Anderson, Keith - Adaliene Lyrics

The first naked lady I ever saw,
Was that tattoo on my uncle's arm.
On daddy's farm that summer he drove up,
And helped us build that barn.
He rolled up his sleeves,
His arms were lean.
He flexed and made her dance for me.
I turned red and we both laughed.
And hoped my daddy didn't see.

He got all teary-eyed and serious,
When I asked him who she was.
That's Adaliene,
In '63.
I wish you could have met her,
She was everything to me.
Hear it all the time,
Love at first sight.
When I saw that girl I knew I had to love her all my life.
I was just 19 when I got this thing,
And I swear that it still stings,
Everytime I think about my Adaliene.

Get back to work you lazy bums,
My daddy joked,
He's lying son.
Whatever it is he said he did,
You can best believe he's never done.

Mom yelled hey guys,
It's supper time.
Wipe off your feet and wash your hands.
And as we did I said Hey dad,
You ever seen that tattoo dance?

He got all teary-eyed and serious,
He shook his head and said,
Yeah I remember her.
That's Adaliene.
In '63
First time I ever saw your uncle take a drink.
Hear it all the time,
Love at first sight.
When I saw her in his arms I knew he'd love her all his life.

I was 24 in your Grandpa's Ford,
And I paid for all that ink.
Yeah I know all about that Adaliene.

I knew her well,
Hell, all he ever talked about from the moment that he fell
Were those wedding bells,
That house up on the hill.
And how empty and how lonely life would be,
Without his Adaliene.

Hear it all the time,
Love at first sight.
When I saw that girl I knew I'd have to love her all my life.
I was just 19 when I got this thing,
And I swear that it still stings,
Everytime I think about my Adaliene.

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Anderson, Keith Adaliene Comments
  1. Julie Raye

    Alright now I gotta admit first naked lady I ever seen was not on my uncle's arm. Yet the one I did see on his arm was beautiful and I had to replicate it many many years later on my leg.. I still feel best day and night of my life..

  2. Cassandra Moura

    I still want to know what happened to her

  3. Jonathan Bullman

    So anyone else think that Adaline is the kids mom and that the dad in this story married her.

    The kid just doesn't know his moms real name

  4. Erin Mary Aschenbrenner

    I still think he is the sexiest sweetest man alive don't seem much in the public eye anymore but nevertheless he would be my perfect specimen for men if there ever was one.

    Unfortunately for me I never had the pleasure of seeing you first hand in concert before you left country music for your own very personal in private reasons to say I miss you on the public stage is an understatement there is no one in country music today the hits my heart Croydon the same way I know you've tried to rebuild your career to some degree are doing local shows maybe someday I will be lucky enough to see you at one of those but until then just know you are my dream guy my ideal and definitely my favorite fantasy.

    I know you have children a wife and the life I hope you are supremely happy in all of them and I wish you the best in life for that is what you gave to the world during your first Excursion in this wonderful world we call the country music business, i wish you nothing but success and happiness always my friend.

  5. Melissa Jennings

    THANKS SO much! I adored him in 2001, really fell when saw him at an Outlaws party & he played Pickin Wild Flowers!!! Never knew his name until the song popped up on my car's HDD, looked it up, bought the song & then started flipping through pics & saw this...I'm not a huge country fan but man, he could make a gal LOVE it!

  6. Joseph Pack

    Good country song. Country's turning more into pop these days unfortunately

  7. Chris Baggs

    To this day, I'm baffled they picked "Somebody Needs a Hug" for a radio single over "Adaliene." What could have been.

  8. Kimberly Snippert

    love listening to this song! my niece was named after it so it holds a special spot in my heart!

  9. Martin Sampson

    We need you back in country music

  10. ___

    From what I can tell, the uncle met Adaliene when he was young, and got a tattoo of her, before he lost her. More than likely to another man. The uncle still sees her as she was when he got the tattoo, while the father sees her as she really is, and doesn't want his son to wind up the same way.

  11. RachLM17

    idk but if u find out come back here n let me know plz

  12. Donna Shinn

    Have loved this song since the first time I heard. I also love this vid. But the hell happened to her????? This is puzzling me since the first I heart the song.... Can anyone help me out ?????


    I would like to know too. Geez, what happened?

  13. jake stephens

    awesome job on the video! :)

  14. rachel thomas

    i love this song so much i named my daughter i t=). find that dedication elsewere

  15. Travis Hallam

    Thanks for putting this video up. It seems like Keith Anderson is never played enough. Awesome song!

  16. Rouchelle Robison

    i love this song! thanks for putting it up!