Andrew Garcia - Colder Lyrics

If I was stronger
Hold on longer
We wouldn't be fallin'
Without my name
You were my fame
I can't explain, oh...

It just gets colder
It just gets colder
It just gets colder
Colder, oh...
Colder, colder

Baby I know, you hurtin'
But just so you know I'm hurtin'
Baby you know I know you know I know
Claiming that you're so innocent

Sometimes I break down, down down down
'Cause you're not around, 'round 'round 'round 'round 'round, eh
But as we get further, further
The curtains close

And it just gets colder
Colder, colder
And it just gets colder
Colder, colder

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Andrew Garcia Colder Comments
  1. Desiree Rivera

    2019 entering 2020 and this song still gives me goosebumps! ♥️

  2. Christian Wall aka Mr. B3atz


  3. Karos

    Wish I had that voice lol

  4. Brianna Cruz

    you are so very talented ❤️❤️love it

  5. New Money Mindset

    Please do more acapella versions of your songs please!!!

  6. Dolan Springs

    why this guy kinda look like jontron

  7. Waditaka c

    so much emotion man, I LOVE IT. Keep up all the amazing work man. You DESERVE to be known. Your music DESERVES attention. Been with you since the beginning, look at how far you've come man. <3 You are amazing. raw. you are talented AS FUUUUUUH. :)

  8. Anderson Hailey

    Man i gotta say i didnt expect this to be so good, but youve completely changed my mind, good job man and keep it up.👍

  9. Jacqui Ward - Wagner

    Love the song. Hope I can find it on iTunes.

  10. Central Enterprises


  11. Valentin L.

    Deserves far more views!

  12. Matt Shelton

    this shit is hot bro

  13. Ryan Canete

    Wow. He filmed this near by UCR and the 60. Dope. Keep it up Andrew!!!

  14. Aaron Allen

    Been following this guy since american dope & so original. Respect man!

  15. Kristy Lim

    I love your voice

  16. Michael Fanoway

    kinda reminds me of the weeknd.

  17. servando ramos

    this is a Cold song bro keep doing your thing!!!! Godspeed

  18. Tamia White

    I really like this I can feel the pain in your voice, almost cried lol, but the lyrics felt like an afterthought compared to the singing, the beat and the melody. Not trying to be mean its just helpful criticism. 💖

  19. xtravagentK

    This is probably my favorite song from you. Amazing.

  20. 배주성

    Whoa this is sick!

  21. MemoSkyy

    yo andrew who produced this track

  22. Michelle Rebollar

    Honestly been watching you since forever and every time I hear something new from you it never fails to give me chills

  23. Angel Garza


  24. Iceman 408

    Been a fan of yours since American idol days. 🙌🏻👍🏻

  25. Mario B

    More music Andrew! Ears can't get enough brother xD

  26. New Money Mindset

    Keep it up bro! This is amazing!!

  27. Letchi

    OMG!!! I feel really happy that i follow you since 2010 and now you are making even better music and performances. Your voice is so incredible! Go on making us stunned by your work!

  28. Wyful

    this hit me hard.

  29. jpjohnson07

    So does it get colder?

  30. Ethan Wines

    mad love for Andrew

  31. I o n


  32. eman ahmed

    You have such an extremely amazing, powerful voice. I love singers like you that sing with so much soul. I hope you make it big. Much love ❤❤

  33. FunWithRy

    Good stuff Andrew, keep up the music 👍🏽

  34. Nathan Joseph Alvarez

    This is a great!!!!!!!

  35. Noah Vargas

    damn lovin this original stuff!!!

  36. Andrew Vaughn

    amazing!! you have been one of the best artists out there for a while. keep it up really love when u post new originals

  37. Thug Chungus

    It was a music video but there was no mixing involved in his voice. That's amazing. Glad to have you back, Andrew.

  38. lps savannah reed

    ha andrew its savannah auntie josie. little girl

  39. bishBop

    I heard you sing 1 note for the first time and I instantly pressed the subscribe button

  40. FaitHope

    It's a real cold world and it just gets colder

  41. jhonatan alejandro jimenez salazar

    waaaaaaa andrew me gusta mucho esta cancion un saludo desde colombia :)

  42. Jaydo S.

    I really felt you on this one man!!🙏🏽🙏🏽👌🏽😪

  43. Gabriel Oliveira


  44. Andrew Garcia

    Yooooo appreciate all the love!! More original music coming real soon!!! As always, stay amazing! Love you guys:)

    Eric Lee

    +lps Savannah 2021 lmao


    Andrew Garcia this is now officially my favorite song ever thank you Andrew Garcia

    Tiana Vasquez

    Andrew Garcia please keep updated

    Lou Montenegro

    Choose wisely but cover a song by the weeknd, youll body one of his songs in my opinion 🤝.

  45. Vincent Brown

    Easily the sauciest YouTuber out

  46. Malaya Munson

    I know him he is my cousin can't wait to see again ♥️♥️♥️

  47. Malaya Munson

    Hi Andrew it is me malaya

  48. Doreen Silva

    Cousin you slay it.. miss you and love you.. Hopefully you could come to Denver one day..

  49. Your boy X

    This song is straight FIRE!!!!! I just wish I could have been apart of the song. Andrew can you do a remix to this song and let me drop a verse.

  50. Cesar Valenciano

    that solo could use some work tho

  51. Bea Bellido

    An amazing song for and amazing voice and vice versa

  52. HDoubleB _

    love it AG amazing

  53. Sophia Ferrari-Semmler

    My friend wrote this and hold u down for Andrew Garcia please go add my friend (jack bandrowski) and show support these are the first two songs my friend has written for Andrew and they are doing great

  54. Yung Emil

    great job fam. I never understood why you didn't blow a long time ago. Much love from your Mexican kinfolk ! stay blessed

  55. Adrian Dabin

    Amazing man, you're great!

  56. Seth Harcrow


  57. Queen l

    i love you and have always loved you voice since the bigining you give me chills ❤❤

  58. jlyxx

    Yes andrew!! Loving this 🙏❤

  59. Jehu Saenz

    Keep up the fire man! Been following you for about 3 years. Keep up the awesome work

  60. lil sakura

    omg you are my Inspiration u keep me moving u make me sing more then I used to u helped me with my voice you helped me through so much thank you so much for everything never let anybody hurt u cause ur great just the way you are 😊😊

  61. Jasmine

    WOW THIS MAKE MY PANTIES WET ~!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  62. mynameisepv

    We've missed you! Much love! Always. ❤️🔥🎧

  63. Kevin Lehtla

    Hey Andrew do you by any chance speak Spanish as well? I would love to hear you sing in Hispanic cos your voice is so powerful.

  64. Aaron B

    His songs are always so good! How the heck does he do it?!

    Bob Pancakes

    hairy pohter you are so cool fam hairy pohter Ftw love ya vids m8 keep dat shit up

  65. Nazhif Jamil

    FUCK. ME

  66. Narmeen Slem

    Wow I was thinking about his song 'ghost ' and I found this one cooool

  67. Kno Siempre

    Signed physical CDs maybe??? I'd like to support you even more!

  68. Lulo Peralta


  69. wafflepiepancake


  70. Noble Panda


  71. Manuel Cervantes

    Wow...nice your the best Andrew keep the bangers coming 👍👍👍👍

  72. chela_n88

    ...damn!!! I've been rocking with you since day one... you've evolved and your voice is absolute fire!

  73. Moonlight

    this is fuckin good!

  74. Parr Bear

    I missed you!! ❤️❤️

  75. Brandon Seth

    the grind turned him bad as hell, he on some steal your girl type shit

  76. cleber gomez

    Música foda. mas sem zoa. ta parecendo o Jackie chan nesse clipe.😂😂😂

  77. HTHAZE

    gahhhhhhhdamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn welll shittttttttt andrewwwwwww

  78. Rahul Ramesh

    I missed you man

  79. dreamer95kid

    in the mist of this dope song i kept asking myself where th can i get a coat like that

  80. Kristian Martinez

    This is straight fire!! The music, the emotion you sing with, the video.. Incredible brother!

  81. Stephen Flores

    Shits fiyahhh bruh smh

  82. Eric Erickson

    You killed this my bro! I cant wait for the next one! :D

  83. xDigitalMonster


  84. Jeremy Rule

    You are an artist.

  85. Isa Perez

    This is so good omfg 😍💕

  86. Lermaniac & Seetizen

    I'm gonna replay the shit out of this

  87. GIMI Productions

    That's dope man! Keep up the good work!

  88. Andream

    andrew you should upload this to mrsuicidesheeps channell

  89. Joey Amor 2

    Love it brotha! Miss you and Ovid days. Keep the music coming. ✌🏼❤

  90. Hugo Carpio

    The Mexican Kanye West

  91. Jon Esposito

    I like that one boobie. Keep it up

  92. noot noot


  93. King Flamez III

    Covering this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE

  94. Drew-Drew Bear

    This song is incredible. Should be at the top of the charts. Amazing work. My favorite of anything you've done so far. (except maybe One Way Ticket with Golden, that was a beast song)

    Sara Waiting

    Drew-Drew Bear One Way Ticket is my fav!

  95. Jordan Hanna

    you've been such a huge inspiration in my life since i was little when i saw you on american idol

  96. Meh

    daaaamn andrew... chill


    Meh he's way past chill, he got colder

  97. Myy_panda

    Gifted voice. wow. 😍