Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Teenage Rockstars Lyrics

When we were kids, we played with matches
When we grew up, we started bands
Yeah we skipped school, but played the dances
And when we started making fans

We blew off college, toured the country in a van
Now sometimes at the grocery store
The people say they knew me back when

We were teenage rockstars
Made our hometown proud
When we were teenage rockstars
We taught ourselves to play
And we played loud

We signed a deal and made some records
Sold out shows and married young
The money came, we started fighting
We partied hard, and had our fun

We blew off deadlines and forgot to call our friends
Now sometimes at the shopping mall
The people say they knew me back when

We were teenage rockstars
Made our fathers proud
When we were teenage rockstars
We taught ourselves to play
And we played loud

Now I sit at this piano
I watch my daughter in the yard
I think about those days in high school
My best friend playing his guitar

In my parents' living room, where all of this began
And when I leave the shows these days
The people say they knew me back when

We were teenage rockstars
So young and so strung out
When we were teenage rockstars
We taught ourselves to play
We took the stage
And we played loud

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Teenage Rockstars Comments
  1. Kathleen Herrmann

    I followed you guys back when (for years actually) but this song breaks my heart. It was a cool experience I'm sure, no question, and you shared a lot of talent, but this would be such a hard way to grow up.

  2. Matt H

    What can i say the mans got chiggers 😜

  3. David Hamlin

    Simply Incredible.

  4. Katelyn Brown

    I never actually say this, but this deserves more views because it's so beautiful.

  5. Alice Colucci

    13 year fan here, thanks to my now husband, then boyfriend introducing me to Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin. Been hooked ever since!

  6. Michael Smith

    I was teenaged rock fan back then. And now I’m proud I liked him.

  7. RBJ Bone Farm

    I have the DVD most of this came from

  8. Buballe

    I heard this song in the airplane and I fell in love with it

  9. Dustin Moyer

    Such a Talent. Best show I saw was you in SLC circa 2002-2003 and you lit the piano on fire with Taking Back Sunday. Keep the tunes coming

  10. Costco Employee

    So amazing man I grew up to this band . Me and my buddy remember meeting you at your first warped tour you guys were selling your own merch . We loved you ever since fantastic memories . Many blessings for many years to come .

  11. Marazo Marazo

    Have a nice tour!

  12. Kyle Middlemiss

    Feel like butch probably got a chuckle out of this when he was producing it

  13. npc #051011

    Evolution of a real artist like Andrew is rare in my lifetime,thank you for the memories.

  14. Shelbi Jude

    This is so amazing. Your music has moved mountains in my soul. Thank you for this, for everything you do.

  15. M ВиТаМиНкА

    Like is you ! Good

  16. ffaf295

    Love this video , you just reminisce along with him. Brings me back ♥️

  17. Allie Roy

    This song gives me the feels... Been a Soco, Jacks's, Andrew fan for as long as I can remember. Every song has some sort of memory associated with it.

    My sister and I just booked our bucketlist trip to Vegas to watch Andrew in March (unfortunately he doesn't frequent Calgary, Alberta often), so I am re-exploring all his music and it makes me so happy.

  18. lucyfilmmaker

    omg, fetus Andrew is too much for my heart!

  19. maquinas2000

    Something Corporate oh yeah!!!

  20. tayray88

    I'm happy to see some of the music video of "Space " by Something Corporate in this video, since that music video was how I first found out about Something Corporate, then Jack's Mannequin all sung by Andrew McMahon who is now solo.

  21. Scott Taylor

    What an anthem. More epic writing by an incredible talent.

  22. Amanda Tumolo

    I cry everytime I watch this. Nearly 14 years of pure and absolute love. Been along on this journey half of my life! Love you, Andrew!

  23. Jessica L

    This song has been so nostalgic for me all week. It brings me right back to my freshman year of high school listening to SoCo then Jack's Mannequin in college, and the new stuff now as a wife and mother. My husband is a huge fan too and it feels like we grew up along side you. This song evokes years of memories.

  24. Craig Flynn

    I’m sorry, but how are there 7 people that listened to this and thumbed down? How can you listen to this and not feel it in your heart?

  25. Blonde Ambition

    Andrew is one of the only musicians from my teenage years that I still passionately follow. He is a legend and a visionary and I'll follow him as long as he plays music 💛

  26. Darren The Tuber

    I don't know what is, Andrew just keeps making songs so self mythical, and he's been doing this forever, but now it sounds extremely cloying, cuz he's covered getting nostalgic about his old band before, but if it we're a true love letter to his old band, this feels hollow, it's in the title, nobody remembers you as teenage rockstars, you were a bunch of endlessly endearing dorks, and that's why this subject deserves a more suiting sound than a Adult Contemporary ballad with a bad hook

  27. Tony Giamei

    Now this is a real artist! Love it!

  28. Christopher Walken

    First saw SoCo at Warp Tour 2002 at the Gorge Amphitheater in WA state. I was there mainly to see New Found Glory. Then I watched Soco on stage and I thought they were pretty good. They became my favorite band and I would see them whenever they came to the Seattle area. To be honest, I still prefer the Soco stuff over JM and AMITW. I still listen to If I die, Caldecott Tunnel, Airports and Forget December quite often. I definitely miss the old Soco days.

  29. rock current

    A great track

  30. Lauren Morris

    This was incredible. Thanks. I'm having a baby soon and I'm naming him andrew because andrew has helped my life so much. Since I was 15 I grew up with his music. So happy for him. Happy he still makes amazing music.

  31. Jose G

    Amazing song. This is the type of music that should be getting millions of views. Keep the songs coming Andrew! Forever fan since Something Corporate.

  32. Angela Cutrone

    love that there is footage of presumably the first time of AM meeting Butch Walker? and now he's producing this track and album...brilliant Easter egg in the video for those who also love Butch

  33. stephanoodle

    You know you’re old when you recognize most of those clips from the something corporate dvd 😭😭 been listening since 2003. Thanks for the memories.

    Maybe a reunion tour? I’d pay 💰 to see that 😘

  34. jess klucznik

    This stirs up so much nostalgia of going to SoCo shows at hole-in-the-wall venues in Pittsburgh with my college friends. Watching Andrew dance on the piano and light it on fire. The North painting on the piano! I have a 7yo daughter now, and she's a fan of AMITW, and she thinks it's SO COOL that her mom has 15 year old selfies with Andrew (taken with a disposable camera!). I've been playing the SoCo and JM songs for her lately.

  35. VStrizzy

    This sounds like Liability by Lorde

  36. Phil

    Great song. Thanks!

  37. theTravisFitch

    This was insane! The realization that I’ve journeyed the last 15 years with your music being one of the most inspiring parts of my life.. I don’t know that “Thank You” really cuts it. Andy, you are one my biggest influences as a musician and songwriter. I am forever grateful that you decided to take that chance and live out your dream. You have been sharing such an amazing thing with so many people. Much love to you!

  38. Jasiebenaler

    This was so breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for always pouring your heart and soul into your music! I’ll be watching my Live at Ventura DVD tonight and patiently waiting for the new album! And only a few more months before we set sail for a week with your beautiful music on the Rock Boat!!

  39. bigdaddycmoney

    I like the song a little more after watching the video. Loved all the old clips!

  40. Kalli

    literally the best song he’s ever written


    I was in my early 20's when Something Corporate came out and now I'm 37 and I've enjoyed the evolution of Andrews music. We grew up together. Ps I'm not crying! You're crying!

  42. ruggedo

    What a great pleasure its been to stand outside it all and watch what you and your friends have created, and what you continue to create. I dont believe I will ever out grow the excitement of new music, and the emotion of sharing a moment with this art we all live for.

  43. Janine Mitchell

    So totally overwhelmed with love for this song, this video. So many happy memories of these shows, this time in my life. Just perfect.

  44. sbarruf

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

  45. Linda Matson

    You continue to make this older fan proud. And you make me cry - all the time! Bravo, Andrew.

  46. Patrick Dempsey

    I hate this. I love this. Andy, you always know what I need to hear, but it’s hard to hear we’re getting old. SC and Jack’s was exactly what I needed 10 years ago, and this is exactly what I need now. Good work, sir.

  47. Victoria Jepson

    This video💙💙💙💙all the feels. I love the song and love, no adore the video! The clips from Live @Venture and the Something Corporate DVD before that one.. and glimpses of the music videos. So much of my young adult to Adult life has a soundtrack of your music.

  48. Steph Hayes

    Fantastic....just fantastic 💞

  49. Nick Cigic

    I like to think my hands are somewhere in this video!

  50. Brant Stanley

    Gimme alllll the nostalgia feels. Amazing. Cant wait for the new tunes! Proud to be following this musical journey for over a decade!

  51. Mac McDonald

    Strongbad sighting!

  52. Gabriel Tone

    Thank You Andrew.

  53. Bethanie Barrett

    Watching the behind the scenes of such a crucial point in my life brought me to tears. Your teenage rockstar stage got me through mine. Thank you so much. And thank you for continuing creating such amazing art. This song is incredible. You are incredible. Thank you!!

  54. Bren

    I knew you back when!! The long Something Corporate hair is my fav tho :)

  55. Evan Ginzkey

    Damn. I can't stop playing this, I've been following this guy's career awhile now. This song perfectly captured why I admire him so much. <3 you Andrew!!

  56. Stuka Fox

    That 'CLUTH' game of bowling, the pre-show haircut.
    I watched that DVD 1000 times.

  57. Wade Grimes

    yep. strong work.

  58. markseifjr

    a beautiful homage to the days of *something corporate* and beyond. The music video was done magnificently and I am so glad you've chosen to showcase your vocal talents in a softer based melody and rhythm. The album comes out the day after my birthday and I can't wait to hear what you call the best music you have ever written!

  59. Emily Leayman

    Love this. Feeling so nostalgic now.

  60. Melanie T

    Love it! :)

  61. Jaclyn

    All the feels! I know I was at at least on of the shows from this video. I just love this makes me feel all nostalgic! Also...who had the audacity to thumbs down this video?!

  62. Stephanie Seilhamer

    Goosebumps everytime! Thanks for dreaming Andy, you've made the world a brighter place for a lot of us ! See you in Pittsburgh.

  63. maybememories


  64. LittlebitQ

    I love this so much I'm going to cry 💗

  65. Cody Suders

    That SoCo Live at Ventura DVD that makes up at least half of this is so go. Its getting dug out of a box tonight.

  66. ifonly youknowmemore

    I fucking love you just so you know. 💕💕💕

  67. we are young

    this is so beautiful wow ..

  68. Jordyn

    This song and video give off major something corporate/jack’s mannequin vibes. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come as an artist and I’m excited to hear the rest of the album 💕

  69. Samantha Halfpenny


  70. Caitlin Hancock

    So much nostalgia. The Warped Tour DVD is the first time I ever heard Something Corporate. And rewatching all the clips from Live at Ventura. Definitely chills.

  71. Michael Perry

    An amazing artist who just continues to get better with age!

  72. Beth Spangenberg

    Wow! What a blast from the past! I've been honored to be a part of this musical journey for 16 years now. Here's to many, many more!

  73. Missi Evelyn

    I love this and Andrew so much💛

  74. TheGogogadget123

    im crying. like the rest of yall

  75. DannyJSchwe45

    Andrew, this song is so, so good.
    I have had it on repeat since you released it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your music and world with us!
    I can't wait to see you play again this coming year!

  76. Kelci B

    This is one of the best songs you have ever done. I am SO excited for this next chapter! :) Thank you for everything.

  77. Amanda Burns

    Holyyyy shit 😭😍 right in the feels

  78. starburst

    Keep it Up!

  79. Hannah Reynolds

    Andrew, thank you for being my first concert ever when I was eleven years old on 11/11/11 at the El Rey theater and teaching me about the power of music. I'll always miss Jack's Mannequin, but I'll always love watching you grow.


    Hannah Reynolds what? You’re so young!


    @maybememories I am about to turn 19 and am an Andrew fan :) Something Corporate has been my favorite band since I was 12. I had a crush on Andy in middle school haha. Better than Justin Bieber.

    Hannah Reynolds

    I was!! My dad and sister were massive fans of SC and I tagged along and ended up loving Jack's.


    11 up votes, too 😉

    Katelyn Brown

    @Hannah Reynolds wow!! That makes me as a 26yo feel so old. 😂😂

  80. Sourdoughbro


  81. NSFW Peppa Pig


  82. Chris Sáenz

    Totalmente emocionado, sigo a Andrew desde Something Corporate y volver a ver esto me trae tantos recuerdos!
    Greetings from Perú!


    Bueno saber que hay otros latinos que siguen a Andrew tanto como yo, saludos desde Chile.

  83. M E

    Amazing song! So nostalgic! It makes me think the new album will be a reflection on your past (Ohio and this song fit that category). Really excited to hear more new material and buy a new album! Been listening since SoCo days, and will continue until you retire (hopefully won't be for many, many years to come).

  84. Matthew Prior

    Damn. Feels like yesterday.....

  85. WiltingSoul

    Well. This just punched me right in the feels.

  86. Meggles Ahnleh Keyi

    New music from Andrew, and I got to see The National play on Jimmy Fallon. Best day ever.

  87. Andy Persons

    So amazing!! I feel like I just traveled throw time with this man!

  88. Sabrina Barstow

    God, the nostalgia. Please never stop doing all of this!

  89. Pedrin Cantor

    Man, I knew you not that long ago but traveled along your history in this video. New fans, and long time ones, all love you, because you're amazing. Truly inspirational for young people like me. With love, from Brazil!

  90. Kyle Disotell

    Ohhhhh that format shirt though

  91. Kaimana Riley

    Andrew Mcmahon's evolution as an artist is legendary. I didn't think I could love his music anymore but this song.... omg I'm just so excited for this album!

  92. viewtifuljoe99

    I think the descriptions and posts are my favorite part of every new song release

  93. Alexis Turner

    wow... this just brought me to tears. an amazing song and an equally amazing artist. absolutely love love love it. all of it. when it started and you were so young, I just knew. thank you for something corporate, thank you for jack’s mannequin, thank you for andrew mcmahon in the wilderness. thank you for everything. thank you for being my favorite teenage rockstar :)

    Austin Catmull


  94. Amy Johnson

    Wow, I feel like I just went through almost twenty years of my life along with you. Thanks for being along for the ride.

  95. Nora Bailey

    Yay new music!

  96. Cicixx

    Oh, nostalgia

  97. JustJè

    Omg, Andy. This is going to be huge. It's so good. So much love from Chicago!

  98. Mae G