Andrew Garcia - Girl Of My Dreams Lyrics

What a lucky guy, he has your hand to hold.
I'm just standing by, myself all alone...
Harder I keep falling in love, harder it's going to be.
You that you're in, in love with him not me.

It breaks my heart, to think another thought of you.
It tears me apart, knowing that your love is true.
It hurts to see, you with him and not with me.
I try and I'm trying to get you off my mind,
its time I finally face reality - he's got the girl of my dreams
Girl of my dreams...

In a perfect world, you'd have my hand to hold.
And I would do my best, to never let it go.
But there's something when I'm closing my eyes, that I'm closer to you.
I would keep them closed, if it's all that I can do.


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Andrew Garcia Girl Of My Dreams Comments
  1. Rhonda Murrphy

    You have such a sexy smile chester. You guys sing that song good together. Love Rhonda

  2. Rhonda Murrphy

    Love you guys .especially Rhonda

  3. Albert Ramos

    Can we get a studio version of this please?

  4. Rhonda Murrphy

    I love guys. Chester you have a sexy smile in this video.

  5. Mike Hunt

    its been a century and im still waiting for a studio version

    Robert Z D

    Mike Hunt that’s 100 years mmmm I don’t think it’s been that long

  6. fatfitness vang

    Still waiting for studio version

  7. hyungsaranghae

    Aún esperando por la canción...

  8. AdamTheWanderer

    I haven't heard this song in ages it's so beautiful

  9. Clandy Jeur

    True my precious BROTHER'S! Finish school and find the girl of your own dream, her heart much stay left. Sing and smile with your music and find real girl walk like a chicken walk not just pictures and movie only real girl you see in your big EYES, so that you cannot cry and wonder. Have a Joyful and peaceful thoughts.

  10. Anthony Colley

    Studio version please!!!!

  11. Nurafiqah Mohizan

    2018 and im still hoping someday thered be a studio version of thissssss 😔

  12. Rj Jake

    When is the studio version coming

  13. Jenko Regalado

    2018 still waiting for studio version

  14. Sean Franklin

    No no this is so me right now i

  15. Mellaine Burns

    I want you sing everything I do I do for you,me

  16. Josh Clark

    6 and a half years later.. still listening

  17. chucky s

    Wow i can’t explain in words how amazing your voice is, it dives deep in the soul! Duets are so hard n you always find the perfect harmony with people! Wonderfully done! Awesome, thanks for sharing, glad I found you! Now I sharing on whatsapp

  18. Kairu Fernandez

    "Girl Of My Dreams"
    (with Andrew Garcia)

    What a lucky guy, he has your hand to hold.
    I'm just standing by, myself all alone...
    Harder I keep falling in love, harder it's going to be.
    You that you're in, in love with him not me.

    It breaks my heart, to think another thought of you.
    It tears me apart, knowing that your love is true.
    It hurts to see, you with him and not with me.
    I try and I'm trying to get you off my mind,
    its time I finally face reality - he's got the girl of my dreams
    Girl of my dreams...

    In a perfect world, you'd have my hand to hold.
    And I would do my best, to never let it go.
    But there's something when I'm closing my eyes, that I'm closer to you.
    I would keep them closed, if it's all that I can do.


  19. Sintô

    Hey it's been 6 years make a studio version

  20. Jess Mack

    I love you! ❤️😘

  21. sweetbrina1081


  22. sweetbrina1081

    so a studio version would complete all of us.... PLEASE COMPLETE US WITH A STUDIO VERSION

  23. Paige Lilac

    Still loving this 4 years later

    Paige Lilac

    5 years :O

  24. jeo726

    will a studio version ever come through?

  25. Tiago Yang

    Well...still waiting for the studio version....

  26. Gary Jones

    omg i just absolutely love tbis giys music!!! This is the very first time ive heard of this guy and listened to any of his music. my god how tbis guy can bring you to your knees. wow!!! im rather speechless right now and that absolutely says ALOT!!!!! cause that NEVER EVER HAPPENS TO ME EVER!!!!!!! chester you are absolutely amazeing!!! where have you been all these years as i was growing up? lol even as most of my adult life why is ive never heard of you til now? cause i hear you been singing for many years? listening to your music wakes up something inside me thats undescribabke !!! THERE ARE NO WORDS WHAT SO EVER ON HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT YOU DO TO ME WHEN I HEAR YOUR MUSIC!!! Well god sure did create another beautiful angle for us to love!!! I am here to say thankyou chester for all your inspireing and motavational music. keep up the good work and keep them comeing please!!!! I have now found me a new favorite artist and singer in life. Is your music on cd to buy today?

  27. Anicha HC

    I still want a studio version

  28. Merci Mallari

    what a great song :-) love you mi amor

  29. Tharra Joyce Villaflor

    STUDIO VERSION! STUDIO VERSION!! STUDIO VERSIIIOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!! Damnit Chester! Put in on iTunes alreadyyyyyy!!!

  30. Yvonne Au

    does anyone know the chords?

  31. DORA The Explora2319

    im starting to fall in love with a man I have never met. I need to get my life together but I honestly love you lol

  32. kacavvh

    Nah actually DONT make a studio version, this song is mediocre itd be a waste of your time

  33. Big Smoke

    Studio version, Chester! Get to it ;)

  34. Ahn Yo Na


  35. Luke Meacham

    Chester, please make a completed version of this since you're back now!!!

  36. hackzz

    Please make a studio version PLEASE DON'T IGNORE I'M BEGGING YOUUUUUU 😭😭😭

  37. Carlos Felix

    Literally every comment = make a studio version of this.

  38. jamessnk1

    it's 2016 and I'm still waiting for the studio version...

    Anicha HC

    nearly 2017 now

    nathan fitness

    jamessnk1 2017 and same



    Ok Ay

    Almost 2019

  39. Tai Nguyen

    studio version homie!

  40. Rektangle

    This song is currently incredibly relate-able, not to mention nearly every other song you've written. Thank you Chester and Andrew for sharing your talent & lyrics! With this said, I feel the urge to express a few things on how this affects me. Excuse the extremely long comment, but I'd appreciate a few reads and perhaps even some advice at the end on whatever comes out of this. So several months ago, I was with a girl who at the time I thought I would be with forever. We knew everything about each other & more, and had even talked about spending the future; our lives, together. Despite all this, some private & personal complications arose and we (mainly myself) decided to break it off after a year of being together. Being my first real relationship, I was confused afterwards, but not as damaged or heart-broken as I had anticipated. She ended up getting with another guy 3 school days after our break up, which made me sick to my stomach due to the fact of how close I thought we once were, and how she moved on so quickly. I suppose it was simply because she was afraid of being alone, and wanting someone to be with, even if temporary. However, I still had/have hopes of meeting someone new; someone amazing.

    I am currently a Senior in high school and a couple months have passed since the break up. As I believed it to have been long enough, I've decided to start looking into a new relationship. There's this one girl that is a Junior that I've known for a while and have had as a friend for a few years. As of now, we talk/text every day, are chaired next to each other in band (for those band nerds out there, I'm 1st Oboe and she's 1st Flute), eat lunch in the same group of friends, etc. In addition, she's recently really given me a reason to fall for her; she is perfect in my eyes. Everything about her is amazing: her personality, beauty, and everything that makes someone special and desirable. She's truly the girl of my dreams. So because of this, I've been working on strengthening our friendship even further, and working up the courage to ask her out. I've had feelings for her off and on, even before my other relationship, and that feeling simply grew stronger after I moved on from that relationship, but may potentially need to come to a halt.

    The other day, I noticed her starting to hang out with a Freshmen quite frequently. He's much more mature and older than most Freshmen, being 15, but is still younger than her, so I didn't think much of it and assumed she was just being nice and welcoming to him. I noticed them getting closer and closer after each day, so I began to question their compatibility. I still can't really see them getting together honestly, but the way they act around each other, specifically her towards him, makes me wonder. This guy is someone that I consider a friend, and whom I believe looks up to me, being the upperclassmen. Today, I decided to very politely message him questioning on what's going on between them. He said he thinks there's potential between them as far as becoming a couple in the near future. Things apparently clicked quickly between them, but nothing has gone past the point of being an actual couple, for example, they haven't kissed or anything close like that yet. Also, he isn't aware of my feelings towards this girl at all, neither is she. I don't know many specifics between them, but inside I just question every possibility. As I've never opened up to her, does she assume I don't like her and decided to find someone else? Does she simply not like me? Why is that I've been so kind, and tried so hard for months, and he comes in after trying for maybe two weeks, and is nearly to her heart, and I'm still so far away? Am I doing something wrong?

    As of this morning, I was planning on asking her out two days from now.

    So with this all said, some suggestions and advise would be highly appreciated. I'm still falling for her and don't know what to do. I don't want to get in the way in case the fire between them does in fact ignite, but on the other hand I don't want to back off in case they don't, and have regrets. Feel free to ask specific questions about my scenario, and I'll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge & ability. Thanks so much for reading!

    Sheila Dennard

    Rektangle say somthing she may feel the same, so you dont have too live with a life of regret!😙😇😚

  41. El Chimalová

    This is one of the best songs by you.

  42. Yeng Yang

    Studio version please! it's killing me with camera audio 😭😭😭

  43. Jake

    studio please😍

  44. Jers

    I know this song like three years now and I still want a studio version because it's so beautiful :( <3

    Erick Reyes

    +Jasi Mitz Same here. I'll keep coming back to this in the future hoping to see if they finished it


    +Erick Reyes aw :(

  45. Brian Hoang

    Never Knew this song existed
    I'm Falling For You the song
    Keep Waiting for a studio version
    Is It Meant To Be a studio version

  46. Luke Ryder

    Make a studio version!!

  47. Eimantas Naunčikas

    His voice is majestic

  48. Abdul Rahman

    Love it!

  49. manda5757

    This Is Still MY Favorite 😍😍😍 Love you both xoxo

  50. certhianwonderer

    I'm guessing, whoever has him on twitter and other stuff, spam this to him and ask for a studio version? :P

  51. Damaris Velasquez

    Still one of my favorite songs

  52. SiXXXSage

    Guys.. They announced that they will in fact be making a studio version of this! I can not wait :0 :))


    @***** watcha wanna know Wednesday from September. They didn't officially say it, but they said they're working on it. I hope it's true👌

    Paige Lilac

    I've been waiting 4 years lol

  53. ChrisGonzo87

    Wow you two were astonishing

  54. Ellie Johnstone

    oh god, please, I need a studio version of this.

  55. Silvia Monteiro

    Very nice....

  56. Depried

    This is how i feel but she's with a girl not a guy


    this is how I feel about my potato

  57. Muhd Fuzeymi

    Studio version please!

  58. Kym Soriano

    Hi i really love your song would youvallow me to use this song in some events in our campus? Im looking forward for a yes :)

  59. Hayden Janecek

    this is so beautiful, and i agree with the others i would like a studio version!!!!

  60. mattias kvernstuen

    we all want a studio version of this

  61. lya marie

    Love <3

  62. Andrew HE

    2014 - three years later and still waiting for a studioversion (T_T)

  63. Just Another Human

    Studio version please!!!!

  64. Ricky Valdez

    Everyone should spam his new vids telling him to make a studio version of this -.-

  65. shianne covert

    Your work is amazing. I'm loving all the songs an all i got to say is keep it up you have a true talent :)

  66. Jessica Early

    Need this on iTunes!!! Love it!!!

  67. Olivia B

    Wow! Please make a studio version

  68. legacyof7

    Chester's sideburn was pmo a bit lol, but other than that, nice song and vocals guys haha :P

  69. Taylor Manthe

    Okay. I love this. Chester, your voice is crazy amazing! Omg! And Andrew, you're awesome! You guys compliment each other's voices very well! :D 

  70. LeeBing13

    :') Love this!! OMG YTF... do you guys still make videos together? <3 please put this on iTunes(: xx

  71. ingieenan

    This needs to be studio recorded please please please please pleeeeeeease :(

  72. meganicolesitefan


  73. Tiera Slaughter

    This is

  74. Isabella Lee

    I like this one. Can't you put this one on iTunes? Or fix the sound thingy. It's hard falling asleep to it when all you hear is static-kie. Please... Thank you?

  75. Jaimin Martinez

    1. Is there a studio version of this?
    2. If so, where can I find it?
    3. If not, why?

  76. AwesomeHila

    I got no words to this. It's just incredible :)

  77. Buddy Williams

    This is y'all's song, wow that makes if even better......

  78. Alexis Jaz

    Truly beautiful song

  79. vvergamini5

    put this on spotify please!!!

  80. melissavs

    Studio version please, chester! (:

  81. wolvesinboundary

    I really like this song but I don't think their voices work that well together, especially because Chester completely overpowers Andrew.  I still love the song though, great work on it.

  82. djx33753

    She light up my world like
     --------- nobody else---------  

  83. Ronald Mcdonald

    iTunes please!

  84. Paulien Beirnaert

    Chester, you are hot!

  85. Miri Creates

    Chester, I just love your music. You and Andrew are two of my absolute favorite singers, Youtube or otherwise. Your music gives me motivation and inspiration and is my go to music when I want to create my art. Andrew just adds to it and makes it better. Love you both. You're both amazing... ^_^

  86. Chony M

    this is actually perfection

  87. Rae Bazin

    please put on itunes

  88. Michael Chang

    Still don't understand why this masterpiece has not been re-recorded yet?

  89. Jeremy Zahn

    I was looking on iTunes for this song... I love this song and i could not find it. Chester please get this posted on iTunes. I know this is an older song for you but I must have it! Thanks bro Keep up the amazing work

  90. Paige Escamilla

    you need to put this up on itunes!

  91. maxyang0188

    Make a studio version!!!

  92. Emil Larsen

    Spotify please

  93. Earla Harding

    Beautiful work guys!

  94. aissa jez

    it's sad that they dont have seperate mics cause the quality is a bit bad! great song though chester is the best

  95. Matthew Lopez

    You guys have real talent and your such good role modles keep it up and i know for a fact that one day u guys will be famouse also ive watched you guys videos for years and youve inspired me so much keep doing what your doing and this is one of the best songs ive ever heard in my life great job guys

  96. Sasha Feder

    Please put it on iTunes!!!

  97. MsChibiChan

    where's the studio version,  you sexy motherfuckers?!

  98. Daven Treague

    Seriously need an iTunes / studio version of this posted somewhere it is an amazing song

  99. Crystal Bean


  100. Yassine D.

    I really do understand this song LOVE IT!!