Anderson, John - His And Hers Lyrics

In the carport, two cars, his and hers
On the towel rack, two towels, his and hers
In the bedroom, the bed with two pillows still wet

The kids ride their bikes, his and hers
Say their prayers every night, his and hers
And its plain from the start when the day comes too hard
It will break two little hearts, his and hers

In the courtroom, two sides, his and hers
It's a question of pride, his and hers
What a pity we say to see marriage today
Going separate ways, his and hers

Why did it have to be mine and yours

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Anderson, John His And Hers Comments
  1. Quentin Smith

    She sounds like an alcoholic. Great song.

  2. David Wilson

    279 people don't know real country music

  3. Bob Donald

    I love it “ don’t ask her on a straight to key the night”. I loved Jon Anderson when he was with the rock band “Yes”, but his country solo career is even better in my opinion.

  4. Anna Marie Polniaczek

    How many here have had a strange tequila night ?

  5. Ronnie Thomas

    Absolutely love this song!!!!

  6. RowdyRowdy Ryan

    "She won't need the salt or the lime anymore to shoot that old memory down..."


    Str8 gay tequila night

  8. Old Dirty Tattooed Warhorse

    the human voice operates much the same way as a harmonica, but i find that, more so than anyone i can think of, John Anderson's voice SOUNDS like a harmonica, it has that very unique tone and quality to it, that lonely blues sound, like a train whistle in the distance... nobody sounds like he does...

  9. Robbie Stewart

    Don't Ask Shanya Baszler On A Straight Tequila Night She'll Start Thinking About Him And She's Ready To Fight Blames Her Broken Heart On Every Man In Sight On A Straight Tequila Night

    barbara estes

    Great songs God Bless You

    j b

    It's more like the tequillia

  10. Wes Johnson

    My God this is good

  11. Briguy52748

    Who played the woman in the song?

  12. barbara estes

    RIP John Anderson

    barbara estes

    @Robbie Stewart thankyou Robbie

    j b

    What rip not just checked. Be thankful I'm working on my manors today

    j b

    @Robbie Stewart B. Shelton I'm sure those two up to no good or too much🤔

    j b

    @barbara estes same back only more

    barbara estes


  13. michael Reed

    Halloween 2019

  14. michael Reed

    It would awesome to see him in concert

  15. Mikie's Mustangs

    I have loved this song since i was just a lil guy im 36 now and still listen to it all the time why cant country music be like this anymore John Anderson' George Strait and Hank Williams Jr the best in my book

  16. Nick Dameron

    This is so good

  17. Regina Disbrow

    Oh! Memories...memories...memories!!!

  18. Nelson Cartier

    Music has no color this joint is hard heard it on xm radio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Dan Taylor Sr.

    Gosh she has lovely hands!

  20. dave vano

    Great times listening to this era of music. Anything past 1999 is junk. John a great voice.

  21. eso spfan79

    first and favorite country song i heard in 1991 :) yes i still have the cassette tape :)

  22. The d6 of fate

    Don't ask me on a straight bourbon night.😂


    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 same
    "And she's ready to fight."

  23. Odin’s Pride

    Real country music none of the bullshit on the radio now

  24. Mazn Kuldinow

    He's a crooner. Listen to those intonations. You aint gonna get that now. They're all trying to sound the same. John is just good, not trying to be anything, and his voice is genuine, like an Osceola cry.

  25. Jeremy Lee Faulkner

    Yeah I know that chick. Trouble. That ass tho. I go nutz for wrangler buttz.

  26. Deena Enfinger

    Gulf shores

  27. RJ working and hunting the Adirondacks Ives

    Grew up on my pop playing all this good music sure miss him.. But I keep the good old country playing for him

  28. steve clark

    skymont still hates you

  29. Johnny H.

    Blames her broken heart 💔 on every man inside 👍🏼🍻💭😳🔫⭐️😆💨👶🏼🎉😊👀☁️👏🏼👌🏻💔💦🤦🏽‍♂️👉🌸🌺💎🚀🚙☝️🎂😎😄❓🦋

  30. josh bell

    This is Country Man!

  31. Ricky Arme

    Thought I'd never see the day rock and country would die??? What the hell happened?SMH!!!

  32. Matt's Baseball Card Breaks

    I love the rhythm of this song. The chorus is catchy. I heard it in a subway and had to look it up. Better late than never.

  33. Wayne Johnson

    Ah, takes me back to my partying days at the "Buckboard Country Music Showcase" in Marietta, Georgia. Good times......

  34. brickit26

    Don't ask her...

  35. Sharon Ann

    John Anderson WILL NEVER burn out!!!

    Russ Myrick

    Good karaoke jam

    Allena KoRn


    barbara estes

    youre welcome

  36. Tom Smith


  37. Sword and Shield

    Ole J had a great country vocal in his tunes, that and a fiddle. Without these, its not "Country"

  38. Ventriloquist Vance

    Who is the actress who played the broken-hearted woman?

  39. Rick Stevens

    Funny how I could listen to this song over and over, and yet want to kill John Anderson with a blunt instrument every time "Swinging" comes on the radio.

    barbara estes

    my favorite song by him thankyou

  40. Paul Romero

    Hey everyone, just so you know, this is what you call complete garbage. You’re welcome for that information. Also, why are most country songs about booze??

  41. d costo

    good song , new enough to country , well my father was into cash ,reeves , good song , from Ireland , and like the tele in as marty Schwartz calls it banana pudding yellow lol

  42. Marion Cobretti

    Man for years I thought this was Tracy Lawrence, seems like a song he would do.

  43. Johnny H.

    Brings back the good old. Days 😳🇺🇸🌊💪✌️☝️👈😂🍻👀🍻⌚️

    Allena KoRn

    Oh yes PLZ!!!👐🏻👏🏻❤❤❤

  44. Brittany lyn

    Chelcie Lynn (Trailer Trash Tammy) brought me here! And now I love this song.

    Allena KoRn

    Lol thats funny

    barbara estes

    you are welcome

  45. Johnny H.

    k 13 it was John Anderson # 1

  46. Johnny H.

    But don't ask her on straight vodka night cuz she'll probably kick your ass 👀🍻🎲🎲☝️💰😂😘👈🍻⌚️😎👉🤞🏔👍🏼✌️🖕🦊🦊🦊🇺🇸👶🏼🎉👏🏼👀👀👀😀😄😃🏡👈☝️😂

  47. James Dillard

    I had a girlfriend who was this way and I had to finally let her go.

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  49. Megan Ramey

    I still play this song on the jukebox ♡♡♡

  50. George Schlaline

    92 before Dad died Not sure if he seen the video

  51. Jonathan

    The woman in the video looks like Pam Tillis

  52. JW Outdoors

    I can’t imagine how awesome it was when this song dropped

  53. Lil Half J

    I prefer the earlier version of this song, ‘Crooked Gin Afternoon’

  54. Joey Woodpieces

    Thank you...

  55. Big E Cole Sr

    I miss the good old days that's all I listen to is old school

  56. joe cool

    Don’t Ass her ona str8 tequila night

  57. Iasan O’lunney

    all time classic in any genre

  58. Aaron Darrow

    I guess 175 people must have asked her on a straight tequila night

  59. southerncountryboy 234

    Im 19 and I love his songs

  60. Jay Wyche

    I was 8 or 9 years old,and when he played at the W.H. corral,sulphur okla, I had to wait out in the parking lot cause I couldn't get in.
    I remember John came out and set right beside me on a red truck tailgate,and set down,I remember what he said.
    Dam it's hot in there son,I remember his Curley hair.then got up and left went back in,

    barbara estes

    youre welcome

  61. Ryxn ryxn

    whos here bc of chelcie lyn??
    aka tammy 😂😂😂😂

    Priscilla G

    nassir iskandar Meeee!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  62. Andrew Snipes

    Luke combs is bringing stuff like this back

  63. Raul Hilliard

    Good stuff here bud authentic country

  64. Pamela Chase

    Who else has this voice and has John's nuances. He is a blessing to us who love him.

    barbara estes


  65. Kevin Gomolka

    80s & 90s country 👍

  66. Shane Counts

    Bar tender done hit that just saying

  67. drake patrick l gilliland

    This brings back great memories of summer nights listening to KMLE in Arizona

  68. ethan dellinger

    All those poor sad southern people hahaha.

  69. jagsfanrick

    One of the best voices, and also a fellow Florida Native.

    barbara estes

    thankyou Apache american

  70. Joseph Webster

    This is some pimp shit here..and I'm black!!!

  71. Chef Bojack

    This song is a gem

  72. Ryxn ryxn

    who came here because of tammy???😂😂😂😂

  73. Larry Napier

    My girl Karla is in this video I miss you Girl


    never gets old

  75. Jimmy Agnew

    I feel like he's singing to my dog yay!

  76. Meredith Ashley

    The country, Tom Petty. :) <3 Love me some John Anderson!

  77. Jimmy Agnew

    We got the same annitials go figure

  78. Mari Reynolds

    Good ole boy.

  79. James Faison

    I love the smoky background @ 1:52!

  80. Joel Jacobs

    Anybody still like this song born in 1990 ? Love it

  81. Myra Crosby

    This song brings back memories from high school with my girlfriends partying one night.

  82. Jimmy Agnew

    Ya got to hit the punch line

  83. Valleyguy

    Are any of these issues ever resolved? I don't think so. Keeps me going, tho, knowing most people are in the same boat, and there's some beauty to be had somewhere. Just keep going.

  84. Angelo Stango

    Great time to be alive! Good music, the clothes, the poofy chick hair, straight out of Roadhouse era.

    barbara estes

    good music and flick Roadhouse

  85. Chris Wilson

    Lake Grandbury Texas, my childhood! Great times!

  86. Steven Carpenter

    Love John Anderson! My mom brought me up on him and other country stars.

    barbara estes

    you are welcome

  87. 1stGenClub

    Please make country music great again!

    barbara estes

    it is listen to Clay Walkers country songs

  88. Jerry Last Name

    Who's listening in 2019???

  89. lanas queen

    Chelcie Lynn impression will have y’all dead😂😭💀

  90. Kirt Layman


  91. Powerstroke nation 6.7

    George strait and John Anderson are my two favorite

  92. SigGuy 320

    I miss the days when country music was still country music.

    Norma Wilson

    I do to loves these guys

    Allena KoRn

    @ArmaGuyz i know right! Idk y they even call it country music when they have rap or R&B in it. like that's not country. they need to change it.

    Emanuel Przybyla

    Thanks to YouTube good old country is still country.

    barbara estes

    it still is

    Trains airplanes

    I couldn't agree more. This was a great artist in the 1980s need this sound to come back

  93. This Reckless

    Thumbs up if you asked her on a straight Tequila night.

    This Reckless

    Savannah James 💀

    barbara estes


    Old Dirty Tattooed Warhorse

    i usually don't throw a thumb up for anyone who literally asks for one, in fact i usually throw one down... but you got me with this one... i've been there... it wasn't pretty... i'm a 5'6 140# man that doesn't like to hit girls, even if they hit me first, she was a 6' 200# waitress i worked with that was on lithium and didn't give a fuck!!! and we went out for some drinks... it wasn't f'in' pretty...

    barbara estes

    thumbs up

    Christopher White

    Lmfao 😆😆😆😆

  94. Adam Camacho

    Listened to this with my pops. Going deer hunting, off shore fishing for walleye. Love my life my dad help me create

  95. ponyboy314

    The way Anderson describes her...she actually sounds like a bitch.