Andrew W.K. - Bohemian Lyrics

Oh, Bohemian
On The Table You Throw Down A Torn Tarot Card
And Let It Show
Oh Let It Show Me Everplace That You Have Gone Tonight

Bohemian I Understand That This Love May Be All Out Of Place
But Don't I Have
Oh Don't I Have The Right To Be A Happy Man

Passion In The Night Surrounded Us
Seeing Sweet Dreams Every Day
Holding You So Tight I Won't Let You Go
But You Are... Just Passing By

Oh, Bohemian
I Am Feeling The Pain From An Arrow Of Love
And This Old Wound
And This Old Wound Your Love Can Never Heal, Oh

Oh, Bohemian
Say Goodbye Oh Yes And Say Sayonara Too
And Then You Say
Yes You Said As You Were Leaving You Said,
"I'll Be Back"

You Gave All Of Your Life
To A Girl Who Forgot
Almost Forgot How
Almost Forgot How To Be Herself In Love

Passion In The Night Surrounded Us
Seeing Sweet Dreams Every Day
Holding You So Tight I Won't Let You Go
But You Are... Just Passing By

Oh, Bohemian
And So Now You Are Only A Fleeting Refrain
I'll Always Wait
Wait Forever For My Bohemian

Oh, Bohemian...

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Andrew W.K. Bohemian Comments
  1. Domince Gasperince II

    He's a God compared to the rest of humanity, tbh.

  2. Anonymous.

    Rip baby

  3. luke 14*

    Randy stair kkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Kiarash Foroohar Pak

    The 103 likes makes me fear for humanity!

  5. Jônatas Soares hilario dos santos


    Jônatas Soares hilario dos santos


    Guilhermina Mota

    Brasileiro retardado

  6. Bryan Espinosa

    This is so fucking cringed no wonder he was such a shitty loser. Fuck this guy and RIP to the innocent people who’s lives were cut short by this psycho.

  7. hyune

    que ironia essa música ein kjk

  8. hyune

    eu não consigo odiar esse garoto slkkjsjsj

    9_2 #GHOSTZ

    Mais um fucking brasileiro kkk


    porra ainda bem q ja terminei a escola KKKKKKKKKK

  9. Cal Gabriel said Oof

    His eyes are cool, such a shame he felt this way and took it far

  10. Christopher Marlowe

    I think we can all agree after seeing this that he’s better off in hell

    Domince Gasperince II

    Nope, he's in Heaven where he belongs.

  11. broken dreams

    Depressed lonely soul

  12. Mister Lyosea

    Yeah you did kill a man. Two. Too many. Should of just popped your own brains out. Rot in Piss dude.

  13. Lucy Barnes

    His teeth were so white damn

  14. Lucy Barnes


  15. TheMidnightCaptain

    Tranny phantom 👻 before his autistic cartoons took over his head

  16. Brooke H.

    Rock it Randy...
    Fucking ROCK 🎆

  17. Lady

    rip Randy Stair (1992-2017) i miss u SO MUCH!!

    Lucy Barnes

    Me too mann

  18. Биологицал Шасте

    hes such a great singer why did he have to go so soon ?

    aliciaaalicee stuff

    ERIC HARRIS e r i c

  19. Alex Leeper

    what song?

    Brooke H.

    Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody

    Jessica Vázquez

    Do you live under a rock?

    Brooke H.

    @Jessica Vázquez 😄

  20. Candice Hogg

    The irony

    Ashley R.P

    Chiidori Arisato
    Holy shit, I watched about 45seconds of this....."the irony of all of this" popped into my head. I dropped down to comment the exact same thing...