Anderson, John - The Fall Lyrics

The days are gettin' colder the nights keep gettin' longer
The weather and the signs point to it all
Anyone can plainly see the writing on the wall
And me I'm gettin' ready for the fall

I can feel the changes coming down on me
This love affair has slowed down to a crawl
And baby's packed her pretty things in a suitcase down the hall
And me I'm gettin' ready for the fall

I better get my things together cause the winter will be cold
It's enough to make you break right down and bawl
And baby she's been busy making plans and making calls
And me I'm gettin' ready for the fall

I could see it comin' like a cold front movin' in
It's almost like I had a crystal ball
Lord I know the worst is coming the hardest part of all
And me I'm gettin' ready for the fall

I better get my things...
I said baby she's been busy making...

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Anderson, John The Fall Comments
  1. Xxshadow5 stormxX

    59:07 father and son reunite just not in the merlin universe😂

  2. priema donna

    Who's here for Colin?

  3. luminita viasu

    You know how an actor, in order to play a role has to access a certain part of his/her personality? Funny thing is, I think Jamie doesn't have that darkness, neccessary for the part, so he plays it by going into a blank zone. I think that's brilliant, as playing technique, as manner of approaching the part.

  4. Angel Kid

    This episode reminded me of sev7en

  5. Pymm

    Here for Colin! Damm he's hot af.

  6. I'm fan of Dakota Johnson

    Paul doesnt love his wife?

  7. Alayah

    Great picture!

  8. ชลดา ไพยเสน

    I love you.

  9. Mindrolling

    Weak ending: there would be far more officers there in that forest and a much larger cordon. Shame, but can't wait for season 3.

  10. TheEpicPlace

    The whole show is so slow though....I think it's supposed to be artsy but it just seems really slow.

  11. TheEpicPlace

    He's very Benedict Cumberbatch in this

  12. Donna Morgan

    oh i cannot stand Burns!

  13. Lana MacDougall

    The look he gives when she says Katie recorded him. He looked so hurt

    Lana MacDougall

    here is a question for you :) Do you think he actually was starting to like Katie cause in a way he was her mentor or do you think it was all a game to him use her

    Gaius Germanicus

    Lana MacDougall definitely all a game to him if anything he only cares about his kids and particularly his daughter.

  14. andrue cates

    merlin is a cop now lol

    Jade Eye

    nah, since Morgana died, he was just looking for another maniac


    +JadeEye I'm over here from watching Merlin scenes :)

  15. maynard P

    Natashka Spasibo bolshoe..!!))

  16. Manu Forster

    57:47 "! ... and nothing that You can do can take that away!.."
    58:07 "... *Why the fuck are You watching this?* ... You sick shit..! What the fuck is wrong with You?.. "
    58:16 "Who are You talking to?.. Yourself?.. Me..? [58:21] *People who like to read and watch programs about people like You?* ... Who?!.."

  17. Susana Albornoz

    Traduccion por favor!!!

  18. ever after ever ours

    I'm really thankful for this -thank you .😯

  19. LisaM

    Thank you!!:)