Andrew W.K. - I Want Your Face Lyrics

I want your face...

I saw you from the sidewalk
In a reflection of life
I saw you through a tinted window
But you were moving out of sight
(And everyone says...)

I see you in my own eyes
(I see you all the time)
I don't know why
(But everyone says I look like you)
I want to get what you got
(And get it all the time)
I want your face
(I want your face)

The second time I saw you
Ooh I could hear my nervous heartbeat
That old familiar deja-vu
That happens every time I see you
(But everyone says)

I see you in my own eyes
(I see you all the time)
I don't know why
(But everyone says I look like you)
I want to get what you got
(And get it all the time)
I want your face
(I want your face)

I know (your eyes)
I close (your mouth)
I kiss (your teeth)
Ooh I lick (your nose)
I blow (your hair)
I grow (your mind)
I haunt (your face)
I want your face

I want your face
(And everyone says I look like you...)

I see you every Monday
(I see you every Sunday)
I see you inside
And everyone says I look like you
I want to get what you got
(I got to get what I'm want)
So I want your face
(Because everyone says I look like)
Your face...
(And everyone says I look like)
And everyone says I look like your face

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Andrew W.K. I Want Your Face Comments
  1. csmack86

    Andrew W.K. is one of a kind. One man that rivals Trans-Siberian Orchestra for uplifting rock is a god. Thank you Andrew for everything you've given me!

  2. Mateusz Kusz

    I love this song!

  3. This is Linda

    I thought the first line was "I saw you fuck the sidewalk" and I'm not a judgy person so I just went with it. But I guess the real lyrics makes more sense.


    "I saw you from the sidewalk", but I prefer your version XD

  4. Will Cloughley

    Does anyone else think from 1:10 he sounds like David Bowie?

  5. Rockin4D

    I just discovered Andrew W.K. recently and all i can say is i love his music.  He is wonderfully talented.   

  6. MacorettaBoozer

    way underrated

    eat the

    I was just thinking that to

  7. Jason Sosnowski

    Good.... It was spent well!

  8. armorgamsees

    2 minutes and 26 seconds of my life well spent

  9. Convicted Soul

    WARNING 2 minutes and 26 seconds of your life that you will never get back...

  10. jigsawking5

    The Hannibal video brought me here.

  11. Dimple

    "It rubs the lotion on it's skin, or else it parties hard again".

  12. cody sawmiller

    jame gumb writes a song

  13. FlammableKing

    It's not just you... Your reflection, too. :D

  14. IronTom


  15. TheCharleyman87

    .... Or he's a serial killer lol

  16. Matteo Belli

    I have the same reaction to every song: start with "mmh nothin special.." and ends with "GOD i can't get enought!"

  17. David Brawner

    they say his face is done makings new albums........not Billy Corgan cuz he lost awk, don't sat it is AWKward!

  18. lars præst

    Andrew WK IS GOD! of happy go luck music :)

  19. David Brawner

    Lyrically like David Byrne....awesome

  20. Iain ND

    @Sarevok12778 Even more interesting is that the person who talks most about these rumors is Andrew WK himself. I'd say it's a thing he started just for his own entertainment.

  21. decimated550

    @Sarevok12778 - or he likes a girl and wants a blow job. "Head", "face", get it?

  22. Jimmy Waldrip

    @AlloftheElements thats a joke right?

  23. Sarevok12778

    Reminds me of Oingo Boingo actually :)

    A rather interesting song considering all the rumours about multiple A.W.K.s. He might be poking fun at that :P

  24. Boomation

    @misfitjustice Oh... Mah... Gawd... BRILLIANT!

  25. crazywownerd

    @LyricJonas A drugged out stupor? Hahaha :)

  26. LyricJonas

    @AlloftheElements He was a singer WAYY before Destroy Build Destroy! This is Andrew W.K. in his natural habitat!

  27. VampyreMidnight

    @AlloftheElements I'm gunna say that he's....singing.

  28. zartdart

    Oh man. Even though I get the narcissism joke, it still works as a sweet romantic song.

  29. Daniel Bowling

    @cloudycolacorp D:

  30. Ladderadder Mcglitternips

    @Bowlingdan BITCH PLEASE

  31. Daniel Bowling

    @cloudycolacorp BLASPHEMY!

  32. Yakimah Samuel


  33. Ladderadder Mcglitternips


  34. meatwad515


  35. Roadbackhome1988

    @misfitjustice Yea and one of the backing vocals say: i wanna get what i got!
    after andrew said i wanna get what you got! Brilliant :)

  36. lango545

    i cant say this is one of my favourite ones of his, but he is still awesome nevertheless! :D

  37. Luis Campusano

    OK he has some good songs but this one is just a bit strange

  38. arniemonkey

    @makeithurtful yeah its a big dissapointment isnt it i want more party music ready to die never let down etc

  39. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    catchy as hell

  40. cometa

    i was missing out on so much before this.

  41. Jason Wright

    @Bingbongbananza You figured it out!

  42. Fog Raw


  43. makeithurtful

    what in the hell happened to AWK? New shit is just straight up bizarre.

  44. emiel deckers

    @misfitjustice your right because someone says on the background "looks like you"

  45. ChainGuN2

    @misfitjustice and that's why he is the number 1 person on planet Earth!

  46. John Smith

    This sounds like Video killed the radio star...

  47. DJ HOE

    Go to his youtube channel, his music video has someone wearing a mask in his video..... Also there's a woman acting as him in an older video of him Pancake Orgy with Andrew W.K.

  48. Cho Hakkai

    I love andrew WK, his songs makes me so happy (:

  49. ChainGuN2

    Most people just can't accept anything good. They hear Andrew W.K.'s music and think "this is so happy, upbeat, and awesome compared to the stuff I listen to, there must be some sort of catch or conspiracy in it!"

    They're also most likely the people who wonder why nothing good ever happens to them. Andrew WK is someone who writes awesome music for us, because he likes to make us all feel great!

  50. Lymer

    This whole "conspiracy" crap is so stupid, ive heard about it, looked it up, and its just a pile of crap. He just makes some awsome and perhaps eccentric music, as simple as!

  51. Byron Kiernan

    is it just me or is he singing about his reflection?

    BrawnerBandWidth Music

    Byron Kiernan I thought that. Or himself in general.

  52. Brian Turnbull

    @defergerth Bring in money? Dude, if Andrew WK is part of some "conspiracy" is worst fucking conspiracy i've ever heard of.

  53. that one girl

    that does not sound like him.

  54. Misirlou2

    Aw, leave the man alone.
    On another note, this song is hilarious.

  55. eringel24

    This may be the best song ever written.

  56. Henchman B

    he grows your hair... that must be a sight to see

  57. Maarten Verhoog

    The man is a genius.
    As a musician and as an actor.

  58. DivisionbyZer0

    yeah, undoubetly. some of his other songs remind me of cheap trick. he's kinda got a power pop vibe going on in some of them.

  59. basssockpuppet872

    this song is rediculas, awk is by far my favorite solo artist

  60. OverWilliam

    Everyone says I look like you. ;)

  61. Aknatsu67

    Something about this reminds me of a Cars song, it's actually really good, despite being so different from his usually awesomeness.

  62. Mossy500A

    This is something funny!!

  63. oisinholz

    hey is class but in that pic it looks like hes wearin lipstick

  64. Jasper James

    he sounds sober and it sounds like its been recordered instead of the slightly drunk, almost incoherent shoutings, sigh its almost not him =/

  65. xxsuperdboyxx

    He is wearing SO much makeup. Is this even the same guy from the days of Party Hard and We Want Fun?

  66. Ross Gabrielsen

    what the hell this song sucks!! where is his old voice. what happened? and awk should make a new cd with his old music like she is beautiful and party hard this new stuff sucks

  67. TheLivingDead111

    Awesome! :)

  68. Ross Gabrielsen

    why is his voice dif from b4

  69. sum41deryck

    fck, new AWK got no balls. i would like to keep my memories at old AWK from the era of I get wet and Wolf, when they were making rock and noise. golden years. BTW: if arent deaf, you must hear that AWK has different voice than before. ask why:)

  70. samgun58

    This song is F**king awesome