Andrew Garcia - One Way Ticket Lyrics

I’m all alone on this Friday night
With nothing to do
Except think of you

And you’re all the way on the other side
Of the world from me,
Of the world from me

And is it all you thought it’d be
Yeah, do you ever think of me?

I really wish you woulda said goodbye

I really wanted you to stay and fight

It seems to me you already made you’re mind

So you packed your bag and took my heart along with it
Can’t believe it was a one way ticket

One way ticket, a one way ticket
A one way ticket, a one way ticket

And I secretly hoped,
You’d come back to me
And make this heart complete

‘Cause when I told you to go
I never thought you’d leave
And leave me here with all these memories

Is that all you thought of me?

And all your memories
I really wish you woulda said goodbye

I really wanted you to stay and fight

It seems to me you already made you’re mind

And you packed your bag and took my heart along with it
Can’t believe it was a one way ticket

One way ticket, one way ticket
Can’t believe
One way ticket, one way ticket

I always see your laughing pictures
You laughed so good
And you know it kills me to see you

Found love in a new place
Found it in the same day
Should of see my face, my face

I really wish you woulda said goodbye

I really wanted you to stay and fight

It seems to me you already made you’re mind

So you packed your bag and took my heart along with it
Can’t believe it was a one way ticket

One way ticket, one way ticket
One way ticket, one way ticket

I’m all alone on this Friday night

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Andrew Garcia One Way Ticket Comments
  1. Matthew Morales

    Can't believe I'm still listening to this in 2019 😭 This was my first simp song.

  2. Christian Wall aka Mr. B3atz


  3. Abra1998

    Such an underrated singer you are. Tsk

  4. Jacob

    Did you film this in Malibu? I've never seen that beach

  5. tschinkerl

    Can anyone tell me what happened to Josj Goldens videos? Like "Stay beautiful" or the original version of "One Way Ticket"? I can't find them anymore ... :(

  6. Emy Lambert

    If they would make a boy band with like 2 or 3 other close friends who can sing I’m sure they would make it big!!!

  7. lissi meyer

    A few seconds and I am already sooo in love!!!❤


    Kept up with the awesome work

  9. Dismyname

    Where’s the og one?!! Before you guys made the studio version?? 😭

  10. Jude Steven


  11. Stig Andersen

    I seriously don't understand how this amazing song can't have more views.

  12. Lindsey Cruz

    I LOVE this. Thank you for your music <3

  13. Sam Slezak

    My fav YouTube singers....Golden, Chester See, Andrew Garcia, and Ryan Higa!!!! YOU GUYS HAVE BEAUTIFUL VOICES THAT BLEND SO WELL KEEP UP THE INCREDIBLE WORK!!! God bless you brother

  14. frank castle

    So powerful this song is one of the most beautiful ones I have heard to this date the collab was perfect Andrew garcias awesome vocals along side goldens vocals make a platinum performance I love this song and Andrew Garcia has given me a reason to try to expand my misical horizons he is a very inspirational human being and I would love to have a sit down with him just to tell him that he has given me hope I would like to get some pointers from him on a few things but I have a little bit of music on my page but it will never even be close to Andrews music keep it going man

  15. NikNok Manaloto

    Why the hell this video just have 82k views? -.- People really lost the meaning of music -.-

  16. Garth Nicol


  17. Ne li


  18. Mason Madrigal

    who tf would even dislike this!!?

    Pepper :3

    they got so excited that they flipped their phones upside down so they could like it again :)

  19. Kazzor

    why the fuck does golden look so fucking awesome in this song, like when he comes in for the first time in the song he's got the sunhat the sunglasses and idkits wierd he just looks awesome :D

  20. Neil Lapid

    dang you guys are sooo good!!!andrew my dream is to sing with you youre amazing,god bless you..\""/

  21. Juan Hernandez

    huge fan! been a fan since idol audition! Keep up the good work! God Bless brother.

  22. Shelby Reynolds

    I love this song so much

  23. Andee P & Company

    Ok something different...I like it! You guys have voices that play off each other very well! #AndrewGarcia

  24. JKL

    I love your voices.

  25. L Higa

    Wtf is wrong with people, who would dislike this, f the 9 people

  26. Kyrie Jackson

    almighty Lord known as Andrew Garcia. where can I download this godly song?

  27. Wxxzy Han

    Dude what chords do you use and what fret is the capo on? Amazing song I wanna learn how to play bro @andrewgarcia

  28. Kasey Kneubuhler

    Aye Thousand Steps beach! (at least I'm pretty sure)

  29. Aimen Malik

    you guys are amazing ❤❤

  30. Jayson Seda

    What are Andrews glasses?????

  31. Sawsan Speede


  32. Annie Moua


  33. Khalish Ammar

    what are the cords??

  34. Josue Morales


  35. Manon Vonkeman

    Your voices are magic together ♡

  36. Gerald Salinas

    Idol Andrew Garcia ... You think Im Crazy Im just A man .. Lol X :) :P xD

  37. Tuan Tran

    You are my favorite youtube singer channel. KEEP IT UP MAN LOVEEEEEEE UUUU <3!

  38. Varun Raaghav

    Awesome. Speechless.

  39. Joe Gilbert

    Can anyone tell me the chord progression for this?

  40. Matthew Kane-Howell


  41. cljade


  42. Fly By Studio

    Классная песня!!

  43. Michal_h92

    I really love all of your original songs, and you two sound great!!!

  44. antjolunija cruz

    this deserves a trillion views

  45. Natsumi Rain

    This song made me cry, it has such a deep meaning for me. YOU guys are soooo Amazing! Love it!! <3

  46. Patricia Penafiel

    LOVING IT!!❤❤

  47. Pixelgrid production

    love his voice Dam awesome.. hats off

  48. Josiah Young

    That's was dope guys!

  49. Timothy Cadiz

    that was legitness !

  50. V NS

    Love it! :)

  51. Emanuel Rosario


  52. Karim G. Samy

    I am a metal head, and I can't keep myself from repeating this song... just incredible

  53. Khang501

    I heard this from SoundCloud and fell in love with it! So happy that Andrew & Golden released the videos on the same day :-) good job you two!

  54. J A

    where can i get those shades, theyre sickk the ones andrew is wearing

  55. aiden mcfadden

    Are you guys on spotify

  56. AdventuresWithAlan

    Does anyone know what the transition at 0:27? thanks in advance :D

  57. Laurne Balk

    this is awesome man,

  58. rhedo edo

    Great Song....andrew😃👍👍

  59. Elly Stevens


  60. Gian Franco

    You guys are simply amazing. Andrew you are currently my favorite singer, your voice is the best!!!!

  61. Shea Yamashita

    Andrew you're showing how amazing you are once again! I've been a fan since American Idol <3 great job man

  62. Shea Yamashita

    Andrew you're showing how amazing you are once again! I've been a fan since American Idol <3 great job man

  63. Alyssa Martinez

    Andrew, this song is amazing and I'm actually going through a breakup that was long distance, no matter who this song was intended for I'm glad your music can always help anyone no matter what they're going through. I cannot stop playing this song. I love you guys, thank you for always being there through music. ♡ your music has always helped me. Keep doing what you're doing. ♡♡♡ :')

  64. Bianca Robateau

    I love this song... Been following you for a few years now, I think your amazing keep pushing for perfection and God will bless you in what your trying to do....

  65. baylie



    i love you so much. this is just amazing <3

  67. Lisa Craig

    @andrewagarcia love ur accoustic version, as always ur voice gives me chills. love it ♥ 💋

  68. ash brown

    i love your voice and snapchats

  69. psst61

    You're voice is a gift! The vocals you have are unbelievable. I truly believe you have a voice that can pull off any song and manage to make it your own ❤️

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    Thank you on the snaps! :)

  71. Anna Howell


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    You were the only person on American Idol I actually picked up the phone and voted for hahah loved you since the beginning!

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    You guys are absolutely amazing. Your voices mesh perfectly together. Much love 💋

  74. peaceplease2009

    Absolutely in loooove with this song! Hope to hear more of your lovely voice :)

  75. Truth_Hurts!

    your voice's are soooo soothing! you guys are great!

  76. SONNAK

    Got this for my vlog ! ✌️✌✌✌

  77. MamaChar Betch

    yaaaaaaaaassss bish!

    beautifully written and song.

    well done gentlemen. well done.

  78. Jenylle Arsenio

    I love this so much! this is just amazing! keep it up!

  79. MiteyMax9

    Sick video bruh. Keep the music coming!

  80. Chelsea Devera

    love this and love you!
    Amazing as always <3

  81. Josh Rand

    Andrew all your newest music have been amazing

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    Why didn't I know this talent existed!

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    this song is really great!! beautiful music andrew! Thanks for singing (:

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    I've had this on repeat the past 2 days. Absolutely AMAZING!!

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    1:56 yes
    beautiful as always

  96. marcel lightning

    @andrewagarcia wonderful song
    Amazing voices
    Very nice harmonies

  97. marcel lightning

    Amazing song

    1 nice harmonies
    2 wonderful voices

  98. eric johansson

    Andrew you 2 are amazing. love the song!! Hope it goes upp on spotify <3

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