Anderson, Keith - XXL Lyrics

Well Momma was exhausted after she had me,
it took two nurses to hold me, one nurse to slap me.
Doctor turned to momma and shook his head,
whiped the sweat off his brow, and then he said ,
"This boy is way off the charts, as far as I can tell,
ooo bpppp momma he's a double X L!"

By second grade I was 5' 2"!
By fifth grade I was wearing a size 12 shoe!
In eighth grade I was shopping at the, Big and Tall,
and the coaches had me playing High School football.
Uncle Roy said "Boy you'll make the NFL!
ooo bbppp son, you're a double XL!"

Double XL, Double XL!
Dont call me on the phone just ring my dinner bell.
Double XL Double XL!
Im a lean, mean, love machine that likes to be held,
ooo bbbppp baby Im a double XL!

Here we go!

Country cuties in Texas,
string bikinis in Florida,
Barbie Dolls driving Lexus, out in California.
A skinny little pretty boy aint what they wanna hold,
they want a real man with meat on his bones!
I'll yank their Yankees, ring their Southern Belles,
they say "ooo bbbppp we love a double XL!"


Double XL solo!

Well double XL double XL
Dont call me on the phone just ring my dinner bell!
Double XL, double XL!
Im a lean mean love machine that likes to be held,
ooo bppp baby Im a double XL!
Well if you ahve any doubts
you can see for yourself,
why all the girls love a double XL
ooo bppp yeah Im a double XL!


Oh boy!

Triple XL too!

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Anderson, Keith XXL Comments
  1. Joshua Brooks

    It would've been awesome if Tommy Lee sang a verse, or played the drums on this song.

    P. S. I'm 6'5" tall, 230lbs, and I'll be 37 on my next birthday. I guess you could say I'm a XXL too!

  2. LPS Angel

    My dad's 6'7 and he's xxxl

  3. Rick McGhee

    This is the dumbest song ever

  4. Running Bear

    *Tell 'em XXL*

  5. derek0173

    That is Tommy Lee as the doctor. LMAO

  6. brad spannbauer

    Mamma is XXXXXXXL sexy

  7. Timehunter000

    Was that tommy lee

  8. warren schwieger

    13 years old, 6'11, 390 with a 10% body fat and a size 20EEEE shoe and the doctor said I will probably hit another growth spurt

  9. Anthony Amurri

    I'm 6'7 300lbs and 29 yrs old built like a brick wall. I wear a size 17 shoe. Growing up my shoe size was always 1 digit higher than my age. 4th grade i was 6ft 180lbs. This song hit home on so many lvls

  10. Ambers Acrylics

    Who else is gonna be at his concert at jeep fest this weekend?!?!😍

    Ambers Acrylics

    We are on the way to the fest right now!! Hit a couple bumps in the road but we shall make it 😂😂 im so excited

  11. Денис Рыбаков

    Mylene Farmer))))))

  12. Tracie Truman

    Keith call boss ny sowa

  13. alex c

    Country music still lame to me my opinion

  14. dhuffu

    Love how not a single guy in this video is a xxl

  15. Sock Monkey

    this song made me vote for Donald Trump

  16. Johnathan shadowhunter

    1:54 lucky guy

  17. Grant Mcneley

    I'm 6 foot, 250 pounds of XXL love machine

  18. Brad Butler

    I like the music XXL

  19. Successdotrr

    Here from cashnasty 😂

    Dorsey m

    mind telling me who that is? now that I've came back to this song all the fucking comments say cashnasty.


    Dorsey m he’s a YouTuber who kept using this song in one of her music videos

  20. Candy Barron

    My kids friends showed my kid this song he is 6' 6" 14 yes

  21. Ted Toads

    Tell me that's not that skank Chelsea Handler in the mix.

  22. Ajithkumar M

    I love this

  23. SouthernGhost 1865

    all these tall ass people make me feel short for being 5'11 at 14

  24. Graeme Earley

    My generations music sucks. I'm 12 and I enjoy this music. Thumb up if you agree

  25. Levi Dewitt

    14 6.5 feet tall and 300 pounds

  26. Joshua Brooks

    This 10 lb 11 oz baby grew up to be a 6'5" 220 lb man!

  27. Dakota Barker


  28. John Doe

    On a serious note, I don't like this song too much, but ringing the dinner bell is accurate.

  29. MazzLen

    I don’t like this guy.. I love country but I’m not liking this guy....

  30. Unlimited G4mer_YT

    5:6 11/5

  31. Joe May

    6ft 2in tall. 265lbs I'm a XXL that's for sure.

    Кирилл Добровольский

    Joe May 187 см, 15 кг, xxl from Siberia))

  32. Da Juice

    Lmfao CashNasty 💀

  33. mEoW MeOw I need kittens for life

    I am 4 ft 10. And I am in fifth grade but I am almost finished. I am normal height ,BUT, my friend is in the same grade as me and she is like 6ft 5... WOW LOL she is very tall......... And I think my brother is like 6 or 7 ft tall and like 5 inches tall... SO TALL... WHY AM I SO SHORT??????

  34. Stamp Stepper

    😂😂im 15 size 14 shoe 6'4 220

  35. Aja 1029

    I came here from cashnasty 😂😂

  36. itsAhmad

    Who came here because of cashnasty😂

  37. Joseph Candies

    Here from cashnasty

  38. YoungOtaku

    Who here because of cash?

  39. Jennifer Dijames

    Keith,W here have you been?

  40. Lisa Green

    i look like the girl on the beginning with my mouth wide open ,, thinking what the hell did i just watch an listen to lmao

  41. duraldehunter

    This is probably the stupidest fucking song ever lmao i had to look it up to remember how fuckin stupid it is

  42. Erik

    Thats the way i like my boogie rock country

  43. stteller2

    Your wife said I was a double XL

  44. Henderson Laurie

    I just saw this guy at my street fair

  45. Erica Brown

    Me and my boyfriend is 6'4 I wear a size 13 and he wears a size 18 shoe lol. I was 22 inches long when I was born.. my mom told me the nurses were making bets on how big I was gonna be haha. so yeah I'm a double XXL.. 😂😂

  46. Badass Mother fucker

    Imma XXL

  47. Badass Mother fucker

    It's funny the girl is taller than him

  48. george gallini

    dis is shiet

  49. Jeffrey Ricketts

    I want his hat

  50. JD Wright

    met Keith the other night he is a nice guy

  51. Portland Guy

    He's so good. I love XXL, Every Time I Hear Your Name and Pickin' Wildflowers

  52. Canadian Shinx Eh

    When you need your body size to compensate for some other short comings

  53. Jennifer Crumback


  54. Boyd Hopkins

    This is probably the last time Eddie George got any publicity.

  55. Shae Davis

    I'm 5 foot 117 but Im never attracted to a man below 6'4 200

    gamer tag

    Shae Davis nice...we should go out sometime

    george gallini

    your forehead is easily 250

  56. Linda Adams

    I'm a lean mean love machine that likes to be held

  57. WingsDipped InSilver

    Brooks and Dunns anyone?

    Sock Monkey

    Rock my world by B&D
    and also
    Little less talk by toby keith

  58. Egg Daddy

    Is that tommy lee as the doctor?


    Billy Mays yes

  59. Pancake Nation

    the "Barbie doll from Calli" looks like a dude

  60. Molly Alford

    I had the sound muted,cause of the time rn,but i still say the video/lyrics..i have 2 agree..not the country setting i see in sons..if this singer is truely country,the video could be edited 2 a lot less disturbing..The showed scenery in the video, didn't have any nature,farm animals,etc stuff that say "country"..The leader was wearing a cowboy hat,& that was it.

  61. Scott Roxwell

    After Heisenberg gets finished with that guitar playing, he can get back to cooking that sweet blue meth, lol!!!!!!!!!!!



  62. Jack Rogers

    I thought that doctor was eating pussy at first

    Bruce Boock

    Jack Rogers me too that's what it looks like. I guess we just have dirty minds 😂😂

    Lisa Green

    who didnt ?

    Walton Carver

    Jack Rogers same

    Ian Stukenborg

    I just thought it was Tommy Lee....sad..the state of the world, going to shit...

    mEoW MeOw I need kittens for life

    Jack Rogers me too...

  63. Cobra Saint

    Who the hell was the Asian girl? I've been trying to figure this out for years.

    Daniel Zuniga

    Cobra Saint Darude Sandstorm

  64. josh kilker

    I'm 14 6'2" 290 pounds size 42

    Cummins Loving Redneck

    Im 15 6 foot 260 pounds size 2xl shirt 42 32 pants size 14 shoe

    Robert Henry

    im 6.0 but i got musle about 360 pounds

    Tank Nice

    That's crazy I'm the exact same

    Epic NEd

    deathamongstall ps4 I'm 6 foot even also but I weight 140 lol.

    Rhy Williams

    I'm 6 foot 8 300lbs

  65. Matt Loehman

    21 5'9" 145 size 10.5

    Whitetail Garage

    Matt Loehman 15 5'11" 190 size 13

    Enigma Sky

    Matt Loehman aw I'm a woman and I'm 6'2". I bet you're adorable

    Robert Henry

    well im 14 and im 5.9

  66. Nympho 1

    L Magnums here to report

  67. Nympho 1

    No need to show blakkk fools

  68. John Albee

    yeah some days I feel like that I GRU up like that my hole life

  69. Katie Boone

    I used love this song when I was little haha

    That K Cowgirl

    Katie Boone I would run around at rodeos screaming who who baby I'm a double xl!!!!😹😹😹

  70. Donald Hunley

    Eddie George got paid to smile and nod his head, how can I get that job

  71. Sean Acker

    4X to the bone.

  72. Logan Bell

    I'm a double xl!

  73. Sabrina S

    I sang this song w/ him when I was 1 year old

  74. Country Girl

    Lol songs dumb

    Country Girl

    +Hi Girls I Love You..... Im pretty sure the word you're looking for is "you're dumb" not "your dumb". Idiot

    Country Girl

    +Hi Girls I Love You um... You're is "you are" your is ownership. Like your jeep, your house etc. When you're saying "you're dumb" to someone.... Make sure it's the proper "you're". Example : you are dumb. Transforms into "you're dumb" . You can't say "your dumb". You don't own dumb. So, therefore, it's "you're dumb". Truth be told kid. Google it if you don't believe me.

  75. Alyce Eldridge

    Hot Damn 😍 ❤ ❤ ❤ 💕 ❤ 🔥 🔥

    Nympho 1

    Hot damn right

  76. andhika iskandar

    Hehehe... size does matter somehow.

  77. MikePlaysIt

    ....Fuck. It just occurred to me why they specifically chose to have Tommy Lee in the video.. :-/ lol

  78. FenderJunkie100

    What? This is a sexist video! Wait till I tell Anita!

  79. skye wellby

    does anybody want to talk about tommy lee???

    Lisa Green

    i do ,, wtf is he doing in country video ;;lmao so funny


    Lisa Green cause he's xxl 😉😉

    Dghjhfgtuugfghj Xfhkhsriigtyij

    skye ellby

  80. sierra occorso

    This video is stupid... some dumb whores! Trashy ass vids man i swear movies An even music vids get stupider by the minute!


    watch your language sonny boy or I'll spank you with a stop sign and return with a taser.💩💩💩💩😹😹😹😹

  81. Patrick Richardson

    Double XL!

  82. Lucky Harris

    I'M 6'8" AND 350! I AM DOUBLE XL!!

    Julius Vitarius

    @Taylor Seifert Your just jealous of us Big Guys

    Taylor Seifert

    @Julius Vitarius I was just joking


    the information contained therein by any virus transmitted by reply to your comment thread follow up and I will send you an update on my own personal information such as well but I don't think😥😕😯😀😨😐😝🙈😽👳😾🙊👳🙈😾🙊🙏😽🙈🙊👻👳👳😽🙏😾😾🙈🙊💩👳💆👺💆💆💆💆💆💆💆💆💆💆💆💅💅💅💅💅👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻💁👲👺

    george gallini

    lol if your married im killing myself

    Jeremy Martin

    Taylor Seifert at 6’8”? I’d call that just right! I’m 6’2” @255. My son is 6’5” @305 and built like a tank. Go back to your diet!

  83. Dylan Edwards

    ...I mean, I guess I don't hate this song...

    Dylan Edwards

    +Ashstar wtf

  84. Detroitman.

    He Tim McGraw and Billy Currington are the best looking men in country music.

  85. califbozo

    I don't think we're talkin' shirt size here~~~~~~~~~

  86. Matt Munson

    Is that nikki sixx?

    JR Roxx

    @Matt Munson Tommy Lee

    Kyle Mix

    @Matt Munson definitely Tommy Lee

  87. jim turley

    damn good down home mix of country and blues  never will be another kieth  hes was and is the best

    Boyd Hopkins

    LOL What!?

  88. Stratton Booger

    I'm 6'1, 250 lbs. I ain't really fat, but I'm the definition of a XXL.

    Teh MoLo

    @Stratton Booger No, no you are not

    Julius Vitarius

    @Stratton Booger Im a double if not a XXXL 6'5" 365, Im built like a Bull

    Jesus Christ

    +Julius Vitarius my cousin is 6'10 450 lbs he's a god damn ox. im 6'5 190 lbs and he makes me look like a lil bitch lol

    Its Us

    I'm exactly 1 foot and 100 lbs smaller than you, and I'm an XL in a lot of things, clearly the size system is crazy (granted I'm female and I'm assuming you're male).

    Joe May

    6'2 250lbs here

  89. bloodnsteel26

    I ain't  a double click I'm 5'11" 195 lbs lean mean U.S.M.C. (medically retired) served both Iraq and Afghanistan do I count as a man with some meat on my bones even though it's mostly muscle

    Austin Hager

    +K Mcleod It's Marine. Not soldier lol +bloodnsteel26 I got you brother.


    +K Mcleod hfhfhdhdbi
    tnehbD F dsdbvbhzmu hbx see you at our wedding tomorrow babe😻😻😽😽😽

    K Mcleod

    ash are you smoking something?

    Cody Vaughn

    bloodnsteel26 shut up boot.

  90. Tyler Poling

    I Love this song and i havent heard this song in a long time

  91. Marko Komljenovic

    6'7 235lbs 8% body fat size 14 shoe Martial artist 😁 XXL Country boy haha


    Okay.So you have a big boyfriend.

    Marko Komljenovic

    oh nice replay princess though i dont recall asking a question just stating how tall i am and how much i weight like others in the comments seems someone likes to be a keyboard warrior...

  92. jed lambrecht

    I'm 6'4 210 lbs.....Would that make me a XXL or am I too small?


    Small gain 40 pounds and you'll be there that's where us corn fed Iowa boys average

    spencer kluck

    @xdiesel76 im 6ft 4in 265 pounds im only a sophomore in high school

  93. urizen

    Tommy Lee?

  94. Blue

    LOVE my XXL!!!... ya'll can keep your skinny 185's NO THANK YOU!!!!

    george gallini

    youre fattie cakes jr

  95. Mikey Zaremba

    This song is the bomb

    Bankrol Kev

    Mikey Zaremba how about now?

  96. Brian Blumenberg

    Hmmmm, sounds a lot like Toby Keith's "A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action".


    Yeppers it does

    Running Bear

    I knew this song reminded me of another song, now I know.... 😒😏