Andrew W.K. - Give Up On You Lyrics

We won't give up on you
Won't let you down
If you need a friend

If you're feeling sad
If you're feeling low
(If you're feeling low)
You can count on us
We will give you hope
We will make you strong
We will show you love
Only love

We won't give up on you
If thoughts grow dark
And you feel alone

If you're feeling bad
If you're feeling hurt
(If you're feeling hurt)
If you're on the floor
We will raise you up
We will heal your heart
We will show you love
Only love

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Andrew W.K. Give Up On You Comments
  1. Greg Grandchamp

    Andrew W.K is like today's Freddie Mercury

  2. Pillowhead Creations

    idk if u read your comments but can i make an animated music video of this?

  3. jurgen vlaar

    I needed this today. Thanks my dudes


    Andrew WK - the hero we don't deserve but the hero we definately need <3

  5. Tony Babich

    If you're on the floor, we will raise you up!

  6. Wasteland Gypsy

    When the second coming of Christ happens but he doesn't tell anyone. AWK.

  7. Tony Babich

    If I can stand to not give up myself, I can do the same for others just like my friend AWK. It's hard but it will happen and work out if I make it happen. AWK is a guide.

  8. S ?

    S T E E V

  9. Space Suitor


  10. Debbi Lennon

    Who is we?

    Debbi Lennon

    Who is we?!

    Paul O.

    @Debbi Lennon I'm betting it's the Party Gods

  11. Emmanuel Alejandro

    This music is so glorious and uplifting. It's like a motivational speech and hard rock music had a baby.

    Matthew Tencza

    Yes, the most beautiful baby on the planet!

  12. EntheogenShaman

    It's like if Queen Manowar and a self help book had a baby

  13. Freddy Hellhoff

    2:10 the feeling, when you just one day woke up

  14. Derek B

    A.W.K- is a modern day AMADEUS; a prodigy. From 2:10 on, it might just be the best section of a song I have ever heard in my life.

    Paul O.

    I know what you mean, I've felt the same way about Totally Stupid from about ~2:50 on in that song. I really dig this this song too.

    C.W. Rudy

    Agreed. This song has one of the best endings (actually lasts more than half the song) from about 2:00 on: Just my opinion.

  15. PsychiatristFrontier

    Thank you Andrew, You're making the world a better place

  16. I'Ma Retard

    What the fuck, this whole album is wrecking my ass so fucking hard!!

  17. Ryan Renken

    And lo, there was a party calling out to us from the wilderness. We turned. We stared... We began walking toward the sound. We arrived.

    We were not disappointed. Party.

    Groogle Mc tooble The droodle noodle

    Fucking beutiful.🤘

    Groogle Mc tooble The droodle noodle


  18. Pantheragem

    Some very Queen-inspired sections. That's as high a compliment as one can be paid.


    This whole album is like Queen and Kiss together. Not a bad thing at all


    EntheogenShaman two bands that get more hate then they should. Kiss practically invented metal sounding guitars. Before anyone did it they had some seriously hard rock tracks. They have always been very talented outshined by their brand

  19. EntheogenShaman

    I ended up here for a reason. God bless you Andrew, you would soar higher than any of us

  20. Justin Long

    Fantano brought me here


    Justin Long selfhelptony arenarocktano brought me here too

  21. surfwaxbum

    So awesome

  22. Dougal Media

    Another song from the party king!! :)

  23. Kim Lima

    Great tune and art

  24. Marco Zucconi

    Great Song!!!!

  25. Dog BananaMole

    thirds the worst

    Bill Cosbone

    yeah eat shit choke and die but dont give up