Andrew Belle - Sky's Still Blue Lyrics

Your heart is a city
Your eyes are a fixture
The mind tells a story
With ten thousand pictures
We stumble upon it
Fell through the ceiling tiles

We drew up a landscape
We climbed down a ladder
Carved out a memory
To follow the pattern
And now on a clear glass wall
I can see my faith
You know it's never too late

Oh, if you're hearing this
I must have made it through
Oh, when the clouds are burned
Open up my window
I see the sky's still blue

A vision is a portrait
A palate of colors
We swim in an ocean
With blindfolded lovers
And now that I've found my side
Oh, I finally realize that it was there the whole time

Oh, if you're hearing this
I must have made it through
Oh, when the clouds are burned
Open up my window
I see the sky's still blue

I see that the sky is still blue

Oh, if you're hearing this
I must have made it through
Oh, when the clouds are burned
Open up my window
I see the sky's still blue

Oh, if you're hearing this
I must have made it through
Oh, if you're hearing this
I see the sky's still blue

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Andrew Belle Sky's Still Blue Comments
  1. Koala

    Here bc of Bellarke edit✨

  2. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

    Who came from an Instagram edit? Me? Ok then.


    Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton. I came from a Delilah edit on Instagram lol

  3. Junko Iwasa

    Anyone know where to get instrumental version?

  4. kattekaren

    Why is this version of the song not on spotify? It makes me sad! I want to listen to it always!

  5. Danielle Moreira

    Queria que tivesse essa versão no spotify

  6. Mary Welenc

    This song is both so uplifting and saddening at the same time. It always makes me cry. Such a masterpiece. It reminds us how beautiful life is, but that we must battle our worst fears and guilts to be able to fully appreciate it. Life always has a way of throwing us curve balls but if we have people to lean and protect us then we can make it through. We can’t do it alone, but that’s okay. We’re not any weaker for it, but even stronger. Without love in life then we aren’t living.

  7. Razan -

    What did he mean by “ made it through “ is he died??????

  8. Nafsi 123

    This song was making me happy... after I saw the movie "Into the wild" it makes me ... feel happy or proud a bit and sad ... cause the movie goes so much with this... and it's a real life event in the movie and gosh it touches my heart doubled up as we say cause it's two things at once and I still love it cause it's ... it reminds me so many memories.... I love it... for everyone who jasn't also seen the movie... I suggest it. "Into the wild" a boy left his parents and town and all to head and go to live at Alaska... passing so many stuff... it is an amazing movie and hope yall out there to have a great day and if you didn't then make sure to know better days are trully coming even if you wont believe some they do. 😊💜💜💚🧡💚💙

  9. AlissaVibes_Lolz

    Here cause of Buck & Eddie

    Filip Rogic

    Me too! :)

  10. Magic Racooon1994

    Im here because I'm a free life.

  11. Maram Ss

    2019? Anyone?

  12. Playyourlovee

    this version isn’t on Apple Music :/


    Because it’s not the official version

  13. Reece Bibby's wife

    I wanna go back to my ex i love him so much ❤

  14. Uzumaki Chasanah

    Juli. 2018

  15. Jazmiin Espinoza

    Well thats a great song❤

  16. Josh Hartnett

    It's kind of a funny story

  17. Mahdin Iqbal

    this sky is always blue

  18. Sir Noman

    Blue lagoon <3

  19. Mrs Chonce

    This deserves so much more attention

  20. baby boy

    I love this song

  21. asphalt bizro

    The sky is still blue from the house.

  22. Asphalt Bizro

    It take my heard away like flying in the sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Miss Sakura

    just ScottxMalia

    the lady Morgana

    Miss Sakura Scalia brought me here too 😎

  24. Grabiela Arenas

    Sepa la madre cómo llegué acá.

  25. T'Kiyah Webb

    this song makes me happy😊😊

  26. aryheen

    I'm here because of SoundCloud & love the song

  27. NEELA

    Here cuz Harry Potter. Always <3

  28. constance noemy

    come to the video because of criminal minds.reid and prentis.

  29. Carla Batista

    Here because of the lying game! Ethan and Emma :3

  30. Bitter Sweet

    Anyone else here because of a Free! video?

    lola hummels

    Lovealine 12 yaaas omg that crack vid

  31. Queen Ke

    I can't stop playing this song but it's making me cry tho idk why but his voice ..and other video I seem using this song are always sad😌😭❣️

  32. Orlagh Hearne

    I watched a literati vine and now I'm here crying like an idiot

  33. Danae' Cohen

    I came here from One Day the movie

    Nolalyn Montague

    Danae' Cohen me too I was the video 😟

  34. chi

    I really like this song!

  35. Rachel Johnson

    I'm here because of Olivia Benson from law and order svu Lewis thing

    why do i love pete wentz so much

    Rachel Johnson me too!!!

  36. Bonnie Bennet

    I'm here from the "CASTLE" tribute

  37. Absynthia Löwenzahn

    I'm here cause of James McGraw and Thomas Hamilton <3

  38. Olive Portman

    Here because of a fan fic lol


    was it assasination classroom


    Better have been hanni

  39. Ellie Owens

    I'm still pissed about Rich and Grace. They deserved a long and happy life together.

  40. sandra arenas

    Beautiful song 😍

  41. ROSS

    This song reminds me of every love story that had everything to go on a good direction ( although the odds were against them) and nope, one of them died or just simply left... #TvShowsAreKillingMe

  42. MORLAN

    Thank's you Free! On crack !!! 😍💓💓 This song is so beautiful and The eyes of Haru At this time (in The crack) are so beautiful too ! (sorry for my english)

  43. Chris

    I just can't,this song reminds of my dead grandma,😭😭☹

  44. Sofia Siana

    Amazing song! :) ♥

  45. Buns 。

    This song brings so much peace to my soul...

  46. Marija Petrovic

    Im here because of Rich and Grace from Skins❤

    take me somewhere nice

    hahaha me too mate

    Paulina Barroso

    Me too 7w7

    Leonardo Vazquez Ramirez

    Now we are 4 skinners ♥️

  47. Kira Partridge

    this song has so much meaning! legit hits my heart<3

  48. Briana Frias


    Panic! AtTheForehead

    Briana Frias lol 😂

  49. Aziz Saro

    It's really great song love it

  50. Miraul Ashkar

    Black Sails brought me here; Thomas and James! <3 <3 *crying*

  51. Yveta Humlova


    natasha vazquez

    yasss !

    Denis Festa

    <3 first thing I thought to!!!

  52. Misaki Sailor

    bokura ga ita brought me here... i am the only one?


    me too!

    joan Joan

    Misaki Sailor what is bogura no ita?

    Arima V15

    joan Joan is the anime acction live movie

    Arima V15

    Misaki Sailor me too

  53. Eccentrix Law

    Need more songs like this :)
    Just makes my day happy with good Vibes

  54. kattekaren

    Does anyone know why there is more than one version of this song? different version with different lyrics.


    Is it called the same? I haven't heard it


    +Monchele_Glee_Lover it is. on spotify, the song is called the same, but the lyrics are different.


    +kattekaren By Andrew Belle, again?

  55. Lucas A. King

    here because hawksilver
    :still crying:

  56. melodrama


  57. T h i r r i n

    Mulder and Scully!

    Magic Racooon1994

    T h i r r i n x files ;)

  58. Bettyann Leclair

    What are the piano chords for this??

  59. Albin Beart

    Are there two different lyrics to this song? I have a completely different version...


    @Albin Beart same here...

    Giovanni Calderoni

    @Sara Grayson Yes, there are two different versions.

    karen aranda.

    this one is better

  60. Lexi Wolfe

    This song makes me happy. Deep in my soul. Very happy.

  61. Danny Love

    Made One Small Mistake. :P
    Correction: **Oh, When The Clouds Are Burned,
    Open Up My Window**

    Giovanni Calderoni

    No. If you listen carefully, you will hear, "open up through my window". The 'through' is clearly heard.

    Danny Love

    Sure. But I Will Continue To Sing It The Way I Think The Lyrics Go. Since To Me, It Makes More Since The Way I Thought It Goes Because Clouds Can't Open Up Through My Window. Unless Maybe It's A Metaphor That Andrew Belle Created. I'm Not Completely Sure, But Until Then, I Don't Think The Lyrics Go That Way.. 

    Danny Love

    Also, I've Just Grown Accustomed To How This Website Taught Me The Lyrics.
    I Got Used To The Lyrics Being This Way So I Might Be Wrong If The Person Who Made A-ZLyrics.Com Is Wrong. So You Might Be Right But Yeah.. I've Caught Onto The Habit Of Singing It This Way. Also, Sorry If My Reply Sounded Rude At All. Trust Me, I Really Wasn't Trying To Be. ;-; I Was Just Stating That.. Yeah. I'm Going To Shut Up Now. Just Ignore Me, I'm 14 Years Old And Haven't Slept For Maybe 2 Days. Nothing I Say Will Make Sense >_< 


    @Danny Love the opening up part describes the clouds, and through my window describes his point of view.

    Oh, when the clouds above open up - through my window.

    You're really hard to understand with every word capitalized at the beginning.

  62. Meher Unnisa

    Death of A Superhero!..Thomas sangster

  63. Jasmine Wright

    I came here from a LOST video watch it, it's amazing


    @Imperial clover299 Thanks for watching! ;D

  64. badassmorse

    I'm here thanks to a fringe video <3
    beautiful song


    @Miss Atomic Bomb Thanks for watching! *-*

  65. Katie Torres

    Bilbo and Thorin  ... This song matches to this ship. FOREVER THILBO BAGGINSHEILD !!!!

  66. Kaitlyn Thompson

    Olivia and Stablef fan video brought me here

  67. Minnie Phan

    Bokura Ga Ita ❤️💔

  68. Debbie Willoughby

    I came here from Dido and John  :) Bell is a great movie  :)

    Debbie Willoughby

    sorry that should be Belle is a great movie

    Imperial Clover

    I haven't seen it yet but I want to is it good?

  69. Angel Chacon

    here because of nana and yano. ( bokura ita ga ) <3


    @Angel Chacon Thanks for watching! ♥


    one year later, me too!! that video is beautiful * - *

    Sarah Margaret

    I AM TOO!!!!

    Queen Ke

    Angel Chacon me too


    Same here

  70. radiantxdreamer

    Aria and Ezra <3

  71. Sarah Walker

    Jacob & Anna.
    Like Crazy. ❤

  72. Den's Corner

    Hoogwarts will always be there to welcome you home


    @Denise Malfoy Thanks for watching! ♥

    xmidnight X

    Don't make me cryyyy :(

    Piano by Gala

    Den's Corner Same

  73. Gabby Pascoe

    I love this song!!!


    @Gabby Pascoe Thanks for watching! ♥

    Gabby Pascoe

    No problem!

  74. katierosefun

    Reminds me of too many pairings - came here from a Merlin video. LONG LIVE THE KING!

    the lady Morgana

    katierosefun Another Merlin fan 😎😎😎

  75. elfriven

    Yo compré la canción en ITunes y la letra es diferente, excepto el coro....

  76. Maria Goodwin

    I first heard this song when I was on youtube, then the radio. I really like this song a lot though


    @Maria Goodwin Thanks for watching! ♥

  77. Chas 143

    I'm Hear This Song On Blue Lagoon: Awakening!!!

  78. Tiahna Hayes

    Great song


    @Tiahna Hayes Thanks for watching! ♥

    Jasmine Zhao

    @Tiahna Hayes Great profile pic ;3

  79. Louise Oddy

    Pride and Prejudice (Darcy and Elizabeth).

  80. Torisgirlfreind

    Im here because this songs is beautiful.... 

  81. Emily L

    The Lying Game: Emma & Ethan... gosh, this song and that couple is perfection <3

  82. Cleiton Matos Da Silva

    Massa gostei muito

  83. Taha Mebtoul

    Merci infiniment Carol <3

  84. rania lahlou

    skins :'( rich x grace and franky x nick :'(

  85. pooja kumar

    after watching japanese war crimes on china, this is the song which made me sleep

  86. keith gerrico lopez

    bokura ga ita XD

  87. Ty Junior

    Reminds me of Harry Potter :)

  88. Aracelys K. Gonzalez

    Gorgeous song!!!! aaaa :'D

  89. Samantha Davison


  90. Busra Bagbasi

    i found this at dethan fanmade video from teen wolf :D so beautiful, i can't stop listen to the song.

  91. shakira dessources

    This makes me think of Hazel and augustus <3

  92. Dolna Ray

    I fucking LOVE this song...... adore it to bits!

  93. Nina

    I found this through The Lying Game. :)
    Love that show for such good music.

  94. angel benjamin

    i spend all my day listening to this wonderful song!!!can't be borred of it!!!

  95. Loren Jarreta

    Eu ouvi essa música em Grey's Anatomy *-*

  96. yallipop

    ha! that's how i found the song...soo beautiful