Anastacia - Love Is Alive Lyrics

Love is alive
Love is alive, yeah
Love is alive
Love is alive, yeah

Yeah yeah
Yah, yeah, yeah, yeah

When I think that it's time to get ready
To realise just what I have found
I have been only half of what I am
It's all clear to me now

My heart is on fire
My sould's like a wheel that's turning
My love is alive
My love is alive
Yeah, yeah, yeah


Well there's something inside
That's makin me crazy
I try to keep me together
'Cause baby what I take
May not happen that way
No I could be
The way I could be ever

(My heart is on fire)
My heart's on fire, baby
My soul's like a wheel that's turning
(My love is alive) so alive of beauty yeah
My love is alive

I can believe
(My love is alive)
Uh yeah, uh yeah
Uh feel so alive, yeah yeah

There's a mirror moving inside my mind
Reflecting the love that is shining on me
Just call out
To that feeling
Let it go, let it flow

(My heart is on fire)
My heart is on fire
My soul's like a wheel that's turning
My love is alive, uh yeah
My love is alive
Yeah yeah yeah

(My heart is on fire)
My heart is on fire, baby
My soul's like a wheel that's turning
My love is alive, uh yeah
My love is alive
Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

'Cause my love is alive

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Anastacia Love Is Alive Comments
  1. Dee Harris

    I like the way Gary wright did this song yrs. ago.
    and I like this version to.


    Why is it I go to iTunes to buy this song, on this album, and it isn't on there?

    Sean Reed

    It was only on the European version of the album.
    The version of the album on iTunes is the USA version.
    I was in Saudi Arabia when it was released, so I heard it frequently...

  3. Norita Inés

    Missing Ally...

  4. michavandam

    Joan Osborne sang this too.

  5. ADB Overture

    I’m so aggravated. I’m trying to buy and download this awesome cover by Anastacia and cannot find it!! Anyone out there know where I️ can buy and download a copy of this?

    David Morrison

    Yes I bought the CD Not That Kind by Anastacia a while back, I cannot remember which online site I bought it from but I see that a New Not That Kind CD is available on Amazon for only $6.22  and Love Is Alive is on this CD, it's the 5th track on the CD.

  6. MusicBlue22

    a little trivia this version was originally recorded by Celine.Dion for the All the way album, there's a snippet. on YouTube Anastasia did her thing though


    Really? I'd like to hear that. send over the link, please.

    Giuseppe Galli

    +JColegreenEyes write on youtube "celine dion love is alive" and you'll find it

    Matthias Bergen

    "Love Is Alive" is a 1976 song by Gary Wright

    Matthias Bergen

    Celine Dion is just copying hits

    Tig Bitties

    Unpopular opinion but Anastacia does it better, her voice is very well suited to soul and rock songs. Anastacia did a duet with Celine, a cover of ACDC's "You shook me all night long" and Anastacia's voice is so powerful it pretty much drowned Celine out.

  7. TheKeyra90

    Simply amazing!!!! I would like to hear this kind of stuff more often nowadays!!!!

  8. JColegreenEyes

    I like it! The only female cover of this song I've found all night, other than Chaka-who did a dance version of it (thumbs down) I am digging this arrangement and funky soulful tone. It could be a chart topper, if you ask me.

    Atticus McEntire

    JColegreenEyes Céline Dion recorded this song as well. She recorded it before Anastasia. Who btw did an awesome job!!!!!

  9. Mike Schumacher

    Also Anastacia Love is Alive album. But can't find that on iTunes.

    ADB Overture

    Mike Schumacher you sure cant

  10. Mike Schumacher

    You should be able to get this with the purchase of the album Original Album Classics (Anastacia), Track 5.

  11. André Marinho Silva

    Love this!

  12. Fuk Hue

    Just heard this version in another video. Killer performance. Girl can sing!

  13. Phil Lynn

    whats to there friend so make the music.  cheer in my place in world.. 

  14. Michael Audette

    Where can I purchase this song?  Anyone know?  Thanks.

    Michael Audette

    I found it free here!

  15. bkbeban

    The original 1975 version from Gary Wright is much better than this. Something about this doesn't sound right. Maybe its my age!

    David Morrison

    No I don't think that it is your age....just you and your taste in music.  I'm 61 years old and the Gary Wright version is very good but this version is far superior....she literally brings this song ALIVE.

    Michael Prescott, Jr.

    It's the production. Music from the 70's was more musical. This is a studio produced song so loses a bit of the musical magic, but on the flipside has a harder edge & a more in your face delivery. I prefer the original, but this is a good cover.

  16. aeneidvirgil

    I bought it after hearing it on Ally McBeal.

  17. Pam Blum

    I can't find it to buy it dammit

  18. TheSouladept

    Very soulful!

  19. I eat Nutella&Spaghetti With feet 4

    what a voice.... i miss old anastacia :(