Anderson, Keith - She Could've Been Mine Lyrics

I remember summer 1993
She was tall and blonde and tan and man, she was all in love with me
She started talkin' 'bout our future and it scared me half to death
So I ran away but to this day her memory takes my breath
You should've seen her smile
You should've heard her laugh
And oh the way her eyes would dance
When she brushed her hair back

She could've been mine
She would've been in another place and time
And now and then I go there in my mind
She would've been
She should've been
She could've been mine

Home for the holidays, a friend's party New Year's Eve
I turned around and found familiar blue eyes staring back at me
A little girl came runnin' up and took her by the hand
And a memory in miniature said, "Mommy, who's that man?"
You should've seen her little smile
You should've heard her little laugh
Oh the way her eyes just danced
When she brushed her hair back

[Repeat Chorus]

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Anderson, Keith She Could've Been Mine Comments
  1. Julie Raye

    Damn the man still takes my breath away.

  2. Tracie Truman

    What station is playing on on your concert tomorrow night what station

  3. Gonz Madness

    She could’ve been mine but I got scared and ran away. Now I see her with another man and my heart crumbles every time I think... she could’ve been mine... Oh I would’ve made her so happy... CA

    Melissa Denton

    Never give up you never know what you might be telling yourself instead of just running or assuming that she's taken... Kind of a friendly heads up! Be open and honest don't ever hide your feelings from anyone because opportunities and chances do slip by and loves get bypassed because we hold it in..

  4. Rafa Benitez

    She could have been mine😪

  5. Jonathan Senn

    This song and Garth Brooks "Ask Me How I Know" are word for woed the story of my life...

    Jeremy Lilly

    Jonathan Senn Same I feel like I'm going through it right now. Even though I know it's happening, I just can't stop it

  6. kimber greenfeather

    This is one of my favorite songs by Keith. he has such a sweet voice.

  7. Angelique Lynch

    When you have love all you need is timing but, timing is a bitch.

  8. 0331421684

    It was one of the most romantic song, awesome, amazing 

  9. Lila Fleetwood Spence

    I love this song. What a beautiful voice.

  10. Casey H

    see you at longhorn cant fake steak

  11. AJ S

    Any guy who is 20+ years old can relate to this song..

  12. michael mcgarrah

    There's this girl I meet at 11years old and I loved her from the vary beginning and I could have never told her up into 2 years ago but it's to late but after 12 years after meeting her I got to say we are the best of friends and we are there for eachother every day and talk 5 times a day. Just maybe one day she will be mine. I don't want any other girl so I will want on her tell the day I die

  13. Tyeisha Brock

    he is married sorry ladies jow i know tjat is he is my cousin

  14. Christian Stanley

    Ouch. That's terrible news man. I'm sorry to hear/read that...

  15. corhanem

    This is going to sound bad ... but I wonder if that certain someone I used to know thinks of me when he hears this song ...
    Lord knows when I hear this song I HOPE he's thinking of me ...

  16. James Carter

    I was just looking through youtube the other night to send to a very old and dear friend that we are trying to rekindle our romance and stubbled across this song. I listened to hit and it almost brought tears to my eyes because this song is word for word about what happened to our lives. I sent it to her and she was blown away. We cried together for two hours on the phone. Kieth may have brought to people back together with this one

  17. Undetermined

    Between the ages of 12 - 15 I had a huge crush, and we were really close friends. I thought he liked me back, but when I confessed at age 13 all I got was the cold shoulder. We haven't really spoke since, and to this day I still think about him all the time, he's always at the front of my mind no matter how hard I try and get over him. And this song moves me to tears, I guess because I feel like I'm the girl that "Could've been,". I haven't been able to have a real relationship because of him.

  18. CountryBoySC1993

    @edayson2002 Your welcome, I have dated so many girls that done me wrong, I have missed my chance with some good girls.. That would have done me good. But you only learn from your mistakes.. Take your chances with everyone. Even though you think your not good enough for her/him. Take the chance, Get to know her/him, Be there for her/him. And ask her out.. She/he can only say one thing.. 'No' Yes you will feel a little down, but you'll get over it. cheers

  19. Xialen Lee

    @CountryBoySC1993 i do appreciate and love you comment "of the past"'re right we shouldn't hate the past....cos' we leaned a lot from the past.....and look at the future....thank you.

  20. Xialen Lee

    @CountryBoySC1993 i do appreciate and love you comment "of the past"'re right we shouldn't hate the past....cos' we leaned a lot from the past.....and look at the future....thank you david.

  21. pascual r. callapina


  22. Undergottensnotten

    Where's the video and lyrics then?

  23. CountryBoySC1993

    @davidn87 Dont hate the past, If it wasent for the past. You wouldnt be who you are today. Everyone has there share of hard times, Just look at the future. You have a whole life before you.

  24. DNTdaisy

    This is the first time I heard of him, and I can say he's amazing

  25. Nonya Bizness

    This man should be up there with the Urban/Paisly/Chesney bunch, but his label screwed him so bad! He is such a great singer/songwriter,,, deserves far radio play than he's gotten!

  26. Franco C

    This is my favorite song, I like this song very much, just I bookmarked your link for listening it again.

    Thanks for sharing,

  27. Sherry Gilson

    i usually dont like his music, but i will listen to this more and see if i like it!

  28. gypsyqueen1964

    My God that man is so good looking!

  29. iluvanimals6

    i love a lot of country music. usually is about love which i kinda like. i lke this song sorta

  30. Ken45

    He has a lot of these songs about losing that special someone. I've read somewhere that he's actually writing and singing about a real person and not just writing the songs to get record sales. He really seems pretty sad about it, makes ME sad, lol. Everytime I Hear Your Name is my favorite, it really speaks to me, and seems so sincere. What he describes sound so familiar to me...

  31. Kitty Kat

    me too lol :P

  32. jess r

    idk lol.

  33. iAWPbutFail

    every time i hear a song by Keith that's new to me, i just happen to love it..

  34. Alvaro Garza

    take him back trust me ..

  35. SockMonkeyPrime

    Brandace Bleau............

  36. Rebecca Peraza

    you got that right he is the most hottest

  37. jess r

    i love this song! makes me think of an ex who broke my heart one too many times. i thought he was everythin i wanted & all i wanted was 2 love him the way that i thought he loved me. now i have a new bf i realize that he never deserved my affection & now i can give my affection 2 a wonderful guy & now hes everythin i want. my exs new gf is tall blonde & "all in love" & compares her to me. it was worth it 2 move on. any boy can say they love u but it dont mean anythin until they prove it.

  38. Emily Dabek

    oh he is and now hes trying to get me back!!!!


    Wonder if he's regreting lettting you go?

    Julie Raye

    One will never tis life after all..

  40. Kasey Nathe

    awesome song! But it is kind of sad at the same time!

  41. jkmeisel

    This song was written and perform by Keith Anderson's vagina.

  42. Emily Dabek

    the ex boyfriend told me to listen to this:( he broke up with me and its so sad....

  43. Michael Magliulo

    Reminds me of The One That Got Away in my life. I still cry every time. It is such a beautiful song even standing on its own, but it has particularly profound emotional impact for me and all those others who have had similar experiences.

  44. Ruth Harris

    I love this song...........