Andrew Belle - Open Your Eyes Lyrics

Open your eyes now
Open your eyes now
It's time to see
If you can reach me

Open your eyes now
Open your eyes now
It's time to leave
It's time to leave me

Open your eyes now
Open your eyes now
It's time to see
If you still believe me

Open your life now
Open your life now
I'll try to be
All that you need me
To be

She'll be a star now
I will follow her lead
She'll be a scar now
I will still let her bleed

Open your eyes now
Open your eyes now
Try to speak
Like you can see me

Open your eyes now
Open your eyes now
I'll try to be

Almost everything
You need me to be

She'll be a star now
I will follow her lead
She'll be a scar now
I will still let her bleed
All over me

She'll be a star now
She'll be a scar now

She'll be a star now
She'll be a scar now

She'll be a star now
She'll be a scar now

She'll be a star now
She'll be a scar now

She'll be a star now
She'll be a scar now

She'll be a star now
She'll be a scar now
I will let her bleed
All over me

All over me

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Andrew Belle Open Your Eyes Comments
  1. Katie Glover

    My eyes open sometimes buddahette needs a sleep , coming from a woman I love his voice I don’t feel so half when I listen to my favourite songs. Feels like depression just melts away some how just enough to get out of bed

  2. Whitney

    Callie and Arizona

  3. Nellaa

    Greys Anatomy brought me here....

  4. Shay Joono

    Years has passe and I still listen to this song, grey's anatomy introduced so many good artist to their fans.

  5. Sara Beatriz

    Calzona & Slexie 🥺💔

  6. wait! WTFFF!!!! ;-;

    AÊ PORRA ACHEI ESSA DESGRAÇA... desculpa me empolguei mas já faz 5 meses q tô procurando o nome dessa musica e até q enfim achei vou chorar kkkk ㅠ~ㅠ


    Kkkkkkk claramente eu

  7. Daisy Duke

    This Song Is Perfection ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  8. Dany Cruz

    How is posiible what this beautiful video has a 600k of views??
    He deserves more!!!

  9. Purple penguin playZ

    anyon else here cause of the fosters?

  10. EternalLeave

    Adam Torres...

  11. Abby Hypolite

    Does anyone else get goosebumps all through their body when the crescendo happens coming to the end of the song?

    Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    Abby Hypolite Yes

  12. Lourd Fatima

    Calzona brought me here 💕😭

  13. Beary

    I came here to mourn Calzona with the news of JCap leaving. Here’s to hoping the writers end them together ❤️❤️


    April G I know I’m still not over it 😭 What a ride!

  14. KrankesFujoshi

    With help of Andrew I survived really bad depression. Thank you💙💚💛

  15. Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    This song is my favorite song by Andrew!

  16. Amora Psihea

    слушаю эту песню уже второй год и не понимаю почему так мало просмотров. шикарная песня.

  17. Robin Beukeman

    one of my all time favorite songs! Just magnificent!

  18. Karina Vargas

    It looks like this song is cool by Association

  19. Jessica Alves



    saudades callzona

  21. Justine


  22. itzel

    calzona kiss

  23. Jessy

    great song :)

    Daniel C

    His best Album so far for me!

  24. Jamilly Andrade

    ♡.♡ <3

  25. Samantha Morningstar

    Slexie :'(

  26. LexiesAnatomy


  27. Tierra J

    I create my art every single day listening to Andrew Belle and Sam Ness, those two inspire my soul. Thank you Andrew for creating your beautiful music!

  28. Avalon

    One Tree Hill <3

  29. Hay Naku Paul!!!

    I'm from wattpad I read I followed her and it was heartbreaking

  30. Nikky Chang

    I love this song, just cant understand why there are so less views :(

  31. Moree Velasquez

    Adam 😭💔

  32. Ree Salvatore

    One Tree Hill :)

  33. desiree villarreal

    Came because of degrassi when Adam dies 💔

    Don’t mind me. I’m just afraid of everything.

    desiree Villarreal
    Me, too!

  34. king a

    CALZONA :(

  35. gamedemon24

    Wow, with high quality headphones this song is way more complex than I realized.

  36. Heriberto Alcaya Rangel

    This song makes me cry, it's really sad.

  37. Cristina Carella

    Lexie: I have a boyfriend
    Mark: I know. I'm telling you that you may have an husband


    Andrea Reyna

    👍😍💔 Lexie y Mark R.I.P 😢

    Sarah Qenaei

    Cristina Carella oh, im watching this episode right now 💔😓


    69 lemao

  38. Maz Boogaloo

    open your eyes naritta .. I love you forever :(

  39. Adrika Sinhababu

    Oh One Tree Hill, not only have you solidified my love for Naley, Fall Out Boy and Basketball, but you also introduced me to such amazing music. Thank you Mark Schwahn!

  40. Miranda Hernandez

    RIP Adam

  41. tw: PNKPRlNT

    ADAM !!! rip buddy

  42. CamileFernie

    anyone here because of a scallison edit?

    James Marshall

    +kenza bourguiba What scallison edit?

    Kenza BRG

    +James Marshall I found it on instagram, it's made by @hollandreactions

  43. CamileFernie

    anyone here because of a stallison edit?

  44. Manon

    This music makes me cry so hard:(

  45. Johnny Cake


  46. Ohana Castro


    Aylin Flores


    João Royale


    One Girl

    Kiss in the elevator

  47. Lidi Silva

    Jorah and Daenerys :')

  48. Reema 3030

    Suburgatory brought me her <3

  49. rylie morris

    i strongly recommend one tree hill if you have never watched it!! it has amazing music, a amazing show and its a must!! if you have to watch only one show your whole life it should be this!

    Adrika Sinhababu

    Yes!! It was the only teen drama that I actually stuck with, the show had so many different themes that others lack. Loved the basketball, music, NALEY ;)

  50. Clara Ingle Troltenier

    So relateable right now.

  51. Rogue Grey

    He conveys emotions without making it impossible to listen to without crying which makes it twice as beautiful. The emotions are there and real but not so heavy that its suffocating. Its amazing he found that balance. And that he is able to do it over and over again in all his songs.

  52. Gisselle

    One tree hill brought me here :')

  53. sel sell

    so peaceful :)

  54. kaboom

    Grey's Anatomy <3

    Sharif Sany

    One Tree Hill <3

  55. mikali mfinanga

    A fan made teen wolf video about the friendship between Allison and lydia brought me here and was in tears because of it

  56. Ange ou Démon

    one of my favorite !! <3

  57. jose alfredo romero lopez


  58. luana Lira

    This song make me cry! Calzona <3

  59. MoonlightKitty3

    Ahh, I don't know which one of Andrew Belle's songs are better now... QAQ In My Veins or Open Your Eyes? THEY'RE BOTH SO BEAUTIFUL AND EMOTIONALLY COMPELLING.

  60. Erika Whelan

    My Calzona feels

  61. Emily Burns

    Drop dead diva brought me here

  62. marilynn nesheiwat

    there is not one song by him that I don't like. the only artist that I can listen to every minute of every day and not get tired of him! every song has a different meaning and emotion that I can always feel and relate to. I love you Andrew Belle and I hope to see you live one day!

  63. stefan

    Thanks to Degrassi that I've discovered a new song which is amazing! This song just made Adam's Death more heartbreaking!

    Veerle Kosters

    @unamused siren spoilersssssssssssssssssssss! fuck


    Sorry, i didn't really think of it as a sppoiler.. But i'm really sorry.

    Veerle Kosters

    That's ok, sorry for swearing:)

    Sharif Sany

    You should delete the comment :/ :(

  64. Kássia Crislayne

    Calzona! <3

  65. sangita nuli

    Calzona brought me here!!

  66. amanda hollingshead

    Degrassi brought me here lol

    Lavender August

    amanda hollingshead same dude same

  67. janeaklim

    jane by design xx :)

  68. Valerie Duvelson

    This is a great song.

  69. h ta


  70. alexis doe

    I miss him so much

  71. _wearethedreamersofdreams_

    ...this man... three years ago i was listening to this song and i kind of lost this artist, but now i am listening again and... damn... its amazing

  72. I’m Gucci

    Thank you, Degrassi <3 R.I.P Adam Torres <3

  73. Kaylyn Davis

    this makes me think of the greatest person I know
    R.I.P Hunter you were my best friend I miss you

  74. Agostino Trupia

    I just came here to andrew belle, not for some fucking TV series.

  75. TheLilly45678

    I just lost my bf this song makes me sad

  76. Victorria Cotton

    makes me think of

  77. WC2hands

    Go Andrew Belle!! B-a-u-tiful

  78. Meke Vidal

    When this song started playing, I knew what happened. R.I.P Adam Torres.

  79. Cozydragon

    RIP Adam, I had a connection to this amazing character since the 5th grade, you will always be apart of me.

  80. Cloud

    Degrassi always uses awsome music.. RIP Adam :,(

  81. christina koam

    this is a perfect song for Adam's funeral ;( degrassi isn't the same anymore it's getting sad too sad

  82. BlueByYou22

    I feel so bad for Dallas. First he lost Cam. And now Adam.

  83. YilaDuracell97

    All my Calzona feelings :'(

  84. Tom King

    R.I.P ADAM :(

  85. Bluespartan884

    Thumbs up if you miss and will always remember Adam Torres.
    R.I.P Adam Torres
    Son, brother, friend

  86. Hi_im_ Kingsavage

    Degrassi brought my to this song I love it R.I.P ADAM

  87. Arlanza Rodriguez

    I thought he was going to stay xc R.I.P Adam I cried on that part :/

  88. Carlee Setzer

    R.I.P Adam Torres

  89. Lily Little Productions

    i loved this song before it was on Degrassi,
    now i can't listen to it without wanting to cry. Adam Torres, you will truly be missed man!

  90. cece glass

    OMG I creed when he does whyyyyy himmmmm

  91. Darth Revan

    Adam.... You will truly be missed.

  92. Nyrelle Busby

    That episode was truly sad :(

  93. madziun2

    it wasn't her fault...

  94. madziun2

    best character in Degrassi - Adam Torres [*]

  95. Ember Sixx

    I miss you Adam Torres always and forever :( damn you degrassi :,(

  96. jess

    I love Andrew belle and now this song will always remind me of Adam FICTIONAL CHARACTERS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO DO THIS TO ME

  97. Teralotus

    Andrew belle is a amazing artist, his music is always perfect to catch moments in shows... in degrassi and grey's anatomy...