Andrew W.K. - Never Let Down Lyrics

Never wanna break your heart
Never wanna make you cry
Never wanna give up and die

Even if you can't stand up
Even if you lose your life
I'm a friend by your side
You're never gonna be alone

You can never let down
Never let down
You can never let down
Never let down

Never wanna make mistakes
Never wanna do no wrong
Never have a place to belong

And I'm never gonna leave you out
If you ever lose your way
Not alone or betrayed
I'm always gonna be around

You can never let down
Never let down

You're doing alright
You're doing ok
Just follow your heart
And don't run away

You can never let down

You're doing alright
You're doing ok
Just follow your heart
And don't run away

You can never let down

You're doing alright
You're doing ok
Just follow your heart
And don't run away

Never wanna break your heart

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Andrew W.K. Never Let Down Comments
  1. Michael Baxter

    _I..I Never stop what you do :)

  2. 5680 1389

    Why does that piano sound like guitar, bass and drums too?

  3. Shin hyoung

    OMG!! I found this treasure at last!! Many cliche reminds me of back in a days 80, 90's Rock which I born and grow in it. But he seems a amazing story teller base on his life more than just a rock star. Thanks for keep rocking!!

  4. Roland enigma

    thanks for this song...

  5. fannie suling

    Dear Andrew WK, this song really help me through my anxiety attacks, tq 😭


    Andrew is a powerhouse of positivity and inner strength

  7. Ryan Ramsey

    Awk is fucking awesome! Fun fact he is friends with gavin mcinnes! I love gavin mcinnes no homo!

  8. Mark Black

    PARTYYYYYYYY HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ItsNerdWorld

    Destroy! Build! Destroy!!!!

  10. Mike O'Rourke

    So awesome

  11. BaconDragon

    The resolution quality of this video has held up for ten years. The musical quality of this song, however, is timeless.


    Although, I have only now noticed that while a piano is the only featured instrument, I can hear everything else above it.

  12. Robert Bernard

    This Song still keeps me going, after unbelievable 10 years. This is a little piece of soul-poured musical liquid, very rare as it is true to itself and a fantastic ideal...

    "And I'm never gonna leave you out
    If you ever lose your way
    Not alone or betrayed
    I'm always gonna be around"

  13. Space Suitor


  14. Micheltheguitarplaye

    For me it has something from Beethoven

  15. c0nd0rd4myt

    Used this song as I walked in to our wedding reception as, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Ford. We came into the banquet hall just at 0:30

  16. Jw x

    jack cave anyone ??

  17. Vanessa Cox

    So good!! Male Gaga

  18. Vanessa Cox

    Miss him!!!!

  19. Zachary Snyder

    I miss my long hair.

  20. Dominika Zalewska

    Andrzeju, pięknie śpiewasz, ale włosy to umyj.

  21. mike lopez

    Yuor the music I waz dancing to that no one could hear

  22. Hobbes Caltous

    damned near makes me cry every time. one of the wisest men i have ever had the privalage of meeting and talking with.

  23. Corky DeLarge

    Blue jeans? Wtf?

  24. Hunkmarvel

    Here's a guy who put out music with emotion, in an era where everyone is too cool for school, and won't show any emotion other than anger. What happened? The critics hated it.

  25. Steven Toth

    God damn, I love this so fucking much.

  26. Jessica Robinson-Little

    This is like the metal version of 'Never Gonna Give You Up' 😂😜

  27. Octanez

    Destroy build destroy☹️

  28. Chronamut

    this is the most epicly I've ever seen anyone rock out as they play a piano before hahaha..

    also andrew is a gorgeous man - I mean just look at him!

  29. s hellings


  30. lucas gabriel

    Andrew wk, thank you, you said everything I wanted, you gave me suicide. All sincerity, you made me think of my parents in my friends. thanks

  31. Chelsey Clyburn

    Am I the only one who listens to this on repeat? I met him in real day of my life.

  32. mikkelnpetersen

    Headbanging while playing piano, legendary.

  33. Evil Nick

    so what Andrew WK are we up to now? #3?

  34. M 6

    Aka Musical Partying Thor

  35. brigitoo

    Mi novio me dedicó esta canción :'3 la amo

  36. Marcel Gundermann

    One genius of musician

  37. Mason Emmert

    Not all heroes wear capes ....some wear all white and play piano

  38. jeff brady

    Andrew on a man to man lever...ty brother for this song, it helped me back when it 1st droped on the scene and it jist did it again. Respect and love my fellow music bro


    He was a big ball of light , encouragement and fun as a teen.I love Andrew he has such a huge beautiful soul ,heart and energy😍💗💖💞💕💗💓❣️💜💛🧡❤️💚

  40. Michael Ferraro

    Don’t sell out AWK the evil isn’t worth it

  41. Nadzya Octo

    Hey, he wears blue jeans 🤜🏽🤛🏿🤟☮

  42. patrick corbett

    One best tune
    I've heard in a long time

  43. DevilDelirious

    When you're so metal, you can play the guitar on a piano.

  44. lee fusion

    Fracking love this song

  45. Anthony Crown1987

    2019 and still have goosebumps when i heard this great song..thanks Andrew 🤘🤘


    Gave me goosebumps every sngle time i listen to this piece of art! Andrew WK is a awesome artist!

  46. Ur Mum

    Ive always associated this song with my freshman year of high school, hits me right in the feels every time

  47. Lars Andersen

    Me and my wifes together number.

  48. nigoah nenno

    Never gonna change my clothes

  49. f1cky0u

    does anyone know where to find a really good piano version of this? the ending is my fave and id love to hear the whole thing done that way!

  50. chris &sarah Howells

    just suffered my sixth major concussion. It left me feeling a whole lot broken! This song reminded me I will be ok as long as I keep going I'll never b the same after this one but " I'm doing ok just have to follow my heart"

  51. spin721

    Fucking awesome. I love this song. He is an amazing guy.

  52. Luna Rose

    His set at download festival was amazing, The crowd was just as good. Everyone partied as hard as possible and it was phenomenal. I have a lot of mental health problems, no idea what I would do without this music.

  53. Delta BoXeR

    Still makes me emotional.. Love it

  54. No Name

    0:20 i thought jigsaw from saw was about to come out.

  55. zeasty beast

    Ok, this is epic

  56. Felipe Solis

    I love you baby, I'm sorry for everything

  57. Jessica Robinson-Little

    Holy shit this sounds like an alternative version of 'Never Gonna Give You Up' >:D

  58. aarontheangry

    I wonder if he ever misses his TV host days ...

  59. _ _iconoclast

    Ok you need to understand this was the only time AWK put his blue denims on and appropriately crushed it. So please, for me and him; Never Let Down

  60. A Guy

    So good, man. Thank you for saying these things.

  61. Matt’s Gentlemen’s Channel

    I have a friend that’s really depressed right now , I sent him this song and music is worth living for ! Thank you Andrew!

  62. Steve S

    Of course he plays a Steinway. He is a man of taste.

  63. Tom P

    Was I the only one who thought "Blue jeans?"

  64. Debbi Lennon

    Pure perfection x

  65. Todd Ouellette


  66. Jacob Langston

    I love the shit out of this guy.

  67. lu Sonu

    Who is here in 08/2018????

  68. Hobbes Caltous

    dude, you're still a visionary. you saved rock and roll. and 15 years later, this song still brings tears to my eyes

  69. Nate Buker

    Now I've had some eye-rolling moments following dude here but I gotta say he's really mastered the art of uplifting song writing in a world where an insecurity, misery and pain fetish is en vogue. I'm hereby an unapologetic fan.

  70. Quentin Elliott

    this man is a role model! full of positivity! :)

  71. Olijoan

    I really LOVE...everything you do Andrew W.K. 💖
    It was a wonderful song, this one too of course.
    Thousand times...BRAVO Andrew W.K. you're THE BEST 👍

  72. V2kGaming

    andrew wk is the only one who can rock hard on a piano lol

  73. Coach David Alexander

    AWK is the man! Sickest piano air drum solo ever!

  74. Erik S

    This is the most power balled for 2018.... even though it came out in 2009

  75. Nick Hikes

    Absolutely. Fucking. Brilliant. This guy.

  76. Deadpool

    He has one of the best guitarist ...

  77. Deadpool

    I am fan andrew w.k since i heard his song party 10 yrs ago .since then i searched all his songs ...
    Party hard is my 1st favourite
    than this one

  78. SaidoKun

    1:23 air drumming while playing piano LOL

  79. mondomg

    Happy Birthday, Andrew! Hope you spend it partying your head off, cheers <3

  80. Mahogany Eclipse

    This is one of my favorite songs!

  81. Marcus hardcore

    I have saw him first at the Backyard Wrestling 2 ps2 game. I have like it much how wild he was. Its cool too show somewhere emotions, who make you wild. I was outdoor, when i have saw it at my smartphone, and was emotinally so connected with it.

  82. missing link

    A bit strange at first.But ill listen to it anyway over and over again.

  83. Jarrod Blakely

    Andrew W K makes me happy! And seeing these positive comments, from years ago, makes me happier!!! :)

  84. M~mai

    This song saved my life

  85. Squalington Constantine

    There's just something so wholesome about a dude with long hair who mainly does rock music playing something like this on a piano. Such a "do good, feel good" kind of song with awesome headbanging.

  86. Nightmare Niskanen

    Andrew W.K. is a hero to me. So so underrated. His music has helped me through hard times. And I love the new album

  87. A Destroyer17

    This is the most epic song ever.

  88. Santi Cruz

    I want to be in a Andrew WK concert with other Andrew WK fans singing this together in harmony. Our arms over our shoulders. Everyone just happy. Singing as one🙏🏽

  89. alex s

    He is like the Boss's older metal head cool brother

  90. Lars Andersen

    OMG why have i never heard this guy before. Awesome positivity! Im a fan!

  91. juan lira

    No mames, no sabía que El Terrible además de ser luchador tocaba el piano

  92. Punker tK

    He's not underrated, just forgotten. When W.K. came out his face was everywhere.

  93. Gregory Mason

    I love this song!!!Can't wait for new album 😁

  94. chupacabraattack

    This song is best listened to in a stadium.

  95. kuwinsitall

    I saw him perform at the university of Kansas in 2000 or 2001. he's still amazing! an inspiration and a truly good man

  96. Doug Garrett

    This is one of the greatest rock songs ever written

  97. Gurtrock12Grillion

    One of my favorite songs ever! You changed my life in so many ways Andrew thank you for everything and I can't wait for the new album at last!!!

  98. Adam Robson

    Is there a version of this video without the cd version of the song dubbed over? Like the last part at the end of the video?

  99. Kevin Jolley

    I could never be Andrew W.K. because no way would I own a white shirt without a mustard stain.