Andrew Belle - Make It Without You Lyrics

This is the starting of my greatest fear
I'm all packed up, getting out of here
But then you call and tell me not to go
That I'm the one who put the rock n roll
In your life

This is the starting of a brand new day
Never liked this town much anyway
I need this city like I need the rain
I know that somewhere there's a north bound train

Oh I'll
Make it without you
Make it without you
Though my body's laying here
It's my mouth that must be lying now

This is the starting of my fall from grace
My self esteem, oh it's seen better days
But you know I'll never let this go to waste
I'll keep this memory on the map I trace
Back to home

Friends go out, but I've been staying in
I know I should, but that's the way it's been
I never cared much for the taste of gin
Still don't now, oh, but it's been helping

Oh I'll
Make it without you
In my life
Oh I'll make it without you
Though my body's laying here
It's my mouth that must be lying now
It's my mouth that must be lying now

Oh I
Oh I'll make it without you
Oh I
Oh I'll make it without you
Oh I
Oh I'll make it without you!

Though my body's laying here
It's my mouth that must be lying now

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Andrew Belle Make It Without You Comments
  1. Ghostrider 1228

    I found this song and have used it to help make me cry and get my held up feelings and depression out. Truly a magnificent song.

  2. Ana K

    Callie <3 Grey's Anatomy <3 <3

  3. Mary Morgan

    Perfection ❤️

  4. Irma Kartika

    nonversation brought me here, this song was too deep

  5. Anu Gajee

    Rewatching Grey's and had to shazam this to get it! <3

  6. Mollem Studios

    My taste of really good music brought me here

  7. Frances Julienne Lagas

    This made me cry 😭 calzona pls 😭

  8. Isadora Varela

    Grey's anatomy feelings

  9. Ava Silva

    WHERE MY GREYS FANS AT *calzona for life dc dc *

  10. Gabriela

    Greys anatomy and the vampire diaries brought me here, oh, and also a broken heart too

  11. Zazoux83

    Callie and Arizona ❤❤

  12. Misstic

    Thank you Grey's Anatomy for this an all the other songs

  13. Nanang Nurdianto94

    indonesia ...

  14. Athena Konidaris


  15. Memeber 4lofe

    2018 anyone ❤️

  16. Megan Judith

    I'm here just because of Andrew. But it's awesome to know that some tv shows are using this song 👏

  17. Nick Singh

    I came here because of Andrew belle and also TVD forever

  18. Lea Bott

    I came here because of Grey’s Anatomy and TVD

  19. Marcella L.

    Cantor magnífico, músicas perfeitas, e essa voz linda de anjo ❤️

  20. Natisha Alli

    Calzona brought me here 😭😭😭❤❤

  21. Sabrina Oliveira

    Grey's ❤

  22. Isabella Palmieri

    ❤️ 2018

  23. salvctored

    and in that moment
    i loved him

  24. Cry Baby

    The Vampire Diaries and Grey's Anatomy #Brasil 😍❤❤❤

  25. Michelle Young

    I love Andrew belle. He was there during the long essay writing nights in college and highschool. I got married and my husband hated hearing him play... so I stopped listening to him until I had my daughter, she would instantly fall asleep in my arms while in the rocking chair. And now that we are divorcing... it feels like I've found myself once again through Andrew belle's music...

  26. Gnostic-Esoteric

    well 2 months til originals season 5! gotta love klaus & elijah.
    even if v-diares are slightly better. great song also ofc

  27. Lovleen


  28. TVD

    elena and Damon... 3x1

  29. Isabel Santos

    Grey’s Anatomy e TVD 💜

  30. Maddie Dezendorf

    elena and damon or callie and arizona... i dont know who i love more

  31. Maddie Xx

    Am I the only one that found him without any sources?

  32. Purple Smile

    Exact moment Elena found out she truly loves Damon ❤️

  33. photography_nikon3400

    I wasted 3 years of my life with a girl I truthfully loved but the 4th year she knew what she wanted to do and I said that's good what is it and she I going to go to college and study and she than said I moving down state so we won't see each other anymore so I don't think it work and I was like no u can't do this I love u don't plz I love u with all I have in this body and I started crying in her arms and didn't wanna go out her house because once I out I wasn't gonna see her again :'(


    Than I had to cause I couldn't sit there all day and I walked out sad and worthless and said can't believe she did this I just wanna give up or kill myself so she regret it

  34. Pradhi Kasotiya 420

    *AFTER* ❤

  35. Denise Signorelli

    Calzona ❤❤

  36. mobile_warrior

    It's been 7 years but I still fall in love with this song everytime I hear it.

  37. Brier Thompson

    Vampire Diaries ❤️❤️


    ahhh calzona 😞

  39. Alana Kim

    Andrew Belle brought me here :)

  40. Beatriz Malik Styles Tomlinson Horan Payne

    ouvi apenas duas músicas e já amei esse cantor.....

  41. goldenage1978

    I can't stand the vampire diaries personally, they all love you in the morning and betray you in the afternoon. Elena has less integrity than a sewer rat.

    Great song by the way.

  42. liv hinchcliffe

    Delena - The Vampire Diaries 2009-2017

  43. liv

    Delena ❤❤

  44. José Roberto

    Diários de um Vampiro 😍😍. estava procurando essa música❤

  45. Nese Valentin

    Looking For Alaska😭❤️ beautifully heartbreaking book

  46. Tanaya Naya

    Delena ❤

  47. Furkan Şen

    Çoq qüseL ßir şaRqı...!

  48. Bruna SLima


  49. Awh. Hunter

    Vampire dairies got my here

  50. Keslly

    Valeu aí TVD e Greys❤

  51. Lela Rose

    So beautiful 😍

  52. Kiyani Day

    Vampire Diaries❤️

  53. Hillary Soares

    toca isso nas minhas duas séries preferidas.. é muito amor, muito, muito amor!!!

  54. Jorge Zazueta

    You are so underrated dude shit.

  55. Luiz Fernando

    Thanks grey's anatomy for to show this beautiful song 😍😍

  56. Guess It Bitch

    why did i found this singer just now i love his songs <3
    hope he'll make more.. :")

  57. jess glez


  58. Sabrina Dada

    now i meet this singer. omg, i love "in my viens"

    Sabrina Dada

    +emilly mello i'm in love hahahh


    ok then you know if hear that song to many times you will hate that song? xddd

    Halla Ben

    So do i ,, i was listening to the notebook songs ,, n suddenlly i found in my vines ,, i loved it

  59. Denis Sol

    Thank you Andrew

  60. Thaina xx

    delena 🌚❤

    Mother Fucker


  61. grace morden

    Came here bf of Instagram 😂😂

  62. Mrs. Tomlinson

    Thank you Grey's Anatomy ❤️

    Marcus Emmel

    +Mrs. Tomlinson just watched that episode again omg i love that show and I love his voice

  63. Harold Song

    For ppl tht like this type of genre of songs i suggest u to listen to james young-moondust,lana del rey-video game,blackbear-idfc,gnash-crash with me,amber run-noah,aquilo-i gave it all,auroa...n if u hv time check out my vids on my channel too

    SaRa IL

    Harold Song i listened to three of the bands you mentioned before none is relevant to Andrew's music

  64. Kursat Emre

    Im still listening this song in 2016 :P

    sachin ganwal

    Me too.:P

  65. Larinha Elidia

    Hessa <3

  66. tom staff

    Who's here because they love honest to God and sincere music about love, loss, loneliness and the god damn human spirit!!!??!?!??!? To hell with all these shows that feature this song. Love is for what it is, not because it's featured on your fav show,

  67. Beth Gun

    Looking for Alaska.

  68. Felipe Pereira

    My favorite song <3

    Matheus Augusto

    um BR kkk, amo esse cara também

  69. Jan Aslin

    Nice song..mellow

  70. Kira Doman

    does anyone know where to find just the instramental?

  71. Bruna Bittencourt

    I'm the only one who did not came here because of tvd?

    Iris Simøne

    Bruna Bittencourt I came here because of a book

    Lieke Emilia

    Bruna Bittencourt me too!

    Raíssa S.

    @Iris Simøne what book??

    Iris Simøne

    @Raíssa S. I don't remember. It's been a year since I posted that comment lmao

  72. Realistic Gamerr

    In love with song

  73. Jen Wÿllen


    Yesmine Duff

    +Jen Wyllen they played this on Gossip Girl ? when ?

    Jen Wÿllen

    in TVD to

    Mother Fucker

    Yeees #TeamDelena

  74. paige gustafson

    this is will always be my song for ... that person.

  75. Clare Boldt

    this is a greys forever song not any other show sorry

  76. Sophie Adams

    I think I could listen to his voice all day...

  77. Floral Rainbow

    All my kitties (two kittens and one cat) were really playful and this song was so calming that they've all fallen asleep! Aw :) <3

  78. Oleron video

    Just beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  79. Larissa M

    Delenaaaa ❤

  80. Arianur Bieber


  81. Lucy William


  82. Dominika1987

    This will be always Calzona song <3

    That Part of Your Brain You Don't Listen To

    @Dominika1987 Maybe they can share.

  83. wishbone12354

    The moment she loved damon😭 I'm trying not to cry

  84. Aj Mc

    For almost 4 years. You left me with no option. I can make it without you.

  85. Taylor Davis


  86. Crystal J.

    So thankful I came across you Andrew. I love every song you've written thus far -xo

  87. Ana Oliveira

    Calzona And Grey's Anatomy *-*

  88. Nadège Seyer

    Calzona break up song 6x21
    my feelings are hurt <3

  89. Universe-ofv-VampireDiaries

    vampire diaries S03E01 delena!!<3

    Camilly Nunes

    Universe-ofv-VampireDiaries tbm vim porque eu vi lá

    Cry Baby

    Delena is life

    Mada Pogliesi

    TVD e Grey's Anatomy. Amoooo

    Mada Pogliesi

    Grey's Anatomy T6: E21

  90. luana Lira

    Calzona song <3

  91. Jaelyn S

    • I'll make it without you. •

  92. Erika Whelan

    My Calzona feels

  93. Emily Pugh

    Harry and Tessa ❤️

  94. Eva Devereux

    tvd tvd tvd

  95. SneakyBoo

    I love Grey's Anatomy & The Vampire Diaries! ❤️❤️