Andrew Bird - Darkmatter Lyrics

When I was just a little boy
I threw away all of my action toys
While I became obsessed with operation

With hearts and minds and certain glands
You gotta learn to keep a steady hand
And thus began my morbid fascination

Tore the spines from out of all of these self-help books
Made myself a gun that not only shoots but looks
So real
It shoots through steel
With rays of dark matter

Do you wonder where the self resides
Is it in your head or between your sides
And who will be the one who will decide
Its true location
And does the thought of bile that's red and black
The thought of tongues that taste you back
Fill you with a naus-eous-eous sort of elation

A noose is loosed around our necks made of DNA
And every day it's growing tighter no matter what they do or say
And you can shoot right through it with rays of dark matter
Just before they kick out the ladder
With rays of dark matter
Like something catching fire

Do you wonder where the self resides
Is it in your head or between your sides
And who will be the one who will decide
Its true location

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Andrew Bird Darkmatter Comments
  1. Donald Carr

    I can't be the only one to think these are bizarrely similar:

  2. Patience Hope


  3. slarz1108

    This is such awesome music. Such a great combination of sounds. I don't know... So uplifting but also kinda sad, but it just makes me want to smile and dance, happy that I get to live my life. I can't seem to find any songs from him that are remotely like this!

    Bart Möller

    Well said!

  4. Overcast Radio

    Love it

  5. Rubyx Croft


  6. stolenrims

    cool dead silence at the end

  7. Taneleer Tivan

    fkn srsly who is this guy


    Andrew Bird

  8. Twin Lakes

    Awesome video! If ya get a chance you should check out one of ours! Hope you like it!

  9. Traxxasred

    sounds exactly like every other band/artist that conforms to the indie genre stereotypes. from the shitty wolf parade-style vocals to the boring chords to the unimaginative drums. pretentious and in the end its just meaningless and shitty lol


    so, you don't like it is what you're trying to say?


    @Traxxasred Oh? Please enlighten us then? Whats "good" non pretentious music?

    I think you need a reminder that musical genres exist to group similar styles together. With your logic, we could even say that classical music is degenerative bc it all "sounds the same"
    Tbh, I'll never understand the elitism yall associate with music, please get over yourself


    ur gay


    Traxxasred excuse me, but when you decide you do not like this style/genre of music, do not take it out on us for liking it, just keep it to yourself and don't comment or even listen to this genre, okay?


    cheesecakey people can voice opinions. get over yourself.

  10. Sam Lopez

    Like this is you found this from the movie "Norman"

    Shawn Ruby

    oh this was a sad attempt

    Sam Lopez

    I tried. Didn't work. Lol oh well.

  11. TheZoeBig


  12. Melodyyrdz

    couldnt have phrased that better

  13. batyatoon

    The second verse opening is wrong in the lyrics above. It goes "Does the thought of all this red and black / The thought of tongues that taste you back / Fill you with a nause-auseous sort of elation".

  14. James Hansen

    that's a lotta halves

  15. ravirajjbguru

    Thumbs up the the iPad 3 promo got you here!

  16. Jarrod Ashley

    or fergie and jesus.

  17. TheJofisean

    Saw him open with this at a wilco concert with him...holy shy....

  18. Benベンジャミン

    I'm a Mac since apple led me to this awesome artist I've been. Andrew bird listener sine the ipad 3 than apple and Andrew bird

  19. Margo E. Sawaya

    Such an excellent song. I am happy the lyrics are posted with it, but the lyrics are out of order, and some lines are inaccurate.

  20. Sarah Caruso

    Andrew Bird is Andrew Bird. He sounds like Andrew Bird.

  21. Tyler Shumate

    all at the same time

  22. MatHild

    you wanna be my new favorite singer? * - * pleasepleaseplease

  23. Jack Fonchez

    That's 200% :O

  24. Sarah Caruso

    No. No one can be compared with him.

  25. Japanon

    this song is as old as time itself. I love It. so much.

  26. hornthieves

    with a last name of Bird
    what on earth did you expect?

  27. A. Guhit

    just discovering this genius now. which album should i get first?

    Zack Bova

    The one with fiery crash or scythian empire. They might be on the same album cant remember I just listen.

    Oops 7 years ago lol

  28. postalgbv

    please look up 'Sweetbreads', it's kind of like the first version of this tune, and it's great

  29. Gabriella Cerince

    friggin LOVE this song...been hittin the replay button like a tweaker

  30. Yoursaffectionately

    !! This man...

  31. Tyler Campo

    I have a friend named Andrew. And another we all call "Bird" and neither of them can compare to Andrew Bird.

  32. sueannwashere

    @thelegend759 are you fucking kidding?

  33. PACKSrock331

    @Shoovit as andrew bird's music as a whole, i beg to differ. in fact i plead!

  34. sohcsarewicked

    ctia wireless sent me here

  35. Myles Mcleod

    @kaylashalaylaaaaa i think you should include jeff buckley too coz he has some vibrato moments which sounds just like him

  36. Kevin Nguyen

    sounds a bit like killers

  37. Tamro Kankava

    his whistling is fantastic !!! >3

  38. RichieW

    @derposi NO U!

  39. Andrew Oh


  40. derposi

    sounds a bit like travis?!

  41. Ayman Haroun

    "do you wonder where the self resides? is it in your head or between your sides and who will be the one who will decide it's true locatioooooooon?"
    the best.

  42. Justin Thomas

    where most of us think in words, he thinks in melodies

  43. Jopdan

    He just oozes pure talent. Effortless. It's incredible.

  44. Amir Wahid

    I wuv this son so fucking much!

  45. Zeffrey Heimer

    my brain just exploded

  46. skatinsteezy

    i feel like i'm going on an adventure

  47. grocery cart 23

    loved that game!

  48. Mikedelic Brownage

    fucking love this song

  49. DogNights

    It's unfortunate that more people don't know about him, but nowadays, most can't be bothered to care about philosophy, and the sciences.

  50. myindiemuse

    kind of reminds me of the start of picnic at hanging rock

  51. CandL181

    maybe hes a genious straight up. not knockin the theory though COULD be valid havent seen any signs during live shows ive watched if anything i could be wrong.....(counterproductive comment wasnt it)

  52. Leon Utter

    The lyrics in the description are wrong..
    Not trying to be anal but lyrics is what makes the song so it'd be nice to get it right..

  53. Qui Tran

    This song is starting to grow on me.. I still like sweetbreads more..

  54. Yatsko Metal Works

    that's because he's tripping BALLS!

  55. Tess Teas


    'Nuff said.


  56. Tuan Lam

    im glad my friend introduce me to this guy. He is a GREAT singer

  57. roysters5

    this is so incredible! i can't believe I heard of him sooner!

  58. Cristina Luiggi

    Is that the album cover? So wonderful... ah.. love it. :)

  59. Connor Ciocco

    Amazing. I wish I could whistle and write and sing and play and everything like he can.