Anderson, Lyrica - Resist Lyrics

Don't reach out for me
I can't resist ya
There's no resistance
I love ya
Hate that I miss ya
You're manipulative
So I can't save it
Even though I love ya

So don't reach out for me
Don't reach out for me
So don't reach out for me
I can't resist ya
There's no resistance
'Cause I love ya

Don't look at me like I don't know what I'm thinking
I see right through your pretty lies for a reason
And if I'm not the best I'm one of the greatest
You wouldn't have not seen ya chest when you would say it

Don't reach out for me
I can't resist ya
There's no resistance
I love ya
Hate that I miss ya
You're manipulative
So I can't save it
Even though I love ya

So don't reach out for me
Don't reach out for me
Don't reach out for me
I can't resist ya
You're manipulative
Even though I love you

I see right through your pretty lies for a reason
I can't take the way you lovin' on the street no
Its unbelievable
I see right through your pretty lies for a reason
I can't take the way you lovin' on the street no

There's no resistance
I see right through your pretty lies for a reason
I can't take the way you lovin' on the street no

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Anderson, Lyrica Resist Comments
  1. Bronshae Alexander


  2. Soul 8th Saturn

    This is a great vibe for Lyrica! This song style is perfect for her to create her own lane, her look in this video is unique! Do more songs like this!


    Masterpiece! ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Lilli Spears

    I still love this ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  5. Angela Esslinger

    I love her 💓

  6. D'Andrea McCullough

    Beyonce literally have the same hair style for years and no one say anything. L&HH do not help these artists at all. I see what Moniece is saying.

  7. Dawn Blessett

    I love her voice!

  8. kellirose59

    Woke up this morning, had to play my jam, definitely one of my favorites. People slept on this

  9. Donnie Phillips

    At one point during the song I swear I was hearing who do you love by LL cool J and total 😍😍😍

  10. Elijah Minaj

    I'm too done if you go to 1:07 the horse was posing and lyrica mocked it. Bad ass

  11. Pablo Vargas

    This is pop music in English this is rap music and hip hop in English this is R & B music in English this is international music.

  12. Chauntria Taylor

    Love this song, the vibe, the visual all of it!! Love you Lyrica! This kind of looks like a foundation ad!

  13. BiN0 W.

    Her best song yet 😍😍😍

  14. India Henderson

    Lyrica you go girl love love this song keep doing you im a fan ijs

  15. Nick Jimenez

    I’m living for everything especially her hair I feel like it’s natural but I love this song it so beautiful and the video is great

  16. Loreal Madonna

    Favorite song on the album! This song takes me somewhere deep into my soul... A sad lonely place.

  17. Salena Tauriac

    I absolutely love her hair, it looks great on looks better than the wigs she wears...Lyrics is super talented do it Lyrics!!

  18. Izak Gonzalez

    What’s the sample song

  19. Lilli Spears

    I’m so here for this

  20. Ms Schonheit

    I didn't care for Rent - your voice is too beautiful to waste on that Mike Jones repetitive lyrics style of music! This song along with many of your other hits is who you are and what I tune in for. . . stay in your lane and let the others with NO talent have all that other BS because they're desperate to sell records, you have REAL talent so the money will ALWAYS come!

  21. Tom Wallace

    this is dope love song and the visual it's unique I like that it's different.

  22. L marie

    That voice is like no other !! 💓💓💓😍😍😍😍😍😍

  23. L marie


  24. Ronella Hintzen

    love it! bomb vocals! 😍

  25. kellirose59

    Why are people so sleep on her? It pisses me off !! This song should have 10 million views !!! Period!!! She is so Beautiful and Humble .. and deserves so much more!!!

  26. lyrica garrett

    When I watch this video and see my gorgeous daughter... it amazes me how talented and strong and determined she is! God has truly blessed my life by gifting me such an amazing human being!!! I love this song I love the simplicity yet beautiful message she's conveying.#ThisVideoNeedsToGoViral #Would'veBeenHugeInEurope #We'veGotToGetItToTheMainstream #Blessed #Grateful #Talented #Grace #Adia #AlbumOfTheYear 🌹🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤🎈🎤🎈😋💰💰💰💎

    India Henderson

    You are so right about that and you are very talented yourself i been listening to your music as well for about 3 year's now you and your daughter are got that fire and you are beautiful as well im a big fan of the both of you.

    Papi Martin

    Amen mom she’s amazing . We need another song like this . This my favorite song


    Lyrica 😍 love this song/vid.

  28. Abby Nicole


  29. Narc Survivor

    Damn I got goosebumps <3

  30. Neoshe Chatman

    Love your music 😍😘💋💞💕💓💖

  31. Joyce Thomas

    I love this song by her.  It is so different from her others but I love the beat and style in this one.

  32. Hannah gray


  33. Tay B Buttus

    I'm in love with this video and her 😍😍😍

  34. Chris Bullock

    LOL confusion from all angles...

  35. Synajhia Lodrick

    I love you Erica but I think it’s time to take that weave out

  36. teemah boo

    I love her!

  37. Joseph Granillo

    honestly this video is all over the place. like whats the story? and that bald girl should practice focusing more instead of looking around the room. Also on a side note, the guy with the dramatic colored contacts was a bit much. It just was another small detail that was a bit off.

  38. Alain Bruno

    Amazing voice 👍


    Lyrica Anderson is a good singer

  39. Onyx Rose

    wow!!! absolutely amazing.

  40. lyrica garrett

    #Adia ♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹

  41. lyrica garrett

    I love this song I love the mood of this video I love my baby girl #LyricaAnderson #Idea #WhatGoesAround #,YesGoCheckOutMyNewVideoWhatGoesAround

  42. Mary Jane

    I feel like Beyoncé would do a video like this

  43. Tigest Tadesse

    Lyrical is beautiful

  44. Lainy Smith


  45. ItzBunnyPlayz

    Original 😍

  46. Yordanos Dirrssa


  47. Goddess Diamond

    She could sing anything and make it beautiful



  49. James Star

    Dope ass album

  50. pepelishis

    does anybody know the name of the dark skin model?

  51. Anne* 411

    I think we finally got it Lyrica, and Im so glad you have your hair the new way. Im really feeling this one though

  52. rareTophaz

    Love the video Lyrica!! Keep soaring like an eagle girl! 💁🏽💕💋

  53. Delphine w.

    Nice. The video gives me a Lemonade vibe and the song is very Solange and seat at the table.

  54. LC Bryan

    This song is amazing and the video is soooo beautiful. Her voice just ahhhhhh.... <3

  55. Jaay Quee'ona


  56. Babygirl Jones

    This song touches my heart

  57. Yeshia Lee

    been a fan before lhhatl and i love the way she puts her all into her music and im so glad she getting her shine on. i swear this song been in my head for the last 3wks (trur story) now.. omg LIFEEEEEEEEEE

  58. SGEE247

    Great song, lyrica I see you

  59. Mulan Whitfield

    Slay Rico !! 😍

  60. Ashley G.

    Girl slayyyyyy! I absolutely love this! Praying this hits millions of views soon!

  61. Royaltybrand11

    Thanks background sounds like beyonce

  62. Jasmine S.

    Simple but cute video...Love it!!

  63. Ace Tiggy

    don't reach out for meeeeeeeee😍

  64. T. H.

    omgg this style hella fits her! She should get into an indie hip hop kinda vibe like jhene with clean bandit mix I would hella fangirl for that, its like starting a new genre. But this is great can't wait to see more like this!

  65. Nona Morton

    I really love her

  66. Justin Rubio

    Yasss Lyrica i love this song ❤️ it’s bangs and I the video is dope 🙌🏼🔥 keep showing it to everyone 🙏🏼❤️

  67. Torra Couture

    Yesss❤ subscribe

  68. Rodrea Mackey

    I'm gonna speak this into existence Lyrica will leave next season's Love & Hip Hop Hollywood next year because she will soar with her career.

  69. Stephy I-J

    I see this being played as the background music in an H&M, TOP SHOP, or Forever 21 store.... I love shopping while listening to songs like this.. VIBES!

  70. KING090589


  71. Jackie Tamashiwali

    LYRICA!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  72. Selina Pace

    I love her music but I think she's a tranny

  73. Beauty Kay

    I love Lyrica but this hair style gotta go.

  74. beloveme

    uh ohhh Lyrica, your pen and vocal game is pretty mean. one more song and I am buying. I smell another Lhh come up. This is tight, loving this and don't it personal is addictive. I sing it everyday! Yeah!!!!

  75. verona2g

    It's unreal how beautiful her voice is

  76. Elle Cee

    This song is bomb but y'all too busy worrying about her hair 😑😑😑

  77. Sarabishrae

    Omg I love this

  78. dre blvck

    love this sound. 💕

  79. asatterbox

    I love this song. She looks beautiful and I love the stylization of this video. 👍🏽👍🏽👏🏼

  80. nicole smith

    luv the video

  81. Kalise Cochran

    My name is Sarge I love your music am10 I live in Utica I will love to meet you so much.. By the way it Sarge engram sorry about your sister l cry when you said it about her. ....please read this 😞😞😞😞😞😒

  82. Kay G

    Beautiful song and images!!

  83. Vitamin C

    Talented... lyrics,vocals and a message...

  84. Britt Clowe

    You need your hair done lyrica

    Britt Clowe

    I like this though

    Britt Clowe

    U way too bomb to have ur hair looking cheesy like that

  85. Just Call Me Q

    had no idea she was so professional. I'm thinking I have a new fav artist

  86. Felicia Varnado

    love the video

  87. Onyinye Princess

    My song

  88. Buzzin Producer

    I did'nt know what to expect but, its got that electro house vibe with a modern R&B blend. Dope

  89. kristannaish

    This song is life and her voice sounds beautiful this song makes me wanna go out and dance the night away.... 😍😍😍

  90. Treasurenochest Demmings

    this was a beautiful and unique song. I love it. I wouldn't have added those awkward harmonies though they took away from the song in my opinion.

  91. Sharahni ClArke

    This song is on!

  92. Fancy Pants

    I hope she keep wearing this hair.😍😍 Why does she have to change her hair🤔🤔. that's why my shit came out listening to bald head hoes now I'm teambaldhead 😂😑

  93. Tae Boogie

    Love it ❤️

  94. 5cookiejo

    Lyrica ain't playing

  95. Trylica

    this song is everything