Anastacia - Take This Chance Lyrics

I am not afraid to let go,
Of what I have become
And everything that I knew before,
Is setting with the sun

And no, it’s not that hard to say goodbye
And now I know that it’s okay to cry
You’re my melody I harmonize
The songs we never sung

I never thought in a million years
That I could watch while I disappear
All of a sudden I see it clear
What to do

I’m gonna take this chance and do something I never tried
I’m gonna make this moment matter till the end of time
And I made mistakes through all my life
And on the same place everytime
I’m gonna take this chance and do something I never tried

Now it’s time to face the unknown
My arms are open wide
It took a lot of hard rain to grow
This kind of strength inside

To open up a cage and set me free
I’m becoming who I'm meant to be
Taller than the tallest of all the trees
I’m gon' be alright

I’m tired of trying to take control
Finally wanting and letting go
All of a sudden I see it clear
What to do

I’m gonna take this chance and do something I never tried
I’m gonna make this moment matter till the end of time
And I made mistakes through all my life
And on the same place everytime
I’m gonna take this chance and do something I never tried

(I feel the sun on my skin)
I feel the sun on my skin
(I'm wanna let life in)
I’m gonna let life in
(I wanna trust who I am)
Who I am

I’m gonna take this chance and do something I never tried
I’m gonna make this moment matter till the end of time
And I made mistakes through all my life
And on the same place everytime
I better take this chance and do something I never tried

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Anastacia Take This Chance Comments

    2019/december...this song and video make me cry ,thanks god she is alive💛🙏🏻 thank u for your music and message im with you since freak of nature when i was 13 years old love desde chile 🇨🇱💛

  2. Monique v. Jaarsveld

    A very strong person.Respect.Love her songs

  3. MIG-21

    Little lady with big voice and big heart !!!
    I love it !!!!

  4. Teresa Crawford-Carson

    Dear Anastasia, you are a rock, and an amazing, strong, beautiful woman. You are my idol and inspiration to do anything I want, no matter what stands in my way.❣️

  5. Kent Törnlind

    Jag förstår inte varför dusvek
    Mig du hade fått detbäst



  6. Kent Törnlind

    Jag har svårt att glömma dig

  7. Techno Pop Culture Argentina

    Fan from Argentina here!

  8. Eduardo Nuno Santos


  9. Azamat Almenov

    oh my god! She is 51 and please make us all look like her when we hit her age
    Wonderful woman and very beautiful

  10. Almara

    One of the best, respect

  11. Роберт Милославский


  12. Marcel Versteeg

    very nice song...such a great singer


    nice footage

  14. Nino Freak

    Questa canzone descrive la mia vita.. ti amo Anastacia! <3

  15. Kent Törnlind

    Min ängel

  16. MrRuddles1

    Such an amazing women x

  17. Kent Törnlind

    Det ärguds lag

  18. Kent Törnlind

    Änglarkann inte fåhjälp av andraänglar

  19. Александр Лазарев

    Настя, ты прелесть! Исус Христос.

  20. FTM.male.58 Testo


  21. Michaela- s

    I have a feeling that this song plays a bit faster than it should play.....

  22. Alisha Whitehead

    Had me crying ngl

  23. Marlena Borowiak

    Thanks for this song !!!

  24. Kent Törnlind

    I am so proud that I know you you mean everything for me

  25. Travis Durand

    Love you! You inspire me!

  26. Marilyn Aldred

    its only a video listen to music

  27. massimo marras

    Wonderful song

  28. Small Devilx

    Die Power Frau der Welt und für alle ein Vorbild und einfach eine beeindruckende Persönlichkeiten. Ihre Lieder habe mir oft geholfen...

  29. Minefulful

    She's such a sweetheart, my heart is melting! this deserves so much more views

  30. Hakim Baccara

    Such a gorgeous woman and gorgeous voice she was my my crush when I was a teenager

  31. Jerry Anusi

    You deserve the best Ana!

  32. star star


  33. tita2804

    What a great song. You're absolutely right. 👍🏼😘 is this Song on an album yet?it should be!!! ❤️💃🏼

  34. Joana Sousa

    i love this song... omg.. ❤❤❤❤

  35. Leandro Gonçalves

    Produced by LEGEND David Guetta! <3

  36. Erna Bajric

    What this woman had to go through is unbelieviable and cruel, I feel so sorry for her and thank god she's healthy now. Good luck and stay taff, little Ana!!!<333 I'm crying, what a beautiful and touching video.. .

  37. star star


  38. Çağın Music

    Ana has an amazing voice color, her tone rocks every song! <3 Anastacia

  39. feliciaable

    I love you so much Anastacia

  40. Alan Raavey

    Coming back from my daughters wedding in Florida to watch this amazing lady in Sheffield beginning of June, this has been at the top of my wish list for years x

  41. Andrea Alessandrini

    un anno e mezzo e così poche visualizzazioni :C

  42. zodiak217

    This is my favorite song from Anastasia, because is full of truth and honesty what I appreciate it a lot in each song. Good job Anastasia and when you´ll have time don´t forget to come to Slovakia and make happy your fans here.

  43. Ivo Pinto

    Listening in 2017! Anyone else? 😂


    Me! July 2017 <3

  44. Devildriver

    good looking,but boring music

    Gillian Pattison

    Devildriver go deeper into your soul and you will find that the music is not boring..

  45. clara caballero lopez

    me encantan todas sus canciones

  46. clara caballero lopez

    me recuerda mucho a fuerteventura

  47. Dolores Mora Rivas

    me encanta anastasia

  48. FeLiCriS 14/29


  49. Kelly Gerard

    great artist great song fantastic video zx

  50. m TM'η

    Wonderful song 🙋

  51. viktoras pabreza

    thank juo,,,

  52. Benders 101

    love Anastasia such an inspiration I personally model myself on her and hope one day I will get to meet her

  53. Liliane BLD


  54. Manshil Misra

    The dated production value on this wonderful song and singer really detracts from this track's potential

  55. Branko Toledo

    Canción perfecta para una voz perfecta! 😍😍😍 besos desde Chile 🇨🇱

    Cynthia Ahumada

    Pienso exactamente lo mismo. Ella es una mujer muy fuerte en todos los sentidos y lo expresa a través de su gran voz y letra. Saludos desde US, de una compatriota Chilena.

    yoshiro king

    saludos desde colombia me encanta esta mujer su voz , su personalidad y su fuerza

  56. Ghostfreak

    Was it the actual lyric of the chorus? It sounds like "End up the same place every time" but some lyric sites list it as "And at the same place every time" I've seen both...

  57. Bence Zsoldos


  58. Sara Lou

    make a new sing you are good well done

    JayneUB40 Libertine

    Sara Smyth not sure if you know hun, but Anastasia has a new album out, occording to pledge music 👌 x

  59. Julian Pulford

    Anastacia very underrated in this country, you are amazing, and this new song is brilliant

  60. Find That Music!

    Don't like this chipmunk version at all, the album version (the normal paced version) is superior. Why did they speed it up?

  61. Daniel Rodríguez

    Parece que este vídeo lo ha editado su primo el manco

  62. Robert Ollari

    Anastacia should have a song with Akon :-) they would be amazing

  63. Yshfully Yours


  64. Uracs György

    Nehezen fogadtam a stílusát, de ma már nagyon tetszenek a dalai, különösen a Take this chance!

  65. Steevenlight75

    I love Anastacia

  66. 630ie63

    Angel voice

  67. Syko Cyclone

    You deserve to be raised up there with all of the pop vocal greats like Patti Labelle and Whitney houston! I just love you so much!

  68. Toth Eszter



    szia! :D

  69. Virginia Vincenti

    bellissima canzone😂 i love Anastacia!!!!il tuo sorriso è sempre smagliante ne momenti di difficoltà! SHE IS ANASTACIA💖

  70. Daniel Pregal Cadenas

    This song is so beautifull and means a lot for me

  71. sofy the freak

    sei bellissima ti adorooo non so cosa dire

  72. Felix Platero

    DIVA ................................................. DIVA ....................................DIVA

  73. Leslie Steyn

    Beautifull song ,beautifull voice beautifull person

  74. sofy the freak

    la canzone mi fa emozionare penso solo anastacia

  75. sofy the freak

    sei bellissima

  76. sofy the freak


  77. sofy the freak

    i love anastacia is very very fantastic

  78. sofy the freak

    music is very good

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    stupenda lei e la canzone.. ti amoooo

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    Tökéletes dal, Anastacia kitartása pedig példaértékű! Imádom!


    szerintem is! ;)

  81. Lia Altamore

    It's fantastic!!!

  82. Song James

    Love her....she is truth

  83. coco hair

    just found this there n fell in love with it

  84. Stella David Seahorse Oracle Cards


  85. attila kovács

    Na itt kezdődik az igazi zene!:)

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    Love it

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    WoOoW! Great!

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    wau i love the song

  90. Claudio Preite

    This Official Video seems play too fast. Is it true?

  91. Ricsi Santa

    good nice


    it was a pleasure to have been to your concert ! XXX

    glupje glup

    +FABIANA BERNARDI I'm very excited to attent her concert in April in The Netherlands! Very glad that she will perform here and that I can hear/see her live! She is taller than the tallest of all trees!


    You  in April and  me at the end of July! Listen Anastacia live is a privilege and a gift 

    glupje glup

    +FABIANA BERNARDI Totally agree! Love Xxx

  93. Mylène Simonet

    i love this video 😍 she's so touching and this is totally you 😍 #BigHeart #Fighter #BigPersonality you're a model for all the women of today ! Thank you to give us this pleasure and to stay here for sharing you're text and you're gorgeous voice #BigVoice #Sprock #UndergroundArmy #ProudToBeAFreak ❤ i love you so much

  94. MrRuddles1

    Anastacia is a true inspiration to us all cancer is a terrifying experience as I found out through my dad as he has had bowl cancer twice and at the moment is clear ,she has the most amazing voice may she continue to sing for many years to come .

  95. Gavaritmaskva Hahaha

    No.Just this much.

  96. Henry Bruun

    anastacias voice is great. Love her music through the years.

  97. JustLuvMe

    This is really beautiful

  98. Ayoup Al karbal

    love u 4ever