Andrew W.K. - Confusion And Clarity Lyrics

In the midst of all the doubt
All the uncertainty, all the frustration, all the confusion
We must never lose sight of the parts of life that we're absolutely clear about
The parts of life that bring us undeniable and reliable joy
These are sacred

They give us strength
They give us pure physical and emotional energy
And that purely good feeling that tells us that life really is worth living
Even when it's hard

The truest part of ourself is found inside the clarity of this feeling
This feeling is the life-force
It lives inside the undeniable love that we have for the people
And aspects of life that bring out the best we have to offer

Let this love define us
Let our spirit be fortified by this loving clarity
This love is our destiny
And our ultimate quest is to protect it, to amplify it
And to rejoice in sharing its power with all the world

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Andrew W.K. Confusion And Clarity Comments
  1. Bubbles

    I would buy an album of you just speaking, Andrew!!

  2. Neon Knight

    that magic that get's lost when you become a cynical piece of shit like myself
    some of it comes back, when I hear those words
    slay the dragon, friends.

  3. Skullkan6

    The best part about this album is it is really, really clear that this is all coming from a real place.
    He realized he had an opportunity to make something with GENUINE, and that's a word that feels rare these days, GENUINE interest in being motivation and helping out the people who feel the worst. These Spoken word interludes are perfect proof of that. What label would go "Yeah you know what sells pop metal records? Spoken word interludes!"
    He's not trying to sell you something, Andrew just wants to help you if he can.


    damn that is said very simply but it's the best philosophy you could have in my opinion


    YAKUZA as a fellow Satanist, the Party God seems cool

  5. Lloyd Honeybrook

    There's no conceivable way 2018 is going to top this by any means and I could not be more content with that #partyheart <3

  6. Space Lord

    Not a perfect album by any means but if it ended with this I'd have probably dropped dead perfectly happy.

  7. Gubru

    Duuude. What happened? It seems like some huge, terribly-amazing thing happened in your life to trigger such powerful emotions?

  8. Lexi