Andrew Jackson Jihad (AJJ) - Coffin Dance Lyrics

Shoot him again ‘cause I can see his soul dancing
Shoot him again ‘cause I can see his soul dancing
I’m gonna miss this place

If you give it to me I’ll give it back much harder
If you treat me like a son, then I’ll treat you like a daughter
Everyone has a future, everyone has a soul,
Everyone has a heart, they have a mind, they have control. (Oh-oh)

The Coffin Dancer dances like he has something the prove because he does
He sleeps a couple hours in the morning, hates the morning when he wakes up.

The Coffin Dancer dances like he wants to make a friend, but he does not
The eye contact he makes with each and everyone he doesn't see is kinda hot
I don’t wanna go to here, there's nothing left to go on here,
There’s nothing left to go on, but the love and sense of tender in your eyes.

Shoot him again ‘cause I can see his soul dancing.
I’m gonna miss this place
I’m gonna miss its face
Just like a vein inside my heart.

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Andrew Jackson Jihad (AJJ) Coffin Dance Comments
  1. Kaz kaz

    this shit make me sad always idk why

  2. Jonathan Scott

    Better live.

  3. N o t - L e e

    dunno why but the start sounds so nostalgic to me
    its like I heard it from a video game

  4. vibe book

    I I DON'T JUST LIKE Christmas island I lust after it ;)

  5. Jesus Crust

    This is the first song that i actually cried to.... I used to have suicidal thoughts so this hits me right in the feels

  6. Andres Gallego

    This is the only song i liked from this album.


    This is my favorite of two. Temple grandin too is the other.

  7. Justin Degler

    One of my favorites from this album

  8. Apistat Commander

    Holy shit is that Xiu Xiu on the second verse? That's awesome

  9. bacardi119

    Is that Ben singing the second Verse?

  10. Snaggle Toothed

    This is a blatant plagiarizing of Samson Conchetta's 1997 Classic 'Cold Hands, Warm Heart'
    It's just been ripped off - totally!.


    nice troll

    Snaggle Toothed

    @NaotaInka Samson Conchetta were mentioned on the Collins and Maconie show.

    So others do remember them.


    @Spaz Modicus quality shit, like comment and subscribed

    N o t - L e e

    the hell happened here

    J U N I

    N o t - L e e Funniest troll I've seen in a while

  11. KidsOnHoliday4675

    Nick Cage is the only one to dislike this video.


    +FuckYouTubeUpdates c;

  12. Daniel Tittyfish

    im crying in the most beautiful way right now.

  13. Charles Elgatto

    Love it!!

  14. Lukesperado

    OMG! Jamie Stewart!

  15. redvineslicorice

    Fuck this is giving me shivers

  16. Elizabeth Andersen

    This is amazing... as awesome as White Face, Black Eyes. Perhaps even more feels.

  17. ivanlyy

    Holy shit this song is good. It will go down as one of AJJs best

  18. Leavemealoneabout Usingmyname

    holy shit, you guys just quoted nic cage

    shut down music, guys, AJJ won it

    emma millie

    @Ajay Prabhat  The quote is "shoot him again 'cause I can see his soul dancing). It's from Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans (see Angel of Death).


    And they also say how Bad Lieutenant 2 is the best movie ever. Can't remember what song though.

    Leavemealoneabout Usingmyname

    @AProbablyPostman it's in Angel of Death

    Ben Akey

    @emma millie haha i was just wondering what it came from. I assumed it was a reference to ghost dance ceremonies but its just cuz im an anthropologist :/

    Mike Farrell

    They reference Con Air on "Heartilation". Good to see they appreciate a good Nick Cage flick now and again.

  19. first last