Andrew Garcia - Bad Dude Lyrics

It was me and her in the situation
We took some shots, had that conversation
One drink to another next thing you know we was on each other
We was messing around

But she caught me slippin’
I’m not a bad dude, I’m not a bad dude
But she caught me slippin’
I’m not a bad dude
Just made a mistake

She’s on it, she’s with it
If only I could stay committed
I’m taking my chances
Only for one night I have it [2x]

Sweat dripping down my face
All cause I want that case
Caught in the situation (damn, that situation)
I just can’t take it, too intoxicated
This girl got me faded, oh no

But she caught me slippin’
I’m not a bad dude, I’m not a bad dude
But she caught me slippin’
I’m not a bad dude
Just made a mistake

She’s on it, she’s with it
If only I could stay committed
I’m taking my chances
Only for one night I have it [2x]

I’m not a bad dude (I’m not a bad dude) [4x]

She’s on it, she’s with it
If only I could stay committed
I’m taking my chances
Only for one night I have it [3x]

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Andrew Garcia Bad Dude Comments
  1. Dovahkiin94

    I searched "bad dude" on youtube trying to fins a bad guy parody

  2. Christian Wall aka Mr. B3atz


  3. Amar Singh

    Do it now

  4. Don Shingler

    Hey man good to see you still doing your thing my dude. I remember your acoustic performance of Paula Abdul’s “straight up” on American Idol. Personally I liked your version way better than Paula’s too. Keep doing you man...

  5. Eric Paris

    Not that great but good effort.

  6. Sathy Sarkar


  7. Angel Garza


  8. Ivy Valentine

    This is sooo good! You have an amazing voice!!!!

  9. Heather Hamilton

    I am like inlove with this song! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Rbn Reuben

    wow this is so cool. im loving it. (Y)

  11. Ayesha Spocter

    Stumbled upon this a bit late, but wow you are amazing!

  12. Bruna Santos

    OMG! I just fall in love with your voice, your style! I am your new fan, congratulations for the amazing job ❤ ( Sorry my english )

  13. Arpit Bhokre

    This deserves views in millions .. GREAT WORK

  14. noreaction

    Hey, this is pretty good

  15. Milan Appasamy

    Andrew, this song is fire dude!!! Keep up the good work man!!

  16. Es_Three

    i looked away from the video for 2 seconds and then I was watching an episode of Dexter lol its pretty harsh way for him to die.

    Aight Den

    B0rn_Sinn3r LMAO that just Happened to me

  17. Jesseca Vernt

    DAYUM memories

  18. Chet H.

    that escalated fast lol

  19. melissa rivera

    love your voice 😊

  20. Kiya Backus

    I love this song. Andrew garcia is funny and talented. This song is just so creative and well did❤❤💯👏

  21. S Francis

    I literally cannot stop listening to your music. can't wait til you make it big time 👍👍👍

    Troy Johnson

    he was on AGT and unfortunately didnt do anything.

  22. Jefferey Soling

    song is sexy

  23. Bunny Gurung

    Justin timberlake?
    Felt like im listining to justin timberlake

  24. Lorissa Marie

    you're so much better than most of these artist..covers and your own songs are just amazing! honestly all songs should be yours because you own them. Totally love everything you do! #RecordDealPlease!

  25. Shane Johnson

    credits to showtime's Dexter

  26. Leilani Nagasaki

    I'm so deeply in love with your voice. Omg it's just amazing

  27. Niiko Rin

    I don't usually like this type of music but damnnn son...this shit dope and your voice is amazing!

  28. An Idiot

    Im so addicted to this. I was in the exam room with an empty head repeating "im not a bad dude, im not a bad dude"

  29. prankmasters_ 69

    This guy has talent he deserves to go far

  30. Scott Barnett

    I tried so hard to stay away from this because 'emos only listen to metal' but damn this stuff is good, how and anyone not like it?!?

  31. ylnguyen

    I thought Dexter would appear D: great song btw :)

  32. jose _thebear

    i came here by mistake but i think i jst bcame a fan! keep up the good work bro bless!!!!

  33. Samer salah

    he is so good..liked his voice since the audition.

  34. Jasmin Emperador

    I'm inlove w this song😭💖

  35. Chellise Marie

    Wow this is such a great song! I saw you on musically and man I am now a committed subscriber! Love the tunes man! Sending nothing but good vibes! ✌🏼️💖🙏🏼🌻🌊

  36. Shy lola samone

    this young man is talented, more than most. he needs more exposure.
    i absolutely love him.
    i can listen to him.
    he sound better than chris brown.

  37. aim buzz

    This dude is better than some of those in top chart nowadays

  38. esSquad

    idk about the ending lol

  39. Kayla Bearden

    My absolute favorite song ever!!! Not to mention you're gorgeous 💛💛💛

  40. Mohini Nanjee

    ATLEAST 50% of the views on this video must have been me! NGL LOVE IT!!! ✨

  41. Mohini Nanjee

    ATLEAST 50% of the views on this video must have been me! NGL LOVE IT!!! ✨

  42. Jennifer Vuong

    Is there an instrumental version?

    Viv Bass

    I think so

  43. Jerrelle

    I like how the director left it up to us to decide who killed Andrew.. Awesome stuff man

  44. Andee P & Company

    Str8 BANGER!!! Sexy ass song Andrew...job well done! Why am I just hearing this now??? Guess I was caught slippin' LOL! Yo on another note when you were talking the line about I'm not a bad dude I swore I could imagine you spitting a verse! I think you should try rapping in a chorus on one of your next songs! Just saying you have that smooth ass voice...I'm def a fan! <3

  45. Marina Garcia

    Huge fan!! I love this song!

  46. imane qabel

    Fuck this shit is the BOMB !

  47. callum lee

    Its a piss take on how many views this has deserves much more, dudes got talent

  48. Diego

    A1 Credit!

  49. Tryoh

    Dude this song is really good! Did you wrote it?

  50. Ethan Thomas

    this gotta be more viral man

  51. Sungtak Yun

    I dont get the stabing part

  52. Kim Tran

    It's such a catchy song and tune :D

  53. yung utsubyo

    anybody knows the chords for this song?

  54. Froggin Awesome

    This is amazing! I would love to see it in person. Andrew, do you ever do any shows around St. Louis, Nashville, or Cincinnati?!

  55. Bernardo Siqueira

    awesome song and awesome DEXTER reference

  56. koledon k

    I can only listen to this song over and over this sing is perfect great work 👌

  57. Samuel

    so, slipping or sleeping?

  58. Dzenana Aldobasic

    Six months later and I still love this song..I seriously love your voice and this song is soo good!

  59. Juan Barron

    It's ok Andrew if they don't want you I'll take you best voice 😍

  60. Zeinab Bajjey

    Ughhh this song has been on replay! So obsessed <3

  61. Patboy 904

    Mexican T-Pain with a mix of Chris brown!

  62. Samuel

    im sure that one was filipina? or not?

  63. B.R. H.

    Good voice, but.I seriously doubt he's got problems stayin "commited", juss sayin

  64. Cindy Rodriguez

    fucken love it❤

  65. Kwezzy

    fucking fire!

  66. Encima

    man how chilling! nice ;)

  67. Alessandra Almeida

    I keep hoping that since Tori Kelly is becoming more famous each passing day she will help her friends out (Aj Rafael and Andrew Garcia...). I remember until today when they made a cover together singing a mash up of airplaines and billionaire.


    is aj still producing music?

    Alessandra Almeida

    I think so.


    Oh my gosh. I watched that video in 2012 i think. or 2013. Till today I get chills when i remember that cover man.

  68. James Tuason G.

    daamn this goes hard!🔥🔥

  69. J A

    U deserve way more attention this song is amazing 😃

  70. Regine Cheam

    wtf. dat girl be crazy

  71. Xander

    dude how have i never heard this, amazing brotha

  72. Cool B

    wow bro good shit keep going i like it, we should do a song together sometime give my shit a listen and lemme know @andrewgarcia

  73. Castro

    im not a bad dude, i just cheat on my girlfriends. thats coo tho, right?

  74. COBRA030

    Im in love with this girl

  75. Liam

    Damn Andrew I wish I had your skills.

  76. Robbie Blaylock

    Really like this song also. Nice job

  77. Jo B


  78. Stephen Flores

    This shit is so dope!

  79. HW Koo

    This is really, really good... Why did I see this now

  80. Alexandria Cowan

    dexter style i love it haha

  81. Carter

    yes bro that Ginuwine pony twist, see that's how you know music when you can us an old school mix like this frfr

  82. riley huneke


  83. SJ Ina

    So talented and so cute. Dang! He looks exactly like my ex who did the same thing. Meh!

  84. Andrew Vaughn

    favorite artist hands down

  85. Honey Gurl

    Oml ur such a babe.. I lovvveeee this song😍😍

  86. Antonio Puno

    Oh snappppp so smooth. Lovin this song!!!
    On a side note lovin all the jackets!

  87. WC Wxnter

    OMG🌋: o

  88. cljade

    I am in love with this song, and the BEAT. Damn.

  89. Symphonia16

    this beat tho

  90. Dondie 82

    I've been a fan since AI...I love your music bro!

  91. Aaliyah Ky


  92. Insane7thst

    Did dexter get you 😳

  93. Zach Luke

    damn... love this song..

  94. Taylor Price

    I'm not a bad dude

  95. Jordan Naylor

    Andrew and Chester are like my favourite artists at the moment :D

  96. Frenchie Smallz

    One of my favorite song of 2015