Andrew Bird - Cataracts Lyrics

When our mouths are filled with uninvited tongues of others
and the strays are pining for their unrequited mothers
milk that sours is promptly spat
light will fill our eyes like cats

and they shall enter from the back
with spears and scepters and squirming sacks
scribes and tangles between their ears
faceless scrumbled charcoal smears

through the coppice and the chaparral
the thickets thick with mold
the bracken and the brier
catchweed into the fold

when our mouths are filled with uninvited tongues of others
and the strays are pining for their unrequited mothers
milk that sours is promptly spat
the light will fill our eyes like cats

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Andrew Bird Cataracts Comments
  1. Zhaylin Black

    I fell in love with this song from Private Practice (a show I just now discovered lol) and it made me think of another song. Am I crazy or is this song similar to

  2. Springbaud

    Is that Will Oldham doing backing vocals on this (from 1:10)? He's not credited, but it sure sounds like him.

  3. Mayra Luna

    Private practice brought me here ❤️

  4. Jack Ruddy

    I absolutely hate this awful song! I don't see why he has to sing it so slow for, it lasts like a hundred years! I heard it before at the apple store and I almost just left!

    Crunchy Duck

    +Jack Ruddy Apple finally got a good taste in music?


    How did you know what song/artist it was?

    Jack Ruddy

    dear colin, thats a very good question. can i get back to you on that?

  5. veronica gracia

    the wave that ripples you cristoval perez the ripples the rivers and the joans of ripples rivers gone cold

  6. veronica gracia

    the simple the x the factors the first to seen threw the dark rhodes of .....the dark rhones of dustin cloves the garlis ive grown old...

  7. Aaron Whitaker

    haunting. this man is too talented to be real.

  8. CurlyFry

    i like birds

  9. Winter J. Graschel

    glad i'm not alone, my roommates are being driven crazy with constant whistling from Andrew Bird's music.. haha

  10. scarekro72

    Just heard this song a few days ago and I can't get it out of my head. My wife hates me walking around whistling. :)

  11. Ytzlplzyk Zybrnthy

    It must be years since I've heard this song last... Even though everything changes, I still cannot forget this song. Such beauty leaves an everlasting imprint.

  12. Jen Hughes

    I'm currently studying for one of my final year uni exams, in particular about diabetes and cataracts and cannot get this song out of my head! Gorgeous song :)

  13. powderinthekeg

    Only the devil would dislike this.

  14. Joelynn Ross

    The foresight to create and record.

  15. BrennanAndrewWittig

    A must learn for anyone who plays guitar.

  16. Nicholas Bowles

    I always thought it was the back of an owl photoshopped yellow... Not sure why.

    Guilherme Lópes Souza

    and what is it?


    A budgie or budgerigar (or Australian Parakeet for non-Australians).

  17. Nicholas Bowles

    Nice, 00:00 - 3:16 is my favourite part. :)

  18. PredictableScenario

    god. so beautiful.

  19. thinktoomuchto

    Why does a soft, sad, acoustic indie song like this have a shitty rap song showing girls booty popping at home for an advertisement? Its actually destroying the peace of the song. Now witness the fall of youtube for all the music lovers as its replaced with ads and sex like everything else... sigh...

  20. Joelynn Ross

    Lyrical and harmonic excellence. Ae you listening? Mixed blessings.

  21. ageofthoughts

    @ilikegoodmusicalot Insomnia is what you meant. And I agree.

  22. Omar Majano

    andrew bird is 3rd thing i turn to when i cant

  23. busteryoutubr

    Cataracts uahsuahsuahsahsu

  24. Judas_1989

    Bono hit the dislike button...

  25. CommissarTom

    I swear at 1:40 that bird gets larger :)

  26. Reilly Washburn

    I would really like to see Andrew Bird and Iron & Wine do something live together. Cataracs and Sea & Ryhthym, Samuel Beam singing Armchairs slowly. Andrew Bird singing Jesus the Mexican Boy. Anyways, amazing song, and amazing artist.

  27. Phanie2121

    omg!! this song is cool! :D

  28. Grainne kate

    @insanityvideoskid haha I can totally see what you mean now ive looked at it like that. Its the back of a budgie

  29. Grainne kate

    This song has had 0 dislikes, finally some sense on youtube!
    Ive never been the type of person to come across lesser known artists who are really great, but im so happy Andrew Bird is my first!

  30. Kim

    @ceve23 yeah it is

  31. myexplodingcat

    For a while I thought the cover was the inside of a cave on the ocean shore at sunset or something (like it was Photoshopped). It looked to me like some kind of fossilized footprint for a while, too, but I think it's a bird of some sort. After all, he is Andrew BIRD.

  32. myexplodingcat

    @ceve23 Download it from iTunes.

  33. Martin Palma

    the cover is a parakeet

  34. Justin Thomas

    @peace4allyo maybe your right :P

  35. Justin Thomas

    i like the cover, you can tell it's an owl, but you don't know for sure since his head it turned

  36. thesquatpen

    the sounds, the wordplay, the imagery, the way he mumbles... this song is beautiful

  37. aduma123

    wow gorgeous voice