Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Ohio Lyrics

On a razor's edge
At the first sign of light
The car was packed
While the house was quiet
And my sister slept
As we started the drive
To California
Where it's warmer
Gonna start a new life

Gonna miss Ohio but this time
We're gonna get it right

Station wagon tires, flying
Katie's counting crows through the
Tears in her blue eyes
State lines and capitals go rushing
By as, I'm trying to find
A station on the radio
Everything's gonna be better on the west coast

And the days move fast
On northern plains
And I read the maps
The prairie grass moved
In the wind like waves
And we can't look back
Some men you just can't save
We had our reasons, for leaving
It's better this way

I'm gonna miss Ohio but not
Gonna miss rain

Station wagon tires, flying
Katie's counting crows through the
Tears in her blue eyes
State lines and capitals go rushing
By as, I'm trying to find
A station on the radio
Everything's gonna be better on the west coast
Better than the mess that we left back home
In Ohio

Goodbye blue house
Goodbye red door
Abandon worlds where we would drink all we can
There's magnet's pulling from the ocean floor
I can't forget
The way you looked when we were leaving

Tires, flying
Katie's counting crows through the
Tears in her blue eyes
State lines and capitals go rushing
By as, I'm trying to find
A station on the radio
Everything's gonna be better on the west coast
Better than the mess that we left back home
In Ohio

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Ohio Comments
  1. ish474

    I will never not love this song. My dad was a piece of shit, nothing good would have ever happened to me if we stayed in Ohio😥😁

  2. Black Star

    Thank goodness for radio stations that sneak in sweet gems like these. Dec 2019 and I'm finally just hearing this👍

  3. Bobby Riffle

    This song touches me deeply..i cry deep tears from the years gone by...
    I too left OHIO to start a new life with (my new wife), moved to Louisiana and raised 2 children. Then KATRINA came and we lost everything except the 4 of us....Started over in east Tennessee, and am now too old to go anywhere else. This song brings back all the feelings I had starting out from OHIO and striking out on our own.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this song.

  4. c walsh

    Sick song man!!!

  5. Bassman79

    But I’m on the East coast

  6. Kiersten H

    Wow. I got recommend this song by a friend who heard it and thought of me. As a kid who moved a lot, I really felt this one. My family had to leave Ohio because of the recession, and my Dad had gotten a job in California. I've now also left California behind, but damn does this song take me back.

  7. lauren williams

    As someone who grew up in Ohio, I always wanted to move to California. I always had a feeling the west coast was we’re I belonged

  8. Issa Mari

    This make me want to get up and just go, never look back.

  9. bitch


  10. josh mcclain

    Ohio sucks

  11. renee barber

    love still, cafe society

  12. Orson Jaques

    Just remember to pay David Lynch, Andy.

  13. Steven Bédard

    Absolutely beautiful song that reminds one of a fresh start and new beginning.

  14. vem com a lara 123 TE AMO GALERA linda

    Legal,e romantica🌹🌹🌹😘😍😍😍😍

  15. Trolley paul

    Ohio is a garbage state

  16. Austin Becton

    I moved to Asia and I didn't miss Ohio until about 2 years after--I've been homesick ever since and making plans to move back. I <3 OH

  17. No one knows

    I've lived in Ohio for all 24 years of my life, born and raised. A lot of us might make fun of Ohio, but we all secretly love it! Peace.

  18. DimachkaS

    I would leave Trump Country too...

  19. DimachkaS

    Im over California


    Who else loves Ohio

    Bobby Riffle

    I did ,i do, and I always will...

  21. Good Ol Boys Ohio

    Great video man👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  22. Simse

    I thought this song is super popular and then i recognize it only has 300k views.. Like wth this deserves a much larger audience

  23. Josh.0

    This song cut out part of the first verse on the full album for anyone else?

  24. FlyHigh

    It is not better on the west coast. Born and raised in Cali. Visited Ohio in 2016 it was so beautiful. Protect your home state mine is dying

  25. Karina Citra

    i think the intro sounds similar with So Far Away-martin garrix

  26. shu icii

    you're similar to people of RA RA RANDO

  27. Waffle Fries

    Brought here cuz a teacher showed it to the class

  28. Poptart Soda

    I'm from Ohio #Gotribe

  29. Liam Wilburn

    i love it

  30. Mr. Indie

    I’m from Illinois and moved to Florida 9 years ago. This song still hits home with me.

  31. Aaron Rhubstar

    Glad im here in the heart of America, Ohio.

  32. jensmom604

    Beautiful song!

  33. Quill


  34. James Potter

    My kids made to the PHOENIX concert- I unfortunately did not. But I’ll catch you at your fundraiser concert. My son and my daughter met you tonight ( tattooed lyrics on both of OHIO). Much respect and well wishes to you Mr McMahon and your music - Jean Potter 😎✌🏻❤️

    James Potter

    BTW- we now live in AZ but our whole family is from CLEVELAND OHIO. Love your song - makes me cry it’s touches all of us deep

  35. Tyler Croft

    Born and raised in OHIO heading to North Carolina.

  36. Drew Moore

    When I hear this song I think of 2016. It was mid August; from Minnesota to Washington. I told my manager that I was done and needed to get out of state; hopped on a train the very same day. Long sorry short, good job bad life. Left it all behind me, and life has been so much better. No feeling Will ever compare to that thousand mile trail ride; the feeling of the burden being taken from me. I love this song, I want it played at my funeral. Leaving it all behind.

  37. Arin Diana

    💘Straight to my heart & soul.
    Sincerely, just a kid from Akron OHIO✌⛅

  38. Michael Jones

    Andrew, it’s truly uncanny how you described our move from Ohio to California! This was back in 1973, my eldest sister was of age and so my parents didn’t ask her to come. I vaguely remember a lump in my throat as I didn’t understand at 8 years old. Just had to let you know how many memories it strikes with me. It’s amazing how someone else can so accurately describe someone else’s experience! Truly a great song!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Andrew Glinski

    Leaves Ohio: the most affordable state to live in.
    Moves to California: the tax Capital of the U.S. that’s always on fire.

    Doesn’t sounds like a great plan. I don’t think things are going to be better.

    Brandon Murray

    Hey they are on fire you have blizzards and corn fields i think he's going to be ok.

  40. Joey McCrea

    Great job! Why aren't there more people listening to you?

  41. mustafa nizami

    I’m Fr0m 0hIo

  42. Crafts & Cakes

    Best song ever?..... oh yeah!

  43. Zombie Assassin

    I'm from Warren ohio

  44. Maddie Patterson

    I didnt find this song until i moved several states away for college. thanks for making a song that perfectly encapsulates that feeling of excitement, anxiety and hopefulness for the promise of a new life

  45. Brian Hartman

    Love this song. Very beautiful. :)

    One question: (I don't know if Andrew will answer, but anyone else can chime in.)

    The line "Katie's counting crows" made me immediately think of the band of that name. (I'm a fan of them, too.) Anyone else draw that inference?

  46. Majestic Jelly

    This made my cry because I’m from Ohio and my dad made us move to Oklahoma and I hate it and I miss Ohio so much.

  47. Billy Dorsheimer

    What's the song the band plays before football games

  48. celtosax8

    IMO good songs tell a story, and this is also an upbeat song at a time when a lot of music, and songs are still depressive, and quite emo.

  49. Thiesing Family

    I moved from Georgia to California 8 years ago, packed everything I had into one car with my husband and we left. Best decision I ever made. Those sunsets in Santa Monica, hiking the Hollywood Hills, and being in the midst of art and music in LA... leaving Georgia was the greatest decision of my life. We've since moved to Seattle to begin a family, and still, what they say is true- everything is better on the west coast.

  50. EB Smith

    love this andymac!

  51. Frank Matowitz

    I'm from Ohio but went to Florida rather than California. Other than the car being a Trans Am and not a station wagon, and the names changed to protect the innocent :-) that is my same story. Every time I listen to it I can't help but stop what I'm doing, listen and reflect...

  52. Brandon Murray

    I sang this when I was moving from Michigan. I miss home especially around the holidays. I love this song!!!

  53. bill goy

    Love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. christian Camlin

    When I was 6 almost 7 my mom gathered all 5 of us kids there in Ashtabula County Ohio and we left the farm and Drove east to Provincetown Massachusetts where we lived for about 5 years as my parents marriage ended. For my mom leaving was not a choice. My dad was a drunk and that is all I'll say about it. Those years became the best years of my Mom's life. But we were kids and missed our relatives and friends back in Ohio. And when my Dad got sober he tried to work things out and we returned to Ohio. The Sad part is that my Dad recovered but he could not have a wife that drank and she never quit. My Dad turned 81 this month and and my Mom has been gone for 28 years this December. But That Trip out of Ohio in February of 1972 comes to mind when I hear this song even if was the East Coast we ran to.

    Thiesing Family

    It's amazing how music can bring those memories to the surface.

    Sherri Gilson

    I'm from San Diego,and this song reminds me when we drove to California to Ohio I live in Michigan now and hopefully going back to California in May.And it looks like Andrew caught alot of persons attention with this Song I just love him and I'm 62.Alot of people don't know who he is,so let's all educate them🎶🎶🎶☮️

    Drew Moore

    Your story is truly touching the very depts of my heart. Thank you for sharing.

  55. Luke Cuoco

    Hey this is a beautiful song. I can relate to it and I think everyone one can. It's a song about growing up and making the best of it. Congrats. You got a fan right here

  56. Nicholas

    One of the most thought out, well articulated writers and performers we will come across in our lifetime. Massively underrated, but touched are most of those who have been graced by the world he composes with his writing and music.

    Sometimes it's a good thing beauty like this doesn't make it mainstream. As a long time fan for over fifteen years, his creations touch the deepest depths of my emotions and color the world that I sometimes only perceive in gray. In the beginning when I was younger I really wanted to see him get very popular and be all over the place, for this reason. Having such a huge impact in all the worst and best times of my life, I wanted him to have it all. After all, he indirectly helped me get through some of the crummiest times a person could go through. While I still wish him all the success I feel he deserves, I like how he chose to approach everything that was created, even if it meant taking huge risks. I think this approach has led to less popularity overall (maybe less exposure is a better way to word it). Despite that we are always delivered with high quality art and we get to cherish it within this small niche community he has created. I believe that is what is so special about his music, after all these years.

    Andrew has always had a special knack for expressing certain feelings not only in his writing, but also in the way he pairs it with his performances. While all of this is just my opinion, I have yet to hear someone come close to creating the story he can paint in your mind with his music. If I could only listen to one artist for the rest of my days, Andrew McMahon would be my guy. He is such a great inspiration with just who he is at the core of his person, let alone his music he creates from that. You would have to look pretty hard to find someone as talented, strong, and yet so humble as him.

    For anyone just discovering and liking his music, be sure to give Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, and his self-title releases a look, as well.

  57. nemophilist

    okay tyler u actually need to hear this one

  58. torri kempton

    I'm from ohio, and I love this so much you have no idea

  59. Luke’s Vintage Rc Car Restoration

    Great song 👍

  60. LatteJazz

    This song feels connected to Maps for the Getaway, anyone else get that sense?

  61. Nehemiah Gittaim

    Dayton, Ohio has terrorist one her name is Tasha Williams she lives on the west side and is stalking my family

  62. deadman ultra

    Listening to the Michael Rosen Baum podcast brought me here

  63. Cherry Noble

    I found a new song to jam with Forza Horizon 4!

  64. Jake Davis

    Guy! This song chokes me up like no other, but makes me grin at the same time.Just Awesome. Tires flying. Goodbye house. This time I made it right.Thank you for such a powerful musical creation..

  65. mrlair

    Just drove that exact road. National parks tour. amazing and I'm from Kentucky so hits home

  66. Lightning McDeutschland

    Beautiful 😍

  67. Courtney Curtain

    I was really waiting for the “goodbye Ohio”

  68. Kathleen Chriqui

    Reminds me of Tom Petty . . . love it!

  69. Echo'sWorld

    I've never heard a song from Andrew I haven't loved

  70. Luka Ivartnik

    Go Russian!

  71. carly bumgarner

    I love your music !!!!!!


    carly bumgarner thank you

  72. cocksnot1234

    What a great song. Love it so much.

  73. CallMeCrazy 01

    Am I the only who gets 80's vibes from this song?

  74. Johnny Mullet

    Best shit I heard in a long damn time! Thank You!

  75. Chris M

    Holy SHIT this song hits home. We left Ohio a year ago (after a decade there). My pop passed away JUST before we left (some men ya just can't save). We went to Ohio to escape the mess back home and left for a job opportunity after some very hard times. WOW. This really hit me. It just happen to come across my Pandora - this is the anniversary of our first year in California - exactly (as confirmed by Facebook memories)

    Chris M

    Oh and the house was blue!!!!

  76. Alina Soleil

    (Come back to Texas)

    Brian Hartman

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks of Bowling For Soup when I see this title. :D

  77. Abby Sharpe

    I heard this song in the car, as I'm in Ohio visiting for Navy Week Cleveland. Originally from Ohio, but stationed in California.i was so scared to leave, but this song explains everything

  78. Arin Diana

    Reminds me of me and my siblings... my youth. Being brave & falling in love with the Pacific North West. Traveling. Love. LIFE. Being ALIVE.
    Thanks for this.
    I love it.
    with love-
    Arin from Akron. 💗Hi💗

  79. Sarah Ortman

    This song makes me miss living in zion. I would drive up and down those switchbacks everyday

  80. Zachary Thomas

    This is bugging me... what kind of car is that?

  81. Kenneth Lippman

    My friend sent me the link to your song this morning. Just want you to know that I am a Ohio transplant that moved to San Diego 19 years ago and I never looked back. I followed my heart, my dreams, and my calling in life. I own a tour company here and every day I get to share California with people from all over the country and world. I don't think I would appreciate it as much without growing up in Ohio. Just want to let you know that it feels like this was written for/about me and my life (even though it was not). I am happy to now know of you and your music, to be your newest fan, and to share your music with everyone in my life...just as it was shared with me. Thank you for creating such an awesome song that speaks directly to me.

  82. Türkenheimer

    Somehow i'm bugged by this slow ass driving

  83. BeatsFromDP


    "I don’t feel so desperately inclined to speak about “Ohio”"

    *talks quite a bit about Ohio*

    Nice song, though. Heard it at Buffalo Wild Wings last night and Shazam'd it.

  84. Northern Wildlife

    I have moved about eight times, and now I am in Cincinnati, OH. I feel that it is a very under-rated state. Most people look at it as a flat state, but here in Cincinnati there are big rolling hills, the vast open waters of the Ohio River, plus Kentucky and Indiana are just minutes away.

  85. Mystique 7

    I left California to ohio lol and now its burning.

  86. Richard Sylvanus

    First time heard today. What a nice song. Thank you WHSN FM Bangor

  87. James Watson

    I have never had such a drastic pilgrimage as going from Ohio to California but this song touches me every time I hear it. It takes me back to my childhood so quickly. Job well done Andy.

  88. michael jordan

    I’ve been to both states, California the state was pretty but the people were just so fake and awful all around, and Ohio was the complete opposite. But in Ohio’s defense, it was winter when we visited.

  89. El Pecado Brewing

    Jack's Mannequin :)

  90. TomaLevine

    Epic video

  91. Roger Philabaum

    What a great song!

  92. Heatherwitch

    The first time I listened to this I couldn't help but cry. I leave for my first year of school in less than three weeks, and this has become a sort of bittersweet good bye song of sorts for me leaving. Kinda scared, kinda ready to start life.

    Lucy Bruyninckx

    Heatherwitch I know this comment is from a bit ago, but I hope everything is going well for you at school 💓 leaving home is so scary but it’s also such a great adventure

  93. Sakora

    As a person from ohio, I don’t think i could ever leave these crazy people

  94. Kittiphan Yingkitphinyo

    Why do I find this band melody addicting?

  95. Nick Solomon

    Ohio Diss track

  96. boringlyawesum

    i love ohio. it is trump country after all.

    Sherri Gilson

    Please don't bring Donald Trump into a Great Song.

  97. Byron Menez

    Did lebron ask andrew to make this song LOL?

  98. Justin Smith

    Co worker was talking about you this morning. No sooner did he get out of the car and this song came on. I live in Ohio and it was in fact raining very heavily this morning. It was a pretty cool happenstance at first. The song really hit me for some reason and it really sparked something for me. Great song. I appreciate this one. Thank you.