Anderson, Keith - C'mon! Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I've got diesel on my sleeves,
Been plowin' up a cloud of dust
I just called my buddy steve,
He's been haulin' hay from dawn til dusk!
And cotton-pickin'
Ricky said he's ready for a cold beer
Jimmy called from the party,
Said "Get it in gear,
We got longnecks and long legs waiting for you over here!"

C'mon C'mon We've been knuckle-bustin back breakin' head-achin' all week long
C'mon yeah, we're looking for some lovin' and a sip of something strong
Gonna get it right even if it's wrong
We gotta get it 'for the gettin's gone
C'mon C'mon

[Verse 2]
Drew brought his home brew a little bit'll get you lit up
And the twins are in from school lookin' good in their six inch pumps
Tommy's tanked up spittin' game like an auctioneer
And that rockin' little red head whispered in my ear,
"Let's go walkin' through the riverbed and get outta here!"

[Chorus 2x]

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