Andrew Garcia - Hurts Like Hell Lyrics

I saw your new man
Yeah he used to be my best friend
It's crazy things change
We were perfect
But I was broken and still learning
Almost gave you my name
A part of me thinks you're coming back
And a part of me knows you won't

Cause it hurts like hell when I see you
And it hurts like hell when I don't
I can figure out what I should do
Cause it hurts like hell to move on

I got this new girl
But she ain't have what we had back then
Or am I just numb?
I'll admit it
I wasn't thankful and I blew it
But why did you forgive me?

Cause it hurts like hell when I see you
And it hurts like hell when I don't
I can figure out what I should do
Cause it hurts like hell to move on

Ooh oh oh
Ooh oh oh
Yeah it hurts like hell
Yeah it hurts like hell

Ooh oh oh
Ooh oh oh
Yeah it hurts like hell
Yeah it hurts like hell

A part of me thinks you're coming back
And a part of me knows you won't
Cause it hurts like hell when I see you
And it hurts like hell when I don't
I can figure out what I should do
Cause it hurts like hell to move on

Ooh oh oh
Ooh oh oh
Yeah it hurts like hell
Yeah it hurts like hell

Ooh oh oh
Ooh oh oh
Yeah it hurts like hell
Yeah it hurts like hell

Ooh oh oh
Ooh oh oh
Yeah it hurts like hell
Yeah it hurts like hell

Ooh oh oh
Ooh oh oh
Yeah it hurts like hell
Yeah it hurts like hell

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Andrew Garcia Hurts Like Hell Comments
  1. Joe Vue

    Why isn’t this is the millions view?

  2. Lon Palmer

    Ya got what ya deserved, yo.

  3. Leyla

    Ouch 😭

  4. biboswan dey

    why was youtube hiding this wtf blow the fuck up

  5. J.D. Obregon


  6. ninjakid424

    Can you out this version on Spotify 😫? Gotta rep those sad bois out there

  7. ninjakid424

    Can you our this version on Spotify? This song slaps and is good for the sad boiz out there 😂

  8. Mr. Depressed

    My ex and I broke up almost 7 months ago and I was devastated. We had so much history, good and bad but I thought she was the one. I was so in love with her and it felt like nothing could happen between us but one day she just walked out of my life. It was incredibly hard for me and till this day I'm still recovering from it. After we broke up, I fell into a deep depression where I didn't want anything. It's like I lost my purpose in life. I stayed in my room for weeks. I avoided my friends and family because it felt like I didn't belong anymore. Throughout the depression I started eating a lot to fill that void and gained an enormous amount of weight. Yesterday, I stepped in the mirror and saw myself for the first time in months. I looked like a totally different person. I currently weigh 307 lbs at 5'3. Since then, I've made a choice to stop dwelling on my past and learn from it. I'm slowly recovering and finding myself again. If y'all are reading this, I just wanna say, I know things may be hard at the moment but everything's gonna be okay. Don't ever forget who you are and always remember, people will come and go but it's okay. Maybe the people who left weren't meant to be in your life, but always cherish the people who stay. Thanks for reading.

  9. Alfredo Briones

    Dude I hope you go very far

  10. Alfredo Briones

    His voice is so amazing and he is gs with such pain. That is how you sing and make such a great song

  11. Ngyennie

    i miss uuuuu <3

  12. Johnhenry Holguin

    Any one know what those glasses are called ?

  13. Nastasja Agatha

    always loves his songsss!!!!!! keep it up sir!

  14. MCMH

    You should audition for America's Got Talent😍

  15. Jorge Gallegos

    Hola desde Ensenada baja California.
    Saw you on american idol, fan since!!!

  16. Chris Walls

    This song hits home brah keep doing your thing

  17. Temjen Lcr

    Just in love with the song and your voice is amazing! Keep it up! 💚

  18. Jai Joestar

    oh my fucking god finally, I used to listen to this back then but i forgot the title and the singer so i always searched Andre/Andrei garcia or bruno mars like, singer since the comments then was about how you sound like Bruno etcetc.

  19. Sinxai Yang

    Yeah it hurts like hell..

  20. Jacob Mendez

    Put this on spotify!! So beautiful

  21. Salingstuff80

    if you dislike this your a hater for real

  22. ShoRi

    thought that was dumbfoundead for a sec

  23. Ok Ay

    His voice is so soothing it nearly put me to sleep.

  24. SmashOTG

    Bro Andrew your a legend in my eyes bro

  25. Harry Schwartz

    Now this just makes my heart hurt thinking about the subject

  26. Hayden Ring

    I love the song but the auto tune or the effects in the song are a little to much could you upload a live one

  27. Jova

    i want this version on spotify instead of the other one

  28. freddyku

    who watching this

  29. Brandon Radford

    Bro.. this is the most sincere song out there

  30. Melissa C

    I’ve been subscribed for years back when you used to have videos with lil crazed and traphik lol and just have to say this is amazing! Don’t ever stop.

  31. Jacqui Ward - Wagner

    Love this song.. keep repeating it :)

  32. Rosalinda Rodriguez

    Andrew you always amaze me, your talent doesn't go unoticed by your fans.

  33. K- Dig

    now this song perfectly suit my life 💔

  34. Clarece Larry

    Song has been on repeat for 3 days now. The way he puts his soul into every single word is beyond me. The lyrics & just overall performance... amazing!

  35. Novia Pratiwi

    Ngena buat friendzone like me

  36. Eric Jen

    Still haven`t move on even after 5 years

  37. rOLLieONeS1


  38. Jet TheAsianDish

    Andrew, You helped me honestly
    Andrew my ex left me because she thought we were rushing love but actually we should’ve because she said she loved me and she misses me hard, but I don’t know if I want her back because what if she pulls the same thing again, I love her but if you love someone you should never break a connection that devastates your heart and leaves a man with sadness and sorrow for a women that leaves you but also wants you
    Love is indescribably beautiful and life changing, and I gave her happiness and she gave me hope
    Andrew she left a man that will never be forgotten and will be hard to let go of

  39. Cody Pantherbone

    3 months without her and it hurts like hell

  40. Emy Lambert

    Andrew is your music an inspiration of someone ?

  41. Aaron Eckardy

    this song reminds me of my first girlfriend my relationship my mom eons ago ruined i can feel the wound hurt when I hear this song realist sad but bittersweet vibe.

  42. Ross Tucker


  43. Simon Thao

    I miss my girl
    Thx so much for this Andrew Garcia!!!!!!

  44. Chawh

    Its been about one month since my break up and I feel as if I'm going crazy. I miss her so bad, miss the way she holds me and the way she looks into my eyes. Everytime I think of her, my heart beats faster and makes me breathe faster. Hurts like hell..

  45. Terry Lin

    one of the most underrated singers. Keep up the good work!!!

  46. Arturo the gamer

    i Don't know you

  47. patrick escueta

    Bro in some way you saved my life.

  48. Amman Aradani

    Just broke up with my girl 2 months ago, I loved her with all my my heart and I tried to be the very best. but her abuse are way too much, being pysically damage is not enough for her, she wants to instill pain into my heart and mind.
    Thank you for existing Andrew, your music hits me deep into my heart and it can express feelings that I myself can't do.

  49. Lorena Aguilar

    God, I've always loved your music!

  50. spartian1 1


  51. Laura Ann Alvarez

    Love your music dude

  52. Keng Y

    Omg!! I listen until I realize this song really match me I really miss my crush that she have a boyfriend already.. 😭😭😭😢 Hurt like hell

  53. KieannaRai

    Jeez! It’s crazy how you can think you’re over a person, and then one song brings back all the memories, and perfectly encapsulates the thoughts and feelings🖤

  54. Vanessa Robles

    Love your music!

  55. Gauchen Lor

    Damn. Wow. What. How. I Love This.

  56. Ryan Carmichael

    That it does


    Awesome song


    another reason i hate the music industry why is this guy not on every radio station????

  59. Layne Inouye

    Thank's the soundtrack to my life.

  60. Dimpled Beauty

    Very nice song, your voice sounds amazing! Keep going! 👌🏽

  61. Amanda Carpenter

    0:35 - 0:54, I related to those lyrics so much, and I'm crying. Oh my god, This is beautiful!

  62. Darryn Leger

    Just broke up with my girl today & this song stabbed me in the heart. But I can’t stop listening to this because it feels so real but it’s not. Literally crying so hard right now. I’ll never get over her till this very day.

  63. Kevin Vue

    Damn this song cuts deeper than knife could. Acoustic version has so much passion and pain in his voice.

  64. Kiyana Piper

    Andrew if I comment one hundred times will you at least see one , probably you're biggest fan at 5.31 in the morning 😙😙😙😙

  65. Kiyana Piper

    Marry me , I'll treat you better 😣

  66. Kiyana Piper

    First off . Those vocals OMG 😩❤ secondly my heart is breaking this is so pretty Lord knows some things are better left undone .

  67. Julia Ho

    May I know what are the piano chords for this song??

    Travu Productions

    yes you may

    Travu Productions

    Travu Productions

    this is a great website to find out the chords to almost any songs instantly

  68. Peytonsmusic

    I want this version on iTunes also

  69. Skye-Lyn Mace

    Wow 😭🙏🏼❤️

  70. Skye-Lyn Mace


  71. C C

    OMG...his voice!!! 😍

  72. dOnhOrEn ViDeOS

    powerful voice :)

  73. Mark Mariano

    Isubbed for the good music

  74. Queen Pawdoos

    Simply beautiful and amazing as always... much love !

  75. Nathaniel Xiong

    How does he not have a million followers at least??? His voice is pretty freaking unique.

  76. chachi spt

    i love your voice :)

  77. Jerelyn Orales

    such an angel voice 😍

  78. Jess Aleman

    Precisely what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent. Much love.

  79. j dov

    Bro this gave me goosebumps 🔥💯

  80. Your Daddy

    I called everyone. No one answered....

  81. senpaiishkawaii ;3

    When I first heard this song from my best friend I looked at her and I started crying when the song played all the way through because it's so beautiful like I can't compare any other song to this one it's just so gorgeous I can't stop listening I relate to it so much! Thank you for making it :-) !

    ~Gabriela <3

  82. Harlong Engti

    Really love this song i keep watching over again cause its hurts like hell. 💔

  83. Matthew L

    This is music bro.

  84. Dolan twins Imagine

    Nice singing Andrew

  85. Raymond Quiñones

    Wow! Man did you write this song ? U got me hurting like hell . It made me feel emotional and it remind me how much love can hurt 😢

  86. Juancarlos Mendoza

    love .... love this journey... ... ... ... ..... ....

  87. Kevin Hang

    Why are you so amazing!!

  88. Big Sam

    The acoustic version brings so much more emotions, good work!!!

  89. cody you

    I knew this would make me think of you .

  90. Anthony Salazar

    Andrew Garcia made a timeless song ! Great job ! And piano 🎹 guy is great ! Love to see Mexican and Asians doing music together ✌️ 🌍

  91. Matt

    really good on 1.25 too!

  92. drive n' chill

    Bruh the feelss

  93. TheBrandonhoang

    Is this acoustic version coming on apple music??

  94. Bill Vang

    I apologize for not following you for awhile. You're still as great as before. Keep it original Andrew!! :D

  95. Damian Rodriguez

    Would love to chop and screw this into a hip-hop beat as the chorus and rap over it.

    Travu Productions

    Travu Productions

    here are the chords if you need to use it

  96. Just a Kai

    We were perfect but I was broken and still learning😔