Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness - Blue Vacation Lyrics

Dumb fuck kid celebrities
Talking heads and T.V. screens
Tell me what to do, I'm freaking out
Doctor, cure my new disease
Fill up my prescription please
Take a knee the emperor's a clown

Oh my god I think they poisoned the water
Just need a place to raise my daughter

Let's buy a private island
Get high and keep on driving
Let's try some time and patience
I'm gonna take you on a blue vacation

Closet-cased and paranoid
Slingshot armies fill the void
Watch the news or lay out in the sun
Teach me how to twist and shout
Stay at home or face the crowd
I tried doing both but let's just run

Oh my god I think I'm gonna go crazy
They're picking sides but I'm just too lazy

Let's buy a private island
Get high and keep on driving
Let's try some time and patience
I'm gonna take you on a blue vacation

Is it me or is this room spinning?
I can't seem to turn it off
Is it me or is this room spinning?
Someone tell me when it stops
I guess what you give
Is what you've got

Let's buy a private island
Get high and keep on driving
Let's try some time and patience
I’m gonna take you on a blue vacation

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Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness Blue Vacation Comments
  1. PyrusPerseus

    kinda want an edit statrting from 0:20

  2. string1414

    I can't remember the last time a song made me feel so warm and nostalgic. This song is a masterpiece and I have listened to it over a dozen times today.

  3. Rodney Kaputu

    I love this song so much. 💪🏽💪🏽

  4. James Ryu

    Andrew kinda looks like Bryce Harper

  5. Rodney Kaputu

    Drive tune.

  6. Artemii Iakovliev

    this song is an ear candy

  7. HJOTech

    Andrew's wife looks so damn fine in this video!

  8. D n

    Favorite song off the new album!

  9. Louisse David


  10. alkillah

    Song made me cry for 3days. had to see a doctor

  11. julia styles

    anyone have sheet music for this shong?

  12. Joshua Bratcher-Magallanez

    Its about xanex.

  13. Tiffany Black

    Love this!

  14. Amanda Tumolo

    Love you, Andrew. Hope I get to see you and the crew in DC! 💚

  15. Darren The Tuber

    I'm just not feeling any of this new stuff, I don't know why 😕😕

  16. Daniel Wojta

    Anyone else hear the Beatles influence? Love it!

    Joshua Bratcher-Magallanez

    Its got a melody that is rereminiscent of the 60s 70s and early 90s

    Darren The Tuber

    Yeah in other words Oasis


    yeah the "ah-ah-ah"

    Steph Hayes

    Yes with this entire album i got a beatles vibe

  17. Erika Henowick

    Here before the beard. Here for the grey. Love it. Thanks Andrew! 🌼

  18. Savannah

    Love it and love you!!! This is amazing

  19. Stephanie Miller

    Ahhhh, Andy you've done it again! This album is going to be amazing!

  20. Shrek

    I miss the old days when songs were great like this one.


    preach shrek

  21. Hannah Justine

    You have meant so much to me ever since your Something Corporate days!!

  22. Byrd

    No one writes like Andrew... I made a little cover of this song last night - check it out if you'd like =)

  23. Fallencomrade182

    Can't stop listening to this track. Great work!

  24. Luis Alvarado

    My favorite artist. Going to see him for the 4th time in Foxwood.

  25. tehsmug

    Nailed it as always. Andrew is awfully underrated

  26. Carmilla Snape

    yes brother

  27. Audrey Ullman

    This song manages to feel both brand new and oddly familiar at the same time in the most spectacular way

    official trap music


  28. Robin Stevens

    Great song! Best since So Close.

  29. Andro

    Remember me in this soon-to-be sea of comments ;;w;;

  30. Bob Durante

    another great tune how does he do this each cd is better then the last????

  31. M E


  32. Sweater Wearing Squirrel

    So excited for the new album. Been with Andrew since 2001. Will be seeing him my 25th time on Feb 24th!!

  33. Baela

    favorite musician of all time. continuously impresses me. this track has got to be in my top five favorite songs by Andrew.


    Nothing against, but there's no way this beats "I'm Ready", "La La Lie", "Swim", "Maps for the Getaway", "Bruised", etc... Still a decent song.


    that's the thing about andrew fans- we all have different favorites by him. mine are La La Lie, Hurricane, Catching Cold, Miss California, and this one


    @Baela For sure! Those are all great ones.

  34. Steph Hayes always

  35. Aiden Fanning


  36. Jeremy Church

    Andrew McMahon...yet another great work! Keep it up! Both your story and your music are so inspiring and uplifting! You are so real and such an amazing guy! Don't stop being you!

  37. Ezra Gentle

    Agh so sick!! The song is great and this video is so fun and interesting! Loved the 8mm, the illustrations, and the way it's all put together!

  38. Kylie Smith

    This song is so amazing ! This album is going to be amazing, I can’t wait any longer

    Claire Grant

    Kylie Smith I had no idea he was making a new album

    Kylie Smith

    Claire Grant yep! Upside down flowers comes out November 16th I believe

  39. Blonde Ambition

    So chill and vibey, and a fitting 4:20 long 😍 I'm going to smoke and walk in the sunshine and play this, thanks guys 💛

  40. Alex LaFollette


  41. Colin Hexr

    Glad to hear the piano so prominently in this track

  42. マシュマロ


  43. Mady Pain

    This songs just makes me smile

  44. Michael Donnelly

    Can’t stop listening to this, doctor cure my new disease

  45. William Kabazie

    Going to be the best album yet!!

  46. DreamsiclesASMR

    How amazing! This song is so upbeat too. Thank you Andrew!

  47. Dandelion

    Fuck, I love it 💛

  48. Moka TM

    love this!

  49. Voiddar


  50. Hi, My Name Is Harris.

    Getting a lot of Pet Sounds vibes from this one. Beach Boys influence is strong and I love it

    Becca Savi

    "She likes the Beach Boys more than radio metal"

  51. いろはす


  52. Emma Twiford

    Love this!!

  53. JustJè

    So good!!

  54. Lauren Morris

    I loved this so much !

  55. Two Time

    So excited for Minneapolis in March!!!!