Andrew W.K. - Kill Yourself Lyrics

Your world is shutting down
No real friends
No one understands you
And no one ever will

You're worthless anyway
You've never done anything worthwhile
Why bother trying?
Nothing will ever change
Nothing matters
There's no use living anymore

You've never been in love
And no one will ever love you
You don't deserve to live
Nothing makes you happy
And no one cares
Your world is shutting down

You're getting older every day
Slowly coming to an end
There's nothing
No one can help you
It's ending and you're completely alone

You're alone in the world
Life means nothing
No one understands you
And no one cares
Every day it will continue on
Why bother trying?

Can the world be as sad as it seems?

It is ending

You're all alone
And you just feel like crying
And you're always down
You just don't feel like trying

People pass and live their lives
While you still go nowhere
You stay at home
And sleep all day
No one really cares

So it's time to end it all
So you lay down on it
Your world is coming down today
So just lay down on it

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Andrew W.K. Kill Yourself Comments
  1. Quinn Kennon

    I guess today's the day then

  2. Kyle Van-Tiel

    I think this song is a reverse psychology attempt? xD take it seriously and it ticks me off to be put down like that. makes me want to make something of myself.

    Илона Шевякова

    Kyle Van-Tiel just don't listen to it if it makes you feel bad

  3. Chirico P

    does he browse /v/

  4. Mic

    No that's not Andrew, no it cant be. I calling bull shit. He is a motivational speaker.

    Илона Шевякова

    Mike this is just a joke

  5. Kopheay

    I think what he's really trying to do is say "I know how you feel, I know what you've been through, I know how you think. But I'm here to tell you that it's wrong, because I care. I care that you don't want to party on, and I want to make you happy again."


    AWK is all about duality. He acknowledges the dark and light of life. Play We Want Fun from AWKGOW directly after this song to see the true meaning. He killed this Andrew and became Andrew W.K. You can kill yourself and do the same.

  6. killer DLS

    I can relate to this song ahahah is that fuckin sad or what. :) PARTY HARD DONT WASH UR HAIR!!!!

  7. D F

    well hate to say it but this is about an accurate representation of life as one can get

  8. Jesse B.

    this song actually does cheer me up!

  9. Twin Majora

    this song doesn't make me want to party hard...

  10. fryfry377

    Ahh, reverse psychology. Gotta LAY DOWN ON IT!

  11. decimated550

    HBC=hot black chick, its a code me and my brother use ("damn look at that HBC...", etc.). Cool that i could convince you of my Andrew WK moment - you didn't believe at first. = - )

  12. decimated550

    checked your channel, you are a cute HBC that's for sure LOL. Anyway he looks like i expected him to, white shirt/pants, etc.For some reason no one spoke to him it seemed for a whole hour whlie he was at the booth, i'm thinking they know him and don't have talk to him at this moment, or everyone else was nervy like me. I actually didn't get to see him play, because the other bands were so long (i had to get home to NJ or i'd miss work. He made music fun again, punk, honest self-produced, etc

  13. decimated550

    I told him 10 seconds into the song on the radio "I get wet" I said "i need to get this damn album, this is some great music". He said "yeah, 2001-2002 was a great year for me", and mentioned that he's into producing other young up and coming bands. That is what santos party house is, a venue for bands that he digs and helps get more exposure.
    Like i said, i wrapped it up so not to crowd him, i've been digging his music and really got the "big brother vibe" once i got to finally rap with him

  14. decimated550

    I saw him last summer at Santos Party house in NYC. I took a friend to see him, and when he came in the room i slapped him on the back and he shook my hand in front of everybody (after us waiting 3 hours for him LOL).A while later i saw him by himself at a DJ booth and got the nerve up to talk to him. I promised myself i'd give it a minute and then wrap it up, so i'm not the weirdo crowding the celebrity, ya know? I told him i loved the I Get Wet album and got other friends into his music.more..

  15. WickedAxis

    Stop painting this like a bad song. Andrew W.K. is all about getting you up and moving, making you want to do something with your life. This song works like reverse psychology. He says it which makes you want to to prove him wrong

  16. decimated550

    How do i mean he's out of character? You know his classic "big brother" self-esteem-boosting personality he has. Remember that MTV show, Your Friend, Andrew WK? Hearing him singing about taking your life is not what i expected.

  17. decimated550

    @JesselaPotter - what kind of terrible song is this? What if some depressed emo star struck half gay teenager listens to this? when i was a teen music had wayy too much of a mental influence, including thoughts of death, etc. I think AWK is great (got to chat with him at a show last year, way cool). but this song is out of character.

  18. ARViuff

    this song made me happy and sad at the same time..

    O.o da fuck is wrong with me?

  19. Travis Krust

    Well I guess I BETTER GET READY TO DIE!!!

  20. flmmblsqds

    brb killing myself

  21. AnthroTsuneon

    I think Andrew was a bit depressed at that time, but meh, I'll just party hard with death

  22. Boomation

    1:31 to skip all the depressing stuff

  23. Destructerator

    i think it's an irony thing. deep down no one REALLY wants to kill themselves, even if they end up doing it, and this song is supposed to make you realize that.

  24. MegaDethFiend

    I love AWK ( no homo:.. Actually... Extremely homo haha)

  25. austindude644

    @AcidOverrideKiller Excuse me?

  26. NightRider LifeStyle

    Fuck it imma go get arrested

  27. NightRider LifeStyle

    I agree with the description everything is happenin to me i tried to get on youtube and find a way to kill myself while sleep

  28. Jared Howell

    @priestofpirates hi Jordan

  29. Mentoh Dementoh

    this is a change from a.w.ks usual style :(

  30. AWKGOJ

    @SuperSeriousFace Mother Of Mankind ;)

  31. KC Jonez

    @kiwi047 bout time some one made a song for those emo douches

  32. Uncle Billy

    Why Andrew, why?