Andrew Belle - I'll Be Your Breeze Lyrics

He walks in the bedroom
And picks up the phone
He's singing to the beat of the dialtone
If he could he would shrink down
To fit through these holes
In rubber and plastic
That'd be fantastic
He'd crawl through these phonelines
To castles or farms
Or just across the stateline
And into your arms
We'd learn to distinguish truth
From false alarms
And fade into summer
Like we were the months of the year

And we'll fall asleep
Every night so easily
Like some kind of brand new disease
Hey we got it but c'est la vie
Don't you wonder how villains sleep
Every night so easily
If they can do it baby so can we

Just remember I'll be your breeze

Oh well i feel like myself
I finally feel like myself
Honey don't you feel like yourself
Feel like yourself
Cause I learned we all play
Our part in this thing
We've all got a song we were
Put here to sing
It's less of a circle and more of a ring
That keeps up together
Like we were prize fighters

I'll be like that
Heart that you cut out
And pinned on your sleeve
I thought I told you
That I needed you
Just to keep breathing

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Andrew Belle I'll Be Your Breeze Comments
  1. what ever

    I like the guitar sound they play it so nicely

  2. Mace The Messenger

    I notice something,this song sounds a lot like a couple of Imagine Dragon songs,anyone hear what I'm hearing?

  3. Emma Berger

    how do the talentless "artists"of today have more views than this guy? Andrew Belle is incredible and he deserves so much more recognition.

    shanice billy

    Sadly it's the way of the world, i'm just glad i'm still able to find beautiful music like this...

    Hassan Awale

    This guy does really deserve a lot more recognition , the lyrics written are one of the best I've heard and the music of "all those pretty lights" especially unique

  4. Felice Montanaro

    Congratulations! You're a great talent Andrew
    Tanti auguri per un immenso successo... Saluti da Napoli =)

  5. Abacus Joints

    So true.....

  6. Abacus Joints

    Oops sorry (bad math)

  7. Katie Nicole

    That would make it 100,000 not a million

  8. Abacus Joints

    Hey We're workin' on it. Only 33,130 views left!

  9. nichya11

    Good music is only for good listeners ;)

  10. Atheezo

    what music genre is this?

  11. Bailey Lawrence

    For anybody wondering, C'est la vie mans "such is life" en francais.

  12. Boisestbroncos10

    what? I don't understand what's ignorant about giving a free download to an amazing song.

  13. scribbler of dreams

    @aminabmh i think because in singing, you need to pronounce things differently or maybe he was just stretching out the vowels

  14. gkv

    add "repeat" before youtube on this URL, and you can listen to this song on repeat. You are welcome.

  15. Boisestbroncos10

    Hey guys! this song can be downloaded for free on, go to student, in free downloads, in the music section.

  16. superspyavril12

    does the cover remind anyone of a dr seuss book?
    hes an amazing singer (andrew not seuss :))

  17. jeditoe

    I just released a 'Postal Service'-esque cover of this song. Search "I'll Be Your Breeze - Cosmos Project" to listen to it!

  18. Ina Burton Music

    raw talent is usually under-rated. sadly.

  19. Stephanie

    seriously. Every single song of Andrew Belle's I love. It's impossible to find a song of his that isn't equally as beautiful and amazing as the rest. It's very rare for me to love EVERY single song by someone <3 Amazing singer!

  20. MsEarthangel666

    One of the best singers I've heard in a long time, the world is filled with crappy talentless mongs who can't sing when this guy is so underated! I love his music... 0:00 free replay button, this song needs it! :D

  21. hippieslovepie

    I'm in love:)

  22. jkcorona23

    why can't people who are actually talented be heard on the radio?

  23. Astrid Rozemarijn

    I love this, everyone should hear this music.

  24. JunFender

    my fave

  25. beatmess66

    This song Is AWESOME .. His lyrics are Genius !! His voice is mesmerizing !! so why isn't he getting more views ??!!

  26. oneohsix106

    dude, you're an amazing singer! this should have millions of views!!