Andrew W.K. - Coming Bad Lyrics

Yeah something's starting
Don't know what it is
It won't stop starting
And I don't think I can live

It's a way to make me pay
But it just makes me mad
Another fight for another day
Look out I'm coming bad
Coming bad

My life's been going 'round
But it's all coming bad again
And now my whole time's been ruined down
And it's all coming up again

Now I don't care about school anymore
And I really don't care about rules
I really don't care if I'm cool anymore
And I really don't care about you

But I don't want to go to sleep
And I'll come around all day long
And I don't want to ever have to eat again
And I'll come around 'til you're gone
'Cause I'm coming bad

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Andrew W.K. Coming Bad Comments
  1. Rx Hx

    Andrew is a gem all over the place <3

  2. Quinn Kennon

    every day I find a new gem from this guy