Anderson, Lyrica - Hashtag Lyrics

Hashtag that shit, put it out there
Say what you feel, let the world know what it is
Hashtag that shit, yeah, put it out there
Let 'em know that your sprung, I'm the one yeah one in a mil
Hashtag, let 'em know, let 'em know
Hashtag, let 'em know, let 'em know

Let 'em know, let 'em know how you feel
Let 'em know, let 'em know who got that trill
Trampoline, trampoline got you sprung
And you let me come first when I give you some
Ain't no need, in sit here telling lies
Baby you know, you're my private test

So Hashtag that shit, put it out there
Say what you feel, let the world know what it is
Hashtag that shit, yeah, put it out there
Let 'em know that your sprung, I'm the one yeah one in a mil
Hash tag, let 'em know, let 'em know
Hash tag, let 'em know, let 'em know

When you wanted you can get it
Pound sign, we can star six nine
In the bed, or the kitchen
Anywhere in the nick of time
Let's be honest boy I get it, I know you like hiding your business
That's why I'm fucking with you
But boy don't be hiding your feelings
Turn that bottle to the ceiling
Turn that bottle to the ceiling
Turn that bottle to the ceiling
Just one sip for me and you know how I'm feeling, yeah
One kiss for me and it's on I admit it
If you tell me your lies, swear it will finish
Let 'em know, let 'em know

Hashtag that shit, baby, put it out there
Say what you feel, let the world know what it is
Hashtag that shit, yeah, put it out there
Let 'em know that your sprung, I'm the one yeah one in a mil
Hash tag, let 'em know, let 'em know
Hash tag, let 'em know, let 'em know

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Anderson, Lyrica Hashtag Comments
  1. Bry Renee

    love this song

  2. Marie GotInk

    I LOVE YOU BITCH!!!!!!


    Let em know run gurl

  4. Stephanie Reeves

    Love your music



  6. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Still love this. Her voice & writing skills are amazing!!! A1 is a fool for cheating!

  7. Suzanne Armentral

    Why is she on Love & Hip Hop becoming a joke instead of just putting out music?

    Tony Vans

    😩 anxiety too much work she loves too write songs for people n collect all that money

    Tony Vans

    😅 plus her money n a1 togter is over a 2 million dollars over three damn seasons trust me this might be they last one

  8. Pretty Mason

    I’m here in 2019 Team Lyrica # Hashtag 💯💯💯😍😍😍😍🤣🤣🙌🏾🙌🏾😜😜🤭🤫😍😍😩😩😩😩fucking with it

  9. MzClaudia AngelNDeguise

    I still listen 2 all ur old music.... Team Lyrica 4life

  10. Ti Ti


  11. BlueYumYum757

    Im stll listening to this in Aug. 2019 #StillFire #Hashtag @Lyrica

  12. sherelle willis


  13. Ariel B

    Who listening on 2k19

  14. Ariel B

    Let em know who got that drill

  15. Blessin Flimdoza

    So underrated 🔥😍

  16. Adrian Wilson

    Love da video babes! N ya voice n face dat

  17. Reins Phoenix

    Just came from typo song stream. Unreal vibes and vocals

  18. Ms. Liz Walker

    Love this❤❤

  19. Andrea Robinson


  20. Rie Manaway

    I've been a Lyrica fan since King Me. And I am just hearing this song. And the moment I heard it. I fell in love with it. Replayed it instantly

  21. Andrea Robinson


  22. Andrea Robinson


  23. Vicki Sweetz

    Still my fav song😻🔥 replayy!

  24. Shone Travis

    This the shit, I get stripper moves listening to this song

  25. Rodney Brown

    PLEASE DON'T QUIT MUSIC!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤

  26. diamondks diamondks

    Great Great 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. barbara shaw

    Lyrica said let em no who got you sprung she the one in a mil lol. I like that

  28. barbara shaw

    lyrica you banging those notes

    barbara shaw

    I know i hear your mother in the background singing sounds good

  29. Tia Hannah-Stackhouse

    She is so underrated I luv her I swear. Way b4 love n hip hop

  30. NubianEmpress Sphinx

    I fucking love this song i swear

  31. Kiesha Jones

    Ok giving me the aaliyah vibe😍

  32. Stephanie King

    My Song❤

  33. Angel Bristol


  34. NIKKI G #crusoulproductions

    I'm feeling lyrica music and I didn't know thought she was reality TV chick 😂

  35. Erica Hagler

    I love different and that's what she is i love all her songs this girl can sing her ass off

  36. NIKKI G #crusoulproductions

    Wow I swear didn't know she sang watched a few of her videos for the first time I'm feeling her and now I understand why k Michelle is so bothered by her for real

  37. Young Jay Riches

    Still booming in 2018

  38. Gemini Misses

    Ok then Lyrica this got a lil Prince vibe I see u mama

  39. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    She is so dope!! Gorgeous asf!! A1 get her back man!!!

  40. Joyce Corwell

    # giving me Life ! 👌


  42. janay Anderson

    Omg I’m inlove with this song omg ..!!! Yes girl song

  43. Raymond Eclavea


  44. lajada clark

    Hell yes

  45. Divine Ma'ajestic

    Still underrated!!!

  46. Ronnecka Welch


  47. India Clausell

    Yaassss I'm feeling this!!!! Wow she is actually pretty talented!!

  48. Prisha Onyae

    Love this song ❤️
    Stay on repeat

  49. Raul Puentes


  50. Rashanda Grier

    I love lyrica and she rules

  51. Gemma Brown

    Aaliyah standards loving you girl😍😍😍

  52. Kalita Jordan

    #LetEmKnooooowww !! 🎵🎶🎙️🏀

  53. LadyCarmen Blessed

    rewind ....sang gurl beware of the vultures .....

  54. BlueYumYum757

    Yesss Killin It Lyrica . To be honest she sings way better than these fraudulent autotone singing broads that are out! Have you seen her sing live or Acoustic?.... No fraud here!


    And I will continue bumpin this beyond Nov. 2017 into 2018!

  55. Phylia Calloway

    I definitely let em know lyrica 😩😘😘😘

  56. angela johnson

    Very talented, but this is the third song in a row with the same flow.

  57. LaShayla a.k.a. Shay


  58. ona jackson

    I have it On repeat i canta help i t

  59. Shanny Lopez

    Something about A1 and her is kinda dark js i fuck with the music tho

  60. Topaz Dominique

    Loveeeee lyrica! loveeee her music!!!!

  61. Ada O

    love it

  62. Funbabyalive2x 2x


  63. Keosha Lawson

    YES LYRICA!!!!!!

  64. Latanya

    This song is lit!!!!!!! FIRE🎆🎆🎆🎆

  65. LifeAsDaletiá

    lyrica is bae! She can do no wrong! loved this!

  66. Tammy Daniels

    Her voice though!! #Dope

  67. queen chadonnay

    I've been sitting here listening to all her music like Im seriously a fan now.

  68. Imdaboss2509

    I legit have every one of her songs on my playlist now

  69. Melly Yelly

    Hella bomb voice, song , & video!!!!

  70. Suel Susan

    My new boo

  71. ConfidentMuzicTalks

    Been sleeping on Lyrica frfr!!!!

  72. vickdn512

    Why she so underrated though!!!

  73. Seneca Williams

    This chick is talent

  74. Shaunte

    Her voice is amazing!!

  75. Mwafrika Dickson

    she's very talented but uh all her songs sound exactly alike. She needs to switch it up a little more seriously right now I'd only buy a single of hers, cause A whole CD would be like listening to a never ending song...... I watch L & HH So I try to give everyone on there's music a chance especially My Females!!! #girlpower

  76. TaRyan Sterling

    Hhhgh is the

  77. Ragluvvulgar

    omg yes lyrica!!!!

  78. DAY STAR

    😵😵😵☠ Killing em"###Lyrica Anderson

  79. MyMys Beauty

    🔥🔥🔥in L❤️V£! Thinking about that special someone.😍

  80. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    I didn't know this existed, now I want to make my beard go back lavender. :|
    But them damn vocals though! Never ceases to amaze.

  81. Darrell Johnson


  82. Mrs. Waters

    I just became a fan

  83. Koko Anthony

    love it

  84. Mahal Uejima


  85. Cliff d Man

    this song is hott

  86. Jonnie T

    This goes hard asf

  87. LeAnn Taylor

    hot hot hot hot hot

  88. Carter & Milah

    im here cuz martina harris ✊✊

  89. kristen williams

    This is one of my favorite songs I never knew about her until love and hip hop that's crazy

  90. Aniva Banks

    I was playing

  91. Tojada Griffin

    ####GED.... #hashtag

  92. deidra warren

    the ginger dancing just ......yeah

  93. Core Creations

    Lucky Me. You're Welcome Ears.

  94. Ashley CARTER

    Trampoline, trampoline, trampoline got you sprung... Ayyyyeee

  95. Kk Dawson

    hashtag everything