Andrew W.K. - I've Got Know Fear Lyrics

I know
There is some people
Who want me down

And I know
That they'll never
Want me around

But I've got know fear

Know fear
No way
No way
No way

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Andrew W.K. I've Got Know Fear Comments
  1. Diobon Fulkmat

    This is one of my personal favorite pieces of music.

    A masterpiece, pure and true. 

  2. Quinn Kennon

    Am I the only one that get's chills from the first few seconds?

  3. Philip Jackson

    The opening melody reminds me of DEATH NOTE!

  4. deadlyoneable

    Man this guy doesnt get enough credit for his muscianship. That guitar solo, while I know its not Andrew playing, is F'n epic! No flashy shit just a pure melodic solo. very nice!

  5. Martin Lopez-Galicia

    such a unique, powerful, and modest song. I was shocked when I listened to this double disc/ album "close call with bricks/mother of mankind". I knew andrew w.k. was a serious and talented spirit from his previous albums-- but when I heard this song along with others from "MOTHER OF MANKIND" I instantly became addicted. I don't know why, but I feel like even though he is a prominent and recognizable figure with TV and what not...his music has gone somewhat underrated and unappreciated.

  6. aryllia

    @SketchyCatVids If you call someone a moron because you "strongly disagree" with them, then you should probably mind you manners some more if you want to avoid further confusion on the subject :P

  7. SketchyCatVids

    @Phantominfernox haha Im not angry, I just strongly disagree.

  8. Sonik Phan


    I barely listen to MGMT, and all I was saying was that they sound similar from what I had heard. No need to be angry over it. lol

  9. SketchyCatVids

    @Phantominfernox Okay, you're a moron. I'm sorry. I don't usually call people names right off the bat, but this is NOTHING like MGMT.

  10. Sonik Phan

    Sounds kind of like MGMT.