Andrew W.K. - Break The Curse Lyrics

Look who put a curse on you again
Look who put a curse on you
A curse so bad it cursed me too

Look who put a curse on you
Look who put a curse on you

Look who played a trick on you again
Look who played a trick on you
A trick so good it tricked me too

Look who played a trick on you
Look who played a trick on you

Look who pulled a scam on you again
Look who pulled a scam on you
A scam so sweet it scammed me too

Look who pulled a scam on you
Look who pulled a scam on you

Break the curse
Break the curse

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Andrew W.K. Break The Curse Comments
  1. Amra

    Its been a while power ballad... I missed you! *throws cigar

  2. Karl 2.0

    Who was it, Andrew?

  3. Dadutta

    the ending sounds like the Doomstar Requiem by Dethklok

  4. Станислав Дапиро

    Andrew did You woke up?

  5. Devin Kelly

    Why the fuck has only 272 ppl smashed that like button out of 30 some odd thousand views?? Not party at all bros, not party at all. Shame

  6. A Guy

    Nohomo, but I love you, man. Your music has only gotten better. Not just "over the years", but sincerely. a badass dude like you saying the things you say. I'm grateful.

    Kirby JK

    amazing how six letters can render a whole comment totally meaningless

  7. Leanne Connelly

    The production and instruments and voice impeccable. That sound From 3:48 nannanana nannanana can't explain that sound but my man who is a producer does's say what a catchy emotional ending as well as me. very well constructed.


  8. Leanne Connelly


    where have i been.....

  9. Doomer777

    Am I the only getting some Ghost vibes from this?

    Trance Bodega

    if anything Ghost has cribbed AWKs steez. he's been at this for a long time!

  10. spankywzl

    The piano intro 0:21 sound like the outro to "Run With the Pack" by Bad Company. Dig:
    As a musician, it is known that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to melody construction, and chord phrases, so this is not a diss. This whole album speaks to me on a level that most will never reach. Andrew WK is the child in all of us, only his child can write and perform some of the greatest songs known to man. This album is so transformative, brave and awesome that it raises Andrew from Party Rock, to a permanent fixture in the pantheons of music. May his light shine bright forever! Party on, AWK!!!

  11. Tourettes Orc

    This is too fucking epic for my own good

  12. Ben Howell

    I've convinced myself that in the beginning of this song AWK is referencing the Cannibal Holocaust - - thoughts?

  13. Jack Burton

    Juast awful

    Whitewidow 67

    And of course there has to be one shitty person who has to ruined a good song

    Jack Burton

    Huh? Andrew WK created the song, so it's most accurate to say he ruined. That said, he is hardly a shitty person. Guy is great.

  14. HaveCarapace

    I'd just like to point out that this is the best album cover art since probably the 70s. I think we all forgot something important while rushing around in our busy lives: an album's art should be something you can happily examine for the entire length of the record. I've already gone through the album a few times and I still often find myself staring at the art while listening. Such an awesome collaboration between three great artists.


    Nailed it. Bravo you person on the internet. Cheers to you. <3


    Saturn worship.

  15. EntheogenShaman

    But (((who))) is playing these tricks



    Lord of Hilarity

    The Answer depends on the person.

  16. wysypisko śmieci


  17. Colin Ballard

    Saw AWK last night at the Forum in London, and this actually sounded even better live! I had never heard this before last night, and it immediately became my AWK favourite. Go and see them before you die!!!

    Shitpeas _

    Saw him in Cardiff on the Friday! Epic tune

  18. DensinMeiko

    Andrew W.K. is essentially Wild Stallions from bill and ted.


    And if the stars align we will get a 3rd movie with a soundtrack by Andrew W.K.

    C.W. Rudy

    Resembles a young Nathan Explosion.

  19. Thug Life Bear

    Huh. And I thought I had outgrown his music. Shows what I know.

  20. Paul Flores

    Unbelievably deep and real. Thank you so much.

  21. Garox

    it gives me some sort of pink floyd vibe

  22. UnderlinedInc

    I feel so alive when i hear this damn man's music. This album is pure gold. Do yourselves a favor and please do pick up a copy!

    Debbi Lennon

    I did and it was the best thing I've done this year reckon

  23. sausage

    This whole album sounds like it's going to be absolutely great <3

  24. Frank Makes Stuff

    Anyone here listening to this and thinking, finally, something that sounds like Devin Townsend's early stuff!!

    James Andrews


    Jon Paul Lundquist

    What? This might as well be a Type O Negative cover. There is no possible way this was not on purpose. Ok, woah spoke too soon. The last half is Devin Townsend, indeed. My two favorite bands. Holy shit.

    John D'Errico

    You know...that that you mention it, so true!

  25. Dougal Media

    Awesome :)

  26. James Bohigian


  27. Vince Garcia

    and questioning y im here