Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Don't Speak For Me (True) Lyrics

I think I dug a hole so deep
And lately it's been hard to sleep
Maybe I should dig a little more
Buried under covers friend
Don't wanna play those songs again
Until I've found someone to play them for

Don't speak for me
I'll get with it, give it just a little longer
Don't speak for me
Yeah I'll be there soon
Every day I feel a little bit stronger than I was when I was
When I was with you
Yeah it's true
Yeah it's true

People try to box me in
Telling me it's sink or swim
Maybe I should sink until I stand
Out here where the water's deep
I think I found a voice in me
And someday we will walk upon dry land

Don't speak for me
I'll get with it, give it just a little longer
Don't speak for me
Yeah I'll be there soon
Every day I feel a little bit stronger than I was when I was
When I was with you
Yeah it's true
Yeah it's true
Yeah it's true

I couldn't find myself in you
You led me the long way down
I couldn't find myself in you
You led me the long way down
I couldn't find myself in you
I couldn't find myself it's true

Don't speak for me
I'll get with it, give it just a little longer
Don't speak for me
Yeah I'll be there soon
Every day I feel a little bit stronger than I was when I was
When I was with you
Yeah it's true
Don't speak for me
Yeah it's true
Don't speak for me
Yeah it's true
Don't speak for me
No you don't speak for me

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Don't Speak For Me (True) Comments
  1. Geno Keramaris

    Screw Quantico. I'm here because of, and FOR, Andrew McMahon!!!!! <3

  2. cherry blossoms

    Quantico it is

  3. gareebooo o


  4. VE Aviation Channel

    This song literally saved me from depression 2 years ago, still listen it and it still makes me happy

  5. Shika Fiagbedzi


  6. Love vookminbts

    Quantico thanks!!!!!

  7. あすも


  8. sarah noel

    the ending gives me chills. <3

  9. Ozitas 10

    Quantico brought me h3re

  10. Lorraine Cardillo

    Love it...

  11. joelle cheng

    75% comments say ther from quantico

  12. Nick Medlen

    that nudge to konstantine at the beginning tho

  13. Jessica Thays

    Quantico ❤

  14. Abbie Ruperto

    Whoa, haven't heard anything other than synesthesia years ago, and I stumbled on this. I love it!

  15. ThePcBeast

    Anybody here from Quantico

  16. haru xxx


  17. Ahmed Bhorat

    It's been a revelation finding this artist. Love it!

  18. Bacon Plays

    Jumped into here from Quantico episode 16 🙌

  19. MamL

    Nobody from Quantico ?

    Kelly Reigle

    I am :)

    Mauz Hassan

    You got me...

    Julie Granger

    @Ethan C. ouiii j'ai utilisé shazam 😂☺

  20. 龙龙龙

    i knows this song form quantico thanks quantico,this song so best

  21. Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa

    Quantico ep 16 ss2 :)) you know what i mean

    Awantika Mishra

    Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa I do :)

  22. Andrew McDermitt

    I think it's important to remember that this song is not good. Never forget. Not good. Bad.


    Andrew McDermitt Why?

  23. Christopher Walken

    This song ROCKS !!!

  24. JayTheZoomster

    Actually sounds kinda like the new Linkin Park song

  25. Gergő Lukács

    I love it.<3

  26. rulis334

    Quantico brought me here. 😂


    rulis334 sameeee

  27. Anastasia Aleman

    who's here because of Quantico

  28. هالي الشحري

    quantico bring me here 😊😊

  29. Giulia Bombiero

    here from Quantico...this song is amazing

  30. Canadian Scholar


  31. JC Exeter

    Thank you Quantico for introducing me to the magic of Andrew's music!

  32. Rocker168

    He's been around for so long and always makes great music. He's so underrated :/

  33. Drakvenn

    How does it have that few views ? This song is amazing, this album is amazing ! Hope the popularity will explode, he deserves it.

  34. Lauren Mason

    Evan ediger anyone?

  35. Ben Cuautle

    Honestly every song of this album hits home!

  36. DeAnna King

    Who on earth would thumbs this down?!

  37. vcarter0723

    Perfection. Been listening to the first three on repeat, add this one to the list! Can't wait for the full release tomorrow!!

  38. payton 3hill

    everything's perfect.! thank you soooo much Andy for another master piece.!!!!

  39. payton 3hill

    I can't stop listening to this.!!!

  40. Nicholas Theodore

    From SoCo to JM to now, Andrew's music has literally spoke to me more than anyone or anything could. Thanks Andrew for the soundtrack to my effing life!

  41. Borbála Fehér

    I'm excited to follow Andrew's musical adventures wherever he goes ^^ The first release under the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness name was great but it didn't quite grow on me as much as previous projects did. This second album however sounds sooo promising from what we've heard from it, I'm soooo excited for it ^^ ♥♥

  42. Shanklevision

    Bloody ell, that's how you write a chorus

  43. Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    You save my soul Andrew. I would be lost without you. You've been my constant companion these 15 years.

    Ramzfam Gaming

    Sweater Wearing Squirrel make that 16 years ;p

  44. Shalena Peterson

    Perfect! And I totally dig this romance with NYC!

  45. Corrina Lopez

    This has an old Andrew McMahon feel to it. Almost reminds me of Jack's Mannequin. I love it!!! Good job Andrew!

  46. Lunchy

    This song is a perfect mix of new style and old, I was skeptical at first but after listening to it 100x I think I can confirm.
    Please come to Australia!

  47. HallowsIvy

    When both the song and the video are equally amazing and complement each other <3
    Incorporating so many elements of NYC was such a great idea & the actors did a great job.

  48. Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa

    Amazing song 😍

  49. WesternRacoon

    I get not making the same sounding album.over and over and even experimenting with sound but what the hell happened....

    this man's music and lyrics used to be amazing but this album and to a lesser extent his last are fucking horribly generic sounding pop chart shit

  50. Lisa Olson

    Think this is my favorite of the ones you've shared off of your new album, aside from Fire Escape. Can not wait for this album!! Yeah it's true. ;)

  51. Sparky Smith

    Love this so much!

  52. Scott Taylor

    Whoa this is a whole new side of Andrew. Very modern, radio friendly. I like it.

  53. Jessie Jenson

    Oh my, this man is the epitome of an artist. His songs make me FEEL, where words fall short.

    "People try to box me in
    Telling me it's sink or swim
    Maybe I should sink until I stand
    Out here where the water's deep
    I think I found a voice in me
    And someday we will walk upon dry land"

    Andrew, I'm counting down the days. Thank you for being a true original and giving a voice to those of us who see the world a little differently :) Your music has literally pulled me from the depths at certain points in my life, and I couldn't be more grateful for your beautiful soul and artistry. I'm kind of a fan ;)

  54. Taylor Fillenwarth

    I feel like a proud mom

  55. Evans

    amazinnnggg like alwayssss 😍😍😍😍

  56. Kathlyn Mooradian

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love this oneeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i can't wait for the albummmmmmmmmm!!! thank you andy!

  57. xeberina

    He did it again! Never disappoints 😃

  58. Kathryn Craig

    ok i love this

  59. Micah L

    Do you ever hear a song and think, I really needed this? This is the song I needed. Thanks Andrew!

  60. Star Whale

    I was in this building a few weeks ago wow

  61. Alexandra Erin

    I love it. I just made a playlist of my favourites from each of his albums, starting with Something Corporate up to this one. So cool to hear the progression, and to have been able to follow him from the beginning.

  62. Matt Arsenault

    I didn't think it was possible to love a song more than I loved "so close" but here we are.

    hazel salazar

    Matt Arsenault me too!!

  63. Sergeant Skittles

    Can't wait to dance to this song at the album tour's Los Angeles show!!!

  64. Shane Eriksen

    He can't write a bad song!!


    Shane Eriksen I disagree, lyrically yes he's amazing but his last album and everything I've heard off this new one sound like generic pop bullshit


    Most of Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate were equally as "poppy" just completely different production. So I disagree with you. Doesn't make them bad songs. I also think he's never put out a bad song..


    countingcrows123 at least soco and Jacks used instruments,.these over produced drum machine new wave synth revival shit is the current downfall of current music. although everyone's entitled to there own tastes and opinions so to each they're own. I'll probably buy the album and listen to/skip through the tracks once.

    Charles Scott

    than stop comparing him to what he was, enjoy him for what he is now.


    God fucking dammit, I see these types of people everywhere now. People who listen to metal, punk, rock, these 'instrument purists', all claiming "electronics and computers will kill music". Instruments will never go away, the music industry won't ever allow that. Instrument sales make millions if not billions of dollars for the industry every year. Universities with these programs won't let them go away, either. Guitar Center is probably one, if not the largest retailer for synthesizers, turntables, drum machines, and music software in America, but their Drum, Piano, and Guitar sections still take up more than 70% of their store.

    Plus, organic bands like Green Day and Metallica still have massive fanbases and aren't going to fade away soon. They're also more memorable. Millions of people still listen to bands like Queen, Journey, The Beatles, Ramones, The Eagles, and many 90's bands like Nirvana, The Killers, Foo Fighters, and Weezer today. Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate are still popular today, just look at their monthly Spotify play count.

    Remember Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, NSYNC? Yeah, not really, huh. One Direction and Justin Bieber aren't as prominent as they were 2 or 3 years ago. Dozens of pop artists who don't write their own songs and
    often use electronics/drum machines show up for a couple years on the radio and then most people forget them. Sure, you hear way more pop artists on the radio on average, but their popular songs also tend to fade away after a couple of years. Yet multiple radio stations are still playing "Don't Stop Believing", "Hotel California", "Bohemian Rhapsody", etc. even though these songs are at least 20+ years old. Also, instrumental pop songs are the ones that tend to stick around. I still hear "A Thousand Miles", "Bad Day", "How to save a life", "Need You Now" on the radio. Train, Coldplay, Maroon 5, Owl City are a few popular artists that use instruments and most people still memorize their songs.

    When a kid starts to learn how to play a guitar, or when you were a kid, remember the songs to learn were pretty much always "Smoke on the Water", "Good Riddance", "Enter Sandman", "Stairway to Heaven", and they still are. Even though there's a new generation of kids coming, guitar is still universally popular to learn. There's still instrumental songs from pop artists that kids today want to play, like stuff from Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz... yeah you get it. Instruments aren't going away in the next several decades.

    Andrew McMahon does a good job in mixing synths with instruments. He still has Mike on the bass and guitar since People and Things. Jay McMillan is still his drummer since Everything in Transit. I seriously don't think Andrew will throw his fans and his band under the bus to just use drum machines, that's retarded.

    And let me guess, you blindly hate EDM, Trance, House, and Techno, anything electronic, right? You probably never even listened to one song from those genres. Don't knock it 'til you try it. Search "Some Kind of Magic" for catchy entry level stuff, if you want. Trust me, listening to Metal, Electronic, and everything in between does wonders for your mental health.

  65. Joe D.

    Best off the new album so far. We'll be hearing this on the radio I think.

    Caroline Arellano

    Joe D. it should be on the radio it's amazing

    Amber Richard

    I think Fire Escape is the best song off the new album

    Jim Stine

    Ya it's true.

  66. Georgina Keyes


  67. Baela

    So good tho

  68. generalboss

    It is true that this album will be lit

  69. Justin Nunez

    Yeah Andrew!

  70. halcyonhours

    love u my father

  71. Martine Marantz

    I feel so proud of myself that I'm watching it 9 minutes after it was posted.

  72. Alexis Miller

    This is the album I am most excited for this year. I am so excited to hear the rest.

  73. Chris Schaben

    Stop teasing us by releasing these great songs periodically, Andrew! The new album cannot come soon enough!!!

  74. James Osborn


  75. imagikation

    This is absolutely lovely andrew!!! ❤

  76. Nicholas Stella

    Once again, fantastic song!

  77. Anna Guggemos

    Obsessed 😍😍😍