Anderson, Lyrica - When I Needed You Lyrics

You don't even feel guilty
When you needed to feel guilty
To busy like your pride is in the way
You don't even want to say sorry
Wanna sound and say sorry
To busy tryna flip it all on me

What happened to the man I used to know
Not your typical
Always with your boys chasin hoes
And my feelings tho
What happened...?
You were supposed to be the one
That I take home to meet my parents

Where were you?
When I needed you
I needed you
Where were you?
When I needed you, Whooo
Look at you
Boy look at you
I can't look at you
So ugly
I'm through with you, Whoo

Who cooked you dinner?
Who always made you feel like you're a winner
You're such a guy, you ain't shit but a cheater
I shoulded believe your friends, when they said that you ain't shit

I think I learn my lesson it's hard to give my all
You say I'm what you need, but still that ain't enough
All I ever needed was for you to be one hundred
Now I'm sitting here thinking

Where were you?
When I needed you (When I Needed You)
I needed you (I needed you)
Where were you? (Where were you baby?)
When I needed you, Whooo
Look at you
Boy look at you
I can't look at you
So ugly
I'm through with you, Whoo

I smoking cigarettes, and I don't even smoke cigarettes
I'm touching myself, when you should be right here touching myself
Thinking about your kisses, the way you put on me
Thinking about that first time you said you love, Oww
You said you love, You said you love me
Boy you don't love me

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Anderson, Lyrica When I Needed You Comments
  1. JamieR


  2. A&DTeam RamirezRomero

    Where we’re you when I needed you......😞

  3. Helen A. Myers

    Stay Natural.


    I love it baby girl!😍😍❤❤❤

  5. Walter Gayden


  6. Chyna Black



    Why ppl saying she cant sing ? This song is lit !!

  8. JuicyBabe Henry

    Love dis woman ❤️❤️

  9. Princess Kenyotta


  10. acct hacked 4.6.2019*Sounds2Astound

    Such a beautiful voice! 🎙🎶🎧💯🔥

  11. Carla Williams

    Love it real love it

  12. Alpha Sweetheart

    yep this .. still love this song !

  13. Tony Drayton

    very 702..i like it

  14. King D.R.E


  15. Cherish Pendergrass

    I can't believe I was sleeping on this greatness.... you don't even want to say sorry when it's time yass bish

  16. Bougie Gemini B

    the end is, my fav part 💜💜

  17. A Apples


  18. Joseph Shade

    I love her!!

  19. S e v e r u S

    🔥🔥 my bop

  20. Chelsea Cousette

    got me smoking cigarettes and i don't even smok em. rs. this is exactly what i feel great song!

  21. Danyale Murdock

    1 of my favvs

  22. Crystal Weaver

    lyrica Anderson writes music for people so she can do well with her own music love it....

  23. Kamarriya Jones

    wow lyrica is actually a real star some real talent on love and hip hop l.A

  24. Mia Harvell

    This my bitch my new favorite artist I'm a forever fan

  25. Wanda Crawford

    Damn lyrica.. You know
    you is telling it
    like it's.. Thank You
    For This One..

  26. luz Gonzalez

    She's so bomb 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Nelli Sky

    💔💔💔this song helps me heal fr♥️♥️♥️

    Carla Williams

    Me too fr

    Lisa Wallace


  28. Shari S.

    Good job Lyrica. Love and hip hop need to promote her right! Or somebody!

  29. Shu Sha

    I llove It

  30. Latasha Love

    Yasss you better sing lady, love her voice

  31. Peekaboolelee ICU

    I love this beat!

  32. Mood Ring

    lyrica! you know we all on the same page!

  33. Iesha Holmes

    She's very sexy and talented I love her!!

  34. Vee Nessa

    something about the creepy golden hands are scary her other video her eyes change colors

  35. meme

    Love her

  36. Brittany Smith


  37. Izzabella Dieteman

    💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️ Damn

  38. jillian gray

    she is so talented!

  39. Latrivia Mcmorris

    I'm in love with this song !!!!

  40. Cathy tyler

    LOVE IT!!

  41. deltagrl4sho

    file this in that imaginary mental folder: Questions That Need Answers

  42. Pretty Richelle

    love this woman

    Deionna Smith

    Love u Lyrica...if u start a label, look me up...write and sing😍

  43. Liyah Liyah


  44. King khalid

    dj dope says this shit is dope 😎🔥🔥🔥

  45. Joseph Valentino

    i want the lyrics so bad

    Joy Broadnax

    You don't even feel guilty when you need to feel guilty too busy feeling like your pride is in the way
    you don't even wanna say sorry
    when its time to say sorry
    too busy trying to flip it all on me .
    what happened to the man I use to know
    not your typical always with your boys chasing hoes
    in my feelings oh what happened
    you was suppose to be the one i took home to meet my parents

    where were you when i needed you *2 times*
    look at you boy look at you
    i cant look at you
    so happy im through with you

    who cooked you dinner
    who always made you feel like you're winner
    youre such a guy you aint shit but a cheater
    i shouldve believed your friends when they said you aint shit
    i think i learned my lesson
    i started to give my all
    said i was what you need still that aint enough
    all i ever needed was for you to be 100
    now im sitting here thinking


    and then the last part i dont feel like typing lol

    (quick lyrics)

    Joseph Valentino

    +Joy Broadnax thank you so much

  46. Sophistakitty

    This song baaaaaby I love it

  47. Georgina Valdez

    song has me all in my feelings n shit...

    Joseph Valentino

    im telling is the shit

  48. Lucki Boi

    this here doe go so hard..

  49. Misami Chérie

    so much love for you Lyrica ^^

  50. Phuti Modiba

    Lyrica Lyrica Lyrica Lyrica Lyrica....i Love You

  51. lasalle2407

    This is my song love it my new song!

  52. Krystin Grant

    man listen how in feeling now omfg

  53. Ashley

    thts a banger right thurr!!!

  54. jazprenia hawkins

    Loving this song and all your other music. This song is relatable. Keep up the good work Lyrica😁😁😁