Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Walking In My Sleep Lyrics

Sleep, sleep
Even when I'm walking in my sleep

Ghosts on the corner
I used to think that's all we'd ever be
Come home to California
Hey, wild heart, I'd give up everything
To see the world in blinding color

I keep going back there
To the crowded street where
I could see you walking in my sleep
And I'll never stop trying
You're my silver lining
Even when I'm walking in my sleep
In my sleep, sleep
Even when I'm walking in my sleep
In my sleep, sleep
Even when I'm walking in my sleep

This is me in a bedroom
Broken window, sunlight coming through
This is you, shotgun on a highway
When you feel that same sun coming into view
And you see the world in blinding color

I keep going back there
To the crowded street where
I could see you walking in my sleep
And I'll never stop trying
You're my silver lining
Even when I'm walking in my sleep
In my sleep, sleep
Even when I'm walking in my sleep
In my sleep, sleep
Even when I'm walking in my sleep

Come on, wake me up
Come on, wake me up
Feels like I've been walking, walking in my sleep
Come on, wake me up
Come on, wake me up
Feels like I've been walking, walking in my sleep
Walking in my sleep
Come on, wake me up
Come on, wake me up
Feels like I've been
Feels like I've been walking in my sleep

I keep going back there
To the crowded street where
I could see you walking in my sleep
And I'll never stop trying
You're my silver lining
Even when I'm walking in my sleep
In my sleep, sleep
Even when I'm walking in my sleep
In my sleep, sleep
Even when I'm walking in my sleep

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Walking In My Sleep Comments
  1. Ava Johnson

    YAY I didn’t think there would be an english version, fell in love with this on the sims lmao

  2. Killerlein Killer

    Why is this song in Sims4 😂

  3. Sadee Shay

    I’m in a restaurant and I hear this song play and I said, “Hold Up!!!” And my mom was so confused and I said, “This guy is my favorite!!”

  4. Maxence Guerard

    Thank for the song in Sims 4!

  5. JuanTastic521 MN

    All these people from the sims where my fans from the something corporate days?

  6. Eden Lowe

    Steeeeeeeeeve irjsidicuejx8c6d steve

  7. kawaii robin fairy tales

    Im here cuase of sims 4

  8. Elizabeth

    this is 1 of my favorite songs in the sims 4

  9. Kayla Sigala

    This song slaps from sims 4

  10. Birdie Wallace

    has anyone else remembered the chorous as "steeeeeeeeb, steeeeeb, ebo wembo wix en zen bae steeb"... no just me?
    welp sims has messed me up lmao

  11. Saara

    In Sims4 I always hear the "sleep" part as "Steve"


    same lol
    sembae steeeheheheeeheheheeeeheve steheheheheve evo when de simso sembeh steve

  12. piper jns

    I thought he said steve

  13. Eduarda Reis

    Zimbestiii iiiii

  14. Zack Tankesly

    My favorite song in sims 4 and I'm sure this is the first time I've heard the real song

  15. Lukas The Dark

    I just got done with an 8 hour straight sims game, I can only hear simlish, help me .

  16. Sh0n

    Andrew MaMahon was a big part of my 2018, glad i discovered his songs

  17. Constantine McDonald-Cardona

    99%: SIMS 4!
    0.9% Nice Song
    0.1% Me: Hi

  18. Drew Riggs

    The Sleep/Peels back the veils of this illusion if you're paying attention.

  19. Me & Her

    Steeeeeeeeeve steeeeeve from the sims 4 😂

  20. official trap music

    hi ocean

  21. FoolishShrade Fortnite

    I have a creepy vibe that this song is in The Sims 4. But just weirder.
    Sims: SFEE
    Me: Is this Andrew McMahon?

  22. Psychotropical

    Thanks Sims 4 to show me this masterpiece

  23. True Horrors92

    Found this becasue of the Sims 4, it's a good song.

  24. Natalie Martinez

    Sims 4 anyone?

  25. Spiked panda

    So this is that sims 4 song

  26. Cornelius M

    Holy shit this song is real..? I just found it on the Sims, Subscribed!

  27. NewbTacticianMark

    All I can hear is the Sims 4 version of this xD

  28. Alexander Parry

    Anyone else here from the Sims 4?

  29. Hannah Tennille

    The Sims 4 brought me here

  30. Ignore My Cringey YouTube Comments

    EA has a thing for Andrew McMahon

  31. rbzd3ga

    The sims 4 music

  32. Charm Maines

    Sims 4 brought me to this Awesome song.

  33. ebony battle

    I didn’t expect to find a song THIS GOOD from the sims 4😂

    Killerlein Killer

    I do this whit Shazam 😂

  34. S ᴜ ɴ ɴ ʏ

    Who else is here from Sims4

    Charm Maines

    Qwueen Tayyy

    Killerlein Killer

    I want to see this

  35. Chrissi Noble

    This song randomly came on on Sims 4 and I thought "Hmm that sounds a lot like Andrew McMahon..."

    I was so happy to find out it was him. Even in a gibberish language this guy rules.


    it isn't gibberish it is simlish. but I agree amazing music.

  36. Flysic

    I love this song in The Sims 4


    Its in the sims?

    Jacklyn Garcia

    Same. I sing it, too. xD

    Killerlein Killer

    me tooo 😂

  37. Cecilia Sasalal Eu-ahsunthornwattana

    This song has been the most long-lasting alarm clock I've ever had, I've had it for like, four months. Most songs don't least a week

  38. Heather Meredith

    Been a fan since a friend introduced me to North!! Love it all. Keep making music.

    I actually like this better than the other recent one you released, but not everything has to please everyone. Talented regardless and it was an honor to see you perform live at Red Rocks. Keep making music!!!

  39. Zach Wilmton

    I remember the good ol' days of 2001, when I was 6 sitting in my bed listening to real music. Now I'm 22. Time's gone by so fast, damnnnnn.

  40. haru xxx


  41. Fish A

    A few days ago I had been impressed deeply by a song played from TV...the song is Fire Escape(That is being used in CM of Panasonic in Japan.) and came here.This song is very amazing...I'm listening this again and again!!! What a beautiful melody and sound!!! I love his every songs because it all have them😭

    Sorry for my bad English🤔

  42. Lizbeth Figueroa

    you're my silver lining even when I'm walking in my sleep

  43. Mari Diaz

    I love his music, it's just something I can connect with!❤️

  44. Andre R

    Will definitely be buying your album! Great work! "So Close" captured my interest in your music. The rest of the album does not disappoint!

  45. Kurt Guenther

    This song would be much better at a slower tempo. Too fast for such a beautiful song!

  46. Rodney Thornton

    I have been with you Andrew since the release of Leaving Through the Window and you have yet to disappoint. Keep it up!

  47. phoenix21studios

    Meh I still like Everything in Transit better.

  48. Steve Mulholland

    close your eyes...

  49. Feeble Heart

    When you think about Aurora.. "walking in my sleep.. like a naked tree.. " hhhh

  50. Artofficial

    This is a winner.

  51. Anthony Dallarosa

    Dude's got a great voice but COME ON! Less computer and more musicians please...

  52. Jared Blanchard

    I wonder if the space suit and helmet is a reference to Something Corporate "Space"?

    Crahan J

    Jared Blanchard it's always been a theme for him . He has said in interviews before that he has always been fascinated and obsessed with Space

  53. Ricardo Perez

    big fan andrew

  54. Steve Mulholland

    Honestly this song is amazing

    Steve Mulholland

    When I was younger I used to have "lalalie" as the track that played off my alarm/cd player.

    a decade later, it's this song.

  55. Gaynor Duncan

    Love..Love..Love ❤❤❤

  56. braxton bowyer

    I love this man. Andrew McMahon I love you.

  57. 春日野雷蔵


  58. Donovan Morgan

    Nice job Andrew, I've listened to you since something corprate and am always at your concerts. From the time I met my friend at your concert who battled leukemia like you, you always seem to post an awesome

  59. Millie Warner


  60. Morgan Caswell

    I've been a fan of Andrew McMahon forever. I've seen him in concert multiple times, but this is terrible. Zombies on Broadway feels like a little bit of a sell out to keep the popularity he got from his last album. I'll still listen to it, and I'll continue to support him but I'm disappointed.

  61. JrodarTheMighty

    Great song! Hope you can find your way to Colorado soon - haven't got to see an Andrew McMahon concert in too long.

  62. Katie McMillan

    Another gem! I cannot wait for the release of the full album.

  63. FriendlyCerealKiller


  64. countingcrows123

    This is so beautiful.. never disappoints.

  65. Maya Ray

    Such a great song and artist!

  66. Bob Durante

    so many good songs from one guy

  67. Emma Louise

    ahh I cried. I love this song. I love him. ahh

  68. Shayna Lloyd


  69. payton 3hill

    how could you hit the unlike button.? damn..... this song is soooooo good.!!!!! (I mean great.!)

  70. Emma-Lee Blazing

    super cool tune! i can't wait for this record to come out

  71. Octavian Blackthorn

    Andrew, you never fail to impress me.

  72. p8on

    Still as incredible as ever <3

  73. Erika Henowick

    Looove this! Can't wait 'til we see you in Toronto! 💕

  74. Arielle Mason

    Amazing little Thursday morning treat! Can't wait for the tour and the new cd next year!

  75. Scott Taylor

    he just keeps getting better. bravo.

  76. Paige S

    this is so good im in love

  77. Kathlyn Mooradian

    oh andrew im at my office desk crying. i love you so much (since 2002)

    Kathlyn Mooradian

    PS i was play 1065. for reference. when this song hits it big.

  78. JP D

    what a talented man and what a cute song. can't wait to see him in Orlando?

  79. Cicixx

    This man has been my hero since sixth grade (I am in eleventh now). For those of you who do not know of Andrew's battle with leukemia, I highly recommend for you to watch Dear Jack. Andrew's perseverance and strength is one of the most inspirational moments you will have in a long time. Also, his Something Corporate albums are to die for and his Jack's Mannequin albums will keep you strong through absolutely any situation. I have a mental disorder that often results in me taking situations to the extreme, but Andrew's music calms and rejuvenates me. I am at the age Andrew was when he started Something Corporate and I wish I could tell him songs he made as a teenager are significantly improving my teenage years. The best coping mechanism is just blasting his music. His piano skills are mesmerizing.


    Sharie van hoogenstyn It is like those songs are too good for this world. North is my favorite SoCo album.

    Kristie Bringhurst

    I'm 28 now and have loved all of Andrew McMahon's music since I was 14 (back in the Something Corporate days). It's really cool to see how his music have evolved over the years.

    Molly M

    Same! I saw Something Corporate perform at a Good Charlotte concert in 2003 and was blown away. So proud of Andrew and how far he has come. Just amazing.

    Patrick Amerson

    Same, Well over a decade of Sonic Emotion I cant quite descirbe... oh music...

    brandie dent

    I was you age when i first got into andrew mcmahon (via SOCO) im now 26.Great too know theres still kids out there being inspired by him the way i was and still am!

  80. Júnior

    Brasil 💚💚💚

  81. Jiruri

    These songs keep blowing me away :)

  82. Kathryn Craig

    ok this is great

  83. Andrew Kurzeja

    I'm in love!

  84. Jenna Melinda

    It's finals week Andrew why do you do this to me (thank you)

  85. Connor

    First 21 comments! Haha but great song, forever in love with Andrew McMahon

  86. roberto di tucci

    great song great lyrics

  87. Emily Elisabeth


  88. thekylegarcia

    wow so early 😊 , glad I can get to enjoy this lovely song so early 🎶
    😁 have a great day everyone!!

  89. Hope Oladipo

    I love it, all you do is pray duce songs I love and could listen to forever in any mood

  90. CollinB

    absolutely love it

  91. Sergeant Skittles

    The icing on this cake of a sleepless night would be if Bastille uploaded their Blame music video just as I finish watching this lyric video. 😂 Bring on all the new music of my favorite bands please!

  92. Robyn Hobbs

    The last thing I expected getting on youtube at 2:30 is NEW MUSIC from Andrew when does ur fav ever

  93. emma


  94. Roy Li

    Can't wait for the Album! <3

  95. tylerab

    i can't believe andrew invented music

    casey and daisie

    tylerab omg srsly

    casey and daisie

    I never knee

  96. Ian Mccown

    second! Andrew fan since jacks!


    Ian Mccown same

    Jeffrey Thomas

    fan since something corporate's audioboxer EP

  97. Mark V

    Damn it Andrew. 3 am. It's bad enough I can't sleep but now I literally am not allowed until I memorize this entire song.

  98. Baela

    Don't do this to me Andrew it's 2am

    Brian Bull

    Baela at least it's not 11:11am ;)


    you did NOT just go there.

    Brian Bull

    Baela o but I did lol