Anberlin - Said And Done Lyrics

Well here we are again, where we ended long ago
You didn't learn, and I didn't listen to my friends
Well where do we go from here? Tried to walk away
Look at us now, we're back in each other's way

You just keep wearing me out (wearing me out)
But I'm wearing you down
You still keep wearing me out (wearing me out)
But I'm wearing you down

Should be over this by now
Build me up to beat me down
I hate crawling back to you, crawling back to you
When all is done and said
There is a part of me that's dead
Nearly given up on you, giving up on you

I know how this will end, love, loss, and regrets
You leave upset, I end up losing my best friend
Sounds too good to be true
One more minute heart on the line, one more time
You're not willing to work this through

Should be over this by now
Build me up to beat me down
I hate crawling back to you, crawling back to you
When all is done and said
There is a part of me that's dead
Nearly given up on you, giving up on you

You just keep wearing me out (wearing me out)
But I'm wearing you down
You still keep wearing me out (wearing me out)
But I'm wearing you down

Should be over this by now
Build me up to beat me down
I hate crawling back to you, crawling back to you
When all is done and said
There is a part of me that's dead
Nearly given up on you, giving up on you

And now it's said and done
I'll be moving right along
And I'm giving up on you

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Anberlin Said And Done Comments
  1. Vlogness

    Geting major Switchfoot Stars vibes. Love it

  2. christianrockr08

    @totalfenderfan @zsmith816 you'll have to forgive me, but this sort of an attitude pisses me off to no end. You feel it's unfair, so that justifies breaking the law? You can't put a price on integrity, right? apparently, though, $15 is just a *little* too much to pay for honesty and integrity.

  3. Jaime Escatel

    If only they had enough B-side songs to make just a B-side album =/

  4. 557flores

    great song!

  5. cray7z7ppl

    @ClNNAMON Yeah, I've heard that before, that the members are religious but the band itself was meant for entertainment. When i commented on this, I didn't realize that fact. i was just agreeing to the fact that a lot of people don't want to listen to things that aren't glamorizing cursing and drug or sexual things, ect. and i was using Pillar as an example of that. thanks for your thought out reply, and not for getting mad because I said tehy were christian, ive had people freak at me before. :D


    GREATEST BAND ON PLANET EARTH!!! class dismissed


    @cray7z7ppl I don't care who listens to our records. If it helps people in whatever circumstances they're in, that's amazing, but I definitely don't classify us as a Christian band." Elsewhere, Christian has remarked, "[My faith] affects every single aspect of my life, but I'm not a preacher, I'm an entertainer."


    @cray7z7ppl Over the years, many fans, critics, and other members of the media have consistently characterized Anberlin as a Christian band. However, Stephen Christian stated in an interview that their faith is more complicated than a simple label: "I think we're categorized like that a lot because we're on Tooth & Nail Records, which, years ago, was known as a Christian label and never lost that reputation.

  9. ChosenOfKagami

    @TheRockngrl98 I completely agree with you!
    The whole reason I like Anberlin (aside from the basic "they sound good") is because of their lyrics. They do mention sex and drugs in quite a few of their songs, but it's portrayed in a light that shows that it's not all that matters in life / is bad. I wish beautiful artists like this could get more recognition. =/

  10. Cassie Cruz

    I HATE HOW THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND SEX AND DRUGS!!! the only reason this band isnt famous is becuase they dnt talk about sex, drugs, nore money. they arent the type of music tht would be famous jst because of that. i bet if they made jst a 2 minute song about sex then they would be as famous as lil wayne and young money. :l

  11. cray7z7ppl

    @squirrelshooter15 that is so true...... christian artists are never recognized for their true talent because a lot of people wont listen to them, take pillar for example

  12. EmeraldEchelon

    @FarazR2 I went to an Anberlin concert last month and it was awesome!!!

  13. Tyler Mays

    @DOA223 totally! wearing me out, wearing me down

  14. Smolygon

    Anyone else notice the obvious references to Impossible? Sounds like a Prequel to Impossible

  15. Jon Wagner

    @enjoibitch I agree and disagree... sure that is a lot of views, but come on, they have Blueprints for the Black Market, Never Take Friendship Personal, Cities, Lost Songs, Blueprints for City Friendships, New Surrender A+B Side, and now Dark is the Way, Light is a place. Every Album from them is amazing, They are a hundred times better than half the bands out there, they should be on top. especially with songs like "Breaking", "Feel Good Drag", "Paper Thin Hymn" , "Cadence", "Adelaide", Ect.

  16. Brent Cox

    @squirrelshooter15 they played at warped tour... all their songs have 10,000 to 50,000 views... how famous is famous?

  17. beavis butthead

    @FarazR2 then who is? (please dont give me sum crappy rock and roll band jus sayin lol)

  18. trogdortheenchidna

    beggining reminds me of a song by Yellowcard. almost same exact thing. almost a rip off lol

  19. Tyler Price

    this song should have been on the album

  20. Samantha Lee

    @SeanJHagan1 Wow, I can kind of hear it... it is in a different key however. That is really somethin'. :/

  21. cinnamonandgravy

    Definitely true. Half of anb's fans stay with them for their lyrics. There are few bands that can meet their lyrics halfway, but they do, and then some.

  22. cinnamonandgravy

    They are famous already!
    Their Christian following is about as legit a genre as you'll ever need, let alone the mainstream following they'll get and are getting now.

  23. Samantha Lee

    @squirrelshooter15 Actually, they do have some songs with subtle themes involving drugs and sex. And even if they aren't THAT famous (yet?), at least they have quality music, right? :)

  24. SindittidniS

    @squirrelshooter15 they are famous though o.O
    about 3/4 of my school knows them

  25. Alex Ciepiela

    @squirrelshooter15 I'm ok with them not being as famous as other bands because once you get famous radio stations overplay their songs and you lose interest in the band. I dont think u want that.

  26. EBchannel

    more educated(good education) less you are religious = smarter you are = more scientific is your opinion and your perception of things....all that to say that the day they'll stop being christian they'll be famous as they deserve...

  27. Onyxaxe

    Lovin the drums on this track.

  28. joyce garcia

    Anberlin's Songs Are The Best

  29. Andrew Corey

    @xHajime I agree, but they are getting more famous. New Surrender was a big step up for them because they are no on Universal Republic instead of Tooth & Nail Records

  30. Allah Akbar

    true, but then again, I've got no room for artwork and such, I do my own drawings and what not. I see your point, though I'd rather not pay a penny for something in which you can get for free, on youtube and what not.

  31. DarkArwen929

    I love Anberlin, but I hate any band that rereleases an album with an extra two songs or videos or whatever, because then I feel like an idiot for rushing out and buying the album early.

  32. Allah Akbar

    Lol, you know what's funny? you can just sit here and listen to their songs here on youtube instead of buying their cd and save alot of money, it's also not illegal.

  33. Evan Hartman

    I think you could only get this on the CD if you bought it at Wal-Mart. Totally irritates me, I work for the world's largest electronics retailer, and I would have had to get the CD from Wal-Mart exclusively. Had to do the same to get the Special Edition of "The Best Yet" -Switchfoot

  34. FootSoldier66

    what is with all this B-Side stuff? is there some other disc sold somewhere that I'm somehow unaware of? Seriously, how are we supposed to get this music?

  35. Josh Thariath


  36. browilliams

    check the wiki article on the record

  37. The Music Snob

    I think New Surrender is the best album yet. ANBERLIN IS GREAT! FAV BAND.
    I love songs like Blame me Blame me and Soft Skeletons cuz well, his voice is falsetto, so...alternative and soft would be the best.

  38. Number Two

    Listen to Yellowcard's "Sure Thing Falling."
    All three songs - this, YWCD, Switchfoot - sound the same... crazy!

  39. Albin Gustafsson

    A Perfect Torniquet ( it is on New Surrender (UK) )
    Said and Done
    Heavier Things Remain


  40. Mae Luna

    agreeeeed! <3

  41. Khalyd Clay

    me too :)

  42. Jadelin Boldenow

    Can anybody give me a list of all the songs on the b-side?

  43. Sherri

    It sounds like a switchfoot song at the beginning! I think like "Meant to Live" or something.... but I love Anberlin and their songs&lyrics <3

  44. christianrockr08

    idk, i'm just saying the right way to do it. i think people down lower on the comments said that this is on the Best Buy version.
    do whichever you want.

  45. christianrockr08

    well, i'll live my life being no fun. too bad no one else wants to be boring...

  46. ANonExistentUser

    Be realistic, señor. Nobody does things "legally" anymore; it's simply no fun.

  47. christianrockr08

    ...or you could get this song legally by buying the Wal Mart version of the cd...that's how i got it...

  48. Leeroy Jenkins

    love this song

  49. Jonathan McCurdy

    4 main releases. 1 b-sides.

  50. Jonathan McCurdy

    tehorng . com

  51. forsakenslove

    how many cd do amberlin have?

  52. Anspence0597

    yeah i found out rite after i posted this but thx thought

  53. Jokomo73

    Songs that don't make it the actual album, so they are extras.

  54. Anspence0597

    what is b-side? i dont get it...

  55. Anspence0597

    I know! right in the middle is when it started to sound like cut me mick to me anyways

  56. OtheMSandTF

    i love this song it was better than the resistance.

  57. Craig Kelly

    Yeah DEFF Yellowcard like!
    but i still love both bands so much

  58. dellismulligan

    as soon as i first heard it "i thought cut me mick" as well, still a really badass song though.

  59. 777jordan

    switchfoot suck

  60. thisholidaygirl

    You are right, it sort of does.

    Switchfoot is an awesome band as well.

  61. N E

    this is pretty good. gotta love anberlin <3