Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Brooklyn, You're Killing Me Lyrics

Okay, alright, just let me think
Alright, just let me think
Just let me think

My heart is a troubled captain in poisoned television waters
I had this air conditioned nightmare
Like that book you gave to me last summer
That made me think that everything was so much worse than it really was
My heart is a troubled captain
But let's not get caught up on the weather
I could keep searching for the meaning
Try, try to keep this all together
But you've got green eyes like the forest
I got lost in on the way to some other life

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me

My hand is a braindead magnet
So I keep waking up on fire
Beneath this low rise second city
That's turning good men into liars
And maybe I'm not all that good
But I was better in your west coast bed
My hand is a braindead magnet
But let's not get caught up on connections
I could keep searching for a meaning
But I'm still looking for directions
I was baptized in your parents' pool in southern California
Then I fled

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me

My hand is a braindead magnet
So I keep waking up on fire
Beneath this low rise second city
That's turning good men into liars

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me
Brooklyn, Brooklyn, my dear
Brooklyn, my dear, you're killing me
You're killing me
You're killing me
Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, Brooklyn
You're killing me
Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, Brooklyn

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Brooklyn, You're Killing Me Comments
  1. Drew Gladwell

    Dopest lyric video I’ve seen

    Lemon Cupcakes

    Dude... You're the most recent comment on this video. Congrats on visiting an awesome older song in 2019.

  2. Sh0n

    I love this one

  3. TheGuavaArtist

    This song has the exact same drum beat as Heavydirtysoul by Twenty One Pilots!
    I love it <3

  4. Shay Maulsby

    This gives me a fountains of Wayne and kinda a Jeff Buckley vibe

  5. sarah noel

    This sounds a lot like the spoken part in 'I'm Ready' off of EIT. I love it! <3

  6. Mr Avenger 98

    I think would've been bad ass if he was actually moving and all

  7. Alien Daydreamer

    Listening with headphones really makes an awesome difference.

  8. Michael Lucas

    My name is Andrew, I wear skinny jeans, buttoned up plaid long sleeve shirts, and raybans, I sing about Brooklyn, because that's cool. Right guys?

  9. Neil Hebbert

    Who are you and what have you done with Andrew?

  10. Nicholas Griner

    Love the song. Preordered it on iTunes. Thought something was wrong with my downloaded version of this song but it sounds the same here. Does it seem like it's overmodulated to anyone else. It's keeping me from turning it up!

  11. Brooklyn F

    wuhl, geez, andrew, im sorry... :/

  12. payton 3hill

    I just can't wait to hear the rest of the album...!!! sooooo excited.!!!

  13. Marissa McCabe

    I want to touch your hair

  14. Kristin

    I'll always love Andrew, but my god his music has turned into pure and utter garbage.

  15. Catie Aborn

    After 7 years of missing out, I finally have tickets to see Andrew in concert but it's not until April 😭😭😭 I literally can't wait

  16. Kirya Miller

    I'm so pumped for this album, and it comes out the day before my birthday!! Thanks Andrew in advance for what's gonna be the best birthday present ever

  17. giavanna thomas

    Does anyone else get "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" vibes?

  18. Madi

    This is different but I'm digging it tbh

  19. Emma Louise

    to all the people saying it sounds like another band or whatever. The only band it sounds like is his.

  20. retardadon 021

    I love this "detachable penis" song redo!

  21. Jeff Cross

    I hear more King Missile than I do TØP

  22. Rye

    reminds me of miss delany and im ready

  23. Christopher Pettit

    Not sure about the song but the most notable thing about this is the incorporation of guitar in small parts where the last album had basically zero guitar.

  24. Samantha Perry


  25. Jill Kealling

    I'm really confused by this song... but in the best way possible

  26. John Galt

    This is ... just bad.


    twenty one pilots?😂😂


    Sidney Dale it s very similar to heavydirtysoul by twenty one!😉😉


    Emma Louise um yes

    Steve Mulholland

    the opening sounds like heavydirtysoul maybe. but andrew's been around a lot longer then those guys. also Andrew isn't as much of a emo kid anymore.

    Mr. Butter

    Steve Mulholland That still wouldnt excuse a copy if it was one... This is different enough though. Its probably my favorite off of his new album (while Heavydirtysoul was good but didnt hit off as much compared to other songs on blurryface. I like Brooklyn more...) Would I say the songs are very similar in some aspects? - oh hell yeah. Its not like Andrew cant have younger influences anyway - tons of artists do. xD

  28. Alexandera

    This is really good!

  29. Fan Chen

    This is the soundtrack every time I pay my rent.

  30. Weekend Charts

    Im getting so many Twenty One Pilots vibes here...


    Same, the beat in the beggining sounds like heavydirtysoul

    Cry the Wolf

    I got the same vibes here too :) Andrew and Twenty One Pilots are so good !

    Caroline Arellano

    Weekend Charts same


    Me too! It has the same drum beat as Heavydirtysoul x3 (i tested it lel)
    and they are both the first songs on their albums

    mike stevens

    this sounds way more like "Im ready" which was far before 21 pilots

  31. gourab raj ghar

    next fifa18 or pes18

  32. Brooke Henkes

    When your name is Brooke and you have green eyes

  33. Uuuyyy Yyyuu

    อืน eort..oilm

  34. TonyProductions101

    Nice song its different but good!

  35. turnoffthetv

    This has echoes of I'm Ready and this pleases me. If this album could be the best of everything from SoCo to JM to AM to AMITW... *falls down dead*

  36. countingcrows123

    So good

  37. Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa

    Love this song <3

  38. Joe Sorensen

    This is going to be fucking awesome live!

  39. Roni B. Me

    The beat of the song, the lyrics, it all encapsulates what Andrew is saying about that feeling of being overwhelmed and just unable to keep up. The sound is different but has grown on me; stupendous job McMahon!

  40. Tiffany X

    Best thing is hearing new Andrew for the first time. So many memories and feelings for me over the past decade tied to his music. New is always different, but ALWAYS good

    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    Tiffany X amen to that. I always said I will marry a SoCo/Jack's/Andrew girl and I'm still
    Holding out. Long shot but I will take it

    Tiffany X

    Adam Reichl go find your Miss California 💜

    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    Tiffany X I hope I do instead of getting the Suicide Blondes haha.

    Tiffany X

    Adam Reichl well, she's part of the big plan. ☀️🌴

  41. Sarah Pilto

    It's growing on me, not going to lie

  42. Courtney Nelson

    Spoken lyrics! Yes!

  43. fifees

    Love it. Excited to see you in PORTLAND! Last time I seen you was at the Gimme Shelter benefit @ the Roxy in this is exciting!

  44. Isabelle Buckler

    This song gets me even more excited for the new album, then I ever thought possible!

  45. greenbee

    absolutely amazing

  46. Andy Carreon

    Verses have too much of that Twenty One Pilots wannabe rap. While it may work for them, I didn't like this for Andrew. Self-titled album was amazing, but Zombies on Broadway is sounding kinda weak with this and Fire Escape. I'm hoping other tracks sound better. Of course this is just my opinion, there are many people that like this new direction Andrew is taking.

    Maslin Monty

    I like the experimentation. Listened to it last night at midnight and didn't love the sound of it. Listened to it again on the way to work and the chorus got stuck in my head. Its stupid catchy. Not the biggest fan of the spoken verses, but overall, like it


    to be fair, although I see where you're getting the twenty one pilots vibe from this, the spoken verse is something Andrew has done before, so I wouldn't necessarily call it "twenty one pilots wannabe." I respect your opinion tho! It's definitely a different sound from the last album

    Jordan Soares

    clearly you slept on i'm ready by jack's mannequin if you think andrew hasn't done this spoken word before

  47. Jeff Carbine

    The spoken lyrics remind me of "I'm Ready" and that is a very good thing

    sarah noel


  48. Baela

    I have to resist the urge to type in caps right now because I don't wanna seem overly excited...but oh my goodness this song is special

  49. Todd kochis

    good song, glad to finally hear the new material. took me for surprise, still has that Andrew feeling to it,

  50. Amy G

    so fucking happy 3DG and Andrew McMahon uploaded in one night!

  51. Shiri Goren

    Andrew my dear
    you're killing me...

  52. Katie H.

    I can't believe I have to wait until February for this album

    Ryoji Yamaki

    Katie H. Same here dude

    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    Katie H. It's literally killing me ! I am counting the days.

    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    It is here and it is terrific!!! I already bought it!!

    Daniel G

    it came out already

    Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    Daniel Garcia you need to look at when comments were made.

  53. a m

    Love it😄

  54. Christopher Oldfield

    This chorus sounds so much like Chris Carrabba, and I love it. Also getting lots of "I'm Ready" vibes from the song. Love it. ❤️

    Steve Mulholland

    except Chris has been MIA for some time now.

    Christopher Oldfield

    Steve Mulholland He's had that one new song they've been playing live recently (Sorta Kinda Maybe or whatever it's called). Could really go for a new album from them/him already though!

  55. Maya

    Amazing as always!!!

  56. takingbackmari

    pretty dope i think

  57. Candice Hudson


  58. CollinB

    hey I just saw y'all in concert a couple months ago! been here since you were still Jacks. keep up the great work!

  59. Nathan Trieu

    something different. very nice

  60. Dandelion

    Bless up

  61. Olivia Gideon

    It's 12 am, why do you have to do this to me

  62. HungryGaming

    I can't wait to see you in May in Portland!