Anderson, Keith - Podunk Lyrics

Same Saturday night, same ol' crowd
Draggin' Main to the Safeway then turn back around
'Til curfew and then head down to the river's edge and get drunk
Ain't nothing new what else you gonna do out in Podunk

Well I knew this six-string was my ticket out
No flashin' red light was gonna slow me down
18 years old everything that I owned in the back of that truck
I put a dip in my mouth and I headed straight out outta Podunk

[1st Chorus:]
Goodgye, daddy looked me in the eye said go where you gotta go
But don't forget to call home
And momma cried keep Jesus in your life and I hugged her one last time
And then I headed down the roadin a dusty cloud of smoke
Out of Podunk

A lot of years gone by showin' on my face
Nothing in this life that time hasn't changed
I chased a lot of dreams and some of them came true
Ain't it funny how the very place I ran from is the place I'm runnin' to

Another Saturday night singin' to the same ol' crowd
Still playin this six-string but things are different nowI met one
of those girls turn your whole world around girls
And wouldn't you know it
We got our eyes on a house 'bout a hundred miles south
Out in Podunk

[2nd Chorus:]
Goodbye, her daddy looked me in the eye
And said go where you gotta go son but don't forget to call home
And her momma cried sadi keep Jesus in your life and we hugged her one last time
Then we headed down the road to start a family of our own
Out in Podunk

[Repeat 2nd Chorus 2x]

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Anderson, Keith Podunk Comments
  1. Tracie Truman

    Send me a 🚌 bus ticket

  2. Tracie Truman

    Out sid^^edsesss_ssdd

  3. ericfmd

    You have no idea about Podunk. Geezus.

  4. Ashleigh Lee

    Miami, born and bed here!!!

  5. imupacreek2000

    Podunk ='s Earlsboro Oklahoma … Thanks Keith for the Memories and keeping it real out on the road. I still have to say Thank You for refusing to sign my Hubby's OU hat that night …. he still talks about that … LOL

  6. Podunk Man

    I LOVE this song

  7. Driver48

    MY-AM-Uh. :). Hello folks, ottawa County. :). Fairland, Grove, Jay. You've guys got it all. Norseman here. :). Love your town. Thanks 4 the Welcome!!

  8. Felix the cat

    I love this all the way from Ardmore,ok

  9. Cyndi Mister

    Love love love your playlist!!😁

  10. Ross_skatepunx248


  11. imupacreek2000

    Earlsboro Oklahoma ... now that's Podunk ...

  12. ChunkeyMonkey40

    I know it isnt the original version, but kid rocks version is better. This one still is awesome though.

  13. Ann Yoder

    He is going to be in my hometown of Eldorado Springs Missouri this Saturday July 22nd giving a free concert.

  14. Scott Donaldson

    Jesus, so much better than kid rocks song.

  15. baler johnson

    I recognize Steps ford bridge but the Safeway closed before he was born ...or when he was to young to remember . I know he is from Miami like me I just cant place him. Now I do remember Joe Don Rooney he was a little shit who came to the baseball games that me and his brother played . We had some pretty talented folks from our area including Steve and Cassie Gains from Skynard and Ace Moreland and Mickey Mantle . I guess most everyone else can say the same thing with other famous folks .

    Kari Fields

    Keith graduated Miami High School a year behind me in 1986. Safeway was here when we were probably in grade school.

    Joshua Brooks

    Jim Ross and Jack swagger are from Oklahoma also.

  16. Alison Glovicko

    I missed seeing him in concert!!! I was only little but I still remember him!!

  17. Joshua Brooks

    Everyone has a podunk style town in their past that fills their hearts with fun memories. My podunk town is Onalaska, wa. The school was surrounded by a dairy on three sides, so for the first couple hours of school, we got to smell cow manure as we walked to our classes. Another staple of Onalaska is their Friday night home football, baseball, or basketball games, the support the community has for the teams is awesome. I don't live there anymore, but since the people of Onalaska welcomed me with open arms in 1994, I sing their praises to this very day. Go loggers!

  18. Bridgette Farley

    This video brought back great memories of being raised in Miami,  This was the first time I watched the video and never knew he filmed in Mudville USA. My dad worked at BF Goodrich which killed the economy in Miami when it shut down :(

    Illusionary Forces

    Thank you so much!  Glad you liked it as much as we loved making it.
    Blake Ross

    Kari Fields

    I was there the night this was filmed. What good memories.

  19. Sheamus Meade

    Any relation to Podunk, the town in EarthBound Zero?

  20. Skye Adams

    He used to baby sit me :-)

  21. Joshua Walls

    i live in the town that they shot the video in

  22. Justine Kwiecinski

    Hey I'm an FFA girl ;)

  23. lj setty

    From bruce,origanaly born in miami ok,and was living in commerce when this video was shot,but due to health was unable to attend.definitly know step ford bridge,how about that colman theater.How about are boy kieth!

  24. Kaitlyn Speers

    My mom actually went to high school with Keith Anderson and we live near where they recorded the video.

  25. slimjimmy

    podunk county...

  26. Shanna Hopper

    This never gets old.. One of the very few things good about this damn town! Yep won't forget this day... I was at the concert on the left end standing behind 3 high school cheerleaders doing the pyramid to get there shot in the video, LOL. It was a lot of fun and the video came out great! I love that Keith wore his Wardog jersey in the video..

  27. 4ou2

    Oh, you're the one...[that grew up]

  28. mike grube

    lol the one in the middle is my ex

  29. Evan Davis

    Podunk is a small town, now its really a ghost town almost in oklahoma. its about 9 miles south of Shattuck, Oklahoma. Its in Ellis county, OK.

  30. Tyeisha Brock

    hey cuz

  31. kionie1

    0:35 OMG that Ford

  32. DemoTESO

    from somebody who grew up in Iowa I enjoy my trip to Oklahoma every spring the people down there are very nice

  33. Anarchy Barbie

    Love this one

  34. Knightcowboy89

    to a boy from Texas like myself,a Podunk is any small town with a certain unexplainable charm about it.

  35. david welch

    also, that wood bridge was connors bridge, not there anymore, good place to catch catfish

  36. david welch

    Grew up in Wyandotte, about 15 miles from Miami. Miami was where we all went to cruise main on the weekends, good times, Class of 2005!

  37. Lace Young

    home sweet homa!

  38. Casey Langley

    i lived in the town right next to miami oklahoma i remember when he was filming this my whole class skipped to go watch them haha good times

  39. redrancher350

    Awesome song. Not to be on the getting drunk, but ya gotta love the three girls in the ffa jackets!!!

  40. Amanda Scott

    love this video!! knowing that ive grown up around miami, ok makes me love it even more!! so many memories from when i was a little kid, growing up, and also stories that my family has told me..step foward bridge, goodrich, and even just main street it!!

  41. sikes3393

    miami aint a po dunk town thi is a load of horse shit

  42. BR33L

    @countryboy42501 I know those 3 girls

  43. Jack Tryon

    My hometown baby

  44. Dave Wollenberg

    Keith hit #34 in Billboard. God bless ya, for postin' it!

  45. Doug Fowler

    @IllusionaryForces miami o Oklahoma i lived there for about 4 years.bthis his hometown

  46. AkaMiko97124

    I was playing the NES game Mother and was reminded of this song because the name of the town in that game is Podunk. XD

  47. Stephanie Lewis

    It is different but Good kinda like the town I grew up in to and so true

  48. Stephanie Lewis

    It is different but Good

  49. Illusionary Forces

    What is Podunk?? Well, you'd have to ask Keith himself for the real answer. As for me (the editor), it's what I'd call the Okie state of mind. I grew up in a small town, left for a bigger one. But that small town never really leaves you.


    Joshua Brooks

    You're so right.

  50. Willie Fisterbottom

    I love dip

  51. Kate C

    The end is awesome wen all those ppl r singin. Thts so kool

  52. Jessica Thomas

    @lcboy28 please liberty aint no podunk and uh its you one word not two yeah i agree miami aint no where close to podunk but maybe you should try pickens over here not liberty

  53. Chris Phillips

    I came from Plato, MO, population 75. Now that right there is a real podunk town and I LOVE IT!

  54. Kyle Townzen

    @BrentBTV It wouldn't even be worth my time.

  55. BrentBTV

    @tuttletiger15 i live in miami and come down here with a megafone and scream that its trash and see what happens..... :)

  56. louise638

    Great song!!!!! When are you coming to Canada?????

  57. Kyle Townzen


  58. Birdie Jane

    @pittresident....cookies would be nice. Maybe you should get laid and your mood and disposition would improve. By the way, do your friends call you grubworm ? Or do you have any friends....

  59. Birdie Jane

    Great video...nice you it was done in my hometown! Great to see some familiar places...good memories. It may be a small town, but we had a lot of fun growing up there!

  60. Birdie Jane

    Miami OKLAHOMA!!!

  61. david welch

    whatever 3578megan, i had a lot of fun in miami

  62. Shane Tousignant

    didnt even know there was a video for this it

  63. christian crow

    i live near his parents - so ha

  64. Ryan Woodruff

    shut up stupid. you just made yourself look like a horses ass

  65. Engeltown

    Love this song. I listen it almost each day in the car (reminds me time I spent in us.... oregon,utah, nevada).

  66. Michelle Lassila

    i get to see him tonight:) wooo!

  67. Jill Stephenson

    This is such a good song, should have been played more and advertised more. i love it!

  68. demonjack123

    they were at the fair across my alley singing this too. I didnt go though. I

  69. demonjack123

    I live in podunk lol

  70. Claire

    He's gunna be at my county fair this year!!!! I can't wait!

  71. ggprs1

    no entiendo si es de miami porque canta como texano

  72. gawnfishin2day

    i know where he sang it i'm saying that it fits my hometown..... wait, Ok has a miami? I thought he was from Az. I didn't know that

  73. Doug Fowler

    Excuse me Gawnfishin The place where he sing that song is in Miami Oklahoma his hometown. the day he sung was in front The Coleman theater which oin the Old Route 66. I lived There.

  74. gawnfishin2day

    not to get into an online shit fit battle but
    Westminster pop less than 300 (in the city limits) bout 250 outside city limits

  75. Doug Fowler

    nope miami oklahoma

  76. gawnfishin2day

    look, it's a song about Westminster SC!!!!

  77. luvrynno

    love this song cant beat country!!

  78. thesword309

    i was there!!!