighbors

  14. Kopheay

    Story of my life.

  15. mattmun12

    Funny enough, I'm watching a video called 'not going to bed' at 5 in the morning.

  16. Craig Brittain

    Thumbs up if you are still awake at 5 AM and dancing around in your room. Then sleep till noon.

  17. Floaty Boat

    Yeah fuck him, having fun and trying to help others have fun is a totally douchey idea.

  18. Yessica Rdz Art

    He ate a lot of smores, believe me, those things are ENERGY BOMBS.
    But dont worry, in a few hours he will regret throwing away the bed

  19. Brady Steger

    Ha, and now hes hosting a tv show for kids to blow shit up...

  20. chickenchaser3000

    lol wow he had a lot of energy drinks or something.

  21. jbdfj djfjkdhf

    Same here.

  22. jbdfj djfjkdhf

    Neither am I.

  23. retroscorpionpie

    anyone think he looks a little like jack black here?

  24. SunnySideUp524

    I'm listening to this late at night, not sleeping. Really appropriate.

  25. Andrew .Thoren

    Andrew is better thn chuck norris. while norris simply waits and not sleeps..andrew w.k PARTIES!!!!

  26. HoboNoah

    Yay for Weird Al.

  27. Bloodlustlover

    it was 3 in the morning when i listened to this and i fell a sleep after it XD

  28. sidgeaberration

    At this point he had shaved and put on a lil weight. Still the same person.

  29. TimeToPartyHard

    Does AWK age in reverse? He looks so young here. Like a completely different person.

  30. AMagicalUsername

    go to sleep you damn bubbleheads!

  31. Nils


  32. P1776

    @Lester284L Only been 1 Andrew and there's only going to be 1 Andrew.

  33. Lester284L

    its time for a new andrew wk again

  34. HIghBlutdruck

    I love how Andrew DEFINES not going to bed by throwing the mattress over the cliff!

  35. TheFutureIsEuro

    I posted this at 23:31.


  36. Sarah C

    Oh my god, if I had known this song when I was a little kid, I'd sing it every time my mom tried to make me go to sleep.

  37. magichatdetective

    19 people are justin beiber fans and went to bed after going to a justin beiber concert and then they died

  38. superknuckles

    I bet his neighbors are going, "Honey, Andrew is dancing on the roof again."

  39. Esmond Li

    midgetdance brought me here! :D

  40. TheSkull2771

    Andrew W.K. the reason i got kicked out of the Best Western in Ludington, so worth it!!!!! even though i had to pay for all the broken furniture lost matress to the bed broken T.V. etc.

  41. jpz38t

    oh amphetamines

  42. Harry Sachs

    Andrew WK seems to have life all figured out.

  43. Phiero

    Tacofirric brought me here

  44. metaldrummer9000

    i love how he uses classical sound in his songs, it sounds great

  45. Nils


  46. Nils

    Awesome !!!

  47. dman19851996

    I don't think having 4 AM as my normal Bedtime is bad after listening to this

  48. Billy Justus

    16 people who saw this went to bed via rock coma

  49. StripesNSkulls

    ...How old is this? His hair looks so much shorter than now!

  50. Robasiewicz

    Andrew W.K. - making random moves look cool

  51. Cody McKervey

    @ko0lb0ii It got better. But you can't get much better than extremely godlike. :D

  52. Raphael Esguerra


  53. AuburnHaze

    @SwissChi Well, lets hear your awesome music that is absolutely flawless in every possible way.

  54. frgtnhvymtal

    @eGreg24 He also hates fun and wants to live his life in prison with some losers :D

  55. eGreg24

    @BrownBearRX00 Then you sir secretly hate yourself.

  56. Daniel

    wow andrews got some dance skillz :20

  57. CreedyBeets

    i was skeptic at first, but now im sure, this guy makes terrible music with lyrics as diverse as a 3rd grader's train of thought

  58. basssockpuppet872

    AWKs band is such an odd group, i love it, my bands gonna cover an awk song every show

  59. WalrusMongler

    Night guys, work in the morning.

    Ooohhhhh waaaiiitttt.

  60. dman19851996

    My Mind blew up out of the sheer awesomeness of this.

  61. Blaisem

    @ChainGuN2 Did you catch Santa?

  62. ChainGuN2

    I didn't want to go to bed for Christmas, so I played this song, now there's no way I can sleep! :D

  63. spyn9000

    i'm not going to bed!!!!!

  64. random funny videos

    did he play in a band before?

  65. IronDeath

    I'm at about 46 hours sleep deprivation... and I'm not even on anything. (except so much mountain dew I may have to go to the hospital soon)

  66. ChainGuN2

    Been up 37 hours now. I refuse to go to bed!!

  67. poodfeets

    i was thinking the same thing man

  68. eringel24

    this video makes me wanna take acid so bad lol

  69. Jeffrey Bigar

    wif this song is not on i tunes and im not going to bed untill i get it

  70. Lewis Olden


  71. Jeroen

    its now 2:58 night time and i agree with this song 110%!

  72. koalafireball

    honestly he's the best guy

  73. gremlin1991

    how does he always this "marathon finished with the same clothes like always" look`??? ;)

    HES GREAT!!!

  74. basssockpuppet872

    wow, he really doesnt want to go to bed..

  75. DiFer Fer

    Tell me the next party he is at,I'm partying hard with him! It'd be the greatest party ever!

  76. Xicuzab

    eww Dude TMI TMI

  77. 6irondriver

    This is your brain on Meth....I know y'all gonna hate me but don't, I like 'em, I'm just bein real.. This dude can sing and he happens to like Meth. Ever wonder why they have no other hits out? 'Cause he's snorting sht, that's why his nose was bleeding on the first CD.

  78. ChainGuN2


  79. Boom Stick

    what the fuck are you talkin... andre wks songs are all about fuckin feelings we have, when we wanna party. okay!? and you would know what he means, if you ever had a "real" party. youre talkin it too serious. feel the power of his songs and party hard.

  80. Allenpoe17

    I like all the weird twists and turns he does =)

  81. Jamie Gutheil

    Andrew will go to bed eventually, all that partying will make him tired in the end. I dont doubt he will try to never go to bed again. Hes just not ready yet

  82. desk991

    Here are ten facts
    1. Your reading my comment
    2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact.
    4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3.
    5. Your checking it now.
    6. Your smiling.
    7. Your still reading my comment.
    8. You know all you have read is true.
    10. You didn't notice that i skipped 9.
    11. Your checking it now.
    12. You didn't notice there are only 10 facts
    Copy and paste to 1 video, tomorrow will be your best day ever! no matter what

  83. mamasboy761

    i got the joke.

  84. scootinand

    dont call him Andy

    (props to who ever got that joke)

  85. waterdamnaged

    just go to bed Andy! You can play with your friends in the morning!

  86. tallboySR

    This looks like a deleted scene from a good way.

  87. jayfatha

    fuck you mister "ilovejonasbrothers" this is a awesome song for awesome people unlike you dipshit!

  88. richard brumford

    Thats not AWK.

  89. Judgementxxx

    That would be one hell of a night!

  90. queen tood

    Holy shit, you're both right.

  91. gomerrpm21

    hes my idol!

  92. metalchurch666

    holy fuck it is like acid

  93. Cody McKervey

    i know someone almost EXACTLY like A.W.K... its so remarkably close to how he dances....
    its so great

  94. Your Favorite Nightmares

    YES!!!! the bassist's mutton chops get more and more bad-ass with every video (the amazing) AWK puts out.

    this is different for him, but still fuckin awesome. i wish he'd release this album in the US!

  95. victorm9003

    this is not one of his best songs i like ready to die, party hard and i want fun probaly the best

  96. mrsargemeister

    Wilkes-Krier his mom and dads last name

  97. rapisbadpoetry

    this shit sucks shit

  98. Baconus

    amazing song by the way!!!! love it