Andonov, Bobi - War Is Love Lyrics

You'd rather leave me broken
Than whole with an empty heart
We were better left unspoken
Than a million miles apart
It's torture here in this space between
As you're loving and leaving me

You say there's nothing left to fight for
Cause this feels like too much
Your heart is too afraid to want more
Of the pain you're left to touch
You're only win if you don't give up
Cause love is war and war is love

Trying to give up on perfect
In your battle of one oh, oh
Trying to believe you're worth it oh
When every piece of you wants to run
So now that you're caught in this space between
And you're the only enemy

You say there's nothing left to fight for
Cause this feels like too much
Your heart is too afraid to want more
Of the pain you're left to touch
You're only win if you don't give up
Cause love is war and war is love

You say there's nothing left to fight for
Cause this feels like too much
Your heart is too afraid to want more
Of the pain you're left to touch
You're only win if don't give up
When everything won't be enough
Cause love is war and war is love

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Andonov, Bobi War Is Love Comments
  1. Beth Wats

    It’s weird, this sounds so much like Harry, yet so different.

  2. Niene Biene

    I'm here because because of a beautiful and emotional video and I got goosebumps💔😭

  3. Lionk2002 !

    everyones like he sounds like harry styles and im over here like idk why harry styles sounds like cause i refuse to listen to him

  4. ー引きこもり

    Honestly, he sings better than Harry Styles. I really don't understand how you can keep saying he sounds like Styles, he's better than Styles xd

  5. Ivein Marie Jønsson

    He might sound like James Arthur or Harry styles, but he is not them. He is who he is, His voice is his own , so you guys, leave him alone

  6. jiann G

    This song should be one of the soundtrack for le silence de la mer, if ever there will be a remake ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sophie Louise

    Harry styles and James Arthur’s love child be like

  8. fetwi Israa

    Is it me or is this harry's voice ????
    I am really crying ahakjjajja 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. Madeleine Waslander

    I wish this was on Spotify

  10. Lorelei Warren

    No my tears!!! Come back... I didn’t say you could leave! 😭

  11. Madeleine Waslander

    It’s sad that this song isn’t on Sporitfy because it’s SO good.

  12. Arpi B

    I came back after all these years and I don't regret it

  13. Amandine L


  14. Ingrid Reese

    this song is soooo underrated I've been searching this song in 2016 and I thought this is some leaked song of one direction new album last 2016 and then right now 2019 I finally found this songs omg this is really good I mean his vocals and the message of the song.❤

  15. Megan Poll

    This song is a copy of warrior by demi lovato

  16. Turbowat?

    He Auditioned in 2010 stop comparing .

  17. Ridhima Joshi

    He sounds so beautiful

  18. jacey dye

    Umm ok why ain’t this on Spotify 😤😫

  19. Nancy Jeckells

    does anyone else think at 1:03 that he is singing Your Heart is doing three to one, boy ??

  20. Optimus Prime

    No, it not sounds like Harry Styles or James Arthur, he sounds like Bobby Andonov

  21. Qwer- ty


  22. Lexi Baker

    *love is war and war is love*

  23. Lexi Baker

    Why isn’t this on Spotify?!

  24. Lexi Baker

    It sounds like Harry! ❤️ he’s such an angel!

  25. Elly Baer

    I wanna buy this

  26. Derik Roque

    and your the only enemy

  27. vxnnx3 _

    I'm not fine...I think I need a hug ❤😫😭

  28. Diana Deleon

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music.

  29. Yung Duttism

    My ears nutted

  30. Oh Madjda

    I can't believe this voice !!!

  31. Kwnstantina Drosou

    ☆...9|1|18...☆ id still fight for you

  32. Deorum Utlagatus

    How do I get this song

  33. Rojena Marhb

    This is not Bobby this Harry Styles song 💗💗

  34. allison

    he’s giving me john legend vibes

  35. allison

    my heart hurts

  36. Asalah chemaissem

    I’m honestly getting James Arthur and harry styles vibes from his voice.

  37. Emily Mitchell

    Why isn’t this on Spotify??

  38. renny

    It's upsetting that I'm unable to find this on Spotify

  39. Lord Praxxis

    I have loved this song since I first heard it. But I love it now even more because I had a pretty bad falling out with a close friend and this is the first song I thought about to cheer me up and at this moment, one of the only ones I want to listen too because of the lyrics🤷🏻‍♀️

  40. Kate Goodyear

    You only win if you don’t give up so never give up!

  41. Shadowdancer

    The first second of the song sounds a bit like Ashes from Celine Dion

  42. Ventska Anthoni

    he didn’t even really sounds like harry but his voice is so calming tbh

  43. Adriana

    I thought it was Harry

  44. mehar shah

    “you only win if you don’t give up”

  45. Sahra M.

    He sounds like james arthur

  46. Margarita quezada Cerda

    Is harry styles???? 😢😢😢😢

  47. Margarita quezada Cerda

    Oh my gpod

  48. Stela Kau

    Who else came here just because they want to prove this isn't Harry's song? Lol

  49. Stela Kau

    This voice seems like Harry's so much

  50. Hannah Jean

    Destiel.... ♡

  51. Weirdy.

    He just sound like him self.


    trying to believe you:'(

  53. yBlacK - Block strike

    Is music Good Men I Love Music ❤

  54. marinski

    This song is still soo beuatiful I can't 😫😍💗

  55. Cristela Mejica

    This reminded me of Until Trilogy on wattpad. #Klarijah😭❤

  56. Julie Bentivegna

    Je. t ' aime. Julie. c ' est. Mathilde. :-)

  57. Julie Bentivegna

    Coucou Julie c'est ta petite sœur adorée je t'aime très très fort et c'est Mathilde

  58. Peter vd Berk

    This songs gives me feelings that cant be spoken in words. 😍

  59. Tasha Gomez

    For the longest time I thought Harry sang this 🤣

  60. Flash For Life

    Who else wishes this song was on Spotify?

  61. Julie Bentivegna

    J ' adore. ta. musique. Julie. c ' est Mathilde

  62. Julie Bentivegna

    Coucou. Julie. je. t ' aime Mathilde

  63. Julie Bentivegna

    coucou Julie c'est ta petite sœur adorée bébé

  64. Christina SenzaH

    This song reminds me so much Larry Stylinson

  65. Santana Smith

    It’s like a mixture or Harry and James Arthur.

  66. Sam mara

    i thought this was harry... my whole life is a lie now I'm broken.

  67. where is rezii?

    If James Arthur and Harry Styles had a son ..

  68. Inês Teixeira

    I really thought that Harry Styles was the singer like OMG I love him so much
    Although the way he breathes while singing isn’t the same but I just imagine him singing that.
    Good jobbb❤️ the lyrics are amazing

  69. imperfect creations music

    Yeah, fine...

    Alia A

    Song halo Beyonce Knowles

  70. Leni Ries

    I love this song♥️🌹🤗

  71. Heart Sounds

    Canta como Harry lpm

  72. BandzUp

    such a good song. makes me a lil sad

  73. Miss Penguin

    This is giving me Jet Black Heart vibes

  74. Elizabeth Saenz

    Why is bobby not really famous yet??

  75. cheyanne lee

    everyone keeps saying he sounds like harry styles. OKAY WE GET IT BUT ITS NOT HARRY SINGING

  76. fetushobi

    It sounds like Harry Styles and James Arthur combined.

  77. Hannah

    This gives me all the feels. I am obsessed

  78. Giovanna Amarú

    Tem alguém do Brasil aqui??

  79. Mint Ice cream


  80. marissaa


  81. renaee morgan

    His voice is a mix between James arthur and Harry styles !!

  82. olivia ashley

    Harry wrote it tho

  83. Sleepy_ Ghost

    I love this so much and reminds me so much of Harry Styles 😂 I wish harry does a cover of this

  84. call me sierra

    I feel sad for bobby
    he's only known because of harry styles. his voice is amazing and his songs are deep and beautiful.. he deserves the right attention ♡

    Lexi Baker

    call me sierra I dont

    May Ratcliffe

    He really is an amazing artist, love his voice 💕

    oioi and all the love

    This song is not even on Spotify :(

  85. Kaitlin :3


    Lyrics: You're heart is too afraid to want more...

    Is it just me who hears wumbo???

    Edit: I think of Larry tho when I listen to this... 😭💙💚

  86. Lena Richter

    the song is called forgive me from 1D aka Harry Styles

    Jess E

    Lena Richter no its not

  87. Aurora

    So sad that people in comments are just like " it's sound like Harry Styles or James Arthur"
    Guys this is Bobby Andonov, not anyone else ~
    Just like you are you and I'm me ~

  88. pradhi bansal

    It makes the hair on my neck stand still. This song is is so overwhelming I have to sing it all the way to school I cant get it out of my head

  89. 플_로라

    노래 너무 좋네요 귀가 녹아요...8ㅁ8

  90. natalka uwu

    That's somethin between James Arthur and Harry Styles. It sounds amazing. A piece of art.

  91. justarandomintrovert

    am I the only one whos crying like never before?

  92. sofi a


  93. Helia Cristina

    Nossa!!! Que bela cançao!!!!❤💚❤💫💫💫

  94. Sean O

    Always have loved dark gothic landscape paintings. Gonna commission one someday with a few personnel tidbits thrown in.

  95. Let them love

    Amazing song

  96. Equilanora

    I know this sounds like Harry Styles buy I promise you it isn't!

    Mari McKee

    @E Ryuu Harry Styles did not sound like a teenage girl😂 if anything Niall Horan did🤣

    Mari McKee

    @Just Another Commenterhahaha!🤣🤣🤣

    Mari McKee

    @FangirlFreak Xx That's what ithought when I first heard the song😂

    Mari McKee

    I thought it was Harry Styles song because when I first heard the song, it said War is Love by Harry Styles

    Mari McKee

    @Ol Ie It sounds like a hybrid of James Arthur and Harry Styles😂