Andrew W.K. - Ai Senshi Lyrics

Sorrow - The Trembling Sorrow
Hear Me Sing The Goodbye Music

All The Skeletons Are Burned To Ashes
The Dying Bodies Go Back Into The Earth

The Gods Of Death Will Line Now
On The Field They Are Marching
They Are Covered In Blackness
But Each One Will Burn Bright Red

Sorrow - This Living Sorrow
Throw It All Away And Make A Beginning
All The Color Will Go Into The Earth
Throw It All Away You Proud Living Soldiers

The Gods Of Death Will Line Up Now
On The Field They Are Marching
They Are Covered In Blackness
But Each One Will Burn Bright Red

From Dying Men To All Of Their Good Women
From Dying Girls To All Of Their Boyfriends
From Dying Men To All Of Their Women
To All Our Loved Ones We Swear We'll Protect

What Will They Have To Commit To?
How Much Will They Leave Behind?
I Pray - Pray To Bring Near A New Day

Sorrow - The Painful Sorrow
Nothing Left Except This Sadness
We Destroy These Nameless Soldiers
We Survive By Spilling Our Blood

The God Of Deaths Are Arriving
On The Wings Of A Windstorm
There's No Way To Resist Them
No Place For Anyone To Run

From Dying Men To All Of Their Good Women
From Dying Girls To All Of Their Boyfriends
From Dying Men To All Of Their Women
To All Our Loved Ones We Swear We'll Protect

From Fighting Men To Women At Home Waiting
From Fighting Girls To All The Boys That They Love
From Fighting Men To All Of Their Women
To All Our Loved Ones We Swear We'll Protect

What Will They Have To Commit To?
How Much Will They Leave Behind?
I Pray - Pray To Bring Near A New Day

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Andrew W.K. Ai Senshi Comments
  1. Fuugetsu Kachou


  2. Fuugetsu Kachou


  3. あらんあらん


  4. 三科栄吉


  5. SCP 173


  6. SCP 173


  7. SCP 173



    SCP 173 年号が汚い笑

  8. SCP 173


  9. 役員 岡部達彦


  10. Issei Sato

    In gundam they fight for what they believe.

  11. ブライト博士

    I'm Japanese but
    I think this is better than original. My heart is burning up.

  12. doctorx0079

    Need Cross of Sand

  13. まえヒロ


  14. chase ross

    I love wing and G Gundam even more but to me the universal century defines what Gundam means for mecha and anime in general (for better and for worse)

  15. Trần Quang Minh Nguyễn

    Can I have lyrics please

  16. Leo Tiger


  17. Pilot Nighthawk

    Can you reupload this in 720p?

  18. jackal27

    I really need an HD version of this.

  19. 〇 〇


  20. ダブルオーライザー


  21. CharlotteN.C


  22. NEOフリスク


  23. Aguiar Ed

    Oh... I just realized the tone of this song. I approve of it.

  24. Karl Arty

    Probably a stupid question but what is the ost during the credits?


    Karl Arty i think the Track is From the video game ,Mobile suit Gundam: Encounters in Space. And I think the track is called "Endless Battle."

    Karl Arty


  25. ガンダム




  26. Tristan Fugitt

    Man this AMV is what The Phantom Pain should have been

  27. Erdrick68

    This song can cause a brain hemorrhage. The music is so upbeat, the lyrics are disturbingly dark. Does not compute. Love it anyway.

  28. 吉田成宏


  29. Chris Mikesell

    Anybody know what series the thumbnail is from? Zaku with rifle to his head by gundam (sorry don't know my serial numbers for them just getting back into it after yearssss)


    Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS team
    Episode 10
    also that is the Ez8 pointing its gun to a Zaku(MS-06J)

  30. A-Punk八

    In war everyone is a casualty

  31. Karrud


  32. Ray Trace

    Still the most emotional Gundam AMV I've ever seen :)

  33. Gihren Zabi

    Beautiful. You timed all the scenes correctly in my opinion.

  34. WDCain

    Wait, you guys sing translated anime songs? HOW HAS NOBODY THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE???

    Gihren Zabi

    It was Andrew W.K. Have you heard his version of Gihren's speech at Garma's funeral? You could hear a little at the end of the video.

  35. Lin Yen Chin

    Where is the rest of his work?...Gundam Rock is incomplete with just this.


    Agreed, Andrew WK did a great job in giving us an English version of these songs. But I only have so much footage. Are you asking me why I didn't include all of his songs in one video?
    I think the answer is I only included one song for an Anime Music Video.

    Lin Yen Chin

    @GundamFireStorm, no. I had a playlist with all of Gundam Rock, but I guess, for one reason or another, they are no longer available to me.

  36. Ray Trace

    still dreaming of a better encode :(


    Unfortunately, this was the quality of the footage. most of the footage was ripped from DVD onto a DV camera 10 years ago using two or three different computers. and my current software from 5 years ago could not render the video in any higher quality. so I mean I could render in a higher quality now. but I don't know if it would be any better. and it just may not be worth it.

    Ray Trace

    Ok man no problem at all - thanks for making this great AMV anyway - it is my favourite Gundam one ever.


    Thanks! I am quite Proud of it! I love Gundam, It's just such a Great Story!

    Ray Trace

    it is - I've watched it all 3 times now and I still love it :)

  37. Catra Cerar

    Zeon..Federation.. fuck it...loyalty to what really matters on the battlefield; not a cause built on carnal-things...the editing alongside this song really fits...much appreciated


    Thank you. I am quite proud of this video.

    Catra Cerar

    GundamFireStorm Am sure you are 😎 it's fucking raw dude...


    It's why I agree with Deikun Zeon's ideals but hate the Zabi family, especially Ghiren Zabi, they perverted his message and caused the gassings.

  38. OHMACS

    This is still easily my favorite AMV period.

  39. Ray Trace

    please please upload a higher quality version :)

  40. Fluffykun08

    Not gonna lie man best damn Gundam amv i have seen. If you still have the original would you mind remastering it or upping the quality one day? It really is just that damn good.

  41. S Roberts

    Now 6 people need to have a colony dropped on them.


    +S Roberts 7

    Catra Cerar

    S Roberts pity they'll be held down by gravity😄


    Now it's 12 Oldtypes!

  42. drshades1

    Is he saying, "To all the naked women?"

    Kain Xander

    "To all of their good women"  

    Dennis Yin

    Why u always in every soldiers of sorrow video! 😠😑

  43. TheCharleyman87

    We need another 88th MS team sort of series.... Either that ore Patlabor needs a comeback


    one wish has been granted

    Gihren Zabi

    +FallenRX which one?


    Patlabor is getting a animation.

    Aguiar Ed

    It *MS08TH*

  44. catsandfriends5918

    I loved this very much. It features both sides fighting for what they believed was right...and how they both shared sorrow...Well done.

  45. mandagirl

    Pure Epicness!!!!!

  46. StormWave342

    Wow. For such an upbeat sounding song, the lyrics are pretty depressing...


    I think that's the point. Nobody ever really wins in a war. For all that it's glorified, it can only bring devatation and death.


    kinda like Gundam huh?

  47. Ray Trace

    absolutely brilliant - is it d/lable anywhere?

  48. Joseph Wiselogel

    This is the first AMV to ever actually have me in tears. Bravo sir!

  49. Haman Karn

    Prefer the Original Japanese version but the music video is amazing

    Gihren Zabi

    The japanese words hold no meaning to me, so I prefer this. To each their own.

  50. Lincoln Heath

    I feel like this song needs a new Broadway production to be made called "Death: the Musical"

  51. GundamFireStorm

    Watch the Credits, all the Gundam Series are listed there,
    Or did you want a list of all the Gundams?

  52. Rodolfo Ramírez Gutiérrez

    Name if this gundam please!!!

  53. Zachg57

    Thanks for the info

  54. Geremy Tibbles

    It's part of a game's intro, the name escapes me at the moment. The intro is a ton of really awesome animation, much of it involving beloved and forgotten suits like the Juaggu.

  55. Arcemise

    It's a shame the video quality isn't consistent throughout, but I love this AMV. Great job!

  56. GundamFireStorm

    Do not make the weird!
    Gero both



  57. EvangelionUnit666

    I didn't think that my love of UC Gundam could be summed up in a AMV. Then I saw this.

  58. Zachg57

    WHich show was it that had the gundam fighting back to back with the Mobile Suit?

  59. Pigeaterdlx

    Epic! Straight up epic! This is coming from a jaded longtime gundam fan!

  60. EvangelionUnit666

    WOW. Awesome.

  61. Marek Danda

    Thanks. You are right, that would be an awesome crossover.

  62. GundamFireStorm

    well, If you watched the Credits You'd see what everything is from. But since you asked nicely. Its from the PS2 Game Journey to Jaburo. its at the end when you beat all 3 spec op missions. it never happened in the TV show. which is kind of disappointing. It would have been great for all of these guys to join together.

    The Building Minifig

    GundamFireStorm .

  63. Marek Danda

    Best Gundam AMV I've ever seen. BTW, the part between 3:46 and 3:50 is from what?

  64. MonsterZer0

    *slow approving clap* you sir have won, im not sure what, but you win...

  65. BlaineKodos

    Thought the video was great, then I noticed how much time was left for an outro. Was worried it would be bad and then it was Giren's speech. Bravo.

  66. Sargonarhes

    2 people need to have a colony dropped on them.

  67. GundamFireStorm

    @Grimlock64 OK!

  68. Grimlock64

    I... but... what... I'm buying YOU a pizza!

  69. TheRazmereShow

    Probably one of the best Gundam AMV's I will ever see!

  70. Evan Hardy

    I'd also like to add that this is the first AMV that I have ever favorited. once again, great work. I'm surprised that this doesn't have more views

  71. Evan Hardy

    I'll be honest. i've seen some great AMV's in my life, but this one is definitely one of the best I have ever seen. period. Great flow, good use of footage AND somehow you made Gihren Zabi's speech sound even more awesome. I hope to see more great AMV's like this from you in the future.

  72. Sargonarhes

    That was one of the BEST Gundam AMVs! EVER!

  73. Zerith25

    Aw yeah! Nice flow and great collection of clips! Great work!