Andrew Garcia - Paranoid Lyrics

I see two of my bitches in the club
And I know they know about each other
I think these bitches tryna set me up
Maybe I'm, maybe I'm paranoid

Got a bad light skin from the valley
She be in the club with no panties
Little bitch used to be my favorite
Now we don't speak the same language
Love my bitch, I could bang it
From my dark skin, least know how to take dick
Got'em both same damn red bottles
Bought'em both same damn fragrance

Both of my bitches drive Range Rovers
None of my bitches could stay over
Both of my bitches look good as fuck
But your bitch look like bug or what

I see two of my bitches in the club
And I know they know about each other
I think these bitches tryna set me up
Maybe I'm, maybe I'm paranoid

I'm paranoid, I'm trippin'
I've been smoking, I've been sippin'
Done fucked around with two bitches
But I never make them hoes my miss's
I'm paranoid, I'm trippin'
I've been smokin', I've been sippin'
Done fucked around with two bitches
But I never make them hoes my miss's
Oh no, oh no

Both of my bitches drive Range Rovers
But none of my bitches could stay over
Both of my bitches look good as fuck
But your chick look like bug or what

I see two of my bitches in the club
And I know they know about each other
I think these bitches tryna set me up
Maybe I'm maybe I'm paranoid (maybe I'm paranoid)
I see two of my bitches in the club
And I know they know about each other

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Andrew Garcia Paranoid Comments
  1. J. Willi

    One of the best covers in a long time. Much respect ✊🏾 bro

  2. Khalid Elmekki

    That voice is too good for this song. Lol.

  3. usedl82

    anyone got tabs for this???

  4. MindlessArianne

    Can’t believe I just found your channel and glad you don’t change words

  5. Nathaniel Toledo

    2018 anyone?

  6. kat armstead

    3 years later and still amazed by how you make this song sound so beautiful 😢

  7. Jasper

    I thought someone finally made a Paranoid acoustic cover, but then it turned out it wasn't a cover from Black Sabaths Paranoid. Not disappointed at all, though. Great work!

  8. Jesse Serrano

    sick ass cover bro

  9. Aldrin Enriquez

    speed at 1.25 danggg lit

  10. Derek Masters

    Awesome cover man!

  11. Thibault Dewulf

    so good!!

  12. Tom

    why has this not got over 1 mil likes i dont know

  13. Haley Larsson

    Dude your FUCKING awesome. Search to some idol or the voice or something bro. You got talent

  14. Ian Thompson

    you grate man love your voice

  15. MrSamTheSpam

    I really want to play this songs lolol, I got the intro part down but I dont know what the verse chords/notes are. Anyone could help that would be great?!

  16. Alexis Ramirez

    you have the voice of an angel!!

  17. Chef Aggie

    Holy shit you gave me goosebumps! 👊

  18. Bboys in Training

    It was nice meeting you in line at ABDC today. Your newest fan!

  19. Tammy Thread

    @TheShaneQ brought me here, you're literally perfect

  20. Will Stewart

    This was pretty dam good. Voice on point and real quality production, not a shitty web cam cover! WHATTTT!

  21. YoItsRetro

    Who else was brought here by Tretzy?

  22. DaveAbe90

    Wow! dude you sing really well. The best acoustic cover of this track on youtube.

  23. Franklin Chavez

    Super dope!

  24. Carlos Travis

    much respect

  25. Vendetta Bruh

    3:36 "thank you for watching some porn" LOL

    Kyle Haynes

    yeah lol

    Haley Larsson

    Did he really say porn

  26. TheMrEpicE

    I just noticed this got put out on my birthday aha

  27. Zane Forrestor

    Andrew, can we get some tabs for this! I've got my guitar in my lap searching everywhere without success! Can't get this melody out of my head.

  28. Hedz25

    Bruhhh my dad doesn't understand English but he hella likes it haha good shit Andrew keep it up brotha!

  29. Billy Owl

    Chords please?

  30. Dainelle Lopez

    His voice❤

  31. De Prins Van Mokum

    Came here for Black Sabbath, got this cunting heap of dog shit by an "artist" with currency in his name.

  32. datboiiskii

    Good job man!! May God continue to bless your life. Give him the Glory. Great voice!! Be safe. Stay humble.

  33. dbracc23

    You are sooooo amazing!!

  34. cristian lopez

    Great performance really enjoyed your twist on the song more

  35. MattysBeasting

    Tretzy brought me here :D

    Mercedes Whipp

    Same 😂


    Yo I just commented 3 min ago about saying who else was brought here by him :D

  36. Isabella morris

    Completely in love with this cover rn❤️ you never fail to impress me!

  37. Rocky Sanchez

    Musical Genius. :O

  38. Bernal Louie

    Way to twist it up...west coast Latino style!!!

  39. Ben Tait


  40. Murredia Tv

    Still listening.... 6 months on 👍

  41. Vladmir Balatbat

    Daaaamn. Mind if I know the tabs? Hehehe. Fan <3

  42. Aidyn Jalao

    Do I have a dig bick

  43. Moon Head

    This is so sick fair play bro

  44. Unknwn.Rtist

    I love this cover man! Can we get the chords for this?

  45. gui st

    andrew which chords please Brazil hugs'm your fan

  46. Scott Hana

    Ever time I watch your videos, I end up realizing how much you have grown. I watched the year you were on American Idol, you were good then now you are amazing. Keep with it man, we all enjoy watching you grow.

  47. Taylor Gmail

    Keep up the hard work andrew!

  48. Freddy's

    I wanted Black Sabbath when i searched for Paranoid cover....


    @Freddygameplay nobody cares


    @023Whiplash And nobody cares that you don't care

  49. Chey Clawson

    dude you kill it, big fan. keep it up everyone lets share on facebook and get andrew a huge fan base.

  50. zyphyr0000

    Damn! So good..

  51. Edgar y Iris

    man I love this song..... I'm addicted to it... I am so glad i subscribed 👌

  52. Gabriel Valentin

    Try to go to the voice!

  53. Theodore Van Winkle

    Such a beautiful voice, such a terrible song...

  54. BukChoi Bros

    TABS!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  55. Tina Doerksen

    Love tour voice

  56. M Berry

    absolutely amazing!!!!!

  57. Marc Caballero

    How does this not have more views?!!!!

  58. jcb291

    damn, was hoping this was a sabbath cover

  59. Agata D.

    finally, after few years of listening you, i must admit it. for me, you're making the best covers, your own songs are ALWAYS amazing, unique. i just looooove your art, thank you !:)

  60. Jorge Alarcon

    Nice 😱🎼👌👍👍👌👍👌👍

  61. Latece Buford

    Your covers are the best!

    ashlee craig

    thanx girl!

  62. Jesudian Joseph

    anyone know the chords of this cover?

  63. Jarred Scifert


  64. Mark Pascual

    WOAH!!!!!! Amazing

  65. Fred Jones

    for real..i dig your music old lady says your my man crush should be famous famous holmes..mad talented

  66. Sovan Thiev

    Bruh this is awesome

  67. Andriet Yerten

    Why are you not famous?!

    Axel Defngin

    He won American Idol.

    Micayla H

    He didn't win he was on it though!

  68. Xavier Ransom


  69. Randee-Jo Barcinas-Manglona


  70. jayspanki vanilla

    Keep listening to this! Love this song, dope acoustic Andrew!

  71. Brille Brillan

    this song cured my ebola

    Olivia Hale


  72. Vita Deluna

    I love it ur voice it's wonderful I always wanted to play guitar

  73. Lynn T

    Waaaaaayyyyy better than the original ! 😭😍💘

  74. Jackieeesee

    sick ass fuck!!! Love this cover!!!

  75. Atina D'Aoust

    I fucking love this so much.

  76. Aaron Crawford

    Best voice EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Giulia Palombi

    I see passion and love ..and I have tears in my eyes.
    I love it... 

  78. McChulo

    Andrew, you should collab with Kaleb Simmonds.

  79. Luz Veloz

    You sang awsome andrew i love your voice bro really wish i can sing like you keep up the good work!!!

  80. bmangamania

    great singing, bad song. 

  81. Cesar Escamilla

    Always been my favorite. You're great andrew!

  82. ShaneQofficial

    I wana cover this so bad ha

  83. Cintya Maria

    Muito bom

  84. Abdul Kareem

    Whose song is this?

  85. adriana cardenas

    he makes this song sound so magical. great job Andrew!!

  86. After School with Cami and Thalia

    Dam Andrew, so dam clean, sharing with everyone I know.

  87. Dalton Riley

    Where'd you find those tabs?

  88. B.f.a. g.n.b

    im pretty sure atleast 2,000 views are just from me lol :) i love this!!!!! cant wait to see what else you have to come :) 

  89. Steve Crown

    can you post up the chords and tabs..

  90. Igor Diniz

    Hey andrew i love your voice u r awesome, my favorite singer ....salve para o Brasil <3

  91. Igor Diniz

    Love it

  92. Francisco Lopez

    Heyy you should do simple and clean by utada hikaru from the game Kingdom Hearts! I can totally see you doing that cover it would be awesome!

  93. Gail Strejc

    I love this song, but can't share it on FB, haha, the religious family couldn't handle this much steam.  I love the sound coming out of your mouth.   Hoping to hear so much more from you.  :)

  94. Akayla. Wav

    Yass preach 🙌

  95. Dominic Belz

    What kind of guitar do you use? Sounds amazing

  96. KillaKev110

    I really wish more YouTubers curse in their covers, like you can really feel the emotion here from Andrew.

  97. Rommel Palatan

    I love those high notes! You're awesome! <3

  98. Angelina Long

    Totally amazing voice! I remember when I met you at Vets Hall in Palmdale a long time ago. You are amazing!