Anderson, Keith - Every Time I Hear Your Name Lyrics

Fin'lly got over that song of ours; stopped chasin' little red sports cars,
To check the license plates an' I quit drivin' by your place.
Back makin' the rounds at our old haunts... Honky Tonks, restaurants.
An' seein' some of our old friends... it feels good to dance again.
An' I can fin'lly smell your perfume an' not look around the room for you.
An' I can walk right by your picture in a frame an' not feel a thing.

But when I hear your name,
I feel rain fallin' right out of the blue sky.
An' it's the fifth of May, an' I'm right there starin' in your eyes.
An' nothin's changed, an' we're still same.
An' I get lost in the innocence of a first kiss,
An' I'm hangin' on to every word rollin' off of your lips...
An' that's all it takes, an' I'm in that place,
Every time I hear your name.

Got someone special in my life... everyone thinks she'd make a great wife.
Dad says he thinks she's the one... reminds him of Mom when she was young,
But it's way too soon to be talkin 'bout rings; don't wanna rush into anything.
She's getting over someone too, kinda like me an' you.
An' she talks about him every once in a while, an' I just nod my head an' smile,
'Cause I know exactly what she's goin' through... yeah, I've been there too.

An' when the conversation turns to you,
I get caught in a "you were the only one for me",
Kinda thought, an' your face is all that I see.
I know I can't go back when I still go back.
An' there we are, parked down by the riverside,
An' I'm in your arms about to make love for the first time,
An' that's all it takes, an' I'm in that place,
Every time I hear your name.

So I'm thinkin' 'bout the words I left unsaid.
(Every time I hear your name.)
Stop tryin' the change the things I can't change.
(Every time I hear your name.)
In my heart I know you're gone, but in my head,

I feel rain fallin' right out of the blue sky.
An' it's the fifth of May, an' I'm right there starin' in your eyes.
That's all it takes, an' I'm in that place.
An' there we are, parked down by the riverside,
An' I'm in your arms about to make love for the first time.
An' I can't explain, but I'm in that place,
Every time I hear your name.
Every time I hear your name.
(Every time I hear your name.)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
(Every time I hear your name.)
Ah ah.
Every time I hear your name.

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Anderson, Keith Every Time I Hear Your Name Comments
  1. God, Fitness & Fashion.

    Wait what? I never caught the last scene, he was with a new woman singing about the old woman. I heard this song when it came out but never watched the video.

  2. Holly Fox

    A real life experience for me its like its word to word it gives me goosebumps

  3. Michelle Hostutler

    Do you know that his body was/has never been found!!!! SOOO SAD!!

  4. Uchiha Warrior

    Country nowadys is crap.

  5. Uchiha Warrior

    I love this song its really great! A little bit of nostalgia.

  6. Julie Raye

    That's all it takes... Honestly takes a hell of a lot less then that... Yet there are those that come along and give a girl a little hope and inspiration that maybe just maybe life is not perfect. It has its moments that break your heart, that have the strength to build you back up, then show the dedication of every human SOUL one has been fortunate enough to get to know to help one SOLDIER ON....

  7. Peggy Delancey

    It's a shame that he died .I love his songs .complications to Cancer is why he passed away

    Donrngiew Sohlang

    No he's not dead

  8. Julie Raye

    Damn soldier way to reminisce. U still got it going on... Many many thoughts and prayers to u and yours... Loving u always....

  9. Robin Stephanie

    My favorite song

  10. ted miguel

    When will the sadness end ? Tragic . I never be the same .

  11. Albert Hurricane

    whatever happen to Keith? I saw him in concerts couple of times when he toured California.

  12. Robin Stephanie

    One of my favorites songs

  13. Donnie Donahue

    I asked my ex girlfriend out on the 5th of May

  14. Robin Stephanie

    My favorite song love it I am almost 47

  15. Oklahoma Angel

    love this song

  16. love urself

    Bammmmmmmmm yep ahoooo lolol and it all changed when u called my roommate lmao I love this song .......everytime I hear ur name I put the phone in the commode ahhhh

  17. Angela Jordan


  18. Joshua Woods

    @romagrifalda when I here your name

  19. LamekiaV

    I haven't listened to this song since I graduated high school... I loved it then and I still love it now.... He is such a handsome man I couldn't stop staring lol

  20. Jennifer Ackers

    Love it. Lyrics, sounds. Just hits a nice chord, 😊

  21. Mike Gregory

    Still listening to this in 2019.

  22. Maeve Mallory

    I have the cd this is on, this guy is so underrated!

  23. Lady Devildog

    Damn, that is one fine looking man... and his voice ain't half bad either (sarcasm, LOVE his voice). 😍

  24. Jenny Girl

    "back makin' the rounds"
    Sounds so Rascal Flatts ❤
    Love both.

  25. Michelle TREMAIN

    Me too I love it

  26. Sharon Bixby

    This song hits my heart ❣

  27. steamyboy69

    497 people . Their names No one will remember. LoL

  28. Tammy Blanco

    Yes is a very handsome man

  29. Katherine Myers

    Still love this.

  30. Adam Pringle

    God this song couldn't be more accurate.

  31. J.R. Lobinsky

    My favorite song by Keith Anderson!

  32. Michelle Hostutler

    And he dead now!!! They have never found his body!’ Just look him up!!

    Donrngiew Sohlang

    Not this Keith Anderson. .please don't spread rumours without facts

  33. alexis carmendy

    Damn he so fine

  34. Alexandra Beyerle


  35. mike ham

    Such a beautiful song no matter what kind of mood I’m in I can always sit and appreciate this ❤️🌞

  36. Don Newman

    I saw him in concert at the Elks Club in Searcy AR about 15 years ago. Probably the best band they ever had. Great show.

  37. Lasse 1964

    today theres no country sad wheres the mythic 70s! magical 80s! and awesome 90s! Now the magic is gone therse sno stars ....only pornstars

  38. chief runningbear

    All these ladies on here diggin on keith Anderson. Damn.

  39. Cheyenne Thomas

    2009 was a great year for country music

  40. Pao Zay Chang

    First time hearing this song in 2019 after 10 years. Wow, amazing song.


    Pao Zay Chang This was tight before country became shit.

  41. Copetweets

    2019!!! Who’s here???

  42. Tracie Truman

    Help me get Nia pow out drain field behind state hospital national all States

  43. Tracie Truman

    I Amore him to adopt Amber and Angel

  44. agnelanna heavens


  45. Tracie Truman

    Your make 😢

  46. Tracie Truman

    Red Cross barn

  47. Tracie Truman

    Broad grantst114

  48. Tracie Truman

    Keith is the best thing to me

  49. Shawn Cass

    What happened to this guy? I don't care about his looks but I really liked his music. Probably to country to get a record deal in Nashville these days.

  50. Tracie Truman

    Easton has your

  51. Tracie Truman

    Please call me 9102902211dixiiedaisy

  52. Freddo montanna™

    Sing tht shit mane

  53. Tracie Truman

    I love you but but it's too late you're like you're you're married

    Veritas Aequitas

    Some are..

  54. Tracie Truman

    Sorry for your loss Mom

  55. Tracie Truman

    I'm doubting my self worth

  56. Tracie Truman

    Everything okay with you

  57. Tracie Truman

    ....matt get 0ff 👆 girl kidnamed angel
    Hopeing I never

  58. Tracie Truman

    We cross paths on beach

  59. Hontai Wangshu

    LEL, i'm so envious of his looks. He's one hell of a fine man😁

  60. Jesse M

    I'm slowly getting over you Vic.. but a part of me is still holding on to hope. Hope that you'll give me and our kids a second try at making our family whole again. I still love you, to the moon and back baby. Say when. Cause I could really use you beautiful blue eyes right about now. They brought sunshine into my cloudy life and could again. But if there's a next time.. I'll give you my All. I love you Victoria Fawn.. but I'm losing hope that there will be another Us.. and could fully move on.. I don't want that.. I want my little family back.. just better than before. No pills.. More God.. More happiness.. We could make it work. Think bout it. You know where I am. You know you can come to me. Just make it soon..

  61. Noj hmoov channel

    Good song

  62. Jesse Gilchrist

    Man the memories....

  63. Ryan Warchol

    Classic. For me. 32. Dude is huge. Girl is 🔥

  64. Southerngurl68

    Damn Damn Damn! What else can I say🤔 oh yea Damn Damn Damn ; so Damn Sexy😍

  65. kieran celli

    I love Keith Anderson. He actually told a story in his music

  66. agnelanna heavens

    satanseed&cricket mine

  67. Jeremy Stone

    Keith if you're reading this,get off that ass and produce another album for us..faithfully ..your fans.

  68. Shannon Drew

    He is sexy as hell love his music

  69. carol holiday

    I am howling. I buried my HoneyBlue 2 years ago this coming May. Everytime I hear this, I scream, howl, yell until I lose my voice. We just loved this song. Not enough alcohol or herion in this world to kill the pain in my heart. #IStillDo

  70. sunny blancett

    2019 and still listening to it

  71. WM Luna

    Damn, this guy is hot.


    I love you i love me, I am a little old man full of love 👴, I am cansado with much love to make 😅

  73. Nancy Foroughi

    He is so fine!! Has an amazing voice too!

  74. Vanessa Myers

    Brings back so many memories! Takes me back to high school.

  75. Sun Rise Studio's

    2019 where are you guys

  76. Frank chase

    2019, my Love is 700 miles away and im thinking about her right now. I miss her dearly, and hope she comes back here soon. love You Melane so much baby. ALWAYS

  77. Savannah Phillips

    Now, that’s a gorgeous man ..dang 😂

  78. Montell Owens

    "I know i cant go back, but i still go back" powerful line

  79. Rican Marrero

    As u on her ahooooooo u will c my face replaced by skank

  80. Henry Jordan

    First time hearing this song, but my oh my this expresses my feelings

  81. Michaela Bell

    There's few country songs that'll make me cry. This is one of 'em.

  82. Babykins Feeney

    Can relate to this song so much. My ex hurt me so bad. We been broken up for 2 years now but when I hear his name or see our old friends I'm right back in the past when we were tog and happy. I'm with someone new now engaged to be married but I still go back to a time when I was with him whenever hes mentioned. Funny how things work.

  83. Dustin Hensley

    Leanne you'll never see this but 4 year later I still love you. No woman will ever get my heart that'll always be yours. We didnt end well and I push hard. When i was being difficult i was loving you the most . I know now that was wrong. but i do know i love you with all my heart .

  84. Bethany George

    hey what a coincidence, we are from the same place. I haven't lived there since 2001 though and I am Ottawa!

    Bethany George

    a tall guy in a cowboy hat knocked me over when I was at Walmart, didn't meet many of em either. lol I was around 5 199.....8 ish

  85. dinalouise

    Your fixing to loose your fame

    shelly michelle

    dinalouise He sounded like a beautiful songbird when I woke up to this song playing back in the day. Will never forget the Feeling it gave me. He fine too lol

  86. Denise Hedden

    Beautiful song Thank's for posting this video

  87. Katherine Myers

    Still love this ~~

  88. tia mcnabb

    Yeah, my name is Tia Chance Mcnabb

  89. Monir Jaman

    Still listening from Bangladesh

  90. tim hall

    This song so hits home I have a great girl now but I see the ex every once in awile and I get lost in what we were .

    Zach Freeman

    Me too man

  91. Sensei Juan

    Love this song. I think it hits home for anyone who has ever gone through a major heartache.

  92. tim hall

    saw this guy in 2009 he was awesome wish he would come out with more .

  93. Max Payne

    This was a good year for country. That last high note though!!! I saw him backstage at the Grand Ole Opry perform "wildflowers".

  94. Jonah Coleman

    Can finally say I quit feeling this way lol and don't even remember the name

  95. caleb Perry


  96. Daniela Vaca

    This should’ve a lot more views

  97. Ashely Baker

    Lost in thought and your face is all that I see 😍😍😍

  98. Christina Cavin

    I love all your songs . you are doing a great job.

  99. dominique romero

    Well god dayummmn he is foyn! (fine) lolol