Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - High Dive Lyrics

I took the train home, facing backwards
Another hopeless chase
Echo Park, Indian Summer

I wrote a new song
About your new life
Like steps I retrace
Block letters in your little black notebook


Flashbacks get me close
I'm almost there

Headlight in the driveway
You stand in the window waiting
The stars are out tonight
One million fires burning

Out there on the high dive
You dance with your headphones on
And I could watch you all night long
Dancing to someone else's song

Oh, dancing to someone else's song
Oh, dancing to someone else's

Black jacket, a blue motorbike
Pass the mission in the moonlight
Teenagers in the alley kissing

Smell the gas burn, saw your street sign
Doing 80 in a 45
Throwing shadows you could hear if you listen

Flashbacks get me close
I'm almost there

Headlight in the driveway
You stand in the window waiting
The stars are out tonight
One million fires burning

Out there on the high dive
You dance with your headphones on
And I could watch you all night long
Dancing to someone else's song

Oh, dancing to someone else's song
Oh, dancing to someone else's

Oh, oh

Oh, oh

Flashbacks get me close
But I'm staring at someone else's

Headlights in your driveway
You stand in the window waiting
The stars are out tonight
One million fires burning

Meet me on the high dive
You dance with your headphones on
So I could watch you all night long
Dancing to someone else's song

Oh, dancing to someone else's song
Oh, dancing to someone else's song

Someone else's song
To someone else's song
To someone else's
Someone else's
Someone else's

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness High Dive Comments
  1. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    This is such a cute tune! It's in Woodstock's Jukebox! ☮️❤️🤘♒🖖

  2. Seiluke

    So much heart and amazing character,what a beautiful masterpiece, the one million fires burnings gives me goosebumps
    Love it!! <3

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  4. Marwa93

    I heard this in the store for the first time.

  5. Strange Reality


  6. EmotionalLord

    Another amazing song from a man who survived cancer.You're the man Andrew.
    I hear there's a meteor shower tonight,and I searched for this having no idea what the ending was like.⚡

  7. Aaron Herman

    Andrew made a song that never gets old...I love it. Thank you Andrew.

  8. rmstigerfan

    Dude is a fucking genius.

  9. Drew Riggs

    Venetian blinds. Stonehenge. You’re all dancing to someone else’s song and don’t even realize it. Throwing shadows you can hear if you listen. The illusion. I took pictures of the two suns/sons in the Shenandoah mountains a couple weeks back off skyline drive that rival the imagery in your video. And go figure, It came through after a complete week of clouds so black and full and rain. Saw it with the naked eye and the sun got big and bright as shit out of nowhere but the camera was still able to pick it up. Paying attention.

  10. Aaron Nerella

    31K subs! seriously?! deserves more than 5 Million

  11. Jason Bozzacco

    Less than 1 million views?!?!?

  12. cdsnuts2full

    And then came the Terminators.

  13. tony bingham

    It's because of this song that I've driven 80 MPH in a 45 zone many times over.

  14. Calvin Harris

    I love this song but can someone please explain the meaning of it to me?

  15. MountainJammn

    Don Henley and Mike Campbell would like their royalty check, please.

  16. Sue Ogden

    I like this guy more every time I hear him.

  17. M-Cool

    Are you related to Vince Mcmahon ?

  18. G Fals21

    Andrew McMahon is amazing live.. if you like his stuff you have to see a live show.. it's fuckin awesome.. I saw him back with something cooperate which was cool, but him in the wilderness was fucking outstanding..

  19. sophienix Neuroi

    Don't read this. You will be kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Now you've started don't stop this is so freaky. But if you read this and ignore it you will have very bad luck.Put this on 15 songs in 144 mins. When you are done press space bar and your crushes name will appear in big letters on the screen this is so freaky it actually works

  20. NeedlesSTKane

    Fuck this shitty cucklord's "music". also needs to make a cohesive rhyme for his shitty hook.

  21. Christopher Porteus

    Very Talented Artist

  22. sKy sharK

    I kept hearing this song at work. Glad I finally figured out what it was called :). Love it!

  23. Ana Mendez Sanchez

    I can't love someone's music more 💖

  24. Autumn Robertson

    We all looked up is what brought me here

  25. Jason Brill

    wow not even 500k views. talk about underrated, glad I found this gem when I did

  26. WunderArch01

    Oddly reminds of don henley xD

  27. Daniel Myers

    At first I thought "I watch you all night...Dancing to someone else's song" was a euphemism about being a voyeur, until I listened again to pick up the context.

  28. Jacqueline Jeunesse

    I love this song. I first heard it November 2015, I was in Canada visiting my best friend. He'd gone to work and I couldn't figure out how to work his TV, so left it on some radio station and this played. I knew I had to find it, and all I could I remember was the line 'dancing to someone else's song'. I was so happy to discover that it was by Andrew McMahon, I was a fan of Something Corporate years earlier! Just shows that true talent never fades! ❤

  29. Joe C


  30. Princess0fAwkward

    finally going to an andrew mcmahon headlining show next may, and i'm so fucking psyched

  31. Wayne Stevens

    I recently heard a version of this song on the show "Undateable" and was immediately hooked!

  32. LiteRetro

    Sounds bout like some 80's stuff.

  33. maxwelld23

    Brings back the something corporate feels

  34. kimberly Marie

    Can't wait to hear this at Kroqs almost acoustic Christmas 💕

  35. Misha Boo

    his voice = impeccable
    gives me all the feels!

  36. Red :D

    Just saw them open for Bastille last night at Red Rocks omg one of the best experiences one of those bands that are even better irl

  37. Razuu

    Reminds me a lot of Stars by Future Generations.

  38. Joel Hassell

    I spent the last 10 minutes thinking "This band sounds exactly like another band... who was it.. who was it?"
    *Google google Google*.
    "Oh it's Something Corporate, they sound EXACTLY like them."
    "Wait... this also sounds exactly like Jack's Mannequin"
    *Watch more music videos from each band*
    "wait a minute..."
    *Google GOogle google*
    It's the same person! I'm not crazy.

  39. theAidanMJhoax

    [Video]!!!!!100%100 XD

  40. Wiccan Do This

    I dig the song and your singing man but this video is shit

  41. kristina Baxter

    Heard this song at work a couple weeks back. Instantly loved it

  42. Brighter Days

    Why have I been sleeping on this?

  43. Jason Heilman

    This chorus is just fricken great

  44. Meme lord

    I heard this song this while I was at the store the other day

  45. Jake Hartshorn

    andrew gave me a high five during this song... some would say it was a high one... kill me

  46. Abigail Morrall

    Saw you yesterday. You guys are great performers!

  47. Christina Bustamante

    plot twist: i am dancing to *this* song.

  48. renae

    Thanks to Panic! for helping me find these guys. They were amazing live.

    Sparklin Aliens

    Phan :)

  49. Metal for life

    Just saw these guys open for Weezer and panic at the disco they were great

    Collin Clark

    Saw them in Tinley Park on July 10th, the whole concert was amazing.


    The whole City of Trees was awesome with the exception of "Weathers"

    Misha Boo

    Collin Clark Damn I wish I knew... loved Jacks Mannequin

    Skyler Rodgers

    I saw them in charlotte a year or two ago opening for P!ATD and weezer

  50. Megan

    Saw him live yesterday and was blown away, so much talent!

  51. Jess Trexler


  52. ema !!

    i saw you live at the panic! concert and now i'm sad that i didn't know who you were because i'm obsessed now lol

    Bio radical science

    Omg same, I didn't know who they were or that they would be at the concert! I am totally obsessed.

    Aphotic Photon

    I thought they were fantastic at the end then i was like damn oh well

    Lørd Chinchin

    FUCKING SAME IN MIAMI but i kinda knew them because of 104.3 station




    +suki wow!! I live in Fort Lauderdale, heard him on the Shark too-nowhere else. One Shazam later, here I am.

  53. khori

    Was NOT expecting the world to end.

  54. Sandra Lammert

    oh my gerrrr hes performing with P!ATD and weezer and ahdbyxofks

  55. brian Beatson

    saw them at bottle rock last weekend, they were the best, he was in my cousins dustin wedding in Los Angeles

  56. coollary1

    That's chick with the bald head. I never knew bald could be so god damn sexy.

    Hannah Tho

    coollary1 yesss she's gorgeous


    Nah... Sorry... Still no.. Yet to be impressed with a boy with boobs. Not complaining

  57. xavierxrc

    Love the song, such a good feel. Maybe it can make me feel better. Everyone dies in the end. :-|

  58. Obama Doesn't Love Me No More

    Andrew McMahon is a phenomenal artist. he's currently on your with weezer

  59. Daniel Marin

    Heard this song last night while i was drunk as hell and really liked it, played it sober this morning still like it. Gota 80's glam rock sound to it

  60. maggi mcmahon

    amazing song!
    are we related man?
    I don't know any other McMahon's so :)


    +Maggi McMahon Long lost brother

  61. Jill Emerson

    Is that Vista Hermosa Natural Park??

  62. LunaaLoveg00d

    I have been a huge fan of everything Andrew does since I was 16. His music has gotten me through some of the most difficult times in my life. he's playing where I live on my birthday. I saw him with SoCo and JM* and met him twice. He is an incredible human being. I wish more people knew about him. His music is powerful. Anyone who sees this and hasn't listened to Something Corporate or Jack's Mannequin I highly suggest you do so.

  63. Emmy The unicorn

    Does anyone else think the girl looks like Jessii Vee

    Emmy The unicorn

    +Emmy Dillard the girl with the headphones

  64. Spin Cycle Records

    Hey everyone, I released a song called "We Are Family" that I had my wife and kids (5 and 3 years old) help with. I wrote it after getting let go from my job and finding out that my dad was dying of cancer (he just passed away a few days ago). It is about sticking together through the tough times. If you like Andrew McMahon, you'll like this! Please check it out and share it, it would mean a lot to me. Thank you!

  65. Carol Johnson

    Every now and then a song hits you and you can't stop listening to it.. well, to me, this is one of those songs. LOVE

  66. Matrix Man

    More forced race mixing propaganda.

  67. Faraz Syed

    is he member of wwe Mr McMahon family ??

  68. Sxhar

    Who's here from musically

    dess castillo

    Me😊 I love this song

  69. reg m

    What just happened at the end!?!?! Like what's the point? Is he hinting to something happening in LA? I'm sooooo confused!!!

  70. Jennifer S

    I love him so vary much. & they finally play this song at my job!!

  71. Jamaica Briscoe

    I hear he is playing for PATD. This is the only reason I am watching this, to get used to it.

  72. Jadyn Allen

    Alex Trimble from two door cinema club and this guy sound sooooo similar

  73. Keith K.

    And they all died when a giant asteroid crashed into their city. The end.


    Omg I read this comment before the video ended and I thought you were joking....

    michael clark

    reminds me of the novel "we all looked up"


    oh i just bought that book! I haven't read it yet though

  74. Sherri Parker

    Love Your Music Andrew McMahon

  75. SenorMysterioso

    80s kids help me out. The chorus of this song sounds exactly like a song I've heard a thousand times but I can't figure it out. So much so that I thought this was a cover. Any ideas what?


    +SenorMysterioso Aha! Boys of Summer by Don Henley!

    Also reminiscent of Dancing in the Dark by Springsteen

  76. Bob Boberson

    This music video lacks creativity.

  77. Nikki Stuart

    The music of his i've heard is so great! I should have went to his concert when he came. His music is nostalgic . I was almost disappointed at the video at first because I imagined it differently but I really liked it because everyone has their own nostalgic past and times they've had with friends and lovers

  78. SilentJRunner

    From Andrew McMahon himself:“When I found out I was ill, nearly 10 years ago now, my wife, then girlfriend, and I had just begun the process of reconciling after being separated,” McMahon told BuzzFeed over email. “We married in the midst of my recovery and left the beach towns where we grew up to hide out in Los Angeles. Moving back to the beach in 2011 began the process of closing the loop on that chapter of my life and forced me to revisit lose ends. In ‘High Dive’ I found myself asking the question, ‘if this wild disruption had never taken place what would that reconciliation have looked like? Would I be the guy driving by her house late at night, hoping to catch a glimpse of her, but knowing I couldn’t come in?’ In its most universal sense it’s about loving someone so much that you’ll take anything they’re willing to give even if it’s not enough.”

    Rachael Ray

    wow. no wonder this song is awesome. Exactly whats im goin thru

  79. Ray Win

    this is the kind of song they play in every hipster clothing store lol

    dess castillo

    Tru tru


    Ray Win Also Toys R Us when I worked there, surprisingly!

  80. Jesús Solano Ceceña

    He looks like a handsome father 😛

  81. trevortc

    i can't stop listening to this song. i find myself looking forward to driving just so i can blast this in my car. help.

  82. Dead Vega In Spain

    Awesome song! Just listened to it 4 times in a row.

  83. Henry TheGreatAmerican

    No clue why this reminds me of a Gin Blossom song from the early 90's

  84. M_Fresh330

    Love the song but chilling video lol. I appreciate it.. The videos different

  85. cxrbyn

    dancing to someone else's song💗

  86. jasinfla m

    Wow, I didn't see that ending coming...awesome song though.

  87. tony bingham

    So glad I discovered Andrew's music. Bought this CD immediately. Every song is a hit. Yeah, we need more musicians like this. With REAL TALENT!!

  88. Brandon Swaney

    Hands down one of the best songs I've heard in a long while. Love me some Andrew

  89. Spin Cycle Records

    Love this song. This whole CD is so amazing. Motivates me to improve as a musician.

    tony bingham

    +RearrangingBlue A very amazing CD. One of my better purchases.


    video version sound diffrent from radio version

  90. flipchick88

    I couldn't put my finger on it until now... That I've heard his voice before. Of course it's the lead singer of Jack's Mannequin going solo. The music's still amazing!

  91. Aly Clift

    Omfg I miss you, come back to Michigan, please.

  92. John K

    Reminiscing & remembering beautiful moments about their relationship (now past) and realizing that, when all of the hurt feelings are gone, all that matters in the end is her happiness, even if she is dancing to someone else's song.. (nut sure what the armageddon video has to do with it though)

  93. Brandon Campbell

    like the song in all but why the choice of having an asteroid hitting the earth ○~○


    +Brandon Campbell Metaphore of do things before it is too late.

    Brandon Campbell

    +Enric Fernandez Peiro ooh… but still……

  94. cuda861

    so I love the song but what the fuck is going on this music video?

  95. amasamadi

    lol 666 likes

  96. Antony Flores

    This song is amazing, but it makes no sense but it's still a great song ☺


    +Antony Flores
    it is about forgiving before it is too late.

  97. DustingBread

    Why aren't there more people viewing this?


    I just learned about him while listening to Something Wild from Lindsey Stirling's new album.
    Have also been distracted listening to Ben Howard.

    B Å Ş Î Ç P Ł Ų Ť Ø

    +Juan Ramirez ME too

    Kelsey Waggenspack

    well you must go back and listen to all of his previous bands' works: Jack's Mannequin and SomethingCorporate... Andrew is something special!

    Ian Mccown

    +Kelsey Waggenspack i became a fan of andrew mcmahon ever since everything in transit was released in late 05 :) been listening since!



  98. dassah gabriella


  99. Meredith Coulter

    Well that was a waist of time

    B Gregg

    Your spelling is a waste of time.

  100. Bryce Shaw

    Didn't realize this was the same guy who sang dark blue!