Anderson, Lyrica - Sexplanation Lyrics

Wait, hold up, I don't really feel like talking
You and my boots need to be knocking

You know, you know, you wanna see how I do it
You know, you know, you wanna put me through it
So many things I just wanna say, but I'd rather sexplain myself

Sit down, shut your mouth, turn around
Let me sexplain myself
I don't wanna do no talking, baby
I'll sexplain myself
Sit down, shut your mouth, turn around
Let me sexplain myself
I don't wanna do no talking, baby

All I wanna hear is the bed go boom
Got my voice sounding like I've been out of tune
It don't even matter if the neighbors wake up
Cause I just wanna make sweet love, yeah

You know, you know, you wanna see how I do it
You know, you know, you wanna put me through it
So many things I just wanna say, but I'd rather sexplain myself

Sit down, shut your mouth, turn around
Let me sexplain myself
I don't wanna do no talking, baby
I'll sexplain myself
Sit down, shut your mouth, turn around
Let me sexplain myself
I don't wanna do no talking, baby

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Anderson, Lyrica Sexplanation Comments
  1. yolanda Ann


  2. Chocolate Thunder Cherry

    Acoustic wise she sounds just like nivea 🥰💞🙏🏿🤞🏿

  3. Vanessa Cullars


  4. Helen A. Myers

    This is what I mean when I say, "Stay Natural." Acoustic is what's up. Every talented Artist, like yourself does not need auto tune. It takes from your true Artistry.

  5. Olivia

    Classic LA💙

  6. Kaneisha Jackson

    My favorite of her ♥️♥️♥️

  7. viv alv

    Love this MF!👄👄⚡⚡⚡

  8. 2blessed 2Bstressed

    I rather sexplain myself I don't wanna do no Talkin Bay Bay👀

  9. Dee Will


  10. Evelyn Williams

    Her and her mother has the gift that can't be denied.

  11. Betty

    Young lady you can sing! You sing good just like you mom! God Bless You And Your Mom!!

  12. shauna reid

    Beautiful voice!


    A mom was listening to her in my stereo my stereo she was like damn you that's how you talk

  14. Gemini Misses

    Wow Sexplain myself!!! Who thinks of this but a bomb ass female who knows she's that deal. That's wassup.


    You just can't sing no better than a sister

  16. Myra Biundo

    Wow, Lyrica has a lot of good songs! The radio should play your songs more.

  17. acct hacked 4.6.2019*Sounds2Astound

    🎶🎙🎧🔥💯Such a beautiful, sexy song .. 😍😍😍#Sexplanation #LyricaAnderson

  18. Loida Lopez

    her voice is amazing omg 😄😄

  19. Vee Foster

    Damn these acoustic versions sound better then the actual songs. I had no idea she could blow like this...

  20. Nicky P.

    🙋‍♀️Got my voice sounding like it's in autotune baby!😍😍😙😙😄 I dont want to do no talking!🤐😍😍😘

  21. B Angelic

    I looooooooooovvvvvvve her!

  22. Michelle Gatewood

    Great song i wish have talent like that u killed it 💯💯👌✊💯

  23. L Marie

    Yes she is!!!

  24. Neshia W


  25. Ragluvvulgar


  26. comedian see no evil

    this song is awesome. I need a dance to this. got me in a trance

  27. Karina Jaydee

    i love her!!!!

  28. Quayshaun George

    I'm such a fan!! Album please

  29. Hasson Henry

    love her ! voice let sexplain myself. I hear that shit sing that shit lyrica she do no talking lol....😊😂😂😂😉I kno that's right

  30. ashlee frey

    she's my new favorite artist her music gives me life!

  31. da family

    love all her songs smh

  32. Brandee Hayes

    I love you the world needs more Divas in it you rock stay strong f*** the haters Will Divas stand🤗💆👸💅💍💄🎓👑💎

  33. Jenny Head Turner

    damn Dude with the hair is outright fine Ass fuck, good job lyrica

  34. Raebubbles Yates

    Shes the really talented why lhh as the way hey introduceing her

  35. Naimah Thomas

    And I don't even watch llahh Lyrica was on my recommended list, thanx YouTube :-)!

  36. Naimah Thomas

    Now all she needs is a great team for her and true friends to root her on and talk to (we all need true friends to keep us balanced and humble) having great family goes without saying and she will go far and have longevity in her career and industry :-) :-) :-)! yaaaas I'm praying and rooting for Miss Lyrica!!!

    Anh Anh

    sex manh

  37. Naimah Thomas

    Lyrica is a star :-) straight up and down she possesses everything, great humble personality, looks, authentic talent (born with it) and stable in her personal life all the ingredients :-) :-)!!!!!

  38. kibby x

    her voice man

  39. Tamara Riley

    she's holding back her voice is pretty she can do more!!

  40. kareemah coleman

    #Professiongig u got this royal lifeeeeee plansssssssssssssssssssss stay creative

  41. Daniela Almonte

    My feelings exactly 😍 Loving her voice

  42. MayaD TV

    Oooh so smooth. I love this song!

  43. kim palmetto

    next up to bllloooooow🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. Crystal Alexander

    Lhhh not doing u justice hope u make it serious!!!

  45. Crystal Alexander

    this girl has plenty talenty unlike other Lhhh stars she is the real deal am a fan!!!!!!!

    ebonie thompson

    Crystal Alexander Her, Jhonni blaze, Olivia, Tearra Marie, they were all the best ones

    Crystal Alexander

    ebonie thompson yh they are I meant she was the best in Hollywood

    ebonie thompson

    Crystal Alexander tru she top 3 outta all seasons

    Crystal Alexander

    ebonie thompson yep hope she makes it big

  46. Kaitlyn Marciano

    I can fuck wit her she a freak her songs make MW horny

  47. Dr Morgan

    This girl can really SING! Love her voice!

  48. LeeLee Cruz

    I hope this girl goes far...she is very talented and I love her fukn voice 💯💯

  49. Brianna Clinton

    YAAASSSS this my shit 😍😍😍

  50. Alisa Hicks

    get it get it lyrica awesome song i love it

  51. Shae Savi

    she is so underrated

    comedian see no evil

    Shae Savi ikr


    Shae Savi she underrated she's right where God wants her to be

    Gemini Misses

    Shae Savi hell yeah cuz she's Dope AF! OK....she's gonna be hotter than fire!

  52. singer_x

    timberland needs to get at her.

  53. Porscha Davis

    just now hearing of her and this ep wtf lol

  54. Ms Schonheit

    Kill'n highs and lows #range !!

  55. No Reason

    really girl, thanks love and hip hop, now I m à fan.

    Porscha Davis



    No Reason HELLO🙌🏾👏🏾🙋🏽✊🏾🤗👍🏾👌🏾💯💪🏾

  56. David Robertson

    tune!!!! ❤️

  57. Cem Maraj

    love you ❤

  58. peachez Morris

    dont fuck up on lnhhhw

  59. Kay Mickael

    So Dooooope d^_^b

  60. Mabel

    I love this so much!!

  61. Victoria Simmons

    love it 😍😍😍😍

  62. Nyree Oliver

    in love with this song

  63. Mercedes Yoli

    OMG I love this song so much. It just makes me wanna get down and dirty with my man after a long day.mmm haha This should have over a million views it is 100 times better than the crap thats on youtube. Her voice is just so inviting and mindblowing. I have played this song over 20times today. I wish it was longer. Someone should make this an hour long song. haha Like Earned It. The Weekend and Lyrice need to do a song a sexy one. OMG talk about ear heaven here. Great song. Love Lyrica and the band is awesome. I am a fan for life.

  64. Jerome Baggling


  65. Charlene Ibarra

    She has a aaliyah vibe

    adriane lind

    I was thinking the same thing

    Victoria Simmons

    same thing i was tginking

    Victoria Simmons


    Precious Johnson

    Charlene Ibarra she does have that aaliyah vibe

  66. Tina Edwards

    I love her voice ahh

  67. Helena Helios

    I miss artists like that! Really great voice :)) Great song!

  68. Al media

    I want her album... Her melody is no joke

  69. Fabianne de Jesus

    In Barry White's style! :-D

  70. sassyintrovert

    The band is killing it in every acoustic vid.

  71. sierra c

    I love her ! Her music reminds me of Aaliyah's music. Love it ! Need more <333333

  72. Stefani Rose

    lawwwwwdy, she needs to be on my tv! ! shes so talented omg

  73. Minako M

    How the hell does she not have a million views? She's a dope ass singer. She needs more airplay and TV time.

    ebonie thompson

    Minako M so true

  74. TJ Brister

    One of my favorites 

  75. Kenneth Jones, Jr.

    This was really good. I hope she goes far.

  76. Jasmine mccutcheon

    yasss bih, her runs & vocals hella talented!

  77. Zenobia Merriwether

    Love you !!!! My shit !

  78. Rachel Wilson

    Omg this girl is talented!!!

  79. TheTronixTV

    This the smoothest stuff I've heard this year

  80. Joseph Strozier

    Female counterpart to The Weeknd. That's my opinion. I love her voice.

  81. Renne Marie

    My shit... Love this😀😀😀

  82. Jolisarena

    amazing!! I would love to see you in concert!

  83. tanaka cheneka

    a self explaining track

  84. Kelly Buddafly

    OMG!Perfection!love Ur voice!The next brandy!