Andre 3000 - The Crayon Song Lyrics

Everybody do the crayon, crayon
Everybody do the crayon, crayon
Everybody do the crayon, crayon
Everybody do the crayon, crayon

Black or blue, purple or yellow or red
Say we're all in this box together, oh yeah, oh yeah
The world is like a coloring book
To get the whole picture each other it took so

Everybody do the crayon, crayon
Everybody do the crayon, crayon
Everybody do the crayon, crayon
Everybody do the crayon, crayon

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Andre 3000 The Crayon Song Comments
  1. Carson Gold

    This makes me want to go back to the era of 2006-2008 all over again! I’m getting flashbacks of this song!

  2. Kevin Since

    Ev-eryBODy do da CRAY!ON. 🖍CRAY!ON. 🖍

    🖤..or 💙 - 💜or💛, OR ❤ !
    Said, were all in this [ together ]..

    The World is a Coloring Book.. to get da WHOLE pic_ture = each other it takes.. oh yeah. Uh huh, yeah

  3. Faramik2000

    Damn this sounds like The Now Now Gorillaz album

    One Dixie Cup Just For You

    You mean The Now Now sounds like Class of 3000

  4. The Movie Universe

    Andre 3,000's version of we are the world. Good times!

  5. maya summers

    I love that these songs had such real truth in them.

  6. dark Phantoms

    I miss this show

  7. Jaiden Fletcher

    I remember this song from when i was like 4 or 5

  8. Osaze Aiyalogbe

    men, how time fly..

  9. Tekkoh_Zeta

    23 years old and still rock this song childhood from the 90s to early 2000s was the best time to be a kid. I miss those days had the best shows especially toonami. wish I had could go back to those days.

  10. Flegan777

    Literally the best song in the whole show for me. What a great cartoon. It was so disappointing to see it removed from Cartoon Network all those years ago.

  11. Meg Griffin

    this song is still so relevant with the black lives matter mess and the KKK and Nazis doing that march protest.

  12. Cyber Flame

    This was my favorite song from this show.

  13. Eddy6159

    Omg this song is sweet nostalgia at its finest

  14. Cactus God

    Man I'm 20 and these songs bring me life again.

  15. Amos Bennett

    this show was the shit bring this show back

  16. Gabriel Cortes

    this was such a trippy show now that i look back at it

  17. Blu Moon

    I miss this show....


    Same, like you wouldn't believe.

  18. Mystery Nijitori

    This was the song I had to listen after watching a specific episode of Code Lyoko. It brings back such memories.

  19. Ronald Johnson

    This was phineas and ferb of Cartoon Network because there a song every freaking episode

  20. ali combo

    i AM 21 and i love class of 3000 great songs

  21. TheMcgillacuddy

    Love the message this song delivers but hate the fact that it was just looping "Everybody do the crayon crayon" in the show. Sounds much better in the soundtrack.

  22. KidCarlton

    This show went quick af. This is the only song I remember from the show.

    Dusk Legend

    KidCarlton I always remembered “a different shade of blue”

  23. Kuro-Chan!

    One of my favorite songs from the show next to Oh Peanut, UFO Ninja and Richer Shade of Blue


    +Yuzuki Kuro Oh I LOVE UFO Ninja...

  24. Donut Glazed

    A song that teaches kids to enjoy all races "Were all in this box together" and teaches kids the joys of music in general. I really wish Timothy would've just shut the hell u.I mean seriously we need things like this. The music and characters and messagez this jealous bastard really ruined a good thing.

  25. Michael Hinton

    My baby love this song n she 20 now awwww

  26. Sufer_Girl

    This should really be on bet or mtv

    Max the Black Leopard

    BET is a better place for this

    ricardo huff

    This show should be on BET also TVOne, i agree bring they need to bring this show back it really good.

  27. ricardo huff

    man I miss this show this show isn't bad too bad it cancelled too soon most of the soundtracks is cool really love this one one the coolest shows ever wish there was a dvd or anything to see this gem again

    ricardo huff

    I love to see those one day some people don't get shows like this a chance

    ricardo huff

    it's on

    ricardo huff

    ohhhh man

    ricardo huff

    that's cool I though it got all of the episodes

    ricardo huff

    Rodrick Young its cn fault for cancel good shows like this

  28. Dark_Merci

    My favorite song besides the theme!

  29. DarkJanet

    Ah, memories!

  30. Nobility Is A Must

    OMG I used to love the soundtrack!!!

    Checkers Rae

    Never see this before ,but yes it is a cool song I like it

    Jeffrey Cool Jones! Test Episodes

    @Checkers Rae Steven universe has songs regularly just like class of 3000 ... but still love this as well! :)

  31. Kyree Sims


  32. Vetti

    " We all in this " Box " together, aw yeahh aww yeahhh "

  33. jason armstrong

    I love the show and this song😢

  34. Dartagnan Jeffers

    I love the Album and cartoon I wish it were more seasons maybe a full length Movie of Class of 3000

  35. xQueenyTATx

    I loved this show along with Flap Jack, Chowder, Mucha Lucha and Sailor Moon

  36. Mike Craddock

    I miss this show

  37. Dominique Allen

    I miss the old shows on Cartoon network and Nick to  and all but you have to move on  you can't keep straying in the past, I LOVE adventure time & regular show and I don't care what anyone else say about them there good shows just because there aren't like the old stuffs that use to come on doesn't mean they suck, I think some of these 90s kids really need to grow up and move on to other things, I mean I miss  old cartoons like invader zim power puff girls and other stuff I use to watch when I was little but I don't be whining about it, you move on that you do when you get older.

  38. Fifi Larns

    My brother loved this song so much :) .

  39. Justin Johnson

    Best song from Class of 3000.. :)

  40. catchingsomezzzz

    i want on netfix so bad

  41. Kota Darko

    I love this. Really out of the box for Andre... Show had great potential. Gone too fucking soon

  42. chrissydabalck

    This,Chowder, and Total drama island were my shows back then.

    Alydia Brashear

    Omg, I feel ya bro

    Cyber Flame

    chrissydabalck ed Edd n Eddy was my childhood

    The Knight of Awesomeness

    Gotta add Dexter Laboratory

  43. Pedro Lopez

    +Paul Chao Well it's because CN didn't have enough money to fund the show...

  44. Vinnie Bazz

    Man i miss this show and this i have to say is my favorite song from s1

  45. number3665

    Seriously? I liked the original Ben 10 the one when they were older and what's his face had the bitchin muscle car was ok too. But that's it everything else after that didn't need to be made. I liked Sym-Bionic Titan and I even got excited when they moved it to Adult Swim, thought they might move up to a TV14?MA rating or something. Maybe even bring it to Toonami, but I didn't know they decided to out and out cancel it.

  46. TristeMietitore

    i miss this show

  47. Charles Smith

    Yeah, that was the reason. I forgot. I read up on that a few years back that he got sued. I didn't know he won. I must have confused this series' fate with another show. But even if it did continue, they still would have cancelled it. CN is always taking off shows. Whether they're good or not. Its crazy. There are so many shows that are less than 8 years old than aren't on anymore.

  48. Paul Chao

    actually I believe the reason it got cancelled was because some guy by the name of Timothy McGee or something like that sued class of 3000 because he had some idea similar to it and cartoon network cancelled the show and even though McGee lost the case cartoon network didn't put Class of 3000 back on.

  49. Teyuana Cooke

    No he decided not to put it back on the air. He wanted to go back and focus on music and producing and plus he got tired of writing music and story lines for the show.

  50. number3665

    I heard Andre 3000 even won the lawsuit, but CN doesn't just abandon shows like they did with this one. They completely took it off the site and don't even mention it anymore like it didn't happen. Plus CN has gotten to be very irritating when it comes to new shows. Like Young Justice (that had amazing ratings) was cancelled because of toy sales. They just don't care anymore.

  51. NathanLStanfield

    well yes and no, it's true the lawsuit put a damper on things but the ratings had gone down greatly after only the first few episodes, CN would have stood by it if it were selling as well as they wanted

  52. number3665

    Wasn't ratings dude this show had super high ratings. CN abandoned it because some ass sued Andre 3000 claiming he proposed an idea for a show like this back in 97. Here's the kicker though even if he did his proposal didn't become shit so instead of licking his wounds and going on with life he decided to sue.

  53. Shear Maddness

    Andre 3000 got sued, apparently. However, even though he won, CN didn't put the show back up.

  54. Jetg360

    I swear this show inspired me to play an instrument

  55. NathanLStanfield

    low ratings, I didn't even know anybody who watched it but me.

  56. ctrlxxdubssquare39wi

    It's because no racism is shown...every student is a different race...and they get along.

  57. Oizz LawL

    I wish the show was back! :'-(

  58. XxraventeenxX

    Andre 3000 needs to make a come back. His voice is amazing.

  59. Jasmine Mckinney

    These Songs will never Lose My attention ♥

  60. KeeKee Flowe

    This song will never get old to me :)

  61. DeltaScreamer

    actually, there are 2 black kids, 2 asian kids, and 3 white kids.
    they're not all a different race, but I agree with you.

  62. Hoodfelon

    @ Gabe Sosa probably the same fools that like Chief Keef. Lol

  63. Elirius

    omg who are you? let me thank you in person!!

  64. Elirius

    you opened closed wounds man....and im actually thank full

  65. TheInsaneHiker

    Timothy McGee's lawsuit against André, claiming André stole his idea for the show, might have more to do with it.

  66. Ginell Ivelisse Derich

    Who r the stupid mutha fuckas who disliked this

  67. K91242

    This was a good show;
    implying you are wrong for implying implication

  68. kittylin333

    implying this may have been a good show?

  69. Aliduck64

    ha ha well alright then

  70. Mr. Lylehammer

    lol, no but i just wanted to put that in.

  71. Aliduck64

    dose it really matter swetheart. :P

  72. Mr. Lylehammer

    He spelled it wrong, it's Xiaolin Showdown.

  73. rouge1ful

    they're bringing it back

  74. Aliduck64

    YES! OMFG! thank you sooo much! i have been trying for almost a year to remeber it! holy god thank you so so so much! literally im so happy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D:D

  75. K91242

    Shaolin Showdown?

  76. Aliduck64

    do u remember an old show about ninjas? i think it was the network. but i am not possitive. there was one asian boy who was very good and three(?) other kids from different places come and change how he views the world. and there's a talking dragon helping them find something. i cant remeber what tho.

  77. Cody

    Heh...I see what was done there...

  78. janboblarry

    ah damn. im hearing it was some prick from NCIS or something?

  79. Jack

    A Cock sucking attention seeker thought his idea was just like andres show and tried to sued him. He failed. But what happens to show if they're sued winning or losed :I.

  80. Cody

    At least we got to see this show before it fell to pieces like all good shows inevitably do to please the hoi polloi.

  81. janboblarry

    Why was andre sued for this?

  82. Cpt Volker

    All the color from TV is being erased, too bad nobody has enough force to paint some originality back into it. It's heartbreaking.

  83. Str8UpSeoulSister

    It's Andre 3000, the creator of Hey Ya. What do you expect?

  84. Nathaniel Ryles

    The person who sued Andre should not even stop in Atlanta for a day.

  85. Peewe111


  86. tehMarxz

    This was so cool when it came out.

  87. K91242

    Dude, don't make a big deal of something that I posted 8 months ago.

  88. All Night Cats

    Allow me to rephrase. Why are you posting a rant blaming CN for cancelling good shows on a video of one of the few cartoons that they cancelled only because they had no other legal choice? Why not find a clip of a good show that was cancelled for other reasons and post your rant there?

  89. K91242

    Dude what are you talking about? Class of 3000 and Juniper Lee weren't the ONLY good shows. Cartoon Network cancelled lots more because they wanted to.

  90. All Night Cats

    The why post a comment complaining when cartoon network had no choice?

  91. K91242

    I already knew that...

  92. All Night Cats

    They were sued for this show and Juniper Lee. That's why they were cancelled and you can't buy episodes through legal channels.

  93. cimilienp

    New school vs old school. New school = ITS POWER LEVEL IS OVER 9000000000. Old school wins. Always!

  94. nera thomas

    i loved this show! thanks for cancelling it tho

  95. Spoochy1

    I agree.

  96. flipcamgamer

    no I think this is when the show actually knows how to do new age music right.

  97. Jae Boredom

    I agree, but i'm still gonna call you crazy

  98. pachirisu888

    True aside from (in my opinion) 3 shows one of which isn't even theirs so it doesn't count Disney Channel is a real trainwreck. But there are still good Disney movies.... What IS going on? Disney was known for being one of the greats in animation and yet they only have 2 cartoons? I know it's expensive but come on your killing us here

  99. The accuser

    Philly Phill, Madison, Lil d, Tamika, Eddie, Kim, Kam, and Sunny/Andre 3000. Aaahhh memories.

  100. Jasmine P

    this show and especially this song broke racial barriers, idk why anybody would want to cancel this show